Why: Someone was bored. That someone was me. Besides, the world sooo needs more AU fics with Seifer x Squall as the base pairing. I’m kinda being sarcastic, but not. And, Squall naked with cat ears and a tail is damn seksey.

Where: The story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Seifer is a tribesman and hunter to his band of jungle living kinsmen. He wears a loincloth ^.^V. The village his tribe lives in is called ‘Enba’ and it borders the jungle, which is uncreatively named the ‘Borderlands.’

What: Seifer, the hunter of Enba, once had a mission. Only to be set off course by a creature he once hunted.Blahblahblah… blah.

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Seifer, the [noun] of [place], once had a [noun]. Only to be [verb] by a [noun] named [insert name here].

Warnings: The author is a pervert and very spacey. She wants a Squall kitty. For the love of God, save the Squall kitties. Keep them away from the author. Thank you.

For all other classifications of dangers, see chapter one.

This was written under the influence of Classical and Baroque themes… with techno, rave set to it. Ah, Classical techno, where would I be without you? Also, I wrote this with Mozart’s ‘Confudatis Maledictis’ or Requiem Mass in the background. Music Class is really getting to my head.

Wild Rock

Chapter 2

By Julie


“Sssshhh, do you want me to get caught!”

The gates to Enba were open. Huts and tree bound homes littered a small patch of forest by the entrance. Hunters and guards leaned against the wooden gates chatting about what to get their girlfriends and lovers for the moon festival. The two moons of the forest were returning from their disappearance. Each month, the moons would flee from the skies, letting the stars guide the people on journeys and the like. Something about the springtime made the return of the moons ever-so special.

Some of the hunters looked over at Seifer, smiling friendly at him. They approached him and soon after the whole group followed, throwing him almost random questions. The hunter tried to hide the bundle, a soft ear poked out. He pushed it back in the bundled up cloak before the others could notice and force him to show them.

“Back late today, hm?”

“How many beasts did you kill today?”

“Have you decided what to get that special someone for the moon festival?”

“What’s that bundle you’re hidin’?”

Dammit. They noticed. He tried to dodge and shake his head, motioning to dried wounds and a few fresh ones. Some of the pestering hunters got the clue and left, others… were not so keen.

“Yeah, what is it… oooh, it’s a secret, right? It’s okay, I won’t tell…”

“Hrrmmph, it’s probably something extra nice for you to give to some hottie on the day of the Moon Festival. Dammit, why do you always score!?”

“Because he’s hot. You dummy.”

“Tell us what you caught, man! I wanna see the bundle.”

Seifer smiled apologetically, he was in a rush. Promising to answer their inquiries as soon as he came back from cleaning himself off. The group grumbled and pouted, but relented and let their idol go off. As soon as he left the entrance, Seifer snuck to the side to avoid the town’s crowd that generally gather by the bonfire in the center of Enba. Word had got around that the Enba hunter had caught a queen-sized naga. The group merrily talked and talked around the fire; luckily for Seifer, they had barely noticed him drift away into the shade.

He was safe. Two ears popped out from the small but tight opening of the bundled cloak. Following the two soft cat ears was the head. The cat looked rather dizzy, but still maintained a mean face. He was scowling at Seifer. How dare the man tie him in a cloak and carry him like a flour sack?! The hunter laughed softly, the expression on the cat’s face was priceless. The beast was sick and suffering from poison, yet still had the energy to be pissed off. Risking getting bit again, Seifer ran his scratched and bitten had through the beast’s soft, slightly tangled, auburn hair. It was very silky. If the beast didn’t pull through, he’d make a wonderful pillowcase or pair of gloves.

Squall hissed at Seifer, he didn’t like the way the hunter was petting him. No one pet Squall. NO ONE. Wriggling in the tied cloak, the cat tried to claw at the Enba hunter. The man tightened his hold on the cat and tried to calm the little beast.

“Rrrrr… Nyaaaooo…” the cat yowled loudly.

“What is it you are holding there, Enba child.”

“…” SHIT, it’s the chieftain of Enba, on one of his nightly strolls. Seifer did not wish to lie to their noble leader, so he hesitantly told the man the truth. “It is… a little beast. He was poisoned, elder. I did not wish to let him die; I will let him go in a few days. Let me tend to him, please. I…”

“Need not explain, Enba child.” The kindly old chieftain walked over to the Enba hunter and the struggling bundle in his arms. “You never need to put up a front nor explain anything to me, Seifer. It is indeed a danger for you to take a young one such as this. This one’s old enough to wander, but still travels with a group. Beware that they may come for him sooner or later. Still… it is a kind deed you are doing, Seifer you have a large heart...”

“Chieftain Kramer, you are too kind, far kinder than I.” The cat snapped at Seifer’s fingers. The chieftain smiled at the cat’s anger. It did not like to be contained. These two would surely get along, that is if they don’t kill each other first in the process. Kramer laughed at the interaction between the pair.

“I will see that no one but myself knows of this little one’s presence. The village would surely kill the creature. Take care, if you need any herbs or medicines come to my tent. Take care and rest.”

“Thank you, sir.” And with that, they said good night and head off to their homes for the evening.


“Quiet you.” he batted the cat’s paws away. Did the little beastie manage to claw through his cloak? Great, he did, Seifer noticed the large gaping hole made by the cat’s sharp claws. He frowned at the cat. Squall frowned right back, as if saying ‘Hah, enclose me in a cloak! That’s what you get.’


“Squall! Where are you?”

“Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT!”

“Oh where could he be, Zell?” Ellone worriedly paced back and forth. For hours, they had searched the area Squall and Zell were last at. All that remained were dried spots of grass, crinkled by dried blood, big dried spots…as if a massive beast had died and lay there. The dried blood spots were big enough to be bled from a full-grown naga. She shuddered, had Squall been taken and killed by the men who did this?

“I know where he is.” The blonde cat grit out, looking down at the pebble-strewn floor.

“Where Zell?” distraught, Zell moped and avoided her seeking eyes.

“En..Enba. THAT man took him… Elle, I didn’t do anything to stop him. Elle, I’m sorry.”

It was dawn. Rubbing his eyes, Seifer got up from his bed. Before setting off to a day of hunting and tending to that fanged creature, he needed to eat. His stomach rumbled in irritation. It wanted a meat and eggs breakfast. Yawning, Seifer walked out of his room and into his kitchen. He lifted a stick to shift aside a wooden plank that usually sealed the roofless area that was used as a simplified cooking vent. Then Seifer grabbed flint and coals to start a blaze in the fire bed that lay beneath an iron pot. The pot was suspended from the roof. It cooked quite a many good meals.

Placing a grill atop the pot, Seifer began to stick some marinated bear boar flanks on it. Breakfast would be wonderful today. If only he could relax rather than work, maybe return to the trees to climb and reach the canopy. Alas, there were things to be done. The fields and crops behind his home needed tending to. All those days spent hunting had let given the plants time to grow and ripen. He scratched his back and mulled over possible activities and schedules for this week and the remainder of the day. Frowning, he remembered there were no eggs. The farmer’s wife, Marina, needed the 2-dozen eggs he purchased from the merchants to bake a large cake for her twin sisters’ birthday. This left his stomach unpleased. Just meat and no eggs for breakfast today. Either way, the tender slabs of meat would suffice.

The meat would need time to cook; might as get ready and clean up. Yawning again, Seifer grabbed a washcloth and approached the water jug. He washed his face, brushed his teeth with a handful of minty herbs, and combed his hair. His bangs were getting long; he was looking a tad shaggy. It didn’t affect his sexiness too much. The Enba hunter smirked. What would that shrewish girl think of him now?

Enough stalling, he grumbled internally, it was time to go check on that furred annoyance. He re-enter his room. As he approached the large basket of bedding he set aside for the beast, Seifer thought about what to do with the cat. Were there any dried scraps of meat left in the clay jars in the corner? If so he would feed them to the little beast, it was nutritional enough. Besides, what do cats eat out in the wild? Bloody meat from a fresh kill or decaying slabs of flesh from scavenging was what their diet probably consisted of. The preserved meat Seifer was going to feed the cat would be a luxury to the damn beast. He needed to reheat last night’s rice, mix in the meat scraps, and prepare herbs for the little beastie. Nudging the pile of blankets off the still lump in the basket, the Enba hunter was prepared to be snarled at.

There was no snarling beastie though. The makeshift cat bed was empty. Where was that little beast? Did it escape last night and return to its pride? How could he not notice? Was the cat beast that stealthy? He was startled by a clanging noise that erupted from the kitchen. Running in, Seifer noticed the cat huddled in the corner, its back turned to him as it shook. Was it feverish or rabid? Reaching over to Hyperion, the man stalked over to the cat. It was purring… and it was eating his breakfast!!

“Rrrr?” Squall looked up, the man was clearly enraged. The grill on the stove held meat that smelled so sweet and delicious. His tail swished back and forth with glee. It was the hunter’s fault for not hiding his spoils properly. What was the man thinking? Not digging a hole, nor sticking it in a cave for safekeeping. The foolish hunter left his meal out in the open and heating it too. Squall had never eaten such a tasty meal… it was warm, which was odd to him for he never put meat by the fire, and spiced. Speckled bits of spices covered the meat, enhancing this delectable treat. Biting off more meat and chewing, Squall finally spoke. “Whatever… You’re the idiot that left out your meal for the taking.”

The hunter’s features darkened.

“Don’t you meow at me, beast!” Seifer hovered over the cat, trying to snatch back what was left of his breakfast.

“…Whatever.” Squall ran out of the kitchen and head to the entrance of the hunter’s abode. Hyperion swung through the air, personifying Seifer’s anger as he shook the grey blade at the running cat. Squall showed no fear. Let the man chase him. He did not care. Problem was, Squall did feel a little weak. The herbs the blonde man fed him helped him plenty, but it was not enough to restore him to his previous health. Already the cat felt winded. Before, Squall could run and run, not feeling the least bit exhausted. Sensing that the angry hunter was coming, the auburn cat ducked behind the bushes, laying still. Happily, Squall swallowed the remaining slab of meat.

“That’s what I get for taking in a monster like you. When you steal my food… you’re messing with the wrong guy.” Seifer growled. He hacked at a bush with Hyperion out of anger, just barely missing Squall. A pained yowl made he whisk around to face the auburn beast.

“Almost hit me. Bastard.” Squall’s icy blue eyes got colder. Stupid man.

“I save you, heal you, and what do you do?” he lifted Hyperion and shook it at Squall for emphasis. Seifer frowned, but then broke out into a laugh. “My breakfast… you eat and snatch my food. You’re a clever beastie. How did you manage with a limp and poison affected body? Amazing…”

He was still angry, but surely amused. The Enba hunter continued to laugh, kneeling to look into the eyes of Squall, setting aside Hyperion. The cat was indeed coy and clever. Squall’s ears flattened, but made no attempt to break this close contact. A tentative hand leaned in the stroke the soft ears.

“I thought I wanted to see you,” Squall started. “but… uuhnn… that feels nice… purrrrrr… I better get back. You didn’t kill Zell, I don’t smell his blood on your hands… mmmmm… uuhh…"

“Are you trying to talk to me, cat? All you do is meow, yowl and hiss as if mimicking speech. And now you’re purring… do you like that?”

Squall continued to purr, nudging against the hands that pet him.

Mm. What do you think?” Squall glanced up, eyes flickering shut. It felt really nice.

“There you go, meowing again.” Seifer smirked. “Too bad I can’t understand you, would I want to? Better get started on breakfast…”

He trailed off, getting up to go back to his hut. A new breakfast was to be made, before the day could begin. Squall sighed, ears tingling from the previous petting.

“I don’t understand. Do you not hear me speak?”

“Oooh! A butterfly!”

“MY LIEGE! Now is NOT the time to play.” A dark brown cat scowled at the other cat, his royal highness. The king paid his advisor no attention, but continued to play with the floating butterflies. Their wings glossed with a creamy blue. They giggled at the king’s silliness. The dark brown cat was ready to blow a fuse.

“Now, now Kiros… needn’t be too harsh.” Ellone smiled hesitantly. Her uncle, the king, was as hyper and playful as her sharp fanged friend, Zell. When dealing with both of them, patience was certainly a must. The dark brown cat named Kiros sighed. This was going to be a long and painful day.

“Many pardons my liege, but your son is missing.”


“AHEM!” Kiros frowned disapprovingly. Most cats would fry under Kiros’ stares and glares, but this particular cat beast would always remain unfazed.

“Did you check the Temple of Ifrit or the Ruins of Seinegald… oh or better yet! Kasakoro lake. Squall loves it there.” The king grinned, unaffected by Kiros’ death glare. “Wouldya take a look at these fluttering beauties! The most prettiest blue wings I’ve ever seen~! Keep dancing girls.”

“Thank you King Laguna! We will dance all day.” The butterflies giggled. One butterfly frowned and snapped at Laguna.

“Girls… but I’m a GUY!”

“Um…” King Laguna grinned sheepishly at the one male butterfly, before being tackled by an irate Kiros. “Ooof! Not now, sweetie… Elle’s here, I mean…”

“LAGUNA. YOUR SON IS MISSING!” Kiros grumbled, blush brightening his face.

Ellone was giggling with the butterflies at her uncle and his mate. The king, Laguna, wasted no time in asking about the situation. Her solemn expression returned as Laguna began to question the whereabouts, what had happened, and the other details of Squall’s disappearance.

“Zell was with Squall when he was abducted by a man from Enba. We know that he is gone and not hiding in his usual haunts. If he were, Zell and I would have already found him.” Ellone sadly relayed the events that followed the search for her beloved brother. “The man did not hurt Zell and let him go. If the hunter is that nice to let Zell go, then I could only hope and pray that he would spare Squall as well.”

“Wishful thinking, Ellone. The humans of Enba, like most humans, are cruel.” Kiros shook his head; he feared this worst for his liege and lover’s child.

“I… I agree with Elle, Kiros. The man could have slaughtered them both. Squall was down and out from the naga’s poison and Zell was spooked. The hunter, rumored to be the most powerful in Enba, could have easily… easily… taken them into the passing… killing both of them.” Laguna shivered. He was fearful, but slightly hopeful. They had best find Squall before the hunter would change his mind about letting the cat live… that is, IF the cat were still alive. The king of the pride had lost his beloved wife to a pack of poachers; he did not wish to lose his present lover, daughter and son.

The pride would need to send scouts to the borders of Enba to find Squall and bring him back quietly. There was no need to anger the men and women of Enba for no reason. Laguna did not wish to reenact the belligerent conflicts that had occurred between the creatures of the land and the humans of Enba years back, when he was a young adult.

“Nyaaah. Rrrr? Nyaaaaaa…”

“Will you quit nipping at my heels all day. I have to work. The crops need to be harvested, the weeds must be pulled at… are you rubbing against my leg?” Seifer looked down at the purring beast. It looked rather content. “I have no more meat, you ate it all.”

The rubbing and purring stopped; the hunter could have sworn the cat was pouting. Seifer smiled.


“Tell you what, cat. Let me get my chores done and I’ll make you something special and tasty, hm?” the hunter reached to pet Squall again. The cat leaned into the touch; eyes closed. It was warm… too warm. “Still feverish, better go cut up some herbs for you, cat.”

Squall looked faint, don’t go… he tried to get up and follow the hunter. Collapsing, the auburn colored cat lay on the ground panting. Dammit, that season, his season was coming. Squall sighed, now was not a good time. Better go cool off, unless he wanted to scare that hunter silly with his… actions.

“Oooh! Royal procession~!”

“It’s a week too early now is it?”

“Hm, I think so. Still, it is wonderful to see the potential betrotheds of the Enba hunter.”

“HAH, potential?! One of them hates him, the other… tch, has no brain waves.”

“Shhh, the loverly ladies are arriving… Welcome~!”

The people of Enba gathered at the gates of their humble settlement. It was indeed rather early for the fiancées of Seifer to arrive. Why were they here?

“Hee hee! Why hello, dearest people. Your beloved Rinoa has arrived~!” one of the betrothed smiled cheekily. Some villagers smiled back, either fake grins or genuine greetings. Others looked away. The children knew better, they made gagging noises. “Needn’t be ill, my presence is a cure-all. Be happy and healthy with the euphoria only I can bring~!”

And with that, she waved her hand, fragrant pink blossoms showered upon the waiting people. ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Aaahs’ filled the air. Rinoa was pleased. They applauded the bit of magic she showcased. It was known that Rinoa may have been spacey and silly, but she was a quick learner and good apprentice to the chieftain’s wife, a renown-traveling sorceress. The children that teased her each received a mock frown and click of disapproval. Rinoa rewarded them with candied blossoms, making the other villagers that stood by watching coo and speak of her kindness.

“Where is the other betrothed?”

“I know not of my… sister’s location.” Rinoa grumbled. The betrothed were sisters but not related by blood.  Rinoa’s family, the affluent Carraway family, had kindly taken in an orphaned girl. This girl was a tomboy as a child, always spoiling Rinoa’s princess themed tea parties by crashing them as a soldier or a wild T-Rexuar. The petite black haired girl would not forget the trouble her ‘sister’ has caused her. It seemed the people of Enba adored her ‘sister’ as well. Ooooh, she hated competition. No one should be cuter than her~!

“Ah, much better.” Squall sighed, laying in the shallow edgewaters of the lake Kasakoro. It was brisk, cold… but lovely feeling to him. It was what he needed. Rising from the waters, droplets clinging to his soft wet fur, Squall crawled to the shade of a massive tree. “Time to nap.”

He yawned and shut his eyes. Only to open them again, pestered by an annoying splashing sound. Who would be using the lake now?! Now of all times…

Long pale legs were kicking up waves of crystal blue water. It was reasonable to believe that kicking legs belonged to a body. Squall followed his gaze upward to see just who was distracting him from his nap. He froze on the spot. It was a human, a female at that. Thank Ifrit she was unaware of his presence, he could sneak away now.

“I see you.” she chimed. “Need not worry, little one. I hate fur with a passion; animals should keep it. Humans need it not. Especially those fur traders, how cruel.”

Squall rolled his eyes.



“What are you saying?”

“Nyahnyah?” she inched closer to him. He shied away, thinking the worst of this crazy blonde.


The blonde woman smiled, reaching into her knapsack for a pair of sandals and a large rectangular mahogany box. Squall’s nose twitched. Did he smell food? Eyeing the box she pulled from her bag, the auburn cat crept closer to the stranger. She untied the string that kept the box closed and then pulled off the lid. The item did hold food, exotic and wonderfully good smelling food at that. His tail whooshed happily. This woman maybe crazed and would ‘meow,’ whatever that meant, but she had food. The poison and his season left him ever-so hungry.

“I was supposed to give this to that bulky mass of idiocy, but I’d rather give it to you.” the tall blonde lady kneeled down, laying the large box in front of the cat. “Your company is far nicer and you aren’t obnoxious as he is, the brute.”

“…Whatever.” He pawed the box, snatching out pieces of egg and sweetmeats to eat.

Till the soil, rake out the dead roots; make sure the plants get enough water. Not too much for it would rain for a week or so very soon. Seifer wiped his sweaty brow; he needed refreshment. He was about to reach for his icy cold water jug when…


“What is it Selphie,” the man sighed, leaning against the large farming tool. “Calm down, it’s too hot to jump around. You’re making me sweat with all that twitching.”

“BATHE! CLEAN UP! DIRTYDIRTY! HURRYHURRYHURRY!” Selphie tried to push the man into action. He did not budge.

“First I get distracted from my morning routine, then I ditch hunting to clear the fields… now this?! What is it! Tell me and make it quick; I’ve got work to do. And don’t snoop around…” he didn’t want her to find the cat. “I uh, set traps to kill these squirrel rats. The ones that steal explosives and bury them in your yard, damned beasties.”

Selphie loved all animals and frowned at the mention of traps and killing, but skipped over her usually volleys of animal rights and how animal cruelty. She had big news.

“She’s baaaaaaaack! GO GET READY! Look seksey, pal.”

“I always look sexy.” Seifer grinned. “Who’s back?”

“That untamable and feral blonde vixen that dumped that vat of animal shi…”

“WHAT?! SHE’S HERE?!” Seifer freaked. “So soon too.”

“Hee hee, she’s the only girl I know who can haul ass on you.” Selphie giggled evilly. “And she’s baaaaack.”

“Where is she? I want to ambush her.” The Enba hunter laughed deviously. That blonde shrew would surely pay for all the pranks she pulled on him. What a tomboy, a cute one at that.

“Last I heard, your ‘shrew’ was at Kasakoro.” Her hands were behind her back, twirling a bouquet of flowers. Smiling, Selphie shoved the bundle of wild flowers into his hands. “Go. She’s allergic to these flowers… hee hee. Not deathly allergic, just horrendous rashes and spots will dash her perfect complexion.”

“Are you sure?” Seifer didn’t look too trustful.

“I asked Rinoa and you know Rinoa does not like Quistis at all.” Behind her back, were her hands… and her fingers were crossed. He grinned and thanked his short perky friend. Seifer decided to place trust on Selphie’s words, for indeed the petite raven-haired sorceress in training despised her tomboyish and intellectual sibling, Quistis. Selphie smirked at Seifer’s back as he ran off to the lake Kasakoro by Enba. “Oooh, you are going to sooooo get clobbered by that girl.”

Squall rested in the shade with his newfound friend. As long as the food kept coming from her, the auburn cat would be content. Regardless of how she would ‘meow’ and purr at him. Was she trying to make a fool of herself, he wondered?

“I should make an excuse and leave.” The blonde murmured, reaching over to pet Squall. He grumbled but let her. She did feed him after all. “I do not want to see him. As I am sure he does not wish to see me.”

Hefting up the slightly heavy cat onto her lap, the blonde lady sighed. Squall panicked. Wow, she was quite strong to lift him up as if he were but a cub. His tail waved around, showing his discomfort. The lady did not notice, too lost in deep thought.

“Rrrr… can you let me get off your lap. Now.” The auburn cat growled. Looking down at the uncomfortable cat, the lady apologized.

“Meowing at me again, little one? You sound a bit aggravated… still hungry?”

“What is ‘meowing’? And yes, I am aggravated. Let me get off of you.” Squall frowned. She laughed.

“A frown, is it a frown that I see?”

“…Whatever.” There was no escape. The hunter will search for him eventually, Squall hoped.

Seifer rushed over to Kasakoro Lake. He could not wait to see Quistis break out into a rash and club him like a baby seal. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard giggling and a ‘meowing’ sound.

“Oh shit. I forgot all about the beast! How careless of me.” Seifer muttered; hand slapped to his forehead. At his side was the bouquet of wild flowers. The Enba hunter hoped that whoever found the beast would not tell a soul. Sighing and preparing to convince the girl, or whoever giggled, to keep to silence, Seifer approached the lake’s clearing. What he saw surely shocked him. He almost dropped the bundle of flowers.

“Thank Ifrit…” Squall managed to get out of the laughing blonde’s embrace. He ran over, tail swishing in greeting, to the man he was drawn to. The hunter was withdrawn, practically gawking at the pretty blonde lady that sat cross-legged beneath the willow trees. Gripping onto the bouquet on his side tighter, Seifer approached her. “Glad to see you, what’s wrong with you? That lady is… strange… where are you… going?”

“Is the cat yours?” the lady asked. Seifer did not speak. She waved her hands in front of his eyes. “Hellllloooo… I asked you a question, Seifer.”

“Do… Do I know you?” she ignored his question, for she deemed it inane, and glanced over at the flowers he held.

“Oh, you didn’t. How…” the blonde clapped her hands together. Truly surprised and pleased with the flowers. “How did you know I liked these flowers… these wild flowers? Who are you and where is the real Seifer Almasy?”

“…oh no. No. You… you can’t be… her. I mean… you’re…” he knew where this was heading. Damn Selphie. Damn wild flowers. He should have never believed the perky little rat. Here he was, the revered Enba hunter, sweaty and smelly and gross and… there she was. The blonde was still fiery as ever but soft and beautiful this time around. The blonde beauty Quistis was always pretty in her own right, but now she held a goddess like quality, the confidence there from the beginning but a refined glowing aura was added to her. She was no longer a playful tomboy, but a playful lady. And here he was, dirtied up like old times in their rough and tumble childhood play fights.

“What? I’m what? A gorgeous sex goddess come to life? Can it Seifer, I have heard it all. I do not wish to hear it from you. Now answer my question, is that adorable cat yours? Have you softened up? Hm?”

Squall sat on the sidelines, growling intensely at Seifer and then Quistis. What to do, Seifer grumbled internally. The cat was sort of his, for the time being.

“Quistis!” a cheery voice called, it was the rat that handed Seifer the flowers. “OH DEARY! A KITTY!”
OH SHIT… Seifer slapped two hands to his forehead. Everyone would know of the beast’s presence my nightfall if Selphie ran off to squeal. Squall tried to claw at Selphie as she launched herself at him.

They had a small fire by Kasakoro going. It was just Quistis, Selphie, Seifer and Squall, or commonly refered to as KITTY or cat.

“You have softened up.” Quistis admired the balls of glowing light that wove around the blossom heavy trees and willows that swept against the lake. “I mean, you took in a poor wounded cat and healed him. Look at the cat now; he’s… chewing on your loincloth. I think he’s angry.”

“What a mastermind of deductive reasoning you are, Quistis.” Seifer tried to pry the cat off of his clothes. It did look very angry. Probably because it was tethered to a near by tree. Quistis and Selphie did not want the poor animal tied to the tree on a rope, but Seifer insisted. The beast was sneaky, he said, and had to be kept close by. The trio talked and reminisced of their childhood together, glossing over sad parts. Seifer liked to talk of their pranks and silly times of their youth… but did not like to be reminded of what happened to him. True, the events that occurred then shaped him into the man he was now, but to remember the looks on his parents’ vacant eyes and to see their deaths replayed was too much. Squall stopped trying to shred the loincloth. When the tugging stopped, Seifer leaned over to see what distracted the beast from the tearing.

And he came in contact, once again, in a locked gaze with Squall’s eyes. It was almost as if the cat had sensed the distress and pain Seifer felt from the memories. The cat’s icy blue eyes were melting like polar ice caps flowing out in an expressive, understanding manner; offering solace of some sort. They were not empty, vacant, cold, nor dead like the eyes envisioned in the haunted memories. The hunter zoned out, leaving the world behind, only staring at Squall. What was that special something about this beast?

“You okay, Seifer?” Selphie nudged the man. He jolted, stopping his intense eye contact with the beast cat. “Get some rest, okies. EEEEEEEEEK! IT’S LATE! I hafta go and pick up Irvine from the nursery, Quistis come visit us. You better, you meanie!!”

And with that, the perky Selphie dashed off.

“Nursery, Irvine.. all in one sentence? First you save woodland creatures, now Irvine has adopted motherly tendencies and is at a nursery? Where are the four horsemen, the apocalypse?” Quistis grinned, waving a bit of string at a bored Squall. He looked a little dejected, but since when do cats act that way?

“Selphie sent him there, she’s hoping to have a few children soon. Wants him to be a good dad.”

“The chief has allowed those two to reproduce?” she laughed, making Seifer laugh too. The moons were still not in the sky, but the stars were. A wave glittering stars littered the sky like a net of diamonds. It was hard to resist, it was hard to stay away, but Quistis managed not to ruin the moment and hurl the Enba hunter into Kasakoro Lake. Squall gnawed on the rope. “Watch the cat, I hope to see him again, I must be off. The royal guards are surely worried by now.”

“Oh, you’ll see the flea-ridden beast but not me?”

“As far as I’m concerned, Seifer, YOU are the flea-ridden beast. I bid thee adieu…” she shyly looked back at him while walking away. “Although, I must admit it was nice to see you again.”

“Spare me.” Squall rolled his eyes. The hot feeling was returning again. He felt faint.

“He’s mewing again, probably hungry. Go feed him,” Quistis said turning to the Enba hunter. “See you sometime soon.”

Quistis left the area, leaving the cat and man alone. The hunter untied the rope from the tree, but still kept the cat on the leash. He did not want to risk letting the cat run off. What a day, his breakfast gets stolen and then he sees his tomboyish friend all grown up. Squall padded alongside the hunter, strangely obedient. Falling by Seifer’s feet, Squall’s eyes were closing and his body felt hot and rather heavy.

“Hang on, beast.”

Mmm… where am I?” he sat up. Blankets were strewn all over. The scent was of sandalwood and musk… it was the hunter’s bed. “Uuuuhnn… damn… mmm… season. I… oooh… hate being in heat.”

Squall could not help but purr. The bedding held onto the man’s smell so nicely. Rolling around it, the cat purred again and again in pure bliss. Never had he felt his hot before. Where was the man? Clanging and clacking noises came from the kitchen. Was the man there? Climbing out of the warm nest of soft sheets and leafs, Squall wandered to the rooms close by. Finding that the noise did come from the kitchen. Ah, there he was… the hunter was in the kitchen. Squall’s ears perked up.

“Hm? You’re up I see. I gave you some herbs for the poison that still stayed in your system. I’m surprised you made it through the whole day, yesterday, with all the commotion and chasing. After I feed you, I’ll give you one more dosage and you’ll be set. Why in the world am I talking to you like a person?! What is wrong with me… tch.”

“You talk to me because I understand you… now if only you could understand me.” Squall frowned.

“It’s, I hate to use the word but… It’s so cute how you meow and almost talk back to me each time I speak.” Seifer bent down to stroke Squall’s soft ears. They were his favorite part of the auburn cat. The ears were silky and floppy, yet stood upward.

The pot bubbled, drawing Seifer’s attention away from the cat. If only he had looked, he would have seen the deep blush that darkened Squall’s face. That was not fever borne blush… it was something else.



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