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By Drakon Sword

(Squall's POV)


It was a warm summer afternoon. The sun was warm on my exposed chest, legs, and bare feet. I was only wearing a pair of cut off jeans as I leaned back on the warm rock. The cool salty breeze making my long, almost waist length, hair flutter around my face. Cooling, and drying the moisture that has been sprayed by the waves onto my skin.

I'm at peace.


I sniff the air, seeing if I can find Seifer. He went out hunting because he was feeling a little peckish. Not to mention, we need our along time. I may love him, which I do with me entire being, but he knows as well as I do.

We need time alone.

Just like we did to get away from the garden. We need time to get away, be alone, learn things together. There was also the chance of being discovered. I don't think any of them understood why I just practically got up and left with Seifer. Most just accepted it, while others were angry.

Zell made sure I knew his opinion about what I was doing. However, I basically told him what I thought. I didn't get angry. I just told him the truth. I needed Seifer help, and he needed mine. We had a lot to learn, and we had to do it together.

Besides, I couldn't continue living the lie.

It's been 2 years since I left. 2 whole years of this bliss. I never liked the attention, and spotlight I was constantly placed in for my deeds in destroying the sorceresses and saving the world. I hated it. It was annoying, and I never had anytime to myself. Being dragged to do this, bugged to that, called to do everything.

However, here . . . nothing matters except Seifer and I.

We have lived quite happily here. We go to Winhill to see Fujin and Raijin, and fill up our supplies every month or so. They are both more than pleased that we are finally together. I think they are another two that have been waiting for us to get together since . . . forever.

Actually, Seifer and I were talking. Various people in our past life reminds of people we know now. They are other characters he didn't speak about, but later while talking about stories from our childhood, I mentioned that maybe the gang was in our past life.

That's when it started. I remembered a couple of my instructors. One looked like Quistis, another like Xu, and Nida. They were also a few students that I saw, or made some sort of impression on my life, and they looked like Selphie, Irvine, and Zell. Aura was Ellone, and Laguna was my father while Raine was my mother. Not to mention, Rani looked like Rinoa. It seemed we were all brought together again.

Seifer also remembered having two friends that he grew up with because their parents were Dareb's most trusted soldiers, and they were very much like Fujin and Raijin. Seifer did mention that his parents then were very much like the ones that he had this time around.

Yes, I knew about how his parents died as he knew mine.

I also knew about his sister Selena.

Once Seifer and I came to the conclusion that we were all reborn, and reunited together, I began to wonder if they remembered their past life. I wonder if they saw it, and just don't remember.

Could they transform into their other form? Their animal form?

I asked Seifer, and he said he wasn't sure. They could if they remember, but that's only if they saw it. We aren't fully sure if I really saw it, or if I just remember the life, and Seifer awakened the memory in me.

However, Seifer thinks that in the Time Compression he somehow was given the ability to change into a tiger again, or it was awakened. Which makes me wonder if Quistis and them can change into animal forms like Seifer and I.

If so, why haven't they?

I didn't remember, but I was running around in my lion form, and not fully aware of it. Is the same happening to them? Are they dreaming of being an animal, and brushing it off as a weird dream when they wake up?

Seifer didn't know.

However, Seifer said that he never saw them, or sensed them. When I think about, neither could I, but maybe that's because I wasn't looking for it. Seifer knew I was Leander, and went to find me with purpose. He had his mission in hand, and went to work. Most likely ignoring the others, and possibly missing it.

Now it brought up the question if I could transform and not know it, and they had the ability, why didn't they? Why didn't they dream, and find release in their animal form? Why weren't senses heightening? Or at least showing more abilities because of a human?

Maybe they already did during the war.

Seifer and I considered that. Maybe they already were using their abilities, and didn't know it. Maybe that's why we were able to destroy the sorceresses, and win the war. Maybe we were the only ones that could.

We also came to the conclusion that because I was a predator, and I craved the hunt, the lion inside of me was getting frustrated. So it started to find refuge in awakening when the human side was asleep. One would awaken while the other slept, till now. Now they work, and live together.

Actually, both sides of myself have found that they can live quite peacefully together. Neither like the spotlight, both love to find challenges to overcome, and both love Seifer/Theron with our entire being.

It's a nice little cabin we live in now. Not overly large, but large enough for both of us, considering we both practically live outside. The cabin has one large bedroom, a small bathroom, a living, and kitchen. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mind you, half the time we never use the kitchen.

Seifer and I still eat greens occasionally. We don't hunt all the time, but we do often. That's why we don't need to get supplies all the time. We don't need it, but we won't lose are human side to the animal side. They has to be a balance between them.

Though if you look, you can see that the animal has human abilities, and the human has animal tendencies. One reason why we have to be careful out in society. In the wilderness it doesn't matter. Walking down the sidewalk, and you suddenly roar . . . you're going to look weird.

Seifer did that to tease me while we were in Esthar.

Luckily no one recognized us. I didn't talk to him for a long time after that. Completely blocked him out as he apologised, and whined at me for having a tight ass. I ignored him till . . . that night I guess.

Oh shut up! So I have weakness when it comes to him!

You know, that's how this started. Weakness. We fell because of weakness, but now we are back up, and higher than before. Love was our downfall, but now it is our strength. Alone we are strong, but lonely. Together we are stronger, and . . . not alone.

:So what are you thinking about, babe?: Seifer mind-spoke me as I heard a rustling in the bushes. We had learned not to pry into each other's minds. Partly because he saw the present I got for him for his birthday last time. I was pissed, so we worked at making mental walls for certain things, and how not to be in the person's mind when speaking to him.

We were pretty good at it now.

"Nothing in particular." I answered as I heard his body change. I felt my skin tinge at the sound. It made the lion in me restless for I hadn't changed today at all, and it was getting to later evening. The sun was starting to set.

I was letting my human side gain a little time without interruption. The lion understood, but it didn't mean it liked it. Wild animals hate cages, and that was what my human was like to the lion. A cage. A restriction. A necessary restraint.

"Hmmm." Seifer purred in his throat as he embraced me from behind. His arms under mine as they wrapped around my chest, and his chin on my shoulder. I moved my hand up to stroke the side of his face as I continued to watch the sun move down the sky.

"Nice sunset, isn't it?" I said as Seifer purred. His fingers starting to move up and down my chest as he pressed his bare body to my back. I felt the familiar spark of arousal flare again. He always did that.

"Ya. It's a nice view." Seifer said, into my neck. I knew bloody well it was not the sun he was looking at.

"I mean the sun, Seifer." I said, dryly. He just grunted, and continued to work at my neck with his lips. I sighed, and leaned my neck to the side to give him access as I caressed his strong arms with my fingertips.

"Ya that's nice too, but not as gorgeous as you." He muttered as he turned me to kiss him on the lips. His fingers combing through my long hair that was left loose today.

Seifer loved my hair, and I found that out a few months after living together. He was always asking to wash it, brush it, or he would just touch it. It wasn't till he went to get his haircut that he demanded that I only get a small trim, or nothing.

So I told him I would just grow it if he helped me take care of it. I hated going to the barbers anyway. Seifer practically jumped on me in response, and it has become a daily thing. We shower in the morning, he washes, he brushes it, and then he put it in a braid, or something. Or just leaves it down.

He loves it.

I hate to admit it, but long hair seems to have grown on me. Pun not intended.

I kinda like it too. Mostly because it makes Seifer happy.

While our tongues duelled, my stomach growled in protest. Seifer chuckled as I sighed as we pulled away. Seifer put an ear down to my stomach.

"Want to be let out, eh? Don't worry! I'll find away!" Seifer said, like he was talking to the lion inside of me. I swatted at his head, and he laughed, swiftly avoiding my hand. I rolled my eyes as he smirked.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Seifer." I replied wryly, crossing my arms.

"Well you haven't hunted all day! Besides, you are hungry." Seifer said patting my stomach that gave another little growl.

"I know." I said, and sighed. I did need to eat, and my body was practically itching to go to my animal form. "Quistis e-mail us today." I changed the subject for the moment. This was why I was thinking about our past earlier. I hadn't seen any one of the gang since Seifer and I came here. I brought an computer so they could e-mail us if anything important happened, and they needed us, but we hadn't spoken hardly in 2 years.

"Oh? What's up?" Seifer asked, going serious as he sat beside me, and wrapping an arm around my shoulders, letting my head rest on his shoulder.

"Nothing serious. Or at least she says. However, she wants us to come visit. It's been 2 years, and they want to see us." I explained, nuzzling Seifer shoulder.

"Do you think it's serious, and she's just trying not to concern us?" Seifer asked, playing with my hair by twisting it between his fingers. I sighed, and licked my lips.

"I don't think it's death-threatening, but I think it's important to her." I replied, remembering how it was worded, and the overall feeling I received when reading it. She really wanted us to come, and I believe needs us.

"Do you want to go?" Seifer questioned me as he turned to look at me. His jade eyes searching as he brushed his thumb against my lower lip. I bite his thumb, and nibbled it for a moment before answering.

"I don't know." I finally sighed, and was interrupted by my stomach again.

"Come. Let's hunt, and we will talk about it after." Seifer said, dragging me up. I tended to think make love was also in the agenda and before talking, but hey! I wasn't complaining.

Without another word, I removed my cut offs, and transformed. I let out a loud roar when the lion was finally released. Seifer returned my roar with one of his own. Not as deep, or loud as mine, but very good for a tiger.

:Come! Let us hunt, my love!: Seifer mind-spoke me. As moved by the change as I was. Without a response we ran into the forest to eat.

We were powerful. We are invincible. Concealed by the night, our way lite by the light of the moon, the wind our loyal ally, and the stars above twinkle in delight. We have at last found each other, and this time we will not part.

May we be together to the end of time, my Theron. My greatest weakness, yet my greatest strength. At each other's side we were forever to stay.

~*The End . . . ?*~



A/N: Okay. It is the end of this part, and I think it was pretty good. Not as well as I would have liked for the end, but it was pretty good.

Now about the sequel. Yes, I do want to do one, but I need ideas. I was thinking of having the gang become animals like Seifer and Squall, or just have them see Seifer and Squall after the 2 years. You know, how they react, and such. They don't know about Theron and Leander, but I need more conflict then that.

So this is where you guys come in. I need ideas. I'll take anything, and everything. Ideas for pairings (we could add a third player 0_o), and what the conflict should be for the sequel.

I will tell you now, the sequel won't be for awhile. I have to think of one, but stories will come out in the meantime.

So, talk to ya soon! E-mail me your ideas!

Smiles : )

CJ May

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