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The Lion's Tears

Chapter 1 - The Lion's Shed Tears

By Redrum

Early morning rays swept across his face, making the boys mouth twitch with the ghost of a smile. The new comer watched the brunette for a little while longer, savoring the moment like a mental camera. The soles of his sneakers made no noise as he walked toward the quiet boy.

"What'cha doing?" The blonde asked as he sat beside the solemn boy.

"Thinking." The silent boy replied in his usual one word answer.

"About what?"

"Nothing." The boy replied quickly.

"Come on Squall, you gotta talk some time, right?" He asked his brooding friend.

"Whatever." Squall quietly replied.

"Come on, don't do this to me. You seem sadder then usual, talk to me maybe it'll help.." The blonde trailed of as he glanced at his friends face with wide eyes, seeing a single tear streak down Squall's face.

"Why ya crying Squall? Did I say something wrong?" He asked, he watched in amazement as his friend shed more silent tears. This after all, was only the second time he had seen his friend cry. The first being in Time Compression, and even then he didn't shed as many tears as he was now.

"No, you didn't say anything wrong. I did.. I always do."

"I don't understand Squall, you have to talk more then that if you want me to help you." The usually hyper-active boy sat silently looking at his friend cry, not knowing what to do. Afraid that if he touched him the dam would brake and Squall would be out of control.

"Zell.... it's to hard to explain, I'm so fucked up it doesn't matter anymore if someone understands or not."

"No, don't say that. I do care, Quistis, Selphie, Rinoa, heck even Irvine cares. We've cared forever Squall. But you can't seem to see that. Why.. why don't you talk to anyone any more? Why can't you ask for help?"

Squall stared off into the calm ocean for a few moments before replying.

"Because.. no one expects 'The Lion Of Balamb Garden' to have feelings. And I've followed that example my whole life. Unfortunately I'm really starting to think that I don't have feelings. I can't seem to smile, to laugh, it's as much of a surprise to me as it is to you for me to finally be able to cry. To actually weep, after all these years of holding it in, after always coming home and...."

His voice trailed of thinking he had said to much. He saw Zell fidget as the silence trailed on.

"I know it's none of my business Squall.. But what do you do? Please tell me, let me help you. How can you expect me to judge you if you won't tell me everything?" Zell turned his body around to face his friend. He still could see traces of tears down his face and a warning of more to come from the cloudy eyes looking at him now. Squall's eyes seemed to be searching for something in Zell's own electric blue. //Maybe I'm the one being judged, not him.// When the brunette finally did decide to speak he had turned his body to face Zell's but had averted his eyes to the sparkling ocean beside them.

"... When I come home from a another day of telling people what to do, doing paper work, and dealing with Rinoa.. I cant take it anymore.... The pressure, the eyes on me.. all the time.. So.. I come home and....hurtmyself."

Zell barley caught the last few words before Squall's voice had gone quiet and hurried, as he buried his head in his lather clad hands. Escaped tears falling from in between his fingers. He could see Squall's shoulders quiver slightly, as he tried to hold back the sobs that were starting to over take him. Without a second thought at what he was doing, Zell closed the distance between him and the brunette. He pulled Squall to his chest and wrapped his arms around the frail shoulders.

"Its okay to cry baby. Let it all out, I wish that I would of known earlier just how bad you felt about everything. Maybe I could of been able to help..." Zell's voice trailed off as he placed his chin on top of Squall's silky hair. He slowly rocked him back and forth, gradually he felt Squall's breath start to go back to normal. He waited patiently until Squall was able to speak.

"Its not your fault Zell.. No one could of known, and I always made sure of that. I thought that if I told someone about my problems they would be disgusted. So your the only one that knows about 'The Lion's' problem. And.. I do want you to help me Zell.. I just don't know-"

"Shh.. Its okay, ya don't have to say anything. I'll try to help ya the best I can and I wont tell anyone else about this... if ya don't want me to. Just, try not to keep all your emotions bottled up next time, if ya need an outlet then come to me. Ya know I'm here to listen to ya anytime ya want."

Squall lifted his head from Zell's now soaked t-shirt to look up into his eyes. It looked like he was searching for something again..disgust? lies? But he appeared satisfied as he set his head back down again.

"You okay now?" Zell asked breaking the silence after he and Squall had seemed content in just watching the waves together.

"Yeah.. I think I'm fine." Zell stood up carefully, and extended his hand toward Squall. The brunette looked at his hand as if there might of been a meaning deeper then just helping him up. And maybe there was, he thought, as he looked into Zell's eyes seeing nothing but loyalty and tenderness. He sighed happily as he grasped the strong hand that pulled him up easily.

"Remember, use me as an outlet any time ya feel like it. Day or night, I don't care if ya wake me up in the middle of the night, if ya have a problem or just wanna talk come straight to me, okay?" Zell smiled as he heard a hint of promise mixed with happiness in Squall's reply.


They left the beautiful scene behind them just as the sun appeared behind the horizon. No one else was witness to the Lion's tears except for the seagull who sat on top of the pier watching the two man journey back to the garden laughing loudly, arms slung over each other's shoulders.

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