That's the Way Love Goes

By J. Marie

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Kiros Seagill and Laguna Loire (and Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart to a minor degree) from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. So once again, I shall waste my time and energy by telling you that if you do not like the idea of male homosexuality (in which case you shouldn't be on this site) or are under the age of 18, please do not read this story. You've been warned. Alright kids and kiddies, this story is a request from the SorceressKnight for being my 15000th hit! Yeah!!! Thank you!!! *does a little dance of joy* And yes, to all wondering this story IS part of the "Black and White", "Meant For Each Other...." and "Moonstone and Jade" series. It takes place in the middle of "Moonstone and Jade" (during the period when Seifer and Squall were still learning to get along), with flashbacks to just after "Black and White". FYI, "Black and White" took place when Squall was five months old, making it sixteen years before the storyline in FF8, for those who can't subtract. My Muse is rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty here! Just when you thought the well was dry.......

Seifer Almasy threw back his golden head and laughed long and hard. The tall, slender black man beside him chuckled loudly. The television screen changed to a scene of a man trying to choke a cow to death, sending the men into more gales of laughter.

"My.... aren't they all buddy-buddy now...." a feminine looking man hissed, blowing his chocolate-colored hair from his dark blue eyes.

An even more effeminate, but older man looked over at the cocoa haired boy. They bore a striking, undeniable resemblance to each other. The older man, as pretty as a woman, blinked, his expression mildly confused.

"And I thought Seifer was the jealous type. They're just watching Me, Myself, & Irene. Jim Carrey is really funny. What's the big deal?" he asked.

"I'm not jealous. I'm just irritated. I think this movie is stupid, along with every other Jim Carrey movie in existence," the younger man spat.

"Hey! I like Jim Carrey! What's your problem, anyways?" the older man sighed, looking flushed.

"Problem? Me? Have problems? Never! My life is perfect," the younger man spat, dripping sarcasm like a leaky faucet, getting up and walking out from the room, purposefully walking in front of the television, causing the blonde man and the black man to protest loudly, but were soon sated by a scene of a man's lips curling into his own face.

The older man sighed and followed sulky brunette out onto a veranda. He sat down across from the surlish youth, and crossed his legs, folding his hands delicately in his lap, paternal concern etched across his face. "Out with it, Squall. What happened?" he asked.

Squall Leonhart scowled at his father. "He saw his ex-boyfriend last week. They went out. Together. All night. He came home smelling like beer, wanting sex. I told him if he wanted to fuck something, to go find something inflatable," he hissed, his scowl growing deeper.

Laguna Loire blinked and then rolled his eyes. "This sounds just like what happened that caused you to split up in the first place, only in reverse. Did you talk to him? Ask him what happened?" the delicate man asked.

"No," was Squall's surly response.

"Then don't jump to conclusions, Squall. This is the sort of stuff you two need to talk about, open up to each other about. Otherwise, it's not going to work out between you two," Laguna sighed.

Squall sighed and sagged against the wall, glaring bleakly at his father. "So the fact that my boyfriend is in there flirting with your boyfriend doesn't bother you?" he questioned.

"They're not flirting, Squall. You're imagining things. You're getting as paranoid as Seifer. And Kiros isn't just my boyfriend. He means a lot more to me, and I think the same can be said about you and Seifer," Laguna said confidently.

"Well, I'm just so sorry that my relationship isn't as perfect as yours," Squall snorted, his dark blue eyes fading back to a moonstone gray.

"Perfect?" Laguna giggled. "You think my relationship is perfect?"

"Isn't it? I've never seen you and Kiros fight. You're both disgustingly supportive of each other. He practically worships the ground you walk on. And you have sex as often, if not more so, than me and Seifer, and we're in the midst of our sexual peak," Squall said sourly.

Laguna blushed furiously, remembering his son walking in on him and his lover. "Um, our relationship is wonderful, Squall, but far from perfect. Kiros and I fight sometimes, rarely, and not in a long time, but we do. But we worked really hard to get it where it is. We almost didn't make it. Nothing is perfect, Squall," Laguna said, spreading his arms in emphasis.

Squall perked up a little at the surprising revelation his father had just made. "You guys almost broke up? Really? When?" he demanded quickly.

Laguna sighed. "Oh, a long time ago.... Right after we got together, too... I think you were one or two at the time. I was close to turning thirty. It was a pretty rough time of my life I suppose, but not just because of that. Though I will admit, I found the big 3-0 worse than the big 5-0," Laguna smiled whimsically.

"Laguna. Dad. You're fifty-two years old, and look to be twenty years younger. Don't sweat the age thing. But I don't want to hear about your age problems. So tell me about you and Kiros," Squall said evenly, breaking into Laguna's rambling.

"Oh, right..... Me and Kiros....... Here goes....."

The tall slender black man walked silently down the hallway. He had a lot on his mind.

He opened the door to a room and went inside, stripping almost as soon as he got in the door. The lights remained off, but small rays of sunlight filtered in through the heavily curtained windows of the large, airy room. The man seemed to like his room as dark as he was.

The tall, sinewy frame was soon draped on the bed, completely nude. The feel of the soft, clean linen seemed to relax the dark-skinned man. He looked over at the huge mirror he kept by his bed, staring at himself. He wasn't looking in vanity, but as if he was in search of something. His long, wavy, dark brown hair was spread across his bed, unbound from it's usual braids. It reached past his waist, falling in uncontrollable waves, like a sea of chocolate. It was dark enough to be mistook for black in most lights. He was tall, well over six feet, but lean and sinewy, with the strong, yet slender muscles of a dancer. Dark mocha colored skin covered the corded body. His eyes were a warm brown, and slightly slanted, as if he had Oriental blood somewhere in his ancestry. His features were strong, but gentle at the same time. High cheekbones, wide nose, generous lips. There was a certain sort of delicacy to his handsome features. A deceptive delicacy, that was actually as strong as adamant. His legs were long, and between them lay an endowment any man would be proud of. In short, the dark skinned man known as Kiros Seagill was beautiful.

What is wrong with me? Am I not beautiful enough for him? Is it because I am a man? Or that I'm black? Am I too tall? Why doesn't he want me?

Kiros sighed sadly and turned his face from the mirror. Maybe it wasn't his looks. Maybe Laguna didn't like his personality. Maybe he was too secretive. Maybe he was too amorous for Laguna's tastes. Maybe he was too doting, and Laguna grew tired of his constant presence.

He rolled over on his large bed, wishing Laguna was in it with him. He closed his eyes, imagining his feminine lover. The long, glossy black hair. The big bedroom aquamarine eyes, slanted by his obvious Oriental blood. The pale, smooth, clear skin. The smile that charmed many, and won over even the toughest cases. The willowy, slender body, with barely visible muscles. Laguna's delicate, feminine features, that made him as pretty as any girl, protected by an almost unnatural eternal youthfulness. His nose was small, his cheeks soft and gentle, his lips delicate and sensual. Laguna was small for a man, his body a man's yet as lovely as any woman's.

Kiros moaned softly into his pillows, the coolness of the room not stilling the heat of his body as he imagined his lover's naked body. The sound of his soft, high-pitched moans when Kiros made love to him. The way he arched in pleasure, his long black eyelashes fluttering against his pretty face. The way his shapely legs would encircle Kiros' waist, clutching the tall dark man closer to him. His girlish giggle whenever Kiros undressed him. The feel of his rounded, soft ass against Kiros' battle roughened hands. The feel of Laguna's soft, cool hands running across Kiros' long body. The way Laguna would clutch Kiros' hair in ecstasy, tugging on it when he came.

Kiros' body thrashed on his bed, stroking himself at the memory of lovemaking to the delicate man. The speed increased, and he moaned loudly, envisioning Laguna stroking him instead, the delicate man panting slightly from his own arousal. Kiros came quickly, cumming all over his hand. He lay panting on his bed, feeling empty and dirty. He got up and started the shower, washing his hand off.

Laguna Loire, President of Esthar, and long-time friend of Kiros and Ward, had been Kiros' lover for almost a year now. Ever since Kiros had confessed his feeling to Laguna in his office one night and had made love, they had been an unofficial couple. Laguna had even said he thought he loved Kiros back, making the tall man happier than ever before in his life.

Kiros stood under the hot water of his shower. For a year, they had been lovers. Kiros told Laguna how much he loved him every day. Not once had Laguna ever said he loved Kiros back. Instead he just smiled, blushed, and kissed Kiros. It was always Kiros who went to Laguna to make love, not the other way around. Never had Laguna initiated sex with Kiros. Kiros wondered if he let the pretty man alone, if Laguna would just forget all about their relationship.

He felt betrayed.

It was such a silly thing, he knew. All Laguna had done was gone to dinner. With another man. With another handsome man. A presidential aid named Dirk Myers.

Kiros was jealous.

"Wait. You went to dinner with a man named Dirk Myers??? Myers???" Squall asked, his face slack.

"Uh, yes. He was one of my presidential aides. Why?" Laguna asked, bewildered by the interruption.

"How old is Dirk Myers????" Squall practically demanded.

"Um, let's see. He was twenty-five back then.... Same age as Kiros..." Laguna said slowly.

"He's forty-eight. Mother-fucker," Squall spat, slapping his forehead.

"What? What? What's wrong?" Laguna fluttered.

"Dirk Myers is Madison Myers' father!!! Madison Myers is the flaming faggot that has been trying to break up my relationship with Seifer for the past two months!!!" Squall shouted, with an uncharacteristic burst of emotion.

Laguna blinked in surprise. "Well, he was bisexual, and he eventually did get married...... But what's this about the past two months? You didn't mention that," Laguna said.

"Let me explain....."

Squall Leonhart blinked in surprise at the sight of the fruity redhead. He almost recognized the pretty man, but couldn't quite place him....

"Oh, hello, sir... I was wondering if you knew where Seifer Almasy might be....?" the redhead inquired, batting his big blue eyes at Squall coquettishly.

Squall looked the redhead up and down. He was wearing a tight black shirt, which didn't quite manage to cover his flat stomach. He had a black feather boa on and black leather pants, with a fire colored trim. He was wearing knee high black platform boots, and frosted blue lipstick. The pretty man's bright red hair was cut at an angle, and he had a belly button ring. He was quite fetching actually.

Squall put a hand over his own navel, feeling the new belly button ring he had pierced last week at Seifer's request. Seifer. It clicked.

"What do you want with, Seifer?" Squall asked darkly, his gray eyes narrowed.

"Oh, that's not important. He'll know what I want. Just tell him Maddie Myers is here to see him," the redhead said, smiling sweetly. Squall decided the redhead couldn't be more gay if he was at a Backstreet Boys concert waving a rainbow flag and eating Skittles.

Maddie. Aunt Maddie. Madison. The fruity redhead. Seifer's ex-boyfriend.

Squall scowled at him and turned around, storming up the steps to the bedroom he shared with Seifer. He marched right in and turned on the light.

"Maddie is here to see you, Seifer. Get your lazy ass out of bed," Squall said, his tone dangerously pleasant.

"Eh....? What....?" Seifer said sleepily, sitting up in confusion.

"Maddie. Also known as Madison. Sometimes called Aunt Maddie. A redhead that couldn't be more on fire if you cast Firaga on him," Squall spat, his voice dripping acid now.

"Madison? Really? He's here?" Seifer asked in surprise. Squall took it as excitement.

"Yes, he is. Why don't you go downstairs and say hi? I'll go to the video store and rent The Birdcage. I'll bring back some rainbow stickers to put on our cars and we can all stand around with our backs arched and practice fluttering our hands like dead birds," Squall said sarcastically and walked out of the room.

"Boy, you're in a bad mood today......" Seifer muttered to himself and got up, quickly dressing. When he got downstairs, Squall was sitting in his grandmother's rocking chair, glaring at Madison like Madison had personally hired assassins to kill Squall's mother and then raped her dead body.

"Seifer...!!!!" Madison squealed and rushed over to Seifer, jumping up and hugging the tall blonde fiercely.

Seifer looked at a complete loss. Squall thought he looked pleased.

"I'm going now. I'll bring back some fruit tarts and ky jelly," Squall said in his best monotone and walked out the door.

"Wow! How did he know I like fruit tarts?" Madison giggled, kissing the shocked Seifer.

"He kissed Seifer.....?" Laguna asked in disbelief.

"I saw it right before I drove off. And now it seems that it's genetic for the Myers men to try and ruin the Loire men's relationships," Squall said, venom oozing out of his pores.

"Well, I can't really blame Dirk, though. It was mostly my fault," Laguna said.

"It's like Rinoa was reincarnated as a redheaded man. They even like the same kind of music, for the love of god. Pop music. They both drip like leaky faucets, and bubble like a boiling pot of water. I'm surprised he didn't demand that Seifer like him repeatedly. And I'm sure if left alone long enough, he'd just hang off the edge of a cliff and have his friends rope Seifer into rescuing him. Given enough time, he might even go into a coma, forcing Seifer to travel across the world to find a cure for him. While carrying Madison on his back, mind you. At least he has better fashion sense, and dresses in one outfit instead of two at the same time. In his defense, he's probably smarter too. But that's not saying much. Her dog, Angelo, is smarter than she is," Squall said sarcastically, not really hearing Laguna.

"Um, Dirk was nothing like that. You've developed a lot bitterness towards Rinoa, haven't you...?" Laguna asked, his smile a bit strained. He liked pop music too.

"I was just reflecting on how I acted during the Ultimecia ordeal towards her. Now that I've had a few years to mature from that experience, I realize how ridiculous it all was. It makes me want to throw up," Squall said, his voice steady.

"Um, okay. But what's wrong with the Backstreet Boys?" Laguna asked, sounding a little hurt.

Squall hung his head, a huge sweat drop rolling down his face. "Nothing. Just continue...." he sighed.

"Alright, well back to me and Kiros....."

Laguna was humming to himself while he picked out his clothes for the evening. He finally decided on a rather pretty light blue button down shirts, and a pair of white baggy pants. He put on his favorite pair of sandals. He combed back his glossy black hair, smiling at his own reflection.

Dirk Myers had invited him to dinner and movie again, and of course Laguna accepted. Dirk was so nice, so thoughtful. He liked the same things Laguna liked. He figured Kiros wouldn't mind if they went back to the little Italian restaurant and watched The Birdcage. Kiros' stomach couldn't handle Italian, and he'd already said how stupid The Birdcage had looked. Laguna thought nothing about going out with Dirk. Why should he? They were just friends after all.

Laguna met the slim brunette down the hall. Dirk was very handsome, as tall as Laguna. He had light brown hair, shaved on the bottom, and long on the top. He had big blue eyes, and an almost feminine appearance. He was wearing a tight green shirt over a pair of dress blue jeans. He eyed Laguna lecherously, but the exuberant president never noticed it.

They went to dinner, and laughed at each other's stupid jokes over dinner. They both found The Birdcage absolutely hilarious. Laguna had a great time, not really noticing when Dirk's hand "accidentally" brushed against him, or when Dirk "accidentally" bumped into him. He went to bed happy, coming back late, so he didn't say good night to Kiros.

"A guy asks you to dinner, alone, and to watch The Birdcage, alone. He keeps feeling you up and pretends it was an accident and you didn't figure it out?????" Squall questioned in disbelief.

"I'm not very good at that sort of thing....." Laguna said timidly, blushing.

"And I though Rinoa was dumb!!!! It was glaringly obvious!!" Squall shouted, scaring away the birds who had landed on the veranda.

"I didn't know, okay! I'm a dunce! Now do you want to hear the rest of the story, or not?" Laguna said hotly.

"Fine, fine. Sorry," Squall muttered.

Laguna rubbed his temples. Fatherhood wasn't easy. "As I was saying....."

Kiros stared bleakly at Laguna over breakfast. The delicate man bubbled happily about his "outing" with Dirk Myers, oblivious to Kiros' jealous glare, and Ward's furtive glancing between the two of them.

"Ward wants to know if you let him fuck you or not," Kiros said spitefully, causing Ward to look up and glare at Kiros. Ward hated it when Kiros would put words in his mute mouth.

"What????" Laguna sputtered, dropping his spoon.

"I said, Ward wants to know if you let Dirk fuck you or not," Kiros said with the patience of a ninja.

"Of course not! What do you take me for? Me and Dirk are just friends!" Laguna defended hotly.

"A friend who goes to watch gay movies with you, and eats dinner with you alone practically every night lately. You don't even say good night to me anymore. We haven't had sex in a month because of him!!! If you're not fucking him, then what the hell are you doing??" Kiros demanded, his dark face flushed with anger and jealousy.

Ward turned a little green, and very red. He got up and left the table, wishing he was deaf instead of mute.

"He's my friend, and I'm not fucking him! Why are you being like this, Kiros? You don't own me! I'm not your personal property! I can go out with who I want! And if I want to go out with my friend, then I can! So there!" Laguna shouted, feeling resentful.

"While you're at it, you might as well start fucking him, because you won't be fucking me anymore.... I'm tired of this, Laguna. I'm tired of giving you everything, and getting nothing in return," Kiros said in a low voice, leaving the table.

He managed to get back to his room without crying.

"Why were you so mad at him?" Squall asked.

"I don't know really. I'd been kinda cold to him back then. I just kept thinking about Raine... your mother... the whole time. Everytime he told me loved me, when he held me, every time. I couldn't let her go. I felt so guilty when I was with him, like I was spitting on her memory or something," Laguna sighed.

"Not the same, but it sounds so much like me and Seifer's problems. I suppose that's the way love goes. It has it's ups as well as it's downs," Squall said quietly.

"I expect so....." Laguna said quietly, digesting that information.

"So then what happened?" Squall asked.


Laguna couldn't stop thinking about Kiros the entire time he spent with Dirk. He continued to go out places with Dirk, growing more and more uncomfortable when the saucy brunette kept trying to urge Laguna to his bed.

He felt guilty. He loved Kiros, more than anything. More than he loved Raine, even. And that was the whole problem.

Laguna kept getting those he loved taken away from him.

He was betraying Raine, her memory, her love. She died giving birth to his son, and being with someone else made him feel like he spat on her grave.

But he loved Kiros so much. And now he had betrayed Kiros. Hurt him, even. Now Kiros was gone. But he was the one who had pushed him away. Laguna wanted to cry.

Laguna looked out the window of his cab, envisioning Kiros when he smiled at Laguna. The sound of his deep baritone. The feel of his long, taut body coiled around Laguna's. What it was like to have Kiros deep inside of him. When they made love it seemed they touched each other's souls.

The feel of a unwanted hand on his crotch startled Laguna back to reality. Dirk smiled at him lecherously, and rubbed the pretty man's crotch, leaning close to him. "You have an erection..." Dirk whispered in Laguna's ear.

Laguna blinked and swallowed, seeing past the fog of his naivety, seeing what Dirk was really interested in. "Not for you......" he whispered as Dirk tried to unbutton his pants. Laguna struggled, but Dirk pressed him back, intent on taking his prize now. Laguna felt like he was going to choke and throw up, feeling Dirk pushing him against the cushions, a hand creeping into Laguna's pants.

"Not for you..." Laguna said firmly, pushing Dirk off of him roughly, the strength of years as a soldier behind his arms. The muscles may not show, but they were there. And Laguna was far stronger than he looked.

Dirk fell back on the floor of the cab, blinking in surprise as the cab slid to a halt on Laguna's command. "Laguna...? I thought we were friends....." he said slowly.

"I thought so too, Dirk. I don't want to see you ever again. I'll have Ward mail you your belongings," Laguna said, in a tone colder than he had ever spoken before.

Laguna walked all the way back to his palace, crying.

"The bastard tried to rape you...?" Squall said in disbelief.

"It was partially my fault. I was so intent on pushing away Kiros by being Dirk's friend, I led him on. I didn't mean to, but I guess I did. I wasn't really mad at him.... I was mad at myself....." Laguna said.

Squall blinked. "You know.... For a moronic bumbling clown, you can be surprisingly mature sometimes," he told his father.

Laguna blinked back. "Uh.... Thanks. I think," he said slowly.

"Continue. This is getting good. It's like watching Days of Our Lives or something."


Kiros woke up to timid knocking on his door. He looked over at his clock.

3 am.

This had better be good.......

Kiros hastily threw on a red silk robe, covering his nudity. He opened up the door, and stared disbelievingly at the vision before him.

Laguna was wearing a little pink bunny costume like the ones women wore on the covers of magazines. He had pink bunny ears, a tight black leotard, and a little pink fluffy tail. He was hearing pink stiletto heels, wobbling slightly on them. He had on black fishnet stockings, and frosted pink lipstick. He also had dark pink eye-shadow and mascara, accentuating his already feminine features. If it weren't for the bulge of his manhood, Laguna would look like a flat-chested woman.

Kiros swallowed nervously. He had no idea what was going on. Laguna had come back two nights ago from his date with Dirk, crying like a little girl. Kiros had tried to comfort him, but Laguna had run away.

Now Laguna was wearing a sexy bunny costume, standing in the middle of the hall, in front of Kiros' opened door, with a goofy grin on his pretty face.

"Laguna......?" Kiros said absently, trying not to let himself get aroused at Laguna's appearance.

Laguna hopped onto Kiros, and wrapped his slender, shapely legs around Kiros' waist, smiling like an idiot. "Kiros," he said calmly.

"What the hell are you doing? Not that I'm complaining, mind you......." Kiros sputtered.

"I'm trying to convince you to forgive me for being the biggest jackass in the history of mankind. And since you're perhaps the horniest guy I've ever met, this is what I came up with. Did it work...? Do you forgive me? Can we be together again?" Laguna bubbled like a little girl.

Kiros laughed, spinning Laguna around in his arms. "Of course it worked, and of course I forgive you... And as long as you pay the price, we can be together......" he chuckled, carrying Laguna over to his bed.

"Hey, Kiros. I've been thinking..... I know I don't tell this to you a lot, but I've done some thinking. And I think Raine is okay with it, so I don't have to feel guilty anymore.... I wanna tell you that I love you more than anything or anybody...... Honest..." Laguna said, his pretty face urgently serious as Kiros lay him down on the bed.

Kiros paused and swallowed, his dark face lighting up with joy. He would never get tired of hearing his lover tell him that. "And I love you more than anything......" he sighed, stroking Laguna's soft cheek.

Laguna smiled. "So am I gonna be punished for being a bad boy......?" he asked with a sly grin.

Kiros chuckled maniacally. "Yes. You have to tell me you love me every morning, every night, and everytime we make love. At least..." he whispered.

Laguna giggled. "I love you. Wanna know something...?" he asked, sly as ever.

"What...?" Kiros asked, kissing Laguna's soft lips, the frosted lipstick spreading to his own dark lips.

"I'm wearing crotchless stockings underneath this leotard," Laguna whispered.

"Ohhhhh......... You are a bad boy......." Kiros grinned, his kisses growing more urgent as he pushed Laguna back onto his soft bed.

Laguna giggled, kissing back, his hands tugging off Kiros' robe, throwing it to the side. Kiros reached underneath his bed and pulled out one of his katals, laying the cold metal blade against Laguna's chest.

Laguna looked a little alarmed. "What's that for...?" he asked, a little nervous.

"Don't worry, lover, I'm not going to hurt you," Kiros grinned, cutting the black leotard off with the katal, and throwing both leotard and katal carelessly to the side. Laguna wriggled slightly.

Laguna was indeed wearing crotchless stockings, and they also lacked material to cover his rear. Laguna blushed and giggled like a little girl, looking up at Kiros with adoration. Kiros smiled, finding Laguna irresistible with nothing but pink bunny ears, pink bunny tail, crotchless fishnet stockings, pink high heels, and pink make-up on. Nothing could be more adorable in his mind.

Laguna didn't give Kiros much time to think, however, reaching up to kiss Kiros' passionately, pink lipstick smearing on both their faces. He wrapped his legs around Kiros' waist, brushing their erections against each other.

The two men moaned at the contact. Laguna ground his crotch against Kiros', sending shudders of pleasure up both their spines. Laguna sat up to clutch Kiros', practically on the tall man's lap as he ground their erections against each other. Kiros enveloped Laguna into a slow kiss, at odds with the furious grinding of their hips. He clutched the smaller man to him, and pressed Laguna's back against the headboard, so Laguna actually was on his lap.

Kiros reached over for the tube of lubricant on his bedstand, holding Laguna in the other. Laguna moaned into their kiss, absorbed in their crotch grinding. Kiros opened his yes, still kissing Laguna, adoring the way Laguna's eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks when he was in pleasure. The dark man squeezed out some of the lubricant onto his other hand, and reached down to slip a finger inside his lover.

Laguna cried out, pressing back against Kiros' finger, smiling. Kiros slipped in another, preparing the smaller man's tight entrance for his entry. Laguna snatched the lubricant from Kiros' hand and squeezed it onto Kiros' length, covering the aching organ with the substance, causing the tall black man to arch in pleasure.

"Enough foreplay......." Kiros moaned, pulling Laguna down on his throbbing cock. The two men cried out loudly. Kiros never ceased to wonder how the pale president managed to stay so tight after all the times he had made love to him.

Laguna moaned and bounced a little on Kiros shaft, causing the dark man to cry out. Kiros put his arms beneath Laguna's, and then gripped the headboard of his bed, pressing the smaller man against it. Laguna smiled, and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on Kiros sides with his slim thighs. Kiros rocked into the pretty man, slowly at first, until he was pounding away at Laguna, preventing Laguna's head from getting slammed into the headboard with his arms. Laguna began to cry out in succession, bouncing opposite to Kiros' rhythm, causing the tall man to moan loudly at the friction. Laguna didn't even need stimulation to his own leaking erection, finding more than enough pleasure as Kiros slammed straight into his prostrate with every thrust. In fact, he knew he wouldn't have held out very long if Kiros had stimulated him there too. He found pure ecstasy in the heat of his backside, everytime his ass lifted off of Kiros' thighs, only to slam back down.

Laguna cried out, his body arching as he orgasmed, his seed spilling across Kiros' stomach. Kiros was still ramming into him, body slick with sweat. Laguna smiled and clenched his muscles around Kiros' shaft, causing the tall dark man to cry out Laguna's name loudly as he came, filling Laguna with his seed.

Kiros flopped on his back, letting Laguna rest on top of him. He stroked Laguna's soft black hair, sighing in satisfaction.

"I'm going to be really sore tomorrow, Kiros......" Laguna giggled, cuddling up to his lover, feeling happy and free of guilt.

"So you two made up. I do have one more question, however..." Squall grinned.

"What?" Laguna asked.

"Exactly what sort of costume did you put on to make up with Kiros...?" Squall asked.

Laguna's eyes went wide, and he blushed bright red. "Umm... Errr... I...." he fluttered.

Kiros walked out on the veranda, saving Laguna from further embarrassment. "Hey, guys! You missed a great movie. You okay out here?" he asked, blinking at the blushing Laguna and the sly Squall.

"Fine! We're fine! How are you....?" Laguna asked, giggling nervously.

Kiros blinked. "I'm peachy.... I'll go start The Birdcage. I've never seen it," he said slowly, not really understanding what was going on.

"We'll be there in a minute......" Laguna giggled before collapsing into gales of laughter, alongside Squall.

Kiros shook his head, and went back inside, leaving father and son to recover from their hysterics.

"You swear on a stack of bibles, you aren't cheating on me with that fruitcake?"

"Squall. He's my ex-boyfriend. He was stalking me. I went out with him that last time so I could convince him to go away. I finally did, after telling him that you gave me HIV," Seifer sighed.

Squall blinked. "You realize he's going to spread that rumor......" Squall said drolly.

"Yeah, I do. It works out great. I get rid of him and don't have to worry about anybody else hitting on you....." Seifer grinned, looking mischievous.

Squall sighed, and then grinned. He hugged Seifer tightly, glad that they had made up from their latest spat. "We're just full of ups and downs, aren't we...?" he asked.

"Yeah, we are. Everybody is. That's just the way love goes, I guess," Seifer chuckled, drawing the sultry brunette to bed.

"Yeah. That's the way love goes," Squall sighed, allowing himself to be drawn to bed.....


Here you go, SorceressKnight. Hope you like it!

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