Moonstone and Jade

By J. Marie

Warning!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. If the idea of male homosexuality gauls you, then what the hell are you doing on this site in the first goddam place!?! As always, those who cannot stomach explicit sex scenes between two males (though I personally find explicit scenes of such actions between other genders revolting), or are under the age of 18 should not read this story. I refuse to take responsibility for such actions, as I'm still trying to skirt out of every other responsibility in my life. ^_~ For those of you have read my other stories, this story is the sequel to both "Black and White" and "Meant For Each Other...", and is set one year after "Meant For Each Other..." (Making it eight years after the story on Final Fantasy VIII for all you math losers out there). Hope you guys like this!! :)

Squall Leonhart sighed loudly, blowing his short, chocolate-colored hair out of his face. He crossed his arms and checked his watch, the picture of impatience.

"Squall!!! Oh wow!!! I'm so happy you're here!!!"

Squall winced as a loud bang was heard, as his father, the president of Esthar, tripped over his own feet and into the couch Squall was sitting on. Laguna Loire looked up from the cushion his face had been buried in, and grinned sheepishly at his son, pulling himself to his feet.

Squall rolled his eyes. "Nice entrance..." he said sarcastically as Laguna's presidential aides, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac entered the room, wearing their ceremonial robes.

"Hoooo, boy..." Laguna sighed, stretching. "So what brings you to Esthar, Squall?"

Squall sighed. "I... need a place to stay for awhile. I mean, I have enough money to afford my own place, but..." he trailed off, watching both Kiros and Ward.

The two men looked at each other and nodded. Kiros turned to Squall as Ward headed back out of the room. "Ward says that he thinks this is best a private conversation between father and son. Would you like to me to leave as well?" Kiros asked.

Laguna shook his head. "No... Stay. What's wrong, Squall? How's Seifer?" he asked, turning back to his son.

"That's my problem... Seifer..." Squall confessed, burying his face in his hands.

Laguna looked concerned. "Did you two have a fight or something?" he asked softly, sitting beside his only child.

Squall folded his arms over his knees and sat hunched over, looking as depressed as he had before he met Rinoa. "Yeah... A bad one. A knock-down, drag-out, fist-flying, gunblade-swinging fight," Squall admitted.

Laguna took a hard look at his son and noticed the fading bruises on his face, and the healing fat lip. "He hit you!?!" Laguna demanded, looking infuriated.

Squall sighed again. "Yeah. And I hit him back. It was just like the old days. Me and him, fighting like two lions over a pride. I thought we were gonna kill each other. But he backed off all of a sudden, started apologizing... But I left anyways," Squall said quietly, his eyes never leaving his shoes.

Laguna put an arm around Squall, who didn't respond to the touch. "I'm so sorry... It was right for you to leave if he was getting violent. I'm glad that you came here..." he soothed.

Squall remained in his stationary position of defeat. "It wasn't like I didn't provoke him. He thought I was cheating on him with Rinoa. I didn't leave because he hit me. I left because he didn't trust me..." Squall said glumly.

Laguna and Kiros both blinked. "You were cheating on him?" Laguna asked.

"No. But he thought I was. She came back. I just went out with her as a friend. And he got so upset that I didn't want to tell her we were lovers. It was none of her business..."

Laguna sighed. "Well... It sounds complicated, Squall. You can stay here if you like. Are you gonna be okay?" he asked as Kiros left to have a guest room prepared for Squall.

"Fine. I'll be just fine," Squall said, shrugging off his father's arm and getting up to stare out the window. Laguna watched his son with concern.

But Squall didn't feel fine. He felt miserable...

The small blonde child sat in the back of the van, shivering in the cold. His father's blood still covered him and his big green eyes watched the armored men with terror. One of the soldiers leaned over to the child, a leer on his face.

"Timber brat. He's awful pretty, though... What we gonna do to him?" the soldier asked, a nasty gleam in his eye.

"Orders were to take him to Edea Kramer's orphanage. While we're in transit, he's all yours, if you like that sort of thing," another soldier said with complete disinterest.

"Whas'sis name?" the soldier slurred, leaning over the small boy. The boy shivered, as spittle splashed on his blood and mud caked body. He couldn't have been any older than four or five.

"Seffer. Seifer. Seymour. Somethin' like that," a third soldier said, leering at the small boy as well.

"Well I'm gonna 'ave some fun with him, 'fore I hand 'im over to that damn Kramer lady... You want a turn, Geffrey?" the first soldier said, grabbing the child painfully by the arm.

"Sure. Torvey ain't into kids at all, so it's just us two this time," the third soldier said. The bored looking soldier tipped his hat down so he could sleep.

"More for the rest of us..." the first soldier said, gripping the squirming child with his knees as he unzipped his fly.

All his screaming and biting and fighting never helped. It didn't help then. It didn't help him when he grew into a man either.

Squall wandered his father's Presidential Palace aimlessly. He just walked around, with no particular place to go. He shuffled along silently, his hands in his pockets, and his head cast down. He looked defeated.

And that's how Quistis Trepe found him.

She watched her former student mope by, without a word to say. She followed him for a few minutes to see if he even noticed her, but he didn't.

"Oh he's got you bad, doesn't he Squall?" Quistis asked, crossing her amrs and standing behind the lethargic Squall.

Squall spun around to face Quistis, his warrior's reflexes still working. "Quistis? What are you doing here?" he asked slowly.

"I came here to see your father actually. He requested SeeD presence to help clear out Tear's Point, and I came to negotiate the details of the contract before we moved out," Quistis said calmly, studying Squall, noting how much he was acting like he did when he was younger.

"Oh... How you like being the new headmaster?" Squall asked, noting how much the elegant blonde woman had matured past her self-conscious nervousness, and into a capable woman.

"A challenge. I enjoy it. Especially when I get to tell Irvine what to do," Quistis smiled. "How about we talk over lunch? Haven't seen you since you quit SeeD to retire to Winhill..."

Squall shrugged. "Sure... You and Irvine still dating?" he asked, not really caring, but trying to be polite.

"Actually, he proposed several months ago. We haven't set a date, but I'll send you a wedding invitation when we do..." Quistis answered as they headed to the dining room.

"Congratulations. Kinda funny how you and Irvine got together over the years. Back after we defeated Ultimecia, everybody thought him and Selphie were gonna get together for sure...." Squall said as they entered the dining room and were ushered to seats.

Qusitis and Squall ordered their meals. "Yeah... and everybody thought you and Rinoa were going to get married... And look who you ended up with..." she trailed off, studying her napkin.

Where most people would look angry, Squall only looked disgusted. And he looked pretty disgusted at the moment. "How'd you find out? Who told you?" he demanded, his grey eyes flashing to blue in his embarrasment.

Quistis sipped her wine, trying to look nonchalant. "You forget that I see Fujin and Raijin quite often at Balamb. And they are Seifer's posse. Raijin told me. And then Fujin kicked him in the shin for telling..." she said, smiling at the memory.

"Wonderful... Who else knows?" Squall asked, his turning slowly back to their usual cloudy grey.

"Nobody. I never told a soul. Not even Irvine. Your secret is safe with me... For a price..." Quisits said coolly.

Squall raised an eyebrow as their food was served. "Price? What price?" he asked.

"The price is an answer to my questions..." she said calmly.

Squall sighed deeply. "Fine..." he said with great reluctance.

"First of all... Do you love him?" she asked.

"......................... Yes," Squall said after a few moments.

"Does he love you?"

"Yes. A little too much sometimes..."

"Why are you here, and not back in Winhill with him? Didn't his grandmother pass away recently?" Quistis asked, trying to study Squall's face for any true emotion.

Squall looked a little sad at the mention of Seifer's grandmother. "Yes. A few months ago... She died in her sleep, which was merciful. He was really upset... And I'm here... well..." Squall trailed off.

Quisits looked serious. "Rinoa came to visit you last week, I heard. Something to do with her?" she asked.

"Sorta. He... doesn't trust me anymore, Quistis. He's so possessive sometimes. Like he thinks I'm gonna just turn on him like a rabid dog. I mean, I know I got problems... But after all we've been through, I would think he would trust me by now..." Squall confessed, feeling slightly relieved to bare his heart to Quistis, remembering a night over eight years ago, when she had bared hers to him.

Quistis nodded. "Seifer... He was always so possessive. So ready to fight. He had to assert himself, be the one in charge. He felt vulnerable being the quiet one in the corner, I think... Maybe it's not that he doesn't trust you... But is petrified that you'll hurt him, break his heart. And while you hid from people to deal with that fear, Seifer ran towards them, making sure everybody knew he was the tough guy in charge..." she said.

Squall nodded. "Yeah... But I don't know how to handle that. We got into a huge fight. Physical. Like when we were kids... I just can't deal sometimes..." he sighed.

"Sometimes? Squall... You are one of the most stubbornly anti-social people I ever met... You run away from all your problems. And you did it again. You proved Seifer right. You broke his heart..." Quistis said sternly.

Squall blinked. "I... didn't mean to. I'd never been so happy before. Felt so complete. We had so much fun... I felt alive... And then when his grandmother died, he turned into the same asshole he was when were kids..." he said quietly, placing his fork down.

Quistis put a hand on Squall's. "Squall... Give him a chance. Seifer never handled emotions very well. He lost so much at an early age, like the rest of us. We all dealt with our pain in individual ways. You hid from the world, I became a nervous over-achiever, Irvine a shallow ladies' man, Zell a hyper-active punk, Selphie a bubbly cheerleader, and Seifer an egotistical bully... If you two truly love each other, if you want what you had, you both are going to have to work for it..." she said, almost maternally.

Squall couldn't help but smile a little at his former teacher. "You're going to make a great mom someday, Quistis... You always were a good teacher, no matter what anyone said..." he said.

"Thanks, Squall. I feel all warm and cozy on the inside. I think we should knock off this tender moment before we get misty-eyed, and your father comes in with the camera screaming 'Kodak moment!' " Quistis quipped, trying not to look touched by the unusual compliment by Squall.

Squall winced. "If he does that one more time..." he sighed, looking perfectly serious.

The two old friends glanced at each other and burst into laughter which could be heard down the hall...

The small brunette boy carefully placed his blocks on top of each other, building a tower. He ignored all those around him, as his Sis was away in the next room, helping the Matron.

The new arrival, a blonde boy with a bad temper, walked over to smaller boy and sat down beside him. He had been at the orphanage for one week and was cleaned up physically, but he was prone to rages and violence, which worried the Matron.

He watched the brunette silently stack blocks for a few minutes before speaking. "I use to have blocks, too... My mommy would help me stack them... When my daddy tried, he would knock them over. My mommy said it was becuse he was a clumsy oof. I miss my mommy and daddy..." the taller boy sniffled, rubbing his eyes.

The brunette didn't answer, wanting the other boy to go away. His Sis said that this new boy was mean, and the brunette didn't want to get hit and kicked like Crybaby Zell did.

"My name is Seifer... What's yours...?" the blonde asked, finding the quiet brunette fascinating.

"..........." the smaller boy said, continuing his block stacking endeavor.

"I heard the Sis girl call you Squall... Can you talk?" young Seifer asked, peering into the other little boy's face.

Squall shifted positions, so that Seifer wasn't in his face anymore, still ignoring him.

"Can I play, too? All my old friends are gone... Maybe you can be my new one..." the blonde asked hopefully, scooting closer to Squall. He reached over and started to help Squall build the block tower, smiling for the first time since his parents died.

Squall reached over and systematically removed each and every block Seifer stacked, and placed it where he wanted it to go, still ignoring the other boy.

Seifer balled his fists in frustration. "I want to play!!! Why you so mean!?! I HATE YOU!!!" Seifer screamed, his anger and frustration releasing like an explosion as he flew at the small brunette boy, and began pummeling and kicking him. Surprisingly enough, Squall fought back. Eventually, the Matron seperated the two, and nursed their respective wounds, but the anger and frustration built between the two children lasted for years.

And thus began the rivalry of Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart.

Laguna Loire gave the letter he had just written to his personal secretary, almost sighing with relief as it left for the postal system. He sat back down in his bedroom recliner, looking thoughtful.

"Do you think he'll come?" Kiros Seagill asked, crossing his arms and studying his long-time friend and lover.

"Yeah. He loves Squall as much as Squall loves him. They need each other desperately... I'd never seen my son as happy as he was with Seifer. I just hope they can make up... And learn how to be happy..." Laguna sighed.

Kiros came up behind Laguna and began to massage his shoulders gently. "It'll work out... They'll learn... It just takes them awhile... They're both so stubborn..." Kiros said with a smile.

Laguna sighed with pleasure and leaned against Kiros as his shoulders were massaged. "I know... Squall gets it from his mother, I think. Never thought I'd actually want my son to be together with the Sorceress' Knight..." he said.

Kiros chuckled. "Seifer's not a bad kid. He was just foolish and misguided. And Ultimecia played mindgames with him," he said.

"True... " Laguna sighed. He smiled as Kiros nuzzled his ear.

"Want me to show you how much I love you?" Kiros whispered seductively, sliding his hands down to massage Laguna's hips. Even at the age of fifty-two, Laguna was still slim and beautiful, his youthful appearance never seeming to fade much. Kiros himself, at forty-eight, was as handsome, and in better shape than most men half his age.

"Mmm-hmm," Laguna said, as Kiros led him to his bed, kissing the back of his neck.

Kiros began to undress the smaller man, kissing his delicate face with the passion of a man deeply in love. Laguna began to slide Kiros' clothes off as well, responding with similar passion. Laguna slid his tongue down Kiros' chest, licking his nipples and moving down to his bellybutton. Kiros moaned softly, running his fingers through Laguna's silky hair as Laguna worked his way even lower, kissing and licking the tip of Kiros' arousal, causing it to become fully erect.

Laguna began to slowly suck on Kiros' erection, running his hand to the tall black man's tight rear end and massaging it. Kiros let out a throaty cry, arching back slightly, his eyes closed in pleasure.

"Note to self. Knock on father's door before entering."

Laguna quickly jumped away from Kiros at the sound of the voice. Kiros let out a startled grunt and opened his eyes, annoyance written across his dark face.

"Squall!!! Holy Mother of the Gods!!!" Laguna cried, quickly covering his nudity, a bright red blush on his face. Kiros glared at Laguna's son, not bothering to cover his own nudity, or his erection.

Squall was still deciding whether to be embarrassed, digusted, or to just laugh out loud. "Sorry. You told me to come see you tonight. We were suppose to go to dinner? And a movie? Is that cancelled now?" Squall asked, a small smirk creeping onto his face despite himself.

Laguna said no at the same time Kiros said yes. They looked at each other, Kiros annoyed, and Laguna embarrassed. "Umm... How about we go out in an hour?" Laguna asked, looking at Kiros for approval.

Kiros glared sternly at Laguna while Squall smirked. Finding his father in the middle of sex lightened his black mood, if only for a short while.

"Okay... two hours?" Laguna asked, more to Kiros than Squall. Kiros sighed and relented.

Squall nodded. "Two hours. At your age, are you're sure you need that much time?" Squall smirked.

Laguna turned and glared at his son. "Ha. Ha. Two hours, wise ass..." Laguna said grumpily.

Kiros glared at Squall as well. "He's just jealous because even at his age, he can't last two hours, " Kiros retorted.

"Fuck you... I can last all fucking night if I want..." Squall snorted, glaring at Kiros. He turned and walked out, closing the door and leaving Laguna and Kiros back to their lovemaking.

And after seeing his father with his lover, Squall began to miss Seifer even more...

The coffin was slowly lowered into the plot, and Seifer dropped a white rose down on his grandmother's coffin, his eyes red and puffy, though he only cried in private. Squall watched his lover solemnly, wishing there was a magic way to make Seifer feel better.

Seifer stood over the burial plot, even after the funeral dispersed, silently staring at it, his fists balled up at his sides. Squall could almost feel the anger and pain inside Seifer. He wanted to reach out and touch him, make him feel better, let Seifer know that he was still there, and always would be.

But Squall couldn't do that. He didn't know how. He was clueless on how to console Seifer. He couldn't even imagine what to say to him. Squall was completely unprepared for this. He knew he couldn't deal with it when people left him... How was he suppose to give advice and make Seifer feel better when Squall couldn't even do that for himself?

Seifer turned towards, staring at Squall over the burial plot, a haunted look in his eyes. He looked as Squall first saw him, years ago at the orphanage. A scared, frightened, abused little boy who had lost everything.

"She's gone. Just like my parents. Never gonna come back. Gone...." Seifer trailed off, his voice cracking in emotion.

Squall nodded his head, feeling inept. He didn't say anything. He couldn't put his emotions into words.

They headed off to the car, and Squall drove home when he noticed that Seifer's hands were shaking. They both remained silent, even when they returned to Seifer's boarding house. Seifer headed up the stairs, and Squall was close behind, chewing on his bottom lip.

Seifer stripped off his suit and collapsed on the bed. He almost immediately began to sob into his pillow. Squall stripped off his suit as well, sitting on the bed beside Seifer, placing a hand on his back in comfort.

Seifer turned to Squall, pressing the smaller man against him fiercely. "Oh god. Squall... don't leave me. I love you so much... I couldn't stand it..." Seifer sobbed, stroking Squall's soft brown hair.

Squall held him, feeling drowned in responsibility, in frustration, and in sympathy. He comforted Seifer silently through the night, wondering why he couldn't just say what needed to be said.

He never found the words.

Squall's depression only seemed to deepen as the week went by. He slept a lot, and rarely spoke to anytone. He stopped going places with his father, and spent a lot of his time on the balcony, staring off into space.

He felt empty, incomplete. Squall had known the love and fulfillment that few people found, and now that it was gone...

Squall leaned against the balcony wondering what he was suppose to do with his life now.

"Always lookin' like the world's comin' to an end. You're so predictable, Leonhart."

Squall spun around and gaped at Seifer. The tall, handsome blonde was wearing his emblemed trenchcoat, and a plain, button-down shirt with faded jeans. Squall mustered enough self-control not to run to him in his joy at seeing him.

"Hey," Squall said quietly, hating himself for sounding like an idiot.

Seifer smirked. "Hey? That's all you have to say? Hey?" he asked.

Squall sighed and turned his back towards the blonde. "If you're going to be a dickhead, Seifer... You might as well leave," he said shortly.

"Leave!?! You're the one who asked me here, Leonhart," Seifer growled.

Squall turned, looking disgusted in his irritation. "What!?! I never asked you here!" he said.

Seifer thrust a letter in Squall's face. "Then what the hell is this, asshole?" he demanded.

Squall ripped the letter from Seifer's and studied it. "This isn't mine. This is my father's writing. He's interfering... As always..." Squall hissed, throwing the letter back at Seifer.

Seifer looked stung. "Yeah... I should have figgered you would never say you were sorry... That you wanted me back... You don't give a damn about anyone other than yourself..." he spat, his fists balled up at his sides.

"Why should I say I'm sorry... You were the one who overreacted... You're the asshole, not me. Why don't you go back to Winhill and your sorry life there..." Squall hissed, hating himself for what he said, even as he said it. He wanted Seifer so bad, he wanted Seifer to go away. Before Squall had his heart broken again... Everybody leaves... Better for Squall to leave Seifer before Seifer could leave him. Wasn't it?

"You... you... ASSHOLE!!!" Seifer screamed. He flew at Squall, his temper releasing like a broken dam. Everybody left him. Everybody broke his heart... And he damn sure going to break Squall's face before Squall left him again.

The two men wrestled and fought. Punches and kicks were equally exchanged, their anger and frustration releasing into violence. Like it always had....

And then Kiros and Laguna pulled them off of each other. Kiros held Seifer down as he calmed down, and Laguna held Squall, who lay there panting.

"What the hell is going on here!?! I brought you here to work out your differences, Seifer!! Not so the two of you could reenact the fucking Sorceress Wars!!!" Laguna screamed, raising his voice in anger for the first time since Kiros ever knew him.

Seifer pushed the tall black man off of him, and brushed his trenchcoat off. "No sweat, Loire. I'm leaving anyways. Wouldn't to stick around your loser son... He's too absorbed in himself..." he said angrily, picking up his luggage and heading out the room.

Squall watched him go, something burning in his eyes, even as his father turned to him...

Rinoa Heartilly waved good-bye to Squall as she drove off, a smile on her face. Squall headed back into the boarding house, relieved to be free of the clingy girl. He walked up the stairs into the bedroom he shared with Seifer, regretting having agreed to spend a night on the town with her for old times' sake. She had proceeded to annoy the hell out of him the whole night.

I can't believe I actually thought I was in love with woman years ago. We have absolutely nothing in common. And she's a complete airhead.... he thought to himself as he walked inside the bedroom, already beginning to undress.

"Have a nice time?" Seifer growled in the dark.

Squall blinked at the tone in Seifer's voice. Seifer had been acting moody and temperemental ever since his grandmother passed away, but right now his voice sounded almost dangerous. Squall turned to the bed, where Seifer was sitting. "I guess..." Squall said quietly.

Seifer stood up and walked over to Squall, his six-foot-two-inch frame towering over Squall's five-foot-eight-inches. "Nice to hear the you enjoyed it. You fucking, double-crossing, two-faced asshole..." he hissed, leaning into Squall's face.

Squall blinked, the resentment building up in him. "What the fuck are you talking about, Seifer?" he asked coldly, setting his face in stone.

"I'm talking about you and Rinoa, you fuckhead..." Seifer hissed.

"What!?! There is no me and Rinoa, Seifer. You're delusional. Stop being so goddam insecure. So you're grandmother died. Everybody dies. Get over it..." Squall said abruptly, ducking away from Seifer.

"Get over it!?! You have no fucking room to talk, Leonhart!!" Seifer screamed, slamming his fist into Squall's face.

Squall fell down and glared up at Seifer. Anger burned in his eyes. The same anger that burned quietly beneath the embers his whole life. The anger that fueled every fight he got into with Seifer. He stood up and rushed Seifer, knocking the bigger man down. He started punching Seifer repeatedly, who returned with a knee to the groin. Squall doubled over in pain. He soon recovered and kicked Seifer in the midsection, even as the blonde gloated over him.

Seifer roared and punched Squall in the back of the head. Squall bit Seifer's leg, and the blonde yanked on Squall's hair. Squall tripped Seifer and kicked him hard in the back of the knee, and Seifer belted him in the gut. Squall fell over again, holding his midsection. Seifer drew back for a more roundhouse to the jaw, when he stopped cold.

"Squall!?! Oh gods, what am I doing? I'm so sorry..." Seifer said, almost pleading as he picked the small brunette up in his arms, cradling the injured man as Squall recovered from his blows.

"Let me go..." Squall hissed after several minutes of Seifer holding him, sobbing. Seifer let him go, wiping at his face. Seifer became cold almost immediately, sensing already what Squall was going to do.

So he wasn't surprised when Squall left him. He knew it was going to happen from the start...

Squall shook his father off of him and ran after Seifer. "Seifer!!! Wait!!" he screamed, practically running over the blonde who was on his way out.

Seifer stopped and stared Squall. "What now, Leonhart!?! Want to rub salt in my wounds?" he hissed.

Squall was quiet for a few minutes. "No... I want you to stay. So we can work this out, Seifer. I know I'm a dickhead. And you're an asshole. Neither of us really understands how to deal with each other. I love you, Seifer. I realize I've never actually said this, but it's true. I love you. As sappy as it sounds, I love you with all my heart and soul. And if you leave me... I have no reason to live," Squall said quietly.

Seifer blinked, shock written across his face. "I... I love you too, Squall. I just... I'm afraid... I can't handle how vulnerable you make me feel. I don't like being vulnerable... I don't want to be at your mercy..." he said after a few minutes.

Squall reached up and put his arm on the back of Seifer's neck. He pulled the taller man down gently to his level, so their foreheads touched. "I won't make you feel vulnerable as long as you don't make me feel vulnerable. I don't want to leave. And I don't want you to, either... We can make this work... If we try..." Squall whispered, remembering Quistis' advice.

Seifer nuzzled Squall's face, and then stared into the other's eyes. "Ditto..." he chuckled, his anger leaving him in his relief, as quickly as it came.

Seifer and Squall returned together to Winhill the next day. The next few months were rocky, but both Seifer and Squall put all their effort into their relationship. Squall learned to open up more to Seifer, to talk about his feelings. And Seifer learned how to control his emotions, and his anger, and to trust Squall as much as he loved him. It was not an easy process, but with time, practice, and a little advice from family and friends...

They did it.

Squall sat down in the rocking chair that once belonged to Seifer's grandmother. He was finishing the crazy quilt she had been making before she died. He remembered with great fondness of how she always believed he was a girl. And how much she loved both him and Seifer. And how much she loved to see them together... and happy.

Squall felt happy. Seifer and himself had been together for almost two years now. They had finally learned how to trust and respect each other. Seifer controlled his temper, and Squall opened up. It wasn't perfect, as Seifer would always be moody, and temperemental, and Squall quiet, and introverted, but it was at a tolerable level for both of them.

But Squall still felt like something was missing in their relationship. But he couldn't think of what it was.

Seifer came in after an hour. He stopped in front of Squall, his hands in his pockets, grinning like a complete fool. Squall looked up at him and raised a delicate brown eyebrow.

"I thought you were going to pick up something you needed. And why are you grinning at me like an idiot?" Squall asked.

"I did. Hold on, I gotta do this right..." Seifer grinned, bending down on one knee before Squall, fishing around in his pocket.

Squall blinked. "What the hell are you doing, Seifer?" he asked, setting the quilt down in curiosity.

Seifer brought a small box out his pocket and opened it. Inside were two matching gold rings, with a piece of moonstone and jade embedded on each. "Do I really gotta say it?" he asked.

Squall grinned despite himself. "If you want me to say yes, you damn well better..." he said.

Seifer sighed. "Alright. Here goes. Squall Leonhart, will you marry me?" he asked solemnly.

Squall looked into Seifer's jade green eyes and grinned. His own grey moonstone colored eyes changed into a deep blue in his happiness. "Yes... I will..." he breathed.

Seifer's grin got even wider and he put the smaller sized ring on Squall's ring finger. He placed the larger one on his own. He then grabbed Squall and kissed him, their lips sliding against each other.

Squall smiled through the kiss. "So... who gets to be the bride?" he asked.

Seifer looked impish. "You, of course. You can even wear the dress I've had fitted for you..." he said.

"What!?!" Squall asked as he was cut off with another passionate kiss from Seifer.

Seifer picked Squall up in his arms, carrying him as a groom would his bride. "I'm kidding. But I will settle for you and a white tux..." he grinned, carrying Squall to their bedroom.

"Only if you wear one, too..." Squall said as he was dumped unceremoniously on the bed.

Seifer grinned in assent as he climbed in the bed on top of Squall. He started to remove Squall's clothing, even as he kissed Squall's face. Squall kissed back, stripping Seifer as well.

Seifer began to kiss Squall's neck hungrily, moving down to Squall's chest. Squall breathed deeply before he shoved Seifer back and straddled the blonde. "My turn..." he whispered, kissing Seifer's face and moving his lips down Seifer's body, kissing a wet trail down Seifer's chest and stomach, down to his abdomen, pausing only long enough to remove Seifer's boxers as he moved even farther down.

Seifer moaned as Squall began to gently kiss his tip, and slid his tongue around it, paying special attention to the opening. Squall engulfed Seifer's erection, urged forward by Seifer's moans and gasps. Squall sucked on Seifer, sparing him no mercy.

"Gods... Squ-uallll...." Seifer panted, thrusting his hips gently into his lover's mouth, his eyes closed in pleasure. Squall placed his delicate hands on Seifer's abdomen and began to suck a little harder, creating a rhythym opposite to Seifer's thrusting, increasing his lover's pleasure. Seifer panted, crying out Squall's name loudly as Squall began to pull up a little, letting his sucking become harder and faster.

Seifer shivered in pleasure, thrusting once more, arching his back as he orgasmed, releasing into Squall. Squall swallowed Seifer, licking the tall blonde clean before sitting up, a smile on his beautiful face.

Seifer grinned and pushed Squall back down on the bed, now straddling the brunette. "My turn now..." Seifer whispered, pressing his buttocks back against Squall's hardened penis. Squall closed his eyes and then opened them again, his sultry smile still across his face.

Seifer pressed back, allowing Squall to slide into him, then leaned his upper body forward to kiss Squall's face. Squall bent his legs upwards to brace Seifer, arching to slide deeper into his lover, searching for Seifer's anal g-spot. "You are so sexy..." Seifer whispered into Squall ears, kissing the pretty brunette's face and neck.

Seifer let a deep moan escape his lips when Squall found what he was looking for. Seifer became fully aroused almost immediately as Squall began to thrust his hips to repeatedly hit that spot deep within Seifer. "So are you..." Squall panted, gripping Seifer by the shoulders, so Seifer's shaft rubbed against Squall's belly button ring.

"Glad... you... got... that..." Seifer panted, a blissful smile across his chiseled face, gripping Squall's shoulders as well, continuing to kiss his lover. Squall kissed back, sucking gently on Seifer's lips. He himself almost screamed in pleasure as Seifer began to ride him, thrusting back and forth in the same rhythym, both knowing each other's bodies as well as each other's hearts. Squall began to moan Seifer's name, arching up, Seifer calling Squall's.

They came at the same moment, their bodies melding into each other, as they had before. They held each other at this brilliant moment, happy to achieved the harmony within both body and soul. It was the perfect moment for them, as they held each other, moonstone eyes gazing into jade ones. It was like this that they shared each other's hearts and minds, silently, their caresses, their oneness, speaking for them. They had found what was missing. Instead of the glorious passion of the first time, it was the glorious passion of every time. They made love to express their love.

And their love was as awesome as their lovemaking...

Laguna proudly watched his son, Squall Leonhart-Almasy leave the reception with his lifemate, Seifer Almasy-Leonhart. They waved goodbye to all the guests, wearing their white tuxedoes. They argued for a moment over who was going to drive, and then settled it with a cointoss. Seifer smirked and got into the driver's seat, as Squall got into the passenger's side, insisting that Seifer had cheated.

Kiros draped an arm over his lover's shoulders. "Well, my love, how do you feel?" Kiros asked, nuzzling Laguna's ear.

Laguna nuzzled back. "I feel incredibly happy. My son is as well loved as I am. Another job well done, Mr. Seagill..." he grinned.

"That's Mr. Seagill-Loire, Mr. Loire-Seagill," Kiros grinned.

Laguna grinned and kissed the tall black man on his generous lips. "Whatever..." he said, mimicing his son's voice when he was depressed.

The two men burst into laughter, their love as bright as the day they discovered it. They walked back to the party, arm-in-arm, to celebrate the love between Seifer and Squall.

Love. It's what keeps us going. Gives us a reason a to live. No matter with whom. And few are ever lucky enough to find it...

Just for your information... I carry around a piece of moonstone and jade, to symbolize the love that I created between Seifer and Squall. ^_~

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