You Don't Know

Prologue - Zell’s p.o.v.

By Purple Penguin

“Hey Puberty boy!”

I looked up to see Squall sitting at a table in the cafeteria eating a salad, he glared at Seifer. The tall, blonde seemed oblivious to Squall’s annoyance, he continued to smirk at him. He picked up a piece of lettuce off Squall’s plate and bit it.

“Yuck, rabbit food. How can you eat this shit Squall?”

The brunette frowned and walked past him.

“Hey, you left your lunch behind.”

“You eat it.”

I sighed and looked back at my empty plate. It was obvious that Seifer really liked Squall, he followed him around, teased him in a affectionate way, but Squall didn’t see it. I did but then I was an expert on Seifer.

For as long as I can remember he’s been there, mostly teasing me but now after the war he’s not so bad. I’ve always admired him, respected him for his strength, his courage and his confidence, maybe at first I was a little jealous of him. He was always the best at everything, the strongest, biggest, first one to reach puberty, while I was the last, the weakest and the smallest. Most of the reason why I learned to fight was to stoop being weak, to stand up to Seifer, to prove him wrong. Now I knew I didn’t only admire him, I loved him I wanted him to use his strength to protect me not bully me.

I’ve dreamt about him several times but I knew he loved Squall and he would never want me, so I never told him, I watched as he followed Squall around like a love-sick puppy and I didn’t say a word.

Seifer sat down and slumped in the chair opposite me.

“He got away huh?”

“What’s it to you Chicken?

“I know how you feel about him.”

He scoffed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I think you’re doing it wrong.”

“I don’t know-” He trailed off. “You think so?”

I smiled and nodded.

“What else can I do?”

“Lots of things, put your self in his place and think what you would want.”

He looked thoughtful for a second before giving me a blank look.

I smiled. “I’m no expert but I know what I’d want.”

“So.... you’d help me get him?”

I considered it. A: I’d get to be close to Seifer and B: if Squall makes him happy that’s good right?

I shook his hand on it. “Deal.”

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