Why: Someone was bored. That someone was me. Besides, the world sooo needs more AU fics with Seifer x Squall as the base pairing. I’m kinda being sarcastic, but not. And, Squall naked with cat ears and a tail is damn seksey.

Where: The story takes place in an Alternate Universe where Seifer is a tribesman and hunter to his band of jungle living kinsmen. He wears a loincloth ^.^V. The village his tribe lives in is called ‘Enba’ and it borders the jungle, which is uncreatively named the ‘Borderlands.’

What: Seifer, the hunter of Enba, once had a mission. Only to be set off course by a creature he once hunted.

((AND… I’ll come up with a summary… laaater… but not now. Too lazy. Want to know the story, go read it. Don’t? Fine, don’t read it.))

Warnings: AU-ness, OOC-ness, weirdass-ness coupled with frenzied mating between a Seifer and a Squall. A tanned loinclothed Seifer (drool… ackack… drooool…) and a kitty Squall ^-^ (sex kitty?). I hope to make this have lemony freshness… bwahahahahaha.

The bestiary has been made from my interest in mythological creatures and beasts. I wanted to use beasts in the FFVIII world, but I don’t have my strategy guide on me.

Wild Rock

Chapter 1

By Julie

The beast snarled, its tusks gleaming under the sunlight. It lunged forward, trying to take down the man that stood before it. Dodging, the hunter sped forward, blade in hand, and leapt upward. He jumped up, gracefully, as if wings were attached to his beaten sandals. Howling angrily, the bear sized boar tried to spear the man. Once again dodging, the hunter fell forward, avoiding the piercing ivory tusks, aiming for a life-preserving artery of the beastly boar. His blade glinted as the sunbeams danced off the edges of it.

Piteous squeals filled the air, harsh and grating. The beast moaned and snarled, trying to heave the man and his heavy blade from the side of his throat. Sparing it not one glance, the hunter plunged the weapon deeper and tugged it upwards to slit the beast’s throat. It relented and heaved once more, before its massive brown eyes dilated, indicating its passing.

The man sighed. The hunting of these once vicious boars… was surely getting to be boring. In fact, most of the beasts that dwelled in the ferocious and untamed jungle, or Borderlands, were easy pickings for this hunter. From mammoth boar to poisonous snakes, that were three times his size, to manticores and whatever else lived in the humid forest; Seifer, the hunter of Enba, did not fear them at all. Sighing once more, the blonde man got off the back of the dead boar. His blade was still stuck in its massive neck. One strong tug pulled the blade out. This particular boar was a bit smaller than usual, roughly the size of a young bear; perhaps it was just a younger one of the breed. Which meant… tender meat. He smiled at that. The villagers would be most pleased.

Curious eyes watched as Seifer hefted the boar securely over his shoulders. He was preparing to return to his village.

“Psst… we should go. Like… now.” A voice growled. He hating sneaking this close to the area that the villagers dwelled in. They could be kindly to others, but mainly cared for their own kind. It was best not to stray near Enba.

“… You can go. I shall stay.” Another voice announced. The latter voice hissed.

“Whaaat?! C’moooon Squaaaall. We caaaan’t staaay!!” the hissing voice whined. The one named Squall glared at his shorter and quite annoying friend.

“You can’t stay, for you are too loud. I can.” He muttered. “Go Zell, you’re being annoying.”

“Grrrr, fine… I’ll stay and I’ll be quiet.” Zell growled again, showing off his sharp canines at the unmoved and rather irritated Squall.

A loud rumbling was heard.

“… Zell.” A dangerous glint filled Squall’s steel blue eyes. The fairer colored Zell blushed and stammered apologies.

“I’m hungry and I smell… I smell… meat… and…” his eyes slanted and his pupils narrowed into dark slits. “Shit! The hunter is coming… Move!”

Zell nudged Squall… but was a moment too late.

The boar was a bit too heavy. Or maybe the heat made it a bit too hard to carry such a furry, large beast back. The hunter commanded himself to rest… it would do him no harm. He looked around for shade. The time spent resting could be dedicated to polishing his blade, the Hyperion. It was a finely crafted tool, made by his father. It was a reminder of what he did not have and what he had to do to insure no one else would have to suffer from what he had to. Looking over Hyperion, he admired its smooth and undamaged surface.

A low growl and grumble of a stomach startled Seifer. The hunter glanced at the rustling bushes that lay before him. Silently, he stalked over with the blade at his side. It could be the mother boar looking for her lost young child… or another beast of prey to bring back to Enba. Either way, Seifer was most certainly in the mood for brief bouts of danger. He nudged the bushes and opened them slightly. What he saw, surprised him…

“SHIT! Run now!” Zell yelped. He scrambled from the spot his was sitting in. Squall stared at the person who parted the bushes. The hunter looked at him and reached forward. Their eyes were locked in contact, with Squall still on the ground looking up in wonder. Zell turned back to see Squall had not followed him.

His arched his neck, leaning back and away from the blonde stranger. He smelled blood; it was smeared all over this man’s hands. Blood, from an innocent creature… And here this stranger was, trying to paw Squall. I don’t think so. Squall slapped the hands away, leaving a scratch mark on the man. Seifer winced. Regaining his composure, Seifer used the blunt edge of his blade to hit Squall. No contact was made. The target had dodged the blow from the angered man. Thereafter, Squall snarled and ran off, following his scuttling friend.

They ran and sped off, with hopes the man did not wish to follow. Blonde bangs and fluffy hair whipped around as Zell halted to a jagged stop. He was panting and fearing his life. What was Squall thinking? What was he not thinking?! They should have stayed in the forest. The deep forest, a safe haven of trees and emerald backdrop… far away from civilization. The people of Enba were crazy folks.

“… I think it’s safe.” Squall whispered. The pair had run past beyond what was deemed the dangerous part of their jungle realm, for its proximity to the tribes of Enba. Their haste had brought them to the entrance of the caverns of ice and waterfalls. Rapids that came from Shiva’s frost realm sped down the rocks above creating a beautiful azure cascade. Zell ran to the side of the river to get a drink.

“Fffft… it better be. I doubt Enbas would come here. They fear the forest too much.” He happily prattled on. HE could relax now… the man was gone and Squall was in no danger of being clubbed to death. “C’mon, Squaaall! Let’s go swimming! Now that’s a fun thing to do… instead of spying on the cruel people of Enba.”

Squall pointedly ignored the latter and just settled under the shade of a large tree. The fluffy blonde pouted.

“Fine. I’ll swim alone…” and with that he jumped into the rushing rapids… only to jump out of the waters yelping in pain. “WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! COLDCOLDCOLDCOLDCOLDCOLD!!”

“…….” The one resting in the shade rolled his eyes. That idiot knew where the waters came from, the arctic regions, yet he insisted on swimming anyway. His thoughts drifted, ignoring the crying yelps in the background, back to the man who tried to grab him before. The hunter of Enba.

Grunting, Seifer examined his bandaged hand. The hunter was not inclined to follow. They usually traveled in packs. They, the pair he stumbled upon, being the cats of the Borderlands. Where two were, the rest of the pack was bound to be resting or preparing to attack. He frowned. This was an opportunity to finish those beasts off into extinction. Yet… those eyes on that particular cat…

Seifer decided he just should have ignored that nagging feeling to explore. Pushing aside the bushes to reveal what rustled them… showed him a pair of borderland cat beasts. They were light and tan in coloring, adult males larger than tiger; adult females larger than wolves… and each were meaner than a whole population of rabid jackals. The two he found were young male adults; one had a tuft of blonde spiky mane and blue eyes. That one was surely jumpy and skittish. There was a black etching of a tribal tattoo on the side of his right eye. Or was that ‘tattoo’ a scar? Meanwhile, the other cat was lithe and looked as if his fur were soft. His cat ears and hair were light auburn, while white fur lined his neck. This cat possessed eyes that held meaning… intelligence? Feeling? Interest?

No. It couldn’t be… cats, like most beasts, are foul and possess the ability to not think but still exist. Seifer shook his head. He never looked into the eyes of beasts before. The cat he locked gazes with, was the exception. Ridding any thoughts of the cat beast that clawed him, Seifer decided he had rested enough. It was time to return back to Enba. The sun was beginning to set and the people would be pleased to know they would be feasting upon fresh meat tonight.

“Did you see that bear boar Seifer caught?!”

“YEAH! It was HUGE! Whatta feast we’re having tonight!”

“I wanna marry the Enba hunter… too bad my parents don’t have enough dowry because of my other FIVE sisters! I hate being the youngest.”

“Seifer Seifer Seifer!! Teach us how to hurl a spear later! Pleaaaase!”

“Children, leave the poor hunter alone… he needs to rest. Thank you for the fur from your catch today. You are too kind… really, you are.”

“Hurrah for Seifer!”

The man that was given the honored title of “Enba Hunter” smiled at the excited talk of feasts and marriages. He responded to their accolades by raising his handcrafted blade and promising a bigger and better feast tomorrow night. Their happy cheers got louder at that. Some of the villagers went off to gut and clean the boar off for tonight’s meal. The pleasant chatter continued well into the night. Jiggling laughing strung up in the air like glimmering lights. Brightening the darkness that followed after the absence of the sun. This night had no moons; the cycles bid the moons to rest for a few days.

Grabbing a lit torch, Seifer walked up the hill that led to his hut. He was content to bask in comfortable silence and take a hot bath. All was at peace, that is until…

“Seifer!!” an arm cuffed him, leaning against his shoulder. “Why didn’t you take me hunting you miserly fool. I would have loved to help you take down that bear boar with my sniper and deadly precision.”

The blonde laughed and pushed his friend off.

“Yes, the bear boar is an easy target to fend off… but your betrothed most certainly isn’t. She is far scarier that a pack of bear boars in heat.”

His friend doubled over in laughter, shaking his head.

“Needn’t be that cruel about my dearest betrothed.” The man laughed. Reddish brown curled locks spilled out from a ponytail and over his shoulders. Giving Seifer a fox like grin, the man continued. “Next time, take me with you. I long for a good hunt… my hands ache and itch to pull back the strings of my dearest sniper bow. I want to hear the whiz of the arrows as I let go…”

He sighed. Someone stepped out from the shadows, hands on her hip.

“Oh… but you would fear me, hm? Scary me, the one who’s far hornier and brutish than a pack of hot and randy bear boars, right?” a voice questioned. The two men turned to face the short, but formidable Selphie, the betrothed of the sniper, Irvine.

“How long were you there…” Seifer winced.

“Guess!” she giggled, throwing herself at Seifer.

“Oooh, threesome?” Irvine smiled. Selphie smirked.

“Nuoooo, I want him allll to myself. Mwahahahahha!” the blonde shook his head.

“Listen, I know I’m sexy, but right now… I’m sweaty and bloody. A full day’s worth of hunting does not do wonders for my hygiene.” He let Selphie get off his back. Her nose wrinkled at his fetid smell. The pair grumbled but made him promise they could come back to harass him later.

“Psst… hunting tomorrow perhaps?” the sniper entreated Seifer but was cut off by his betrothed.

“As if. Hunting is brutish. C’mon dearie… let me show you how much of a bear boar in heat I am, okies?” and with that, they were off. Seifer walked closer to his hut, sighing relaxingly at the prospect of the company of friends, warm food, and a hot bath.

The jungle made things sticky during this time of year. Having fur on your body was a pain. It was too hot. Squall rolled around on the dewy grass. A few of the elders looked at him disapprovingly. He was not a kitten and should not be playful. Squall glared at them, his tail swishing back and forth. A cool off was needed; he was not playing at all. Did he look playful? A familiar tuft of spiky yellow mane was seen above the low swarm of vines. Someone was trying to be sneaky. Keyword… trying.

Squall licked his paws. “I see you. That was not remotely stealthy.”

The figure creeping behind the low set vines grumbled. The cat jumped out from his bad hiding spot and walked over to his friend in the shade.

“Sheesh, shoot me down why don’tcha.” Zell pouted.

“I just shot you down.” He continued to lick his paws in a bored fashion. Zell’s back arched as he hissed.

“Ffffffffffffftttt!! MEANIE!!” he cried. The elders whispered to each other, commenting on the two young adults that were far beyond being cubs, but still acted as if they were. Deciding these two were noisy, the group of older cats got up and left the shaded area.  Zell puffed out his chest. “Thank Ifrit, those elders are annoying… and restricting… and… hey! Let’s go swimming!”

“So you can freeze again?” Squall rolled on the dew-covered grass again, purring. He too was glad the stuffy elder cats had left. His shorter friend scowled at him, tail standing at end. “Whatever…”

“Fffft. Fine. I’ll go swimming… you stay in your dewy shady stupid spot.”

“… Whatever.” And with that, Squall settled for a catnap. The sound of retreating footsteps and the diminishing sound of an aggravated Zell, told Squall that his friend had left. Before lifting himself to his feet, Squall peeked around, left and right, seeing if it was safe to leave the pride to explore. Smiling to himself, Squall got up and padded away softly in the direction of the massive lake, Kasakoro, that was nearest to the village Enba. Today, the cat hoped, could be a day to catch a glimpse of that tall blonde hunter. Regardless of the blood he smelled on the long fingered hands, Squall wanted to see the man again.

It was too hot. A miserable day for hunting, fishing would be nice… but the nearest place to fish was the ocean beside the great port city, Balamb. That was quite far away from Enba. The blonde hunter wiped the sweat from his brow. He walked from Enba towards the Borderlands. Tall, lush trees swayed back and forth, dancing with the breeze above the canopy. This waltz of trees caught the hunter off-guard, reminding him of his youth. A fond smile graced his features as he looked upward. It did not sound like such a bad idea to go climbing up one of these large trees to reach the canopy… and the breeze.

Setting down the heavy goods, but bringing Hyperion and a water sack, Seifer started to climb the largest tree. It was a challenge he’d gladly accept.


“Hush, the cubs are sleeping Zell.” A voice shushed him. Her brown eyes narrowed in an attempt to admonish the hyper cat.

“Elle, Squall’s missing… did you see him? He was last here, in that dewy place… the dew’s all gone… maybe he left to find another dewy spot bu… but the sun’s probably melted it… still there are other dewy places or maybe he left to find me but I got up to go find him and now he’s lost and I can’t find him or… or…”

“Calm down.” She patted him. Her tail whisked around, ears flattening at Zell’s whizzing and crazed explanation… or lack of one. Looking at her, Zell stilled for a moment, only to jolt on the spot.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!” he bounded off without an explanation. The napping cubs cried out all at once, for being stirred up from their afternoon routine. Ellone tried to soothe the crying babes, while looking worriedly at the retreating form of Zell.

After an hour or so, a few bruises and some scratches, Seifer had reached the middle of the tree. The sun was at its highest and it was about a good 15, perhaps 20 feet till the top of the canopy. Hyperion was heavy and cumbersome to carry up, but he did not want to risk losing his prized possession. It was noon and he had only a few small beasts on hand that he had killed. They were laying many feet below. To feed all of Enba, he needed more meat to accompany the roots and vegetables they grew. Time to climb back down, the canopy would remain there for a while and Seifer had all of next week to relax and rest up. After drinking from the water sack, the hunter began to steadily climb down.

From the height that he was at, Seifer saw a massive slithering snake. It was one of the borderland naga snakes with markings of black that indicated it spat poison. Not very tasty, but worth the hunt for its skin fetched a high price with Galbadian merchants that tailor made snakeskin clothes. This particular naga snakes fangs could be made into a chalice that detected poison, another merit of killing this massive beast. Above these reasons, the best one that pleased Seifer was the passion of the hunt and the danger involved. Whipping out Hyperion from its sheath, the Enba hunter grinned and bounded down the tree.

The naga snake was pursuing something, a beast that was probably its afternoon snack. Seifer paid no heed. The little beast was buying him time after all; the naga did not notice the hunter at all. Climbing down the lowest branch of the tree, Seifer approached the large snake quietly, making no sound while stepping on the jungle’s vine ridden floor.

“Sssssssshtay shhhhhhtill, rodent.”

“I’m no rodent!! I’m a cat!! A CAT!!” Zell cried out. He wanted to find Squall, not a hungry naga. She eyed him pleasantly for he looked delish to her.

“Sssssssssame thing to me, darling.” She hissed out, rearing upward before snapping in for the kill. Her mouth opened to reveal fangs that were about the size of Zell himself. Blood red eyes narrowed in happiness, the naga was to eat a small treat this sunny day.

“FFFFFTTTT!! I’m not going down without a fight!” the cat snarled.

“Ssssssssssssure, I love to play with my food.” The naga smiled evilly, she darted forward, fangs gleaming. Zell’s claws shot out, preparing to gauge as much of her scaly flesh as he could. Yet that moment never came, she drew back, screaming in pain “Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“Fffffttt?” his fur was still on end, confused but wasting no time, Zell ran away from the spot the naga had him cornered in.

“WHO DARESSSSSSSSSS DISSSSSTURB MY AFTERNOON SSSSUPPER!” the naga female shrilly called out. Squall glared coolly at her.

“SQUAAALL!! You saved me! My hero!!” Zell danced about. His ‘hero’ rolled his eyes and mouthed the words: ‘Run. Now.’

The blonde colored cat shook his head. Squall frowned.

“… Whatever.”

“I ain’t leaving without you,” he growled. The naga reared her head again preparing to attack. The auburn furred cat sighed. They had to run, they were too little in number to take down an adult naga. She bided her time; they were scheming and she would not move until they did. After all, it was a given that she would win. Arching back, Squall hissed at her. The naga did not move. She towered over them like a gigantic scaly sculpture.

“… Whatever.”

“Whatever my licked ass. She’s comatose. Follow my lead. We’re outta here, ‘kay?!” he muttered and with that, he just ran… without a thought of what the presently stilled naga would do. As Zell rushed off, the naga lunged at him, the snack she had her blood red eyes on earlier.  An auburn blur streaked through the air, launching itself onto the naga’s body. Squall bit and scratched the armor like body. The other cat maybe annoying and careless, but he was still a good friend. Least he could do was defend this good friend from apparent danger.

“Inssssssssolent fool.” The naga bucked him off. He flopped to the ground. Thank Ifrit, Zell had ran like mad to the clearing ahead. Above him, the mammoth snake was preparing to attack. Her cavernous mouth opened wide to expel hot streaming streaks of silver colored poison. Squall got up quickly, in hopes of dodging the silver spurts but the range of her poison stretched far. He may have run far and fast, but some still hit him, covering him in sticky toxic fluid. The fumes made him dizzy. As usual Zell was slow on the uptake and was seen a few feet away crying at the still figure of Squall.


“SSSSILENCE, SSSSNACK.” Gleefully, the naga gloated over the cat’s panting figure. “You’re next.”

The poison hardened, leaving the auburn cat trapped in a silver thorn like jagged mess. He felt so dizzy… was his friend screaming for him to say awake?

That damn naga was giving the hunter quite a chase. The beast she tracked made quite a dash deep into the Borderlands. Seifer had reached uncharted territory. Stalking the massive snake beast gave him a rush that had fled him when hunting became a norm to him. It was hissing angrily now, probably because the prey it trailed had given it such a hard time. The hunter sighed internally, he just should have gauged out the eyes of the naga earlier, rather than letting it play with its food and prey. That would have saved lots of time. It was now midday and the Enba hunter felt as if he wasted a perfectly good day dawdling and playing. Those damn dancing trees, that damn canopy breeze… FOCUS. Focus or you too will be the naga’s snack.

A distressed yowl filled the air. The miserable little beast was probably calling out for reinforcements, Seifer figured as his blade glinted, lusting for blood. His eyes look over at the caught beast… it was… that cat with the emotion filled eyes. It was that auburn colored cat that entranced him previously. The yowl came from the jeering cat that stood close by, the one with the spiky blonde tufts and tribal tattoo-esqued scar. It was hissing angrily at the naga and at the approaching hunter. The auburn cat’s icy blue eyes flittered open, he was on the borderlines of consciousness due to the naga’s poison.

Had that foolish beast try to stand up to a creature far worse and vicious than he? Had he bared his fangs and launched himself forward in hopes of winning? Had he felt terror and dread and utter hopelessness as he was being crushed by the weight of failure? Had that cat beast… that beast of the lands… felt the same way Seifer had felt during that moment of failure in his youth?

Perhaps that cat did… Seifer would never know. Charging forward with Hyperion in the air, the hunter leaned in for the kill. A shrill cry shattered the idyllic silence of the borderlands.

He felt heavy. It was difficult to move and breathe. The thorns of the hardened poison pierced his side, digging into his ribs. Groggily, Squall lifted up his head… and saw… the man he wanted to see all day.

“Why hello there…” the man smiled. His blade was covered with blood… and Zell was nowhere to be seen. Squall’s vigor was renewed, he snarled. Where was his friend?! “Hey, little one… that is no way to treat a savior.”

Hyperion’s blunt edge nudged Squall’s muzzle upward. The auburn cat’s ears had flattened in anger. He writhed under the cage of the naga’s poison thorn. The man’s blade reeked of the blood of… a naga? Had this one man, a lean and tall hunter, slaughtered the massive naga? Looking beyond the tall man, Squall saw the huge disembodied head of the naga… his eyes widened. This hunter was truly remarkable. He prayed Zell had a swift and painless death by this man and his blade. Meanwhile, Squall would not pass on without taking off this towering figure’s hand.

The Enba hunter raised Hyperion, the sun’s rays sliding off its metallic surface, and brought it down with a great force. It made a sickening sound as it hacked through. The cat winced. The cage’s thorns dug into his side, but were removed as soon as they were hacked and slashed to pieces by the dark grey blade. Slowly, to make sure no wounds were further aggravated; Seifer removed the sharp pieces of the poisonous remnants. He saw the steel icy blues waver as the auburn cat fought back painful meows. It was trying to be stoic… how cute.

It hissed at Seifer again. He shook his head.

“Get away from me.” Squall yowled.

“Easy there, don’t meow at me, little beast.” Did the man not understand him?

“Let me go!” the cat hissed angrily. As the hunter tried to lift the beast, it clamped its sharp teeth onto his hands.

“Oww… fff…” the hunter glowered at the beast, for it drew blood from him yet again. “fuck.”

Dark blue, dark steel blue eyes had a storm brewing in them… and Seifer was caught in the middle of it. Once again, he was lost in the eyes of this auburn pretty thing. It was angry, forlorn, a loner… it’s eyes mirrored the Enba hunter’s eyes during his youth. Defiant yet fearful, wanting to trust but scared to hope for anything… he saw this in the beast’s eyes. The intense stare was returned as Seifer looked into Squall’s eyes with the same gravity… but with a bit of warmth attached. As he tried to lift and touch the beast before, it yowled and hissed angrily as if it were speaking. Yet what the hunter heard was ‘ffftts’ and ‘nyaaaaaaaaaorrs.’ Now it sat just there, caught in a staring contest with the blonde man, its teeth a tight vice on Seifer’s hand.

“Rrrr…” the cat fumed. The blue eyes faltered, the cat relented and looked away. Long fingers and bloodied knuckles slipped from Squall’s mouth. He looked a bit remorseful, but not too apologetic to the naga and beast killer. Hands grabbed him by the tufts of white mane on the back of his neck. Squall was gently lifted into the arms on the hunter. He made no attempt to make eye contact… he felt so humiliated. Zell could have died at this man’s hands; so much carnage and this Enba Hunter had murdered so many fellow creatures to die. And here he was, laying in the arms and basking in the warmth. Red blush stained is soft auburn furred cheeks.

“A fever,” the hunter murmured, touching the cat’s forehead and cheeks. “This is not good. I better sneak you back to Enba.”

A pink tongue darted out to lick the bloodied hands that pat Squall’s cheek. The hunter’s eyes had widened in pleasant surprise. The cat was cleaning his wounds. How very cute. It purred in his arms. The sun was setting, making his sneaking of this beast quite convenient. He had no meat to share with the Enba people, but at least the naga would make them cheer joyously once more. The merchants of Deling were arriving soon to show off their wares and barter with zealous villagers. Enba would profit greatly from this large naga and its beautiful scaled body.

Seifer wrapped the auburn cat in his cloak. He tied the edges together and used the drawstring as a handle; the cat would be snuck in that way. Sighing at the huge mess and the massive dead naga, the Enba hunter thought of how to get this catch to Enba? Reinforcements, perhaps… either way, the beast wrapped in his cloak was feverish and needed medical attention soon. The cat’s emotion brimmed eyes were shut in a fitful sleep. Seifer would figure a way to transport the snake later; first things first, get the cat into the village without people noticing. Now that was going to be quite a feat.

“HEY! Seifer, where have you been.” A familiar voice called him. It was the sniper. The village probably sent him. “Enba’s missing its idiot, we need you back.”

“Hah hah. Listen, I’d come up with something just as clever to screw you over BUT, I need you to  stay HERE as I rush back and get people to lift this naga to Enba.”

“HOLY SHIT! Awwwww… I wish I went out hunting with you. Selphie taught me crocheting today. CROCHET! When I could have been killing a queen sized, a fucking queen sized naga with you. Life sucks…” Irvine sobbed. He was too busy admiring the kill to not noticed the stuffed cloak Seifer quietly pushed behind the bushes. “Sure, man. I can stay put and wait for people to haul this baby out.”

The reddish brown sniper grinned as if HE was the one who had killed the naga in a blink of an eye. Seifer shook his head as he grabbed the stuffed cloak and Hyperion.

“I’m off. See you in a few.” He turned to see his fox like friend spaced out, probably lost in a hunting daydream. Shaking his head yet again, Seifer sped off. The sun’s fringes of red and gold tread across the sky as the hunter ran fast with the bundled up cat in his arms. It slept on, the poison would not make a course through its body too quickly, for it was not bitten… but Seifer did not want to take any chances. Shuddering at a jolting remembrance of the cat’s intense stare, the hunter reached the entrance to Enba, finally. The cat stirred, weakly looking up at the hunter. “Be still and at peace, little beast… we’re here.”



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