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The Birthday Arc

Part 3 - Summer Confessions

By darksquall

Even with the slow, cool breeze that rolled along the beach incessantly, it was still the most perfect of summer's days. The sky was a field of flawless blue and the balmy heat that the light wind gave intermittent relief from made it perfect weather for lounging on the beach or somewhere else suitably sun drenched.

Squall Leonhart had found himself on the beach thanks to the relentless happy bouncing of one Selphie Tilmitt, who had turned up at his room at an ungodly hour even for him and insisted that they had to move "The party" to the beach. It was so early, after having been up half the night thanks to a very active and insistent lover, that he'd mumbled a "whatever" as permission and headed back to the waiting arms and warm body that was currently occupying ninety percent of his bed for a few more hours of rest.

So, on the day of his nineteenth birthday, he found himself on a beach in a private cove west of Esthar with his friends. At least Selphie had taken the hint the previous year when he'd stayed at the party she'd thrown long enough to have a few drinks before escaping quietly. Apparently the only ones who'd noticed his hasty retreat was Selphie herself and Seifer, the others having too much fun in his honour, and she'd sent Seifer to try and talk him back to the bash.

It was Selphie's fault they'd first slept together.

They'd not told their friends, too painfully aware that the press would have a field day with their burgeoning relationship and Seifer's newly acquired SeeD status. They argued regularly and they didn't want the others to feel awkward around them, not to mention the fact that none of them knew he was gay.

Now they'd had a year together in secret and they were very much in love. Even their arguments had slowed.

Squall stretched out on the beach towel under one of the huge parasols Selphie had insisted they bring. He was glad of its presence, no matter what sunscreen he used, no matter how careful he was, he always ended up getting burnt. He recovered quickly but he hated feeling like a half cooked lobster for any amount of time.

Wearing short, black denim cut off jeans and a white tee-shirt, he watched his secret lover chasing the yellow swimsuit clad Selphie with a water gun. Squall was glad he could lay on his front or the effect Seifer was having on him would be quite embarrassing. Over six feet of supple, tanned muscle, his golden hair acquiring the faintest of red shades as the sun caught it and set it ablaze, his modesty barely covered by a scrap of material masquerading as a swim suit, he looked nothing short of stunning, and Squall's body reacted as any nineteen year old would.

He was hard and he wanted Seifer.

Seifer, still oblivious to the effect he was having on his secret lover, caught Selphie and toted her into the water, dunking her unceremoniously into the water and declaring himself the winner. Shortly thereafter he disappeared under the surface with a surprised yelp and Selphie rose triumphantly from the water.

His last thought before the lazy heat of the day, the incessant soothing sound of the waves crashing onto the shore and the contentment sent him into a light sleep was of how glad he was that Seifer was with them and comfortable enough to actually play with the people he'd grown up with like a real teenager.

An hour passed before Seifer had realised, chasing and playing with Selphie, Irvine and Quistis while Squall lounged around and Zell cracked open a beer and manned the barbeque. He glanced back at his lover briefly, and noticed that the sun was now creeping onto his lily white skin. Squall did not tan. He freckled something which he hated adamantly and he would go at great lengths to avoid certain people when he did freckle and then quickly burned. There was a reason he wore leather jackets in the middle of summer, and it was the same reason for his hair being long enough at the back to cover his neck. When the sun did catch him, it was agony.

"I'll be right back guys." Seifer excused himself and strolled back to his secret lover, rearranging the parasol so the shade stretched over Squall's feet and sitting beside him. He stroked Squall's hair before he could prevent himself, letting his fingers trail though the soft coffee coloured locks and over Squall's neck. It was a gesture he could ill afford in public.

"Mm?" Squall murmured, opening a sleepy, storm coloured eye.

"Tired are we, Leonhart?" Seifer smirked. When he responded it was too soft to hear, forcing Seifer to duck down to hear the quiet words.

"Must be something to do with fucking til three am." He murmured, hooking a finger under Seifer's choker and pulling him down close enough to kiss.

Seifer responded gently, stroking his fingers over Squall's pale cheek, sucking lightly on his lower lip. He broke the kiss reluctantly, glancing over his shoulder to check Zell or the others hadn't noticed. They hadn't, fortunately. Though he wasn't quite sure whether he should be relieved or annoyed by that. "Squall..."

"Yeah?" Squall rolled onto his side leaning up on one elbow to watch Seifer, the finger still hooked into his necklace.

"So... have you changed your mind?" Seifer brushed a fingertip along the old scar, now simply a silver line in pale flesh. The storm coloured eyes studied him, searching for something in his eyes that Seifer could only guess at. Most of him was really hoping that Squall was changing his mind, but... Seifer maintained that he wasn't gay. Squall was the only guy he'd ever wanted in that way. Did that make him Squall-sexual?

"What do you think?" Squall tugged Seifer down again, kissing him deeply. He slid an arm around the golden tanned neck of the blonde man, pulling him down against his body, paying no heed to the dampness of his lover's skin.

Half laid over Squall's body, fingers tangled in the chocolate locks, he lost himself in the kiss. And suddenly, he didn't care even if the world's press turned up even the air headed blonde bimbo who read the morning news with the voice like fingernails on a blackboard and the horribly annoying laugh. So long as he could keep kissing his quiet, sweet lover, then he didn't care.

"What the... Ow! Fuck!" Zell's voice disturbed them.

Seifer pulled back just a little, barely letting his lips part from Squall's. "Think that means Zell's just noticed?"

Squall lifted his head to peek over Seifer's shoulder at the martial artist, hopping around clutching his hand. "Looks like it." He let his head fall back onto the sand with a smile. "Ready for the third degree?"

"We can say no comment and keep doing this." Seifer smirked, pressing his lips to Squall's again, pushing his tongue between Squall's full lips and filling his mouth suggestively. He wanted to shout out to the world that Squall Leonhart belong to him, loved him, and then steal him away to fuck him til he screamed behind closed doors while everyone else only imagined what that beautiful, beautiful young man would react in the throes of passion.

"Like that'll work."

"Er..., you okay baby?" Zell sounded unsure of whether he should be offering help or turning a blind eye to his supposedly straight commander playing tonsil tennis with another man.

"Very. Thank you."

Seifer rolled onto his back, pulling Squall on top of him. Looping one arm around his lover's waist, the blonde smirked up at Zell. "Hurt yourself Dincht?"

"I'll live." He returned to the barbeque, still watching them worriedly.

Squall sat up, straddling Seifer's hips, and smiled. "If I'd known it was going to be as easy as that..." He leant his weight back, resting his hands on Seifer's thighs and simply watching him.

"Squall?" Quistis had returned from the cool clear water and was laying out a towel next to them. "Is there something you should be telling us?" Over her shoulder Selphie bounced, however this was her reaction to most things and Squall could never decipher whether it was happy bouncing or happy she could hurt someone bouncing. Overall, he would much prefer the first one.


"We're fucking Quisty, deal." Seifer winked at her and tugged Squall back down for a possessive kiss.

When Seifer was through with claiming his mouth, he shot him a brief glare. "You have such a way with words."

"And you love it." Seifer ran a hand through the soft brown locks and ruffled them affectionately. Not that it made him any less attractive, in fact, Seifer believed that the mussed look quite suited him and he had made it his aim to make Squall as mussed as possible as often as he could. He admitted he got a huge kick out of watching his lover leave for meetings with very important people looking well fucked and thoroughly ruffled.


Selphie pounced on Squall for a hug from behind, wrapping her slender arms around his shoulders too tight for him to shake off. "You guys are so cute together!"

"How long?" Irvine passed out drinks as though finding two of his male friends making out was one of the most normal things in the world.

Squall placed a hand over Seifer's mouth before the blonde could respond. "A while." The taller man pouted behind the makeshift gag briefly before licking Squall's palm and grinning as a shiver ran through the brunette.

"You know, you're really quite comfy Seif'." Selphie bounced lightly on Seifer's knees behind Squall. "Can I stay here?"

"Go find your own lap Selphie." Seifer mumbled from behind Squall's hand. "Squall isn't into sharing, are you squirt?"

"Don't make me hurt you Almasy." Squall smiled his thanks to Irvine for the cool drink he handed to the brunette.

"But I like it when you do that."

"Too much information man." Zell bought over the hotdogs and buns, flopping onto his ass in the sand to share the food. "Way too much."

"Fetch me a hot dog puberty boy, I'm sorta stuck here." Seifer wiggled to prove that he couldn't move and slid a hand over Squall's belly beneath the shirt. "I'll make it worth your while."

"Maybe." To the sound of Selphie's squeals, Squall pressed just one more kiss to Seifer's mouth, sliding his tongue between the soft, full lips and tasting him, earning a small moan from the taller man for his troubles.

Of course, Laguna chose that particular moment to stroll over the sand dunes with Ward and Kiros following closely, and the sight of his son kissing another man made him stumble. Not that he entirely minded Squall kissing another man, but the very idea of him showing affection in public so easily was quite... disconcerting. However, he didn't have much time to consider the idea as he tumbled head over heels down the side of the dune to the beach below, cursing loud enough to be heard in Deling City.

Squall broke the kiss too quickly, and scrambled to his feet, jogging over to help his father.

Seifer glanced at Quistis with a sigh. "Must be what it feels like to have kids." He stood and went to help his boyfriend get Laguna back on his feet.

"So... er... you kinda neglected to tell me about this when you called me kiddo." Laguna winced as he straightened his back, leaning on Squall heavily. "Not that I mind or anything but remember, my heart ain't what it used to be."

"You okay Mr President?" Seifer asked as he strolled up.

"Fine! Was that for a bet or should I be asking if your intentions towards my son are honourable?" He grinned at the taller man.

"It wasn't for a bet Sir."

"Don't call me Sir." Laguna attempted to take a step to where the rest of the group were waiting and stumbled, wincing. "Fuck. And don't call me Mr President either."

Seifer smiled. "So what should I call you?"

"An idiot who just sprained his ankle." Squall interjected before Laguna could respond. "Get him over to the blankets and I'll get some ice from the chest. You..." he poked his father in the chest lightly. "Should be more careful."

He should have been jealous, Seifer supposed as Squall headed for the cooler. He was lucky to have a father, and it was so nice to be able to see him so comfortable with Laguna, even though it had only been eighteen months since Squall and the president had met, that Seifer couldn't bring himself to feel resentful. Laguna was amazingly proud of his son, you could see it on his face any time he looked at Squall, and he'd been a good friend to all of the orphanage gang.

He'd met Laguna a handful of times now, at various SeeD functions and one party in Esthar for new years, still called him sir because... well what else should you call your boyfriend's father? And Laguna was the only one who he would call sir. Whether that was because he wanted to impress Squall or just keep Laguna happy, he wasn't quite sure.

"Can you walk or should I just carry you?"

"Carry him." Kiros smiled at Seifer as he passed with Ward. "It'll be faster and he'll complain less."

Before Laguna had time to respond, Seifer had already scooped him up and started toting him carefully to the parasols and the rest of the gang.

He set him down gently in the shade and let Squall now shirtless so he could use the tee-shirt as a makeshift ice pack apply the cold, wet bundle to Laguna's rapidly swelling ankle. "I'll get you something to eat sir."

"Don't call me Sir!" Laguna pouted, and Seifer chuckled. Now he knew where Squall had got that expression from for sure.


"Squall's rubbing off on you." The elder man beamed brightly at the tall blonde as he retreated for the barbeque. It took him three full minutes to realise just why Selphie snickered and Squall avoided his eyes for a minute. Fortunately he still looked young enough to pass off a blush easily. "I suppose I should have that from a bunch of teenagers."

"It's Selphie's influence." Squall murmured softly, ducking a swipe of the girl in question's hand and looking at her sheepishly.

"So... is this why you and Rinoa broke up?" Laguna watched as Squall turned the bag of ice and shifted it to press onto a new position on his swollen ankle.

"She wasn't my type." Squall shrugged lightly.

"What, brunette?"

Squall chuckled softly and tossed his hair out of his eyes. "Yeah, I prefer blondes."

After a couple of burgers, a hot dog, a healing potion and a good half an hour's lounging in the sun, Laguna felt much better. He even braved the water and attempted to goad his son into joining himself, and the majority of the gang. When Squall flat out refused, Seifer walked back out of the water, back up the beach and threw his shorter lover over his shoulder, holding him firmly despite his incessant wiggling and carrying him back to the waves.

"Seifer! Don't you dare or..." Squall's threat was audible only to the sea creatures as his lover dunked him under the surface and left him there.

Seifer was laughing too hard to fight back as Squall, his hair slicked back against his head and scowling, tackled him back into the water and tickled him.

Quistis watched them fondly as she applied more sun screen. She didn't believe that there would be an end to their arguments any time soon, but it was nice to see Squall playing. She pretended not to notice as they swam off, Seifer chasing Squall though Squall was the stronger swimmer it wasn't by much and when Seifer had something to work for he would meet Squall stroke for stroke they disappeared out of sight around the rocks.

The next cove was much like the first, but with a smaller strip of golden sand and more rocks. It was harder to get down to, the cliffs surrounding it almost vertical drops in places. And there was not a soul in sight.

Seifer caught Squall by the wrist when he could stand but Squall would still be forced to tread water, tugging the smaller man against his body and holding him there with one arm as he plundered his mouth.

Squall made a small whimper of a sound, threading his fingers through Seifer's messy blonde locks and cupping his head as he sucked on Seifer's tongue. He could find no purchase with his feet so he settled for leaning against Seifer, and allowing himself to be held, to be cradled against his lover's body. Seifer's pulse was a heavy rhythm against his skin.

"You're insatiable." He husked softly against the taller man's lips.

"I've got a lot of time to make up for." Seifer unfastened the wet denim of Squall's shorts deftly and slid his hands over the smooth flesh of Squall's ass. "Besides, you really want to walk back to the transporter with a hard on?"

"We're not going for a few more hours." Squall's breath caught in his throat as Seifer's finger slid into him slowly. He arched his back to press tighter to his lover's body, squeezing around the finger that rocked into him slowly, eyes flickering closed with pleasure.

"Sure about that?"

"Fuck me."

"Thought you'd never ask." Seifer slid a second finger into the tight muscle of Squall's body, rocking them roughly into Squall. He could ill afford to linger too long over preparing Squall, especially when the others were so close and both Selphie and Zell were curious to a fault. Not that he'd mind them watching but Squall would. And he'd probably never agree to fucking anywhere but their bed again if they were caught.

Squall whimpered a plea for more, tracing his tongue over the shell of Seifer's ear and wrapping one leg around the sturdy waist.

Seifer simply smirked, pulling the other leg up and carried his lover to the very edge of the surf, laying him down in the wet sand and kissing him deeply.

Squall hardly dared breathe as Seifer helped him out of his shorts and fondled him, tracing hot fingers along the thick length.

"Something tells me you want this." Seifer retrieved the ever present bottle of lubricant from Squall's shorts before tossing them further up the beach. They were teenagers, and both of them were active, fit men. As such, any moment alone, no matter where or when was fair game.

And how Seifer enjoyed their games.

He slid the swim suit down just far enough to expose his sex, not that it had been covering it as he'd grown harder anyway and slicked his cock and sat back, pulling Squall onto his lap. Positioning the smaller man over his cock carefully, Seifer kissed his lover.

"I love you." Squall whispered against the blonde's full lips as he forced himself back onto the hard sex slowly.

"Oh fuck... Squall... I love you." Seifer husked and rolled his hips, looping his arms around Squall's waist.

Squall rocked slowly on Seifer, the measured strokes making him shudder at the delicious friction. He loved this, the quiet lust and stolen moments of pleasure as much as the heavy heat of Seifer as he slid inside him, so good, so hard. He could barely believe they'd had a year together, he could barely believe he was sleeping with Seifer of all people.

The thrusts angled to rub against his prostate made him cry out softly in pleasure, muffled against the soft golden locks of Seifer's hair. He forgot to think, focused so intently on the hardness filling him up.

Seifer slid his hands over Squall's hips, urging him faster, burying himself as deep as he could, bucking into him eagerly. He hated to rush, he hated to have to hurry and skim over all those tender little gestures that he loved to make, all those little details that drove Squall to distraction.

Wrapping his fingers around Squall's cock and stroking him roughly, Seifer bucked up as hard as he could into Squall.

It was too much, and with a deep moan of Seifer's name, Squall forced himself back onto his cock harder, seed spilling over the strong fingers of his lover.

Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall's waist tight and bucked into him even as he tightened around him, letting his head fall back and a cry of pleasure spill from his lips as he came.

Squall covered Seifer's mouth with his hand to muffle the love cries even as the rush of heat still throbbed inside him.

Surprised, Seifer blinked curious green eyes at his lover, and finally laughed.

"You're getting too loud for that."

"So what if they heard us? They know we're fucking now anyway." Seifer stole a kiss, tucking his head under Squall's chin and stroking his back like a treasured pet.

"Yes, I know that. However knowing we're together and hearing you scream my name are two different things entirely."

"You have a lot of faith in your skills Leonhart."

"You always seem to enjoy them." Squall kissed him one last time and squeezed his arms around his lover, simply holding him like that for a while.

They were staying at the Estharian presidential palace for a few days, Squall's birthday was always a big deal for Laguna and the group enjoyed the opportunity to relax away from garden. As soon as the transport had arrived back in Esthar, Seifer had moved his gear into Squall's room.

When he was done, he found his lover in the bathroom, brushing the sand out of his hair slowly.

Seifer brushed the hair away from Squall's neck and kissed the burnt skin lightly. "I never told you this before Leonhart but... your dad's hot." He'd had Squall on his lap for far too long and now his shoulders were blistered from the heat of the sun.

"Go flirt with him then." Squall pulled away from Seifer sharply, slipping out of his shorts and stepping into the shower's cool, fine spray. He winced as the jet of water cascaded onto his burnt shoulders, making the hot skin burn before the chill of the water reached and soothed him

"Aww, are you jealous?"

"No." Squall scrubbed his fingers through his hair and smirked at Seifer. "But Kiros would be."

Seifer stepped in after Squall, pressing against his back, wrapping possessive arms around his waist. Settling his chin on Squall's bowed head, he permitted himself a smile. "Your dad and Kiros? I never knew he had it in him."

"Oh he does, quite regularly from what I gather." Squall kissed Seifer's chest and rested his cheek against the deep golden tan of Seifer's chest.

With a soft laugh, Seifer ruffled Squall's hair and hugged him carefully. He still had a hard time getting used to Iceberg Leonhart making jokes and sarcastic comments in his presence, but they were different people to those they had been two years before. Squall was commander of what was arguably the most powerful military force on earth he'd made sure of that, all Balamb cadets were trained to an even higher standard than they had been themselves, he even had field trips for the advanced students to the island closest to hell which he ran personally and enjoyed immensely and Seifer himself was currently working as the head of Garden security.

Seifer enjoyed Squall's field trips as well, after all, who else would Squall work off the post battle adrenaline rush with? Though the first time he'd been rugby tackled to the bed and out and out molested he'd been quite... surprised at the change that had come over Squall. He didn't ask how the brunette had dealt with it before he'd had a willing, and perpetually horny, bed partner; he simply enjoyed the sudden presence of a hot, leather clad body pressing against him from behind with a cock as hard as adamantine that announced his lover's return from one of his trips.

"Want me to rub something on your shoulders?" Seifer asked as Squall reached to shut the water off. Squall's showers were always cooler than they should have been; he had a hard time registering temperature with the Shiva junction a permanent fixture in his head. He'd even seen Squall burn himself on a pan accidentally, not realising what had happened until the pain had registered and he'd already gotten a nice livid mark on his palm.

If it had been a ploy to get Seifer to cook, it had failed badly. Squall was too good when he had time and Seifer could burn water.

"Depends on what the something is."

"My cock, what do you think Leonhart? I have a bottle of after sun lotion in there." The blonde rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Mm, alright." Squall slipped out of the shower to dry off.

He watched fondly as the pale beauty dried himself off with a towel. Squall was self conscious, even after a life time of communal showering and group medical examinations. When he was stripping for fucking he was fine there was an aim there, a goal he could reach and then the need to be naked was over and he could get dressed or hide under the covers again it was just when they were alone and naked just for the sheer hell of it, Squall grew uncomfortable. Seifer had had one hell of a time getting him naked the first time they'd shared a bath.

Sometimes he watched Squall shower just to see him blush. The brunette was adorable when he blushed and he still had a thing for making Squall feel awkward and teenaged. It was his kink, he couldn't help it.

"Coming?" Squall cocked his head to one side and smiled. That was another thing that had only really come into it's own over the last twelve months. He looked younger when he smiled.

"Give me fifteen minutes and I'll see what I can do, I need to put some of that lotion on your shoulders first."

Rolling his eyes, the brunette headed for the bedroom and Seifer followed, rubbing a towel on his hair before wrapping it around his waist.

"Sit down." Seifer retrieved the bottle he'd stashed in his bag just in case. If Squall hadn't burned, he was sure Quistis or one of the others would have. This way he just got the benefits of a naked, purring Squall.

Squall sat on the bed with his back to his lover, letting his head fall forward and his hair fall away from his shoulders and neck. He almost smiled as the bed dipped behind him to announce Seifer's presence. "Are you... okay with today?"

"I'd have been happy if you'd told them last year and let them think I was your fuck toy." Seifer squeezed the lotion onto the reddened skin, spelling out 'Seifer's' with the white liquid. "Well, maybe not the last part."

A soft chuckle emanated from the brunette's lips that softened into a moan as skilled fingers slowly began to work the salve into his skin. Seifer had quickly discovered that he was a sucker for a good massage, that he loved to have his neck kissed and that he liked a shot of Galbadian whiskey and cream in his coffee in the evenings all things that he had manipulated very well in their secret year together.

"Like that Leonhart?"

"Mmm, keep going." The storm grey eyes flickered closed and pale fingers relaxed on his thighs.

Careful not to hurt the smaller man as he massaged the inflamed flesh, Seifer watched his lover's reactions. "You're so sexy." He murmured, almost too softly to hear. Certainly soft enough to be drowned out by Squall's murmurs of pleasure as the strong fingers manipulated him gently. He let his fingers drift lower, ghosting over the small of Squall's back gently.

"Didn't get burnt there." Squall murmured, half turning his head to peek at his lover.

"Better to be safe than sorry." Seifer replied softly. "In fact, I think you'd better lay on your front so I can check you out properly."

"Whatever." But he complied and stretched out on his front, folding his arms under his head.

He was always careful not to hurt the smaller man. The pale flesh scarred easily and while the scar between Seifer's eyes had paled to a silver line that was now pretty much only visible when he had a tan, which was more often than not admittedly, with his work for SeeD and international jet setter of a lover Squall was very photogenic and a hero, and everyone loves a hero Squall's was still as visible as the day he'd received it, now a white line in lily white flesh instead of a vivid red mark. And that was not the only mark he'd left on Squall's body, gunblade wounds never healed as well as they could, leaving deep tracks in the skin if they were not treated with a potion quickly. Especially with pulse ammunition. He had a few scars of his own from their last battle in the war.

Teasing the tight knot of muscle of Squall's opening gently, Seifer kissed his arm. He would have aimed for his shoulder but aggravating the reddened tissue further was not in his best interests. "I love you Squall."

Squall lifted his head and parted his legs a little, smiling permission back at him. "I love you too."

Two fingers, slick with the lotion he'd rubbed into Squall's skin, slid easily into the tight body. Even though he'd wanted to take this slow, Seifer knew he had almost no hope of managing that effectively. Though he'd gained control of his emotions when it came to the rivalry with their gunblades, Seifer could not stay in control for long when there was a naked, moaning, writhing Squall presented to him.

He would have challenged people to try, but Squall was his, and it was going to stay that way.

A guttural moan echoed in Squall's throat as the fingers brushed over his prostate, teasing and slow.

Seifer's fingers rocked into the pale body slowly, scissoring and stretching him thoroughly. Nuzzling into Squall's hair he whispered "I want you Squall." The even, needing tone of the blonde's deep, strong voice made his lover shudder harder than even the fingers could.

When he'd returned to garden, he'd almost believed Squall a pod person. Smiling, laughing (so what if he hid it a lot), even teasing people. Rinoa and the others had done well, opened him up and made him relax. Even if he only did it while off duty. But that was Squall.

Professional to a fault.

Breathtakingly beautiful.

So Hyne-damned fuckable that even straight guys checked out his ass.

Squall arched, pushing onto Seifer's fingers eagerly, moaning his name huskily. He was already hot enough to beg for it and Seifer never could resist for long.

He rolled the smaller man onto his side, pulling one leg up over his hip and slicking his cock with the lotion. Squall littered his face with kisses, each one slow and tender, his eyes flickering closed when he pressed the softest of them to Seifer's waiting lips as the hard length slid inside him.

And he moaned. Deep and husky as the shaft stretched and filled him, his dark lashes a smudge on his pale cheeks, Squall moaned as though he had been alone and longing for centuries.

Seifer very nearly came in that moment, clutching his lover against him.

He hardly dared breathe as he rocked into Squall; slowly at first, driving himself deeper with each thrust, angled to strike that spot and send shivers through the pale limbs. Seifer pulled one of the pale, slender hands to the cock trapped between them and urged Squall to stroke himself.

Squall tipped his head back and groaned, arching against Seifer as he rocked with him, driving the length deeper into himself. He could barely keep his eyes open, his mouth open in a silent moan of his lover's name, the softest of moans spilling from his lips.

The slow, intense pace forced on them by the awkward position never faltered. Seifer drove himself as deep and hard into Squall as he could, and when the brunette bucked against him, the velvet heat of his body tightening around his cock as he found his own release, he could not help but follow him, spilling deep inside Squall.

He realised that Squall had cried his name as he came and kissed his dark haired lover possessively, sliding out of him and rolling onto his back, bringing Squall with him.

Squall only murmured a soft protest as Seifer pulled the covers up over them both, not letting them rise further than the small of Squall's back. The angry red of Squall's skin was at least dissipating a little now.


"Very." Seifer rubbed his cheek on Squall's hair gently. "You?"

"Mm, yes." Squall closed his eyes, listening to the heavy beat of Seifer's pulse and sighed contentedly. Lost in the barely there scent of the ocean on his lover's skin, of the sweet smelling lotion on his shoulders and the soft heat of the warm body that cradled him, Squall allowed himself to day dream for a while.

He deserved it.

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