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Terminal Recovery

Chapter Sixteen - Unbelievable

By Tori Singer

Well, at least the Ragnarok was still there. I was expecting it to be destroyed. I almost ask Matt how he landed it but I decided to keep quiet. He looked a little shaken up as it was. It must be sinking in, David's death and all. I don't know what happened, but I'm sure he didn't want to talk about it. It was scary, David was my friend.....and my lover killed him.

I sighed, strolling next to Matt. As we got closer to the ship, the more motivated I became. It was like we were going to save the world all over again. We reached the bridge that led to the interior. I was leery when I saw bloody footprints on the stairs. No, they were boot prints. I looked at Matt as he looked at me. Uh oh.

"How?" I ask, not moving from my spot. He looked at me a minute before throwing his hands up in the air.

"Hell've I know, but we may just be jumping to conclusions, you know." I had to agree, but, I was still a little suspicious about going into the ship. Well, it was the only way to get back to Winhill without taking days at a time. I took a step up, stopping when Matt grabbed my shoulder.

"I'll go first." I almost grinned with glee, but that would've made me look like a moron. So, I just let him walk past me. His funeral, not mine. I followed closely behind, peeking over his shoulder. We walked into the semi dark entrance way, looking around for any danger. There were more footprints and a few puddles of blood, but we didn't see any bodies anywhere. I didn't see any signs of Squall, either.

"I don't see anything." I hear Matt whisper. He sounded unsure, and I couldn't blame him. We headed toward the control room, our eyes peeled and our ears strained. Our footsteps echoed against the metal flooring. We turned a few corners before I spotted the lift that reached the bridge. I gulped and headed toward it, trying to ignore the trail of blood that went from the front of the lift to the room on the left. I tried not to hear the deranged growling in that room. My hairs stood on end as red eyes appeared in the doorway. I didn't move, only stared at the evil eyes.

"Oh my god..." I hear Matt whisper next to me. I touch his arm with mine, leaning slightly close to him.

"When I say now, run to the lift, ok?" I told him my quickly made plan. It was a long shot, and I didn't know how fast Squall could run. But, my instincts were telling me to run, now.

"Now!" I whisper loudly, taking off toward the lift.

"Graaagh!" My whole body tingles with fear as Squall lets out a roar. I jump onto the lift, Matt dragging up behind me. As it goes up, I get my first glimpse at my love. I cannot speak aloud what I saw, it was too....freaky. He....he looked just the same except for his eyes. He was....covered in blood, from head to toe. But the most frightening part was his mouth. It was full of sharp teeth and covered in blood and gore. I shudder, wanting as far away from him as possible.

I could still hear his hungry howling from down below. I hoped to god he couldn't jump very high. When the lift stopped, we scrambled into the control room. I looked around, trying to find anything that would keep the lift from going down. There was nothing useful.

"Dammit!" I whirl around when Matt cursed. My eyes widened when the lift started it's decent, back to Squall. I looked at Matt for answers. He pushes me toward the pilot's seat.

"Just fly! I'll try to hold him off!" I hesitate before hearing a loud growl in the distance. I scrambled over and jumped into the pilot's seat, starting the ship. My hands shook as I listened to the lift coming back up. I accelerated, pulling the ship skyborn. I hear Matt grabbing a chair, pulling it from it's place next to the controls.

"Come on you mother fucker!" I hear Matt holler, listening to the lift come up. I started shaking, waiting for the end. It never came.

"You guys weren't trying to leave me behind, were you?" I gasp and set the ship on auto pilot. I swivel around in my chair. Matt drops the chair he was holding.

"D-David!" I sputter in shock. I just stare at the mangled version of my friend. He was alive!

"Yeah, that's me alright." David jokes, stumbling into the room. He had a crowbar in his hand. It was covered in blood. My eyes well up, was that Squall's blood?

"What happened?" Matt asks, grabbing his lover before he could collapse. He had many wounds and cuts all over his body. It looked like he'd lost a lot of blood.

"I'm ok, really, just let me sit down." He slurs, sitting down in a chair. Matt was touching his face furiously, making sure he was real.

"You're alive...." He whispers, his eyes filling with tears. David smiles slightly.

"Thanks to you." He whispers back, kissing his love. I turn my chair back around, wanting to leave them alone. I shook some more, so that meant Squall was dead. I wanted to save him so bad.... But, it was him or us, and David chose us. I was a little glad that his reign of terror was over, but.. My shoulders trembled. After everything, after the dust settled, he was gone. He was dead..

"N-no..." I whimper, pressing my hand to my mouth. I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't help it. No, not Squall, he couldn't be dead. No! I heard Matt and David talking.

"He was standing next to the lift, waiting for it to come down, I guess. I swung this bar thing, smacking him in the back of the head. He fell over and didn't move. Blood had started coming out of the wound. I think he's dead. I'm so sorry Zell..." I don't respond, listening as my fears were made real. I took a deep breath, staring at the bracelet on my wrist. There was no point to it anymore, not for me anyway....

"No point...." I whisper. I rethink that thought. There was always a reason for the season, wasn't there? We could still set one person free! We could still save Joey, couldn't we? And, all the other souls that 'Mikey' stole! I could still save Squall's soul, even if it wouldn't return to his body. It was better this way, I think. Would Squall know what he has done if he had returned to his body? I don't know, but he'd probably go insane just thinking about it. Yeah, it was better this way.

I turn the plane back on manual control, I needed to think and I did that better when I was busy doing something. I watched the clouds as we passed them, my eyes focusing on the horizon and nothing else. I checked the coordinates of Winhill before shifting the ship in that direction. I was lost in thought as I flew the ship toward our destination.

"Um, I really think that I need a doctor...." David muttered from his seat. I understood completely. Maybe we could find something in Balamb. There was great doctors there. I turned the ship's direction again, this time heading for my home town. Maybe I should stop and see Ma while I'm there? I don't know, what if I see someone I knew from Garden, and they ask about Squall? I'll just have to jump that hurdle when I come to it, I suppose.

A quiet beeping noise captures my attention from my flying. I glance over at a blinking orange light. Shit! It was the fuel light. I grumbled when the ship started to decend.

"What's going on?" I hear Matt ask, coming up behind me. I punch the steering gears, not believing it.

"We're out of freakin' fuel!" I shout, grunting as we start skidding against the ocean. I press the emergency Pontoon deployer. We were jolted as the pontoons deployed, letting us float on the water. We rocked around a bit before settling into a drifting motion. David was breathing hard in the back.

"G-guys, I don't, feel so well...." We look back as he slumps over in his seat. Matt goes ballistic, running over to David.

"David! David! Wake up! Please!" He looks at me with worried eyes when David didn't respond.

"Now what do we do!?" He asks, running his hands through his hair. I don't know! I throw myself out of my seat, punching the floor furiously. How could this happen! I should've been paying more attention to the maintenance of the ship! Now, Squall was dead, and David was dying. And! We're drifting in the ocean somewhere between Esthar and Balamb! Wait!

"There are lifeboats on the ship." I look up at Matt, remembering the small docking bay downstairs. I stood quickly, running over to the lift.

"Grab David and let's move!" I insruct him, waiting for my friend. He picks David up gently and follows me to the lift. We decend, and I look over the edge, willing it to go faster. If I remembered correctly, it was on the right side of the ship, near the loading bay. We got off the lift and took off running. I stopped, turning around. I had just walked through a puddle of blood. Was it Squall's? And if so, then where was the body? I immediantly looked around cautiously.

"Come on, Zell!" I hear Matt holler. I turn and run, passing Matt and David. I started looking in doors, trying to find the lifeboats. Finally, we turn the corner and there they are. Small, grey boats were lined up next to a docking hatch. I grin and look at Matt, who looked relieved. We ran to one, and I helped Matt get in. I held David as he got situated. He held out his arms and I grunted, leaning over and placing the man in his arms. I meet Matt's eyes, but he wasn't looking at me. His eyes were full of fear.

I slowly turn, my vision falling on my commander, standing in the doorway, growling at us. My eyes widen and I rush to the controls on the wall.

"Hurry Zell!" I hear Matt holler at me. I could hear him screaming at me, my love. I started pushing buttons as soon as I was in reach. I turned as the hatch started opening. Squall was lumbering toward my two friends, looking very hungry and dangerous. The white shirt under his jacket was red with blood, and so was the fur lining on his coat.

I listened as Matt started the small lifeboat. Squall took off running. Oh my god, he was gonna get them! I did the only thing I could think of. I started hollering.

"Hey! Over here! Yeah, come get me!" I scream at my former friend. He looks at me briefly, drool dripping down his pointed teeth. I shudder, watching him stare at me, halfway to my friends and about thirty feet from me. He looks back to my friends, continuing toward them. The hatch opens, and Matt tries to take off. The boat stalls.

"Damn!" I shout, thinking fast. I bite my arm until' I tasted blood. I flicked my blood against the ground. I rub the blood everywhere I can think of on my body, ripping against my skin with my nails. I cringe at the pain before hollering at Squall again. Squall whirls his face in my direction. I hear him sniff before snarling at me. He takes off running toward me.

"Zell!" Matt screams, finally getting the boat started. I wave at him to just go.

"I'll catch up with you in Balamb!" I shout, looking for a way to escape. Squall was closing in as Matt takes off in the boat.

"You better you crazy son of a bitch!" I hear him holler as he leaves the area into the sea. I turn and run toward some boxes in the corner of the room. I couldn't get past him to the boats, he would maul me for sure. My heart thudded in my ears as I started climbing blindly, sweat blurring my vision.

Oh shit...what now? Dead end, I'm at the top of the pile of boxes, staring down at my friend. He was snarling at me, trying to figure out how to get up to me. It looked like I was safe, for now. I needed to think of something, and fast. I didn't know what the hell to do! I couldn't fight him, he'd eat me! I had no weapons, and my gloves were back in Esthar somewhere. Damn it all! I couldn't hear the lifeboat anymore, and I prayed that they made it to Balamb safely. The boxes weren't very stable, they were cardboard and they weren't very heavy it seemed. One wrong move and the whole pile could fall. I gulped.

Squall was circling the pile of boxes, looking like a wolf treeing the fox. And I was the damn fox. I sat on the top box, staring down at Squall. He looked so ferocious....I just couldn't believe it. I think back on the times we spent together, back when he was...human.

"Can I have you?" I remember his words, his proclaimation of love to my ears. I remember my dream, the dream where I failed to reach him. I already failed him, I let him turn into this.....monstrosity. It was all my fault, and now everyone was suffering. I sigh and look at the ceiling, stopping immediantly. The lights! Maybe I could swing from them? To where? They didn't really lead anywhere....

One of the hanging lamps was pretty close to the upper bridge. That bridge connected to the rest of the ship. Maybe I could somehow evade him, hiding in the ship and somehow sneak past him to the boats? It was a very slim chance, but I wasn't getting anywhere by just sitting here, letting him circle me. I stand, listening as he starts growling again. I stare down at him before gasping.

He had jumped up on the first box, clawing his way over the next. Oh shit! He figured out how to climb! Damn! There was no time, I had to go now! I looked at the light that was closest to me. It didn't look too sturdy, but it was worth a shot. I reach up and grab it, preparing to jump. I never get to, though.

Squall falls, causing the boxes to become unsteady. I stumble as the base of the pyramid falls away on one side, Squall laying on the ground. The inbalance in the pile causes the others to fall, sweeping me off my feet. I scream as I am washed away in the sea of cardboard. I groan, my head felt like it would split in two. There were many boxes around, and I couldn't tell which direction I was facing.

"Arrrrrr!" I hear Squall snarl. That sounded WAY too close by for my liking. I started struggling, finally getting on my feet. I'm waist deep in boxes. I turn this way and that, my sight falling on Squall, who was no more than seven feet from me. He was pushing the boxes out of the way, his bright red eyes fixed on his prey. Me.

"Shit!" I shriek, turning and practically swimming in the boxes. I stumble through the mess, trying to reach the other side. I hear him coming behind me, getting closer with every second. I was closer to the door on the other side of the room, leading back into the ship. I guess that the boats would have to wait, I had to get away first. I pushed the last box out of the way, screeching when something sharp lodges into my shoulder.

I fall to the ground, Squall landing on top of me. I scream and thrash, his mouth biting the flesh from my shoulder. I struggled, his arms gripped around my waist. I felt spots appear before my eyes. No! I couldn't let it end this way! I force myself over, rolling until' Squall was under me. I throw my head back, connecting with his face. My vision goes dark a minute before his grip on me loosens.

I quickly take advantage, rolling out of his reach. Blood gushed from the wound on my shoulder. I grabbed it with my other hand, backing away from Squall. He slowly stood, his face twisted in hatred and hunger. He'd had a taste for me, now he wanted dinner. I turn and run, my shoulder on fire. It hurt like hell! It felt like he'd ripped out some muscle, that wouldn't heal without leaving a scar.

I swing open the door, running through. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, lock him up somewhere? Find something and kill him? I don't know! I ran blindly, feeling weak as more blood ran down my arm. I would pass out soon if I didn't do something. I suddenly got an idea. I changed directions and ran up the stairs in the main part of the ship. I remembered the space hatch. There was an airtight room in there, with an unbreakable lock on the doors.

I could lead him in there, and lock him in! Then, I wouldn't have to kill him and I wouldn't die in the process. But, how to get him to go in there....

I hid in a corner, watching the open door to the shuttle room with suspense. I took a risk, and now I was hoping to lead the hungry lion in there with a little bait. I was shirtless, and I had an oil rag tied on my shoulder. I'd sopped up most of the blood with my shirt and placed it in the back of the shuttle room. I was hoping that Squall would take the bait and enter the room, giving me a chance to lock the door on him.

I hold my breath as I hear sounds coming from downstairs. I heard footsteps on the stairs, and I knew that he was coming up. I shook slightly, sweat running down my face. I just hoped he wouldn't sniff me out before he entered the room. I took a quiet breath before freezing, trying not to make a single sound. I hoped he couldn't find me.

I saw the top of his head coming into sight from my hiding place. His hair was soaked with blood, as was the rest of his body. It was horrible to look at him. He got to the top of the stairs, his face in the air, sniffing. I froze stiffer, trying to remaim concealed. He started dragging his foot as he walked. He must have hurt it somehow. He limped toward the shuttle room, and I almost sighed in relief.

I just wished that I'd had more time to find a hiding spot. But, this would have to do. He walked past me, slowing down when he was in front of me. I could tell that he could slightly smell me or something. But, he kept going, surprising me. I just knew that I was done for. I watched him limp into the shuttle room, heading back to where the shirt was stashed in the corner. I eased my way out of my hiding spot, eyeing the button next to the door.

If I moved now, he'd still be able to get out before the door closed. He needed to be further inside the room.! I dashed toward the button on the wall; he turned and growled very loudly, coming toward me. I slammed my hand on the button, staring him in the eyes as the door closes.

I sigh and slide down the wall, sitting on the floor. I had pushed the button to shut the door, now I just had to lock it. There was no way to open the door from his end unless you could understand the words on the controls. I'm sure he was just a mindless monster. I needed to hurry, just in case.

I scrambled up, ignoring the pain in my shoulder. It had stopped bleeding so much at least. I made my way to the control room, I could lock it from there. I could hear him beating the door, trying to get out. He wouldn't be able to at all once I locked it. I hurried down the stairs, almost tripping and falling. I stumbled at the bottom before reaching the lift.

I went up, I could still faintly hear him banging on the door like a wild animal. I reached the control room and I dashed inside as fast as I could. I sat in the nearest seat and began looking for the locking mechanism. I found it and tried to locate the shuttle door locks. It took a while, but I finally found it. I pressed the 'lock all doors' button. I could hear locks clicking all around the ship. I just hoped that I hadn't accidentally locked the docking bay door...

I made my way back down the lift. I couldn't hear him banging anymore. Maybe he died, maybe he passed out. I didn't know and wasn't gonna go find out. No way in Hell. I hurried back to the dock, letting out a breath in relief when the door swished open. The boats were still docked, waiting for me. I stumbled to the nearest one, climbing in. I was losing more blood than I needed to.

I pulled on the rope, starting the boat. The engine revved and I put it in gear. I leaned back slightly when I gunned it, the force almost knocking me back. I just needed to stay awake long enough to reach Balamb. I just needed to get there. I noticed that the sun had almost completely set. It was getting dark really fast. That's all I needed, getting lost in the middle of the ocean at night. I shuddered at the thought as I raced away from the Ragnarok.

I could see the thin line of Balamb on the horizon. I just needed to stay on this course and I'd make it. My vision started to blur and I felt lightheaded. I leaned forward in my seat, losing conciousness. I blinked a few more times before slumping down in the seat. Everything went dark after that.

I was....laying on grass. Was I dreaming again? I opened my eyes and I was laying in the same field, looking up at the sky. It Oh, it was a sunset. In my other dream, the sun had been high in the sky...

I stood, looking around. The hill was there, also. It was small, like before when I first came here. I felt Squall's arms wrap around me again.

"Can I have you?" What was the meaning of this dream? Squall disappeared like before, reappearing in front of me. He was frowning at me, tears falling down his cheeks. I was taken aback.

"Why? Why haven't you saved me yet!? The sun is almost setting!" I look to where he was pointing. The sun was almost gone. Was this a bad omen?! Squall ran away from me, going up the hill like before. He turned around and looked at me.

"Come save me!" He hollers, his face wet with tears. I run after him. I find the hill a little easier to climb this time. It grows as big as a mountain once more, and I have difficulty climbing it. I start losing strength halfway up. I grunt and keep going, my fingers clawing into the dirt and grass. He was watching me, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Please save me, Zell..." He whispers, walking away. I shout, falling back down the hill. I just couldn't do it. I failed to save him once again.

I awoke to singing. It was a soft tune, and the voice was definately female. An older woman, I'd say. I opened my eyes, staring up at the light blue ceiling. I groan, running my hands over my face. The singing stops and I hear footsteps coming closer to me. Adrenaline kicks in and I jerk up in bed, startling the poor woman.

"Aahhh!" She screams, dropping the gauze in her hands. I blink at her, the sound hurting my ears. She places a hand to her chest before glaring at me. She picks up her gauze and starts toward me again. I don't resist when she starts changing the bandage on my shoulder. I stare past her wide girth, out the window. The sun was shining in brightly, and I could see sea gulls next to the dock. I was in Balamb.

"You gave us all quite a scare, young man." I hear her tell me. I don't really pay attention, my thoughts focused on Squall and my friends. What was I going to do now? She finishes and I shrug my shoulder, wincing when it ached. I looked at her. She was around 40 or so and had short, red curly hair. She was heavyset and pretty short, but she looked nice.

"How long have I been out?" I ask her, sitting on the edge of the bed. She starts humming and fixing some towels in the corner of the small room.

"Two days, young man. We found your boat drifting next to the coast a few night back. The first two patients we had here identified you as Mr. Zell Dincht. We brought you here and fixed you up. The two before you said that you were their friend. They are waiting in the lobby if you'd like to talk to them." I take in what she said. So I was right, David and Matt did make it to Balamb safely.

I stood, noticing that I was in a clean pair of shorts and that my body had been cleaned from all the blood. The nurse came over and handed me a shirt. It was white and plain, but I wasn't gonna bitch about it. I pulled it over my head, my shoulder aching. I knew that it would scar, and I'd have a permanent reminder on my body of Squall's wrath. I looked at my wrist and gasped. The Demon Transporter was gone!

"Where's my bracelet?!" I ask her, glaring. She matches my look with her own.

"Don't you be getting smart around me, young man! We saved your life and you yell at me!? Your watch is over there on the table, I swear, kids these days!" I look over to where she had pointed. Sure enough, it was laying on the table. Thank god. We all would have been screwed if that was gone. I wrap it around my wrist, securing it to me.

"I'm sorry, it's just...important to me." I offer her an apology before heading for the door. She waves me off.

"Don't worry about it, sonny. Just go and see your friends, they've been worried sick about you!" I need no further urging as I walk out the door. I did feel pretty refreshed, though. Well, I guess sleeping for a few days will do that to you. I reach the lobby, scanning the crowds. I couldn't spot either one of my friends. My stomach growls and I grab it. It had been a long time since I had something to eat.

I spotted the cafeteria sign on the far side of the room. I walked around the couches and slumping bodies, making my way toward the delicious smell. Everyone in the lobby looked either dead, sick or dying. I tried to ignore their coughs and sneezes. I didn't need to catch a damn cold now! I finally enter the cafeteria, looking around ravenously. Food!

I dash to the assembly line, pushing my nose against the glass. My mouth was watering as I looked at all the food. Roast beef! Mashed potatoes! Goulash! I couldn't take it, I grabbed a plate and started filling it. The woman behind the glass counter just stared at me as I heaped my plate full. I reached in my pocket for my wallet. I freeze when I didn't find it. Oh shit, It was in my other shorts!

"Um, could you watch this, my wallet's in my room." I set the plate down.

"Don't bother, I'll pay." I turn as Matt walks up to me. He hands the lady the wad of cash before grinning at me.

"I see you're up, and hungry. Grab your food and come sit with us." I'm glad to see a familiar face. After that shit with Squall and passing out, and then waking to a strange room and a strange woman. I was eager to see David, I wanted to talk to them about some things. I picked up my plate and followed Matt through the crowds toward a table. David was sitting in the corner, staring out the window. He was eating a piece of celery or something.

"Hey." I greet as I sit down at the table. Matt sits in the other chair. David grins widely at me.

"You're up! I'm so glad. I was so scared that you were...." He just smiles again, not finishing his sentence. I was glad too, obviously. Talking could wait, this good food couldn't. I started digging in, stuffing my face with whatever I grabbed first. My friends were laughing at my antics but I didn't care, I was starving! I didn't know how long it was since I had something to freakin' eat!

An hour and three plate fulls later, I was full. I leaned back in my chair, rubbing my stomach. David's mouth was hanging open and Matt was laughing his ass off. Yes, it seemed impossible, but yes, I was finally full.

"Ahh..." I exaggerated, patting my stomach. David bust out laughing, egging Matt into joining in again. I just ignored them, reveling in my good feeling. Well, now that eating was out of the way, it was time to talk.

"Ok, I wanna know some stuff. First of all, how did you survive, David?" I asked, leaning my arms on the table. Matt offered me a cigarette and I accepted it. I lit it and took a drag. I coughed a bit when I exhaled. I just needed something to calm me down, was all. David took a deep breath before starting.

"Well, when you left, Matt came back to stay with me. He had told me what happened, that Squall was running loose in the compound. I got scared and was shaky. Matt helped me get dressed, we planned to catch up with you and get the hell out of here. It took a while, and then the lights went out. We couldn't see anything. We sat in the dark for a long time, waiting for the lights to come back on. It was quite awhile before the emergency lights came on. We started out the door, but Squall came out of the stairwell, making his way toward us. Matt slammed the hospital door and tried to bar it shut."

He stopped, lighting a cigarette. I could tell this was bothering him. But, I wanted to know what happened. He took a drag before continuing.

"Squall beat the door in, and I got scared. He looked at me and charged, grabbing my shoulders and hacking away at me with his teeth." He closed his eyes, and I watched Matt place his hand on David's.

"It hurt so much.....I could hear Matt screaming and shit, but I felt like I was dying. He was ripping pieces of my body away with his teeth! I mean, that was scary in itself! Well, I don't know how, but Matt got Squall's attention by throwing a table at us. Squall left me lying on the floor and went after Matt, I tried to get up, to help him, but I couldn't move. I heard them leave the room and then I must've passed out..." He took another drag off his cigarette.

"I awoke later, I don't know how much time had passed. I dragged myself up, looking around the room for any sign of living souls. No one was in there. I took some of the bandages out of the cabinets and tried to patch myself up the best I could. I left the room, heading downstairs. The elevator hadn't worked, I guess it was because the lights were still off. Well, I got to the first floor and I walked out. I noticed a large hole in the wall, leading to the outside. Of course, I went to investigate, and left the building. Then, I saw Squall going to your ship. He was trailing blood and looked mindless. I didn't move, I was too scared. He went in the ship and then, I saw you guys. You two were walking toward the ship and stuff. I grabbed the first thing I could find, a crow bar and dragged myself after you guys. I had to tell you that he was on the ship. I couldn't run and my voice wouldn't carry. I didn't feel so good so I dragged myself best I could." He sighed and smoked more of his cancer stick. He took a drink of Pepsi before looking at me.

"I entered the ship and I could hear him screaming at you. I heard yelling and stuff, so I walked toward the sounds. Well, you know the rest." He finished, looking out the window. I leaned back in my chair, churning his story around in my head. It made sense to me. I was so glad that he wasn't dead.

"David, you don't know how frightening it was to think you were dead." I confessed, laughing as he blushed. I felt better, sitting here with my two friends. But, the friends that should be here aren't. He wasn't beside me to share my feelings of joy and relief. My grin fades slowly and I look down at the Demon Transporter on my wrist. The blue gem shines brightly at me.

"You guys. You....don't have to come back with me to Winhill. You can stay here, find a place-" I try to tell them, but David cuts me off.

"Zell Dincht! If you think that we're just gonna quit now after all the shit we've been through you're fuckin' nuts!" I cringe as the whole cafeteria turns to stare at us. I cower in my seat. He was worse than Selphie ever thought about being!

"Yes sir..." I squeak out as he continues to glare at me.


End of chapter 16.



Notes: Whew! Finally! I didn't think I'd EVER finish that one! It was pretty tough to write, with so much detail needed in certain parts. I didn't really want 'fucking scary' I just want something that would send chills down your spine, you know? Like, something just walked past that doorway scary. That sort of thing. Well, please review, please! I'm nice enough to write, now you be nice to me and review.


PS: Now do you remember why I told you guys not to jump to conclusions? Fiction can become fact in an instant. Blue can turn red before your eyes. Untold stories can fill in gaps before you know it. Oh, and about Phoenix Downs. It just has too much impossibility to it. It would be like..."Nobody can die" kind of thing. It doesn't have that real life fear to it. You know? Why be scared when you can just have somebody cast a phoenix down and poof you're back to life. Sorry, just my way of thinking.

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