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Part 9

By Drakon Sword

(Squall's POV)


I watched him after I said those words. His jade eyes glittered, and gleamed as his lips began to curve into a breathtaking smile. I expected a response, but not the one that I received.

Not that I'm complaining!

There was no hesitation as his lips drifted down to mine with purpose. Only our lips touched, but it was enough to spark the desire between us. I was glad that we were already undressed. I really didn't need the shield of clothing.

He knew what I wanted, and I'm pretty sure he wanted it.

Seifer pulled away after a few moments, and looked into my eyes. He said nothing, but I could sense his happiness, and let a small, somewhat seductive, smile grace my lips. I've never smiled like that towards him, but it was enough to let him know my purpose, and that I was holding nothing back.

I was willing to give him myself, if he wanted me . . .

It seemed like an eternity as I watched him. The orange, reddish glow of the sunset played on his smooth skin as it shined through the window. The wind played with the blond strands of his hair. Squall resisted the urge to run his hands through them. Not yet.

His hand reached up, and gently combed its fingers through my chin- length tousled hair. I couldn't help, but give a small purr as I closed my eyes. Seifer other hand also came up to brush my hair on the opposite side.

Then before I was fully aware, I was yanked up to sit on his lap as his lips came down on mine, hungrily. I made a small sound of protest, but it quickly changed into a moan as I opened my mouth to his insistent tongue. I met him with my own as pleasure began to enfold us into its warm atmosphere.

I ran my hands down his chest, letting my fingers drift into the creases of his well-developed muscles. Relishing in the smoothness, and softness of his skin. Letting his scent, and entire being fill my senses and mind. Nothing else matter outside of Seifer.

"Seifer . . ." His name passing my lips as he moved away from my lips to start a downward trail of kisses. Tracing the curl of my jaw, teasing my ear before nipping playfully at my neck. My hardness mirroring his own as desire sang in our veins.

I gasped and stopped my caress on his chest when he suddenly bite my shoulder. My finger ceasing their teasing caress just before the tuff of blond curls. His bite didn't at all hurt, but it was very successful in sparking my demand and need for him.

"Don't even think about it yet . . ." I heard Seifer breathless mutter. I smiled as I let my fingers move to his arms where my finger walked up, making a path up to his shoulders. There I let my arms curl around his neck as my restless finger draw circles around the upper part of his back. His muscles relaxed at the feel as he continued to nip, lap, and kiss my collarbone.

I was in heaven.

Without any warning, I found myself flat on my back with Seifer leaning over me. My black sheets cooling my hot skin and causing me to slide a little as I looked into the jade eyes of the one I loved. I knew my eyes were showing him this.

His were.

"God, you're gorgeous." Seifer whispered as I looked into his jade eyes that were glowing with passion, desire, and love. I couldn't help, but smile because I knew it was all for me.

All for me.

"I missed you." I murmured as I arched against him, and let my leg absently stroke the hardness between his own. He gasped, and clutched his eyes shut as one of my hands moved down his side to take the place of my leg. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me.

Seifer moaned as my hand closed over him. His breath panting on my chest as his forehead rested on my shoulder. I let my tongue curl around the shell of his ear as my fingers massaged, caressed, and teased him closer and closer to release. He continued to moan and groan as he held me close as I nibbled at his exposed neck, ignoring my own demand. It exhilarated me to know that I was giving him pleasure.

To know that he wanted me as much I wanted him.

I knew he was close, and before it could go ant further, his hand closed over my, stilling it. I stopped, and curved my neck to look at him as he pushed himself up to look at me. His eyes were dark, almost emerald when they meant mine. My heart skipped at the desire that lay unheaded in them.

" . . . what?" I murmured, slightly afraid that I did something wrong, but the passionate kiss that he gave me as he twinged our fingers together as he pulled it away was enough to kill that fear. I enthusiastically participated in the deep, heart-wrenching kiss. I felt as thought I was sharing my life with him.

Which is what I planned to do with him.

"I want to be inside of you for that." Seifer answered, his voice hushed. I murmured my agreement, and pressed my body as close to his as I could. "You know, this is what kept me alive." Seifer whispered against my skin, causing my skin to tinge. I caught his lips in a quick kiss.

" . . . why?" I asked, my lips still touching his. I didn't let him answer as I slipped my tongue into his mouth to explore, and tease his own tongue. He eagerly played awhile before pulling away to answer the question.

"My love for you kept me alive during the Time Compression. I had to see you again to tell you, and to do this." Seifer said, his voice laced with need, and want that was enough to make my head spin.

"I love you too, Seifer." I reassured him, nibbling his lower lip. He caught my upper lip with his teeth letting me know that he was more than pleased by my words, and brushed his fingers down my legs as he spread my legs to lie between them. I gladly moved for him.

I'm pretty sure he knew that I loved him, but saying it out loud meant so much more. Saying, and hearing the phrase of promise meant so much more than assuming. When you heard it, there was no doubt. No second guessing, and it meant that you were being honest. There was no turning back once you said it. You could never take the words back.

Not that I did.

Seifer was nibbling, and licking down my chest. The wind from my open window, chilling the wet path down the centre as I leaned back on my pillows. Seifer's hand held my hips, and I felt him kiss my throbbing shaft. I couldn't help, but gasp as it was enclosed in the wet heat. His tongue swirling around as I threw my head back, panting for breath.

I placed my hand on his bobbing head as my legs wrapped around his chest, his elbows resting near my knees as he held my hips down. My fingers clutched his hair tightly. Maybe too tightly, but I couldn't tell. I was too busy lost in the sensation of his possessed tongue.

I was lost.

"Seifer." I gasped as my muscles tightened. Seifer shifted to only encase the tip as I came, swallowing everything that I gave. My fingers lost their feeling, and my arms fell to my side. I stared at the white ceiling as I came back to earth, and gained some control over my breathing and heart.

Seifer already had my heart.

"You are mine, my lion." Seifer growled with possession as he came in my eyes sight. I smiled a feral grin as I whipped my arms wound his neck, and pulled him down for a deep kiss. His hand drifted around to my neck as he gently stroked it with one finger, before cupping the back of my skull.

I could taste my essence in his mouth, and found it arousing then disgusting like I had with various other partners. Knowing that I shared a part of myself with him was exotic, but comforting. I knew that Seifer would never hurt my intentionally. Just like I wouldn't him. His words had proved as much.

We belonged to one another.

As he pulled away, two fingers came to brush my lip before entering my mouth. I knew what he needed, and suckled them hungrily. I nibbled his fingertips as he retreated them, feeling that was enough as he let his hand drift down.

I sighed in pleasure as one finger entered me. One on his hands held my lower back while the other searched and explored my heat. I bent one knee, and Seifer playfully bit at it as he pushed another finger in. I thrust my hips up as the third stretched me. I was becoming impatient with all this preparation. I wanted him in me! Now!

I think Seifer was needy as I was.

His fingers retreated, and I embraced him as he crawled up to me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He was about to ask, but I kissed him. Hard, and let him know the answer to that question.

I was more then ready.

Without much more warning, his head entered me, and I whimpered at the sensation. I pushed my hips closer to his, wanting more of him. Seifer obliged my growling, and whimpering by fully entering me.

We were one.


There was pain, but it added to the pleasure. Pain was always a part of pleasure, and it only succeeded it making our play more arousing. Just like the love bites I received earlier. It was a part of our love making. Part of our relationship.

Part of our life.

" . . . oh god . . ." Seifer whispered, heatedly against my neck. His hot breath trailing across my skin as he was buried deep within me. I couldn't help, but manipulate the muscles around him to clench. He groaned, and give me a nip on my neck in rebuke. He didn't want to hurt me intentionally.

"Move." I commanded, whispering huskily in his ear. With a groan, Seifer moved out of my body, and back in. His first few thrust were measured, and fairly slow. I was becoming impatient, and pushed back.

I held him close as the tempo sped up. We shared a few kisses between our sighs, moans, groans, whimpers, gasps, and everything else in between as I was taken to heaven by Seifer. Somewhere during our love making, he clasped my hand, and twinged our fingers together as I threw my head around in passion.

While one hand was tightly holding mine, his other hand drifted down to my new hardness between us, and started to pump in time with his thrusting.

That was enough to drive me insane.

I moan loudly as I came against his hand again, my inner muscles holding Seifer tightly as he came right behind me. Spilling his warm seed deep inside me before he collapsed on top of me. Together we panted for breath as we came back down to earth.

Seifer's head rested on my chest as I ran my fingers through his hair, and he nuzzled his cheek against me. I sighed as my other hand was still enclosed with Seifer, who refused to let go, not that I wanted him to.

"Where do we go from here?" Seifer asked, as the wind cooled our sweaty, and heated skin. We were in the darkness, sense it was probably around 9, or so. I couldn't tell, but I could see perfectly because of my heightened senses from being a lion. Eyesight was phenomenal compared to what I used to have as a full human.

"What do you mean?" I asked, slightly concerned. I wasn't sure fully what he meant.

"I mean, know that you know about what you are. What do you plan to do? I don't think you can stay here and keep playing Commander. You can't keep it from everyone forever, let alone anyone here. I surprised you did thus far." Seifer said, kissing my chest. I let out a rush of air through my nose as I frowned.

What did I plan to do?

Seifer was right, I couldn't stay. I would be discovered eventually, and I don't think it would go overly well. I need to feed, and I'm bound to get caught. I also may do something that seems natural to me, but outlandish in human terms, and cause questions to arise.

Bad enough I have people on my back about things as it is.

Not to mention, I think I still had a lot to learn. I had to learn control, and to transform. I could transform, but it was with Seifer's help. I'm a little scared to do it on my own, among with other things. I needed Seifer near, and to teach me. To show me what he had learned about our other forms. I also needed his love, and him as a man.

I needed Seifer.

"What do you plan to do?" I countered, and Seifer sighed. He hugged me close before looking up at me.

"I want you to come with me." Was all he said. His eyes stern, and determined. I blinked at him slowly, and licked my lips.

"To where?" I asked, knowing that I would probably go to the ends of the universe as long as I was with him. I didn't care, and I would go with him now if I had to. He was my other half. We can't be parted.

I won't allow it.

"I was living in Esthar Forest in an abandon cabin. It's a nice little, quiet place. I was never bothered, and we could do as we pleased." Seifer answered, looking at my collarbone as he traced it with a callused finger. He was nervous, and afraid of my rejection. I almost laughed at his shyness. I wanted to go with him.

Didn't he know that?

"Is there a free room?" I asked, teasing as I touched his cheek. He looked at me with an arched eyebrow as he smirked. His usual confidence back full force.

"No, but you're more then welcome to sleep with me." Seifer answered, kissing me lightly on the lips. I smiled, and kissed him back with a bit longer then he had intended. Not that he was complaining. "Actually, I demand it." Seifer murmured fiercely against my lips, and I laughed.

"I'm beginning to think you like me for only my arousing ability in bed." I joked, as Seifer rolled to his side, and turned me with him to cuddle. He frowned, looking affronted.

"Don't ever think that! You are amazing in bed, to which I just learned, but I love you, and I don't share. You're mine." He growled, and I was taken aback by his possession in his voice as my heart skipped a beat in happiness.

"No wonder you never made friends. You couldn't share." I teased, poking him in the chest, and he rolled his eyes as he pulled me down close.

"Ya! And you had a truck load." Seifer muttered, and I shrugged. He shook his head. "I had Fujin and Raijin, my posse. I also had you." He said, hushed as I looked at him. I kissed his shoulder as I cuddled close to him, giving a yawn.

"I want to be with you, Seifer. No matter where you are. Tell me when, and I will go with you." I swore as he held me tight.

"Tomorrow, my lion. We will talk tomorrow." Seifer replied, kissing my forehead as sleep began to calm me. I felt him tuck the sheet over us, before he pulled me close. His hand stroked my back as I fell asleep.

"I'll be with you to the end of time, and to the ends of the earth . . . " I promised as I fell into the dark oblivion of sleep, knowing that Seifer wasn't far behind me.



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