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Vital Statistics  
[designate] GF Alexander
[summoning] Holy Judgement
[translation] No translation
[classification] Guardian Force
[magic stats] Holy magic | Blasts opponent with Holy--from a long way off

Basic Information  
[aquired from] At the end of Disk 2 after you've fought Seifer for the second time in Galbadia Garden, Edea will step up to take his place. Draw Alexander from Edea.
[game wise] Alexander is a -- big machine. I think. Or at the very least he's a giant mechanical castle. When summoned he comes out of the ocean, plants himself on the beach at the edge of the mountain range where ever the heck he is. The two flaps on his 'shoulders' open up, and Holy comes pouring out of the holes embedded there, shoots up into the sky, and rains down on the opponent doing some amount of damage depending on their susceptibility to Holy. Honestly, I didn't summon him much. I guess he'd work great on Shadow creatures, but I can't remember any that I couldn't just wack around and kill as easily.
[real world] I have no idea where he/it came from. The only Alexander that springs to mind is Alexander the Great, and I don't think there's any relation between them. Alternatively, a lot of important monarchs, rulers and even popes in Europe have been Alexanders... And Saint Alexander the First is credited with the introduction of holy water. Maybe I'm just reaching.... o_O

[special abilities] Revive. A must since there's no way you'd want to waste your Full-Lifes since they're so useful for junctioning. I think it's the only thing he's really good for. Oh, that and his Elm Def-Jx4.

[final fantasy legacy] First time I summoned Alexander in FF7 was against Jenova Death. God, that was pointless o_O I had no idea what I was summoning, only that I could summon it, and hopefully it'd do some damage. He is most definitely in FF9 (heck, a whole kingdom is named after him!), and I'm not sure if he was in any previous FFs or will be in any subsequent. We'll have to see.
[focus] The only Final Fantasy where Alexander is a really big deal is in Final Fantasy IX, where he's the patron guardian of Alexandria, the kingdom we're first introduced to. Another plus in that game: he's one of the few Eidolons we get to see in FMV. Finally! Also, he was pretty strong in FF9: when Bahamut attacks Alexandria under Kuja's orders, Alexander is able to protect the castle and take out the dragon king quite easily. Of course, then Garland and the Invincible come along...