The Lion's Tears

Chapter 4 - The Lion's True Self?

By Redrum

The cool summer breeze flowed through his hair, water from the near by surf trailed down his sculpted chest. He surveyed his surroundings from his position on the beach towel.

Selphie was waving her arms around in the ocean for Irvine to give back her yellow bikini-top, Quistis was reading a book while she tried to tan in her pink one piece. And from the corner of his eye, he saw Rinoa pestering Squall to get into the water with her, he couldn't help sweep his gaze over Squall's beautiful body.

The brunette was wearing black swimming trunks that looked like they had just been bought recently, his griever pendent still rested against his pale skin that was starting to turn darker, and his body was glistening from sun screen, and sweat. Zell shook his head, trying to get the unwanted pictures in his mind to go away.

They had all decided to go to the beach today, for a well needed rest from the SeeD life. So far they all appeared to be having fun except for Squall who sat on the rocks with Rinoa practically all over him. The blonde got up, finally deciding to help his friend from the clutches of the Heartilly.

"Hey Rinoa!" The three turned quickly seeing Selphie, who had finally gotten her bikini-top back, waving her arms from the water.

"Come swim with us!" Rinoa smiled as she skipped over to join the petite girl.

Squall exhaled in relief, finally being away from Rinoa he turned back to the ocean admiring the view as he had not been able to with Rinoa clinging on to him.

"Hey, you okay?" Zell asked as he went to sit beside his friend.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Squall didn't turn to see his friend, but his eyes took in Zell from the corner of his vision. Sweat mixed with sunscreen was dripping down the boy's chiseled chest and stomach to disappear into midnight blue trunks and unknown territory. Squall was surprised to see no other traces of tattoos, or piercing on the boy's compact body.

A faint blush covered the brunettes cheeks as he found the blonde was looking at his arms.

Zell had been expecting to see scars when he looked at the boy's arms, but seeing none his gaze flickered to Squall's questionly.

"Makeup. I found out how to cover them up by using Rinoa's powder. That's why you don't usually see me without my bomber, because I don't like using anything of Rinoa's." Squall answered Zell's unspoken question.

"Why y'all so serious?" Irvine had come up behind them and slung his arms around their shoulders.

Squall shrugged off the arm answering in his usual one word monotone.


Zell looked at Squall, wondering why he had suddenly became so cold.

"Its really none of ya business Kinneas."

Irvine placed his hand over his chest, pretending to be wounded.

"Aww.. Y'all hurt my feelings. And here I am out of the goodness of my heart about to ask y'all to go swimming with us."

Zell looked over at Squall, wondering what the boy's answer would be. He really wanted to go swimming but he also didn't want to leave him alone.

"Whatever." Squall got up, walking down to where the girls were.

Irvine and Zell watched his retreating back,

"Man, what's with him?" Irvine looked over to the blonde, who also looked puzzled.

"I don't know..." Zell got up to join their friends, Irvine right beside him as he muttered.

"Just being himself."

Zell and the rest of the gang had been laughing and having fun for the rest of the day until it was time to leave. But Irvine's comment had bugged him for the rest of the day.

'Just being himself.'

Zell had watched Squall occasionally, seeing how he reacted to the others.

It looked like the brunette returned to his usual cold self around others, but those nights when Zell had been holding Squall and he had seen him cry even.... It really made him think.

//Who is Squall really? How many personalities could one guy have?//

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