You Don't Know

Chapter 10

By Purple Penguin

I opened my eyes slowly, focusing on the photo that Quistis had given me beside the bed. I smiled, remembering the party, the presents and Seifer. I reached up a hand to touch the dragon pendant that hung around my neck; it felt cool against my hot skin. I sat up bunching the duvet around me, the tattooed chocobo sat on my chair staring at me, it was eerie and I swear it had a mind of it’s own. I threw my pillow at it knocking it to the floor.

I shuffled around the room and picked up the other presents, deciding what to do with them. I picked up the box of condoms, shrugged and put them in my top drawer. They might come in handy. I grabbed up the porn video next and read the writing on the back. I put it below my TV with the rest of my videos; maybe I’ll watch it someday. I left the chocobo on the floor under the pillow, I wonder if Selphie will kill me for getting rid of it.

Someone knocked on my door, I looked down at what I was - or rather wasn’t - wearing, and the duvet was clutched to my chest.

“Hang on, I’m not dressed.”

“Really? Don’t tempt me now.”

I smiled sat the voice that floated through the door and shook my head. Seifer.

I considered clothing but instead I tightened my grip on my duvet and opened the door to the smirking blonde.

“Hi.” I said shyly.

I felt a blush creep into my cheeks as his eyes trailed down my body. “Is this a new fashion statement?” He gave my duvet a small tug. “Shall we see what you’ve got on underneath?”

I jumped back, wrapping my arms around myself. “No teasing me!”

“Or what, chicken Wuss?” He strode confidently towards me but I knew he was kidding by the smile on his face.

He leaned in and pulled me closer by the front of my duvet, my eyes widened as his lips came down on mine. It started as a gentle kiss until I felt his tongue push past my lips. My free arm snaked round his neck, running into his hair. His hands caressed my bare shoulders and without thinking my other arm reached up around his neck.

The duvet started to fall down my body; I broke the kiss and grabbed it just in time before my groin was exposed. I sighed in relief.

Seifer laughed. “You really are a natural blonde.”

“What?” I looked down; the duvet had slipped enough to reveal a flash of pubic hair. “AHHH!!” I pulled it up quick and scurried off to the bedroom to get dressed.

I stroked Hyperion as I looked around for something interesting to do. I spotted the tape under the TV and chuckled. He kept it, huh?

I picked it up and read the back, maybe he’ll let me watch it with him one day. Suddenly a figure shot out the bedroom and grabbed back the video.

“How did you-?”

He waved it at me. “I knew you’d find this! No jokes!”

I faked shock. “Me? Make jokes? I wouldn’t dream of it.”

He was only half-dressed; wearing dark blue jeans and his feet were bare. I pulled him in closer by the top of his jeans. “What’s with the outfit Zell? Are you trying to tempt to?”

He looked adorably innocent. “Me?” He was so much more beautiful than Squall, why did it take me so long to notice?

He frowned. “What? You’re looking at me funny.”

“Do you know how beautiful you are?”

He blushed. “More so than Squall?” He looked nervous, like I was going to say Squall was better.

I smiled and stroked his cheekbone. “Definitely.”

He smiled back.

“Sorry it took me so long to notice.”

He wrapped his arms around my neck. “You’re here now, aren’t you?”

I grinned. “You wanna make-out on the couch for a while?”

He laughed but nodded. I picked him up and carried him to the sofa.

“Some people are trying to eat here.”


I turned around from my place in Seifer’s lap, breaking our kiss to look over at Squall. Selphie threw her roll at him as he wrinkled his nose at us in disgust. Seifer and I had been making out all afternoon in the cafeteria, earning a few looks from some people, not that I cared. I was finally happy. I half expected to wake up finding it all a dream. It was surreal; Seifer loving me I had convinced myself that it was impossible.

“We’re all very happy for you both, right?” Selphie gave Squall a look.

He waved his hand. “Yeah, yeah.” He cocked his head, looking at me strangely. “Is that a love bite?”


He gestured to the right side of my neck. I reached up there and gasped, jumping off Seifer’s lap. “You bastard!”

He smirked. “What can I say? I like to mark my property.”

I glared angrily at him. “I’m going to kill you!”

Seifer got up and ran out of the cafeteria with me hot on his heals.

Selphie sighed. “Aww, young love.”

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