Pairing/Fandom: Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII
Theme: #8 The phonebooth, or Aural Sex
Title: "Aural Sex." (couldn't think of a more appropriate title!)
Author/Artist: Darksquall (aka musemadness
Disclaimer: the characters contained herein do not belong to me and I am making no money from them.

((Set within the Birthday arc and therefore dedicated to Race the understanding Ulfson. Specifically between the third and fourth fics. Warning: use of toys.))

The Birthday Arc

Part 4 - Aural Sex

By darksquall


"Leonhart." The voice sounded so tired when Squall answered the phone. I felt sorry for him; I knew he never slept well when I wasn't there to comfort him.

Isn't that something? I, Seifer Almasy, am the six foot teddy bear for one Squall Leonhart. Yes, the iceberg of Balamb Garden, the cold one himself. I'm what keeps his nightmares away. I've always been his comfort, even back at the orphanage. We'd fight like cat and dog in the day when I could get him to stop moping about his sister long enough to react, but whenever he had a nightmare, he'd get out of his bed, carry his little lion toy over to mine, and whisper my name until I grumbled and lifted the covers so he could climb in. He loved that damn lion more than me. I'm pretty sure he called it "Griever" but I can't say for sure.

He's got a lot to have nightmares about I guess. I am fortunate in the fact that I cannot remember the majority of the sorceress war. In fact, from breaking out of the disciplinary room right up until waking up in a hotel in Balamb after Ultimecia had died was pretty much a complete blank. I couldn't remember. More importantly, I didn't want to remember.

"Why aren't you in bed?" I asked, letting him hear my smirk even though he couldn't see it.

He paused, briefly. "I was. Some stupid bastard rang me at ...midnight and woke me up." There was a cool tone to his voice, nothing to compare to the way I'd heard him when he was really pissed off with me. This was more of a night time breeze than a vicious blizzaga spell.

Hyne, was it that time already? The train had been delayed longer than I'd suspected. "Tell me who it is and I'll kick their ass."

"Just some weird guy who shares my gunblade fetish. When are you coming home?"

I still find the word home in reference to Balamb Garden a little strange. I tried to destroy the place during the war and now... now I'm fucking the commander of it. We share a dorm, and we have ever since I passed my SeeD exams. Well... since a few months after since I finally worked up the nerve to tell him just how I felt about him on his birthday. "Soon, I promise. You sound like shit, Squall."

"Gee. Thanks." He sounded amused and I could make out the faint ruffle of him climbing back into bed. "Missed you." It was so soft that I almost didn't catch the admission that bought a smile to my lips. Hyne I loved him.

"I missed you too Squally boy. So, did you get any sleep without me there or what?"

"A little." A little roughly translated to two hours a night and he'd made it through three full bags of coffee. Enough translated as four hours and two bags of coffee. And I'd only been away a week.

"I keep telling you, let one of the others cast sleep on you. I bet you'll pass out before I can even get your pants off again." I leant against the wall, cradling the phone against my ear. If I closed my eyes tight I could just about imagine him touching my cheek instead of my mobile.

"Such as?"

"Selphie?" I suggested, I knew what his reaction would be.

"I'm not having her anywhere near me when I'm incapacitated. I prefer to remain unfondled if you don't mind." I could just imagine the look on his face, a small scowl, the scar between his eyebrows wrinkling as he glared at the nearest thing that reminded him of me. Probably my choker, I'd left it with him so he'd have something of me. I could feel his pendant's weight cool against my chest and I lifted my hand to trace the lines of it through my shirt.

"Just so long as you don't mind me fondling you."

"You can. Its Trabian nutcases into gay porn that can't touch me. Ones from Balamb are allowed." I laughed. Hyne I'd missed him. Crankiness, bitchiness and all. I missed waking up to feeling him curled against me, I missed feeling the flutter of his eyelashes on chest as he tried to convince himself to go make that first coffee of the day. "She got a new DVD, college boys gone wild. Seifer, she turned up with it, Quistis and popcorn. I'm pretty sure she had makeup too. Remind me why I came out of the closet?"

"Getting too dark in there?" I was having trouble not cracking up on the phone the image of Selphie trying to get Squall in on one of her girl's nights was too funny and I felt myself sinking down the wall, smothering a snicker. I could just see the little porn queen trying to get Squall to put cucumbers on his eyes and that mask gunk all over his pretty face. "I hope she left it, I want to watch."

"Whatever." That would be him pouting. He'd be curling up on his side, not glaring any more, too sleepy to keep it up.

"I bet you haven't even jerked off without me there have you?" The silence that followed told me everything I needed to know. "Hyne Leonhart, I do it when you're off schmoozing with the Galbadian gentry."

"You do?" His voice sounded so small and shy, I couldn't believe it was the same guy who'd kicked my ass in the war. Or tried to, anyway. I kept forgetting that he'd only slept with two people in his entire life, not even Rin had managed to get close enough to grope him. I was very, very lucky. Sometime I wanted to see him getting himself off; in fact, I'll add it to my list.

I have many lists. The "to fuck" list. The "atomic wedgie" list. And the "things I want to do to and or watch Leonhart doing to himself" list.

"Yeah, I do. And I think of you, Leonhart." I heard a quiet whimper that informed me he quite enjoyed that thought. "You think you're not allowed to touch yourself just because you're with me?" Then I realised that meant he hadn't jerked off in over a year. Wow. Fucking idiot. "Get it out."


"Get your dick out, Leonhart. I wanna hear you come." I have such a way with words. He's so well spoken; he needs me to balance him out. Hn. Add talking dirty to the list. I want to hear that soft voice telling me how much he likes me sucking his cock. "Come on, I know you're hard."

"A cold shower's faster." He grumbled.

"Get your cock out or those pictures of you in silk stockings wind up in Selphie's mail."

"You wouldn't." Now he'd be glaring at the wall so hard the wallpaper would be trying to peel itself off the wall, roll up, and crawl away.

"Doesn't your photocopier produce something like...?" He cut me off mid-sentence.

"Alright, alright. Pervert." I heard him shifting on the bed.

"Talk to me, tell me what you're doing."


I couldn't believe I was going through with this. I pushed the drawstring pants down far enough for me to be able to touch myself, taking my length into my hand. Leaning back against Seifer's pillow I preferred to sleep on his side of the bed when he was away I closed my eyes. "Touching myself, like you asked."

"No, no, no Squally boy. You can't just dash into it like that. You're giving me a dirty phone call; take your damn time over it." Why did he have to be so hard to please?

"What do you want me to do then?"

"Thought you'd never ask. If I was there, I'd rub my fingertip on the head first, then that spot under the head that makes you whimper and pout if I don't do it enough." I did as he said, a shiver running through me at the touch under the head of my cock. I couldn't help but moan, letting the pleasure overwhelm me. He could have me writhing and moaning just by touching me like that, which stroked his ego more than whenever I wore his choker instead of my pendant.

"Feels good." I heard myself murmur.

"Mmm, I know you like that baby. Now, stroke your fingers along the shaft and palm your balls." Did he really have to sound so smug? I stroked myself lightly, pressing my hand against my balls. Spreading my legs, I pressed against my own touch.

"Fuck. I miss you." If I closed my eyes tight enough, with his voice on the phone, I could imagine it was him doing it.

"I'll be home sooner than you think Squall, I promise."

"I hope so."

He was quiet for a minute. When he finally spoke again, his voice sounded almost dreamy. "You got your hands free thing anywhere near the bed?" When I made a sound of affirmation, he continued. "Use it and get the lube."

Trying not to grumble too much, I searched out the ear piece and clipped the receiver into my phone, setting it by the bed as I lay back again. The lubricant was as always, under his pillow. Maybe I let him top me too much. "Now what?" I asked, slicking my fingers. The liquid was cool and smelt vaguely of chocolate.

"Start fingering yourself. Like you did the second night we were together, only this time I want to hear what you're doing." I could practically hear the muscles in his jaw straining with his smirk. "And remind me to get a camera for your computer so next time I can watch."

I slid a finger into myself, bending my knees as I spread my legs. I couldn't help but moan softly at the touch. My phone had a camera, but I didn't want to remind him of that until much later. I doubted he could even open the picture if I sent it to him anyway. "I've just got one finger inside myself, now two..." The second slid into me easily, stretching my body to accommodate the new width.

"How's it feel?"

"Good... just... moving them slow. I want more." I wanted him inside me, over me, with me. I rocked the fingers into myself, shivering with pleasure every time I felt them bump against my prostate. "I want... oh..." I couldn't help but pant a little, a soft moan escaping me at the thought of Seifer being inside me.

"Remember that toy I used on you? It's under my side of the bed in the box."

How could I forget that toy? The box was embarrassingly emblazoned with 'Life like eight inch vibrator feels just like the real thing!' Last time I checked the real thing didn't vibrate hard enough to make your teeth chatter. I hoped beyond hope that he'd bought it mail order, I could just see him making a big deal over the fact he was going to use it on me if he'd bought it somewhere local. He's always been so keen on proving he was the one in control.

I dug the box out, feeling a little empty as I pulled the fingers out of my body. "I have it."

"Good, you want more, use that." He knew I felt weird over using toys but it wasn't like I had a choice if I wanted something bigger inside me.

"Are you touching yourself now?" I asked as I slicked the toy and lay back to position it at my opening.

"Baby, anyone who doesn't need a little relief over the thought of you riding a dildo is either dead or dumb." I could hear soft hitches in his breath as he spoke, he really was turned on.

"You could have just said yes, you know." I shifted so I could push the toy inside my body without too much trouble, rocking it to force it deeper, moaning as it filled me slowly. "I'm... fuck, I'm using the toy, it's all inside me..." The temptation of sending him a picture proved too much for me, and I reached for my phone. The image of a toy buried deep inside me while I stroked my cock was awkward to get but at least it didn't show my face, and from the moan that followed me sending it to him, I guessed he did know how to open those pictures after all.

"Fuck, Squall." He whispered hoarsely. "When I get back, you're showing me how to have that picture as my background."

"Not on your life." I started stroking myself as I replied huskily, thrusting the toy deep into my ass, trying to imagine it was Seifer's hard cock impaling me over and over. "Fuck, Seifer..."

"Mmm, that's it baby, I wanna hear you come." I couldn't hold on with his voice in my ear, I hadn't found any relief in a week after all and I came, crying his name aloud.

As I was trying to catch my breath, I heard the doorknob to our shared dorm turn and the door creaked open. The soft footsteps that followed over the living room carpet seemed to be heading straight for our bedroom. "Fuck, someone's in here." I hauled the covers over my body to hide my shame and the toy. Really I should have reached for my gunblade first but I had no chance of attacking someone with the thing still in my ass.

With my luck, it'd be Selphie and the toy would start vibrating the second she walked through the door.

I held my breath as the bedroom door opened... When I saw the shadow in the doorway, I didn't know whether to be relieved, happy, or really pissed.


I leant against the doorframe and watched Squall with a smirk, flicking on the overhead light. "Hello Squally-boy." He was breathtaking. All flushed and hot, his cheeks delightfully pink, his hair even more mussed than usual.

"You... you bastard."

A pillow struck me in the chest; barely enough to make me wince but enough to prove to me that he was pissed. The fact the lamp didn't follow it meant that he was happy to see me as well. "Come on Leonhart. Aren't you happy to see me?" I slipped over to the side of the bed and sat beside him, stripping off my shirt. When I kissed him, he kissed back as though he hadn't seen me in forever. I tugged back the covers, stealing a hand between his legs, just a little surprised to find the toy still in him. "I love you."

"I love you too. Even if you do drive me nuts. All the time."

"And make you give me dirty phone calls." I nuzzled against his hair and kissed him again.

"Mm, and that. Missed you pervert." He wrapped his arms around my shoulders as my fingers found the controls of the dildo.

"You too pee bee." He pouted at the nickname... until I switched the vibrator on.

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