You Don't Know


By Purple Penguin

I sat in the attic staring at my old SeeD uniform, it seemed like an age since we left garden when it was only a few years. I smiled as I pulled out a familiar grey trench coat, I remember when Seifer had stopped wearing that I think we both grew up a little since our days at garden when we first got together.

Three years after we become a couple Seifer had an accident on a mission, his leg was pretty badly smashed up, it was a miracle he could still walk but he had a permanent limp and he had to walk with a cane. He quit garden and of course I went with him, now seven years later we live in Fisherman’s Horizon. It’s a beautiful place that we would protect with our lives.

Seifer bought the weapons shop and I train the local kids to defend themselves, the mayor decided he didn’t want his people defenceless if their town was attacked again.


I looked up and stuffed the things back into the wooden chest.

“I’m up here!”

Seifer’s blonde head appeared at the hatch. “What are you doing here?”

“Just thinking, I found our old SeeD stuff.”

He smiled and climbed up into the attic and limped towards me. I frowned spotting the absence of his cane.

“Where’s your cane? Why aren’t you using it?”

He pointed down the ladder. “I left it down there, how was I supposed to get it up here?” He wrapped his arms around my waist. “You’re always mothering me.”

“Well someone has to.”

He smirked suddenly. “I found someone found our days in garden too.”

I looked suspicious. “What is it?”

He brought something out from behind his back and pressed it into my chest, it was soft and furry.

“AHHH, not that thing again.” I threw the horrid chocobo that Selphie had given me for my 18th birthday across the attic. I had wanted to get rid of it but Selphe rang up and checked on it like it was alive.

“Selphie rang, guess what I heard.”


“Irvine and Squall just got engaged.”

“What? No way!”

“Yes way, we’ve been invited to the engagement party next week.”


“We’re getting old.”

I smirked. “Yeah I know how old you’ll be next year.”

He struggled to put a hand over my mouth. “You’ll be thir-MPH!”

He cut me off with his lips instead not that I was complaining. I loved kissing Seifer and just being with him. We were happy, Seifer was mine and he always would be.



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