Author's Note: Zell's POV about a certain Cowboy, that everyone thinks he doesn't like, but they would be wrong. Enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the characters to Final Fantasy 8; I can only wish I did. Squaresoft owns them (lucky dogs). I am in no way making any money from this story, again can only wish it. So don't sue, cause I'm poor… can't get blood from a turnip… and I'm not about to give up my Earthian anime or any of my PS2 games. Gotta kill me first.

Warnings: Language, content, major thoughts of sex…This is also about male/male relationships so if ya don't like that…don't read.

This is for Joe, because I probably wouldn't have written it if she didn't push me into it…*grin* Thanks Joe…I think…

Zell's Secret Love

Chapter 1: Zell's Secret Love

By LaughingWolfGirl

Why the hell did I have to go and do it…my life was goin' great till then, I mean, I was on a mission with Squall "Ice Prince" Leonhart and the guy is great eye-candy, I was enjoying the view and wondering about the guy, thinking that maybe he was bi or something and maybe we could hook up, but when we got to Galbadia and HE stood up, man I felt like I was hit with a two-by-four, like someone had knocked me over with an anvil. The guy was gorgeous, long silky auburn hair, a tall lean body from what I could see and a smile that could knock your socks off.

Of course, he wasn't smiling at me or Squall, Nooo, he had to smile and flirt with the damn girls…while I stood there next to Mr. Freeze with his hand on his hip, looking like a flaming gay boy…and if I hadn't started drooling over Mr. Cowboy Flirt himself I would have enjoyed the picture of Squall's rear kinked to the side in those tight black leather pants…wow… he sure does wear those pretty tight and those globes of his ass…delicious looking…but I digress, I was talking about how that damn cowboy just had to pair up with the girls, didn't even look at me…just went on his merry way with those damn females, those sluts, they don't know how good they have it… all the gorgeous guys always hanging around them...well not Squall he's always off alone…I wonder if he wears those black gloves of his cause he masturbates to much and has funny calluses on his hands…and wants us to believe its from his gunblade, I mean I know I gotta be careful with my hands, not just cause I'm a martial artist and their my weapons but cause they can get those same funny calluses from holding my dick to much.

Watching that Damn Galbadian smiling and laughing with Selphie and Rinoa, just irritates me to no end, I mean the least he could do was look over my way and smile or just acknowledge me or something. But no he goes on with his arms around those two, though Quistis was looking far from impressed with the guy. Good for her, though she must not have great taste in men, cause that damn cowboy is hot. But still, even Squall was starting to look bored with the guy, though that isn't really anything different, he usually looks bored with just about everybody, well except that bully Seifer. Now there is a guy that just has macho written all over the place, but I'm thinking that he has a thing for Squall as well, cause he goes after him all the time, and if he really hated the guy why give him so much attention…hey the same could be said for me, he's always teasing me and stuff maybe the blonde bombshell has a thing for me…naw.. I doubt I would be so lucky.

I can't take it, watching the man of my dreams drool over a couple of bimbos, no real offence to the girls but hey, I want what their getting and if he was paying attention to me, I would be all over him, in a flash, we'd be doin' the horizontal tango before you could say "Boo"… oh yeah, I'd give him the time of his life, after being with me, he wouldn't want anyone else, yeah I know what your thinking, Zell has no modesty, and man he must have had loads of experience if he knows he's good. But there you'd be wrong, only been with one guy, and it was a fiasco, but I have a great imagination, and I've pretty much imagined every position you could think of. And don't forget enthusiasm, I got loads of that, it also helps that I've been practicin' my oral skills on popsicles. Now I know, popsicles can't talk and tell ya what to do, but like I said earlier, I have a great imagination, so I know I would be good in bed, ain't nothin' to it. Ya I'm grinnin' here, can't help it, I'm an optimist, and proud of it.

Ya know I can't help but act like I hate the guy when I'm around him, like when we were on the train and he started spouting about snipers being loners and all that crap, man I couldn't take it, I wanted to rush over to him and hug him and give him all the love in my heart, but couldn't cause he was sittin' there still eyeballing the girls, so I took out my frustration on the train floor by punching it. I know that gave everyone the major impression that I hated the guy, but no one would have guessed the truth, that I really loved that damned gorgeous, flirty cowboy, I mean, sure at first it was lust at first site, but watching him and listening to him and fighting beside him, turned it into love, I really love that guy. Maybe someday I'll get the guts and actually be able to walk up to him and say "Irvine Kinneas, I'm madly in love with you, take me to bed or lose me forever." Yeah, yeah, I know that last bit was from Top Gun, when Meg Ryan says it to Anthony Edwards, gods I love that movie, I'm a sucker for romantic movies…so sue me… and no one ever said I had to be original. So that's it, my secret love, maybe someday it will be returned, I could only hope and until then, I think I'll stick with my hand and keep dreaming of long auburn hair, violet eyes, kissable lips, man I really like to torture myself, well I'm off for my bedroom now all alone… unless Squall hits on me on the way there, that guy is hot and I would be stupid to say no, right?

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