You Don't Know

Chapter 8

By Purple Penguin

I hid behind a bush waiting for the bouncing creature to approach, she got nearer and nearer. I leaned out and grabbed her, holding a hand to her mouth I hid back in the bush again. Selphie flailed her arms, her protests were muffled by my hand.


She glared at me as I removed my hand.

“What was that for? What do you want?”

I tried to smile nicely but I don’t think she was fooled.

“I heard about the party this week.”

“It’s Zell’s birthday and no you can’t come.”

“Why not? He’d want me there, why do you seem to hate me so much anyway?”

“I don’t hate you, I’m guilty I shouldn’t have told you that Zell loves you, I thought you were lovers.”

“So it’s true?”

Her eyes widened. “You didn’t believe it? Oh no now I’ve done it again!”

I grinned. “So, we’re in this together, if you don’t let me come I might tell Quistis and the others what you told me.”

She stared at me. “But they were there and-”

“I’ll might also mention that me and Zell aren’t really a couple and then who do you think they’ll blame?”

She scowled. “That is so mean.”


She shook my hand then quickly scurried away.

Selphie must be dense than I thought either that or she really thought I didn’t care about Zell. I’d never tell anyone what we said in case it got back to Zell, I wouldn’t want him thinking I did it out of spite and that I didn’t care about him.

I opened my eyes slowly not really wanting to wake up, they snapped open when I saw an unfamiliar room with strange curtains and walls.

Where? What?

I remembered sitting on the sofa with Seifer watching a movie. I almost stopped breathing when I saw the familiar gunblade case propped up against the wall. Was this Seifer’s bedroom? Where had he slept? Where was he?

I lay back slowly. Why hadn’t he woken me? Why hadn’t he taken me to my room?

I rolled onto my stomach pressing my face into the pillow, breathing in the Seifer smell. I sighed, wishing I could stay there all day. This was so much better than my bed, it was bigger, comfier, it smelled better and Seifer would have to come back eventually.

My peaceful lounging was disturbed by the sound of the door opening. I faked sleep watching Seifer walk in, drop his keys on the chest of drawers and remove his trench coat.

“Zell?” He said quietly as he approached the bed. I kept still with my eyes closed not wanting to leave yet. I felt the bed dip under his weight as he perched on the edge. He bent down his mouth hovering above my ear.

“Zell.” He repeated.

I groaned and rolled away from him. I’d have to get up now. I turned and pouted at him. He smiled at me. “Morning.”

“What’s the matter with you?”


“You’re smiling, what happened? Found someone else you like?” I had worried he would found someone new.

He smiled more. “Sort of, yeah.”

“Oh.” I felt terribly disappointed, I thought we were getting closer, I thought he had started to like me. I guess I was only seeing what I’d wanted to.

“I hope you didn’t mind waking up here?”

“Of course not, where did you sleep?”

“On the couch.”

“Why didn’t you just leave me on the sofa? Then you could have had your bed.”

He shrugged. “I’m an early riser, I didn’t want to wake you. You want to have breakfast with me?”

I nodded. “But I have to shower first, can I use your-?”

“Yeah go ahead.”

The main hall had table and chair set around the edges of the room, the centre was clear for dancing and stuff, a huge banner hung from the ceiling. It read: Happy birthday Zell!”

Squall, Irvine and Quistis carried plates of food into the hall, Selphie stood there supervising. “Where is he? How is he supposed to go get Zell if he’s not here!”

Squall put down a plate on the longest table. “I can’t believe you gave that job to Seifer, he won’t show up, he probably got a better offer.”

Selphie put her hands on the her hips. “He’ll be here, he really cares for Zell, trust me I know he’ll make it.”

Seifer walked through the streets a Balamb heading back to garden after buying a gift for Zell. At first he had thought about another puppy but it hit him. He remembered what the other blonde had been looking at in the jewellery shop window.

Seifer ran back to garden checking his watch. He was going to be late. He told Selphie he’d be there by 5:00 ready to go get Zell. He ran through the gates at 5:00 heading for the ballroom.

“Where have you been?” You’re 15 minutes late, Squall almost went to get Zell himself.”

Seifer stood there panting, trying to get his breath back. He pulled out the little lather box, opening it to show Selphie.

“Aww, it’s beautiful he’ll love it.” She hugged him briefly then patted him on the back. “Go get him tiger!”

He raised and eyebrow and smirked at her before he left to bring Zell to the party.



Sorry about leaving it there but next chapter I promise Seifer will make a move on little Zelly.

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