Author's Note: This is the second installment to Zell's Secret Love and the way these two muses are chatting at me constantly…I think there might be more to this.

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Warnings: : Language, content, major thoughts of sex...This is also about male/male relationships so if ya don't like that...don't read.

Zell's Secret Love

Chapter 2: On the Edge of Irvine's Vision

By LaughingWolfGirl

Ya know, the first time I saw them all, my first instinct was to run, I mean they looked like freaks to me, Quistis with her whip and her no nonsense attitude, …ok so I was actually kind of turned on by that whip of hers, though I would have preferred it in someone else's hand. And Rinoa, she's a looker, but that's about all she's got goin' for her, at least till she grows up some. Now Selphie, she's a cutie, she reminds me of a colt, all that energy and spunk, with elbows and angles everywhere, it was love at first sight with that girl, though not the romantic, sappy love. I don't do that crap…though I talk a good game about it. Naw it was instant recognition with her, she's family, she's the sister of my soul; though by the way I acted I know everyone thought I was hittin' on her. But that's just a game I play, to keep everyone guessin'. Don't want them all to think they got me figured out, that gets borin' real fast.

Now our "beloved leader", that one was great to watch, him in his black leather, his black bolero leather jacket with that white fur, man I know that had to have gotten hot at times, and yet he never once took it off, though I would have enjoyed that a whole helluva lot. That boy wore no color, just plain black and white, though he wore it good, but the only color on the guy was his eyes, and even those looked like they were trying to blend in…being a bluish-grey. I was lookin' him over, watching him try to ignore everyone, trying to figure him out when on the edge of my peripheral vision; I caught blonde spiky hair with a big black tribal tattoo across his face. He took my breath away, I tried to play it off, walking up to the girls, and getting chummy with them, all the while keeping an eye out on that hot little blonde.

Ya know what that tattoo tells me…it says in big bold letters "Adventurous", it tells me that he would try almost anything once and if he liked it, would go back for seconds. Gods, what I wouldn't give to be the main course at that boy's meals. I mean that gorgeous little runt has an oral fixation with hotdogs, and watching him swallow those things, is like driving a fist into my solar plexus, I wanna run over there and sit myself at his table, my naked ass sittin on a plate while that boy feasts upon my hotdog, ye gods, did it suddenly get hot in here or are my fantasies takin' over…not that that would be the first time, or the second, or even the fiftieth; these fantasies are takin' over my life. I've pictured Zell bendin' me over, fillin' me up with his own hotdog…oh crap, now he's got me thinking of hotdogs all the time.

I've wanted to tell him how I felt so many times, and I've come close, but when ever I think he might feel something for me, cause I've seen him lookin' at me, he acts like he's mad at me or hates me. Like that time on the train, I'm standin' there pouring my guts out, oh all right, so I wasn't really being all that angsty, was just tryin' to see if I could get sympathy from that little hot tamale, when he hauls off and slams his fist into the floor of the train. Now you tell me, what's a guy to do? I certainly couldn't go up to him then and tell him "Hey darlin' why don't you and me go find a room and do some bronco ridin'" No way, no how was I gonna say anything to him, I'm a bad-ass sniper and all, but that boy is lethal with them fists,…hhmm…fists…wrapped around a hotdog… oooh the visuals I'm gettin' here, I just bet y'all would love to see them, hells bells, I'd love to do them, only I don't know how to get that boy to come on over and climb aboard the Cowboy's Love express, or hell to just feed me some of his mighty hotdog.

Man I'm gettin' bad here, I can't even think of food without thinkin' of some connection to sex with Zell, that hyperactive punk wouldn't even give me the time of day, and I so want to lay myself down and let him ravish me somthin' fierce. I guess I did my little act to well with the girls and now I won't be getting my own private hotdog. Though I know Zell's into guys, cause I saw him checkin' out our "great leader" somethin' fierce, which made me flirt with the girls even more; I was so mad and jealous, though you wouldn't have known that from the way I was acting with them girls. Ya know if I could get that blonde's attention I would drop those girls like a bad habit, really, I know whatcha' thinkin', Irvine couldn't be faithful, even if the sky was fallin' but you'd be wrong.

I'm just looking for the right man to give me what I need, and from the looks of Zell, he could be it. Though I wouldn't mind havin' me some of that "lion" on the side, to go with my chicken! Man I so need to get laid, maybe after I get screwed every which way from Sunday, I'll drop all these food analogies. Aw hell, who am I kiddin' if Zell finally gave me the screwin' that I need and want, I would lose my mind and constantly think of food and sex, worse than I do now. And when ya think about it, that's all a body needs…Sex, and Food, and together if y'all really lucky!

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