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Terminal Recovery

Chapter Fiveteen - Fear

By Tori Singer

Where am I? What happened? I'm....outside? I am laying on something soft, I think it's...grass. I open my eyes, and sure enough, I'm staring at grass. I get up on my hands and knees, looking around. I was in a field, with a large hill in front of me. The hill didn't look very steep. I hear footsteps behind me. I stand, but I don't turn, I know who it is.

Arms wrap around my shoulders. I close my eyes and sigh, grabbing the hand that was resting on my shoulder. I breathed in the smell of leather and soap. Squall...

"Can I have you?" He whispers in my ear. I shiver at his words. He had said those words to me before, when I almost died. He disappears, leaving my heart empty. He reappears in front of me, a challenging look on his face. He turns and runs up the small hill and then looks back to me. He watches me walk toward him.

I start up the hill, gasping when it becomes as large as a mountain. He stares down at me, daring me to come up to him. I start hiking up the hill, the side getting steeper as I went. I was losing strength fast, getting on my knees and clawing my way up. I look up at him, unable to go any further. He smiles sadly, like he understands. He turns and walks away, out of sight.

"No, wait Squall!" I holler, holding a hand toward him. I hear something below me. I look down, many ravenous monster awaited me at the base of the hill. I look back up, but Squall wasn't there. I scream as I slide down the hill, into the jaws of the many demons.

"Haaa!" I sit straight up in bed, screaming when pain shot through my side. I gasped and laid down, my breaths coming in deep pants. I look around at my surroundings. I was in a small room. There was a bed next to mine. David was laying in it, bandages wrapped around his bare chest. Oh yeah, I passed out in the ship. The ship! What happened? Where was Matt? And where's Squall?

I try to get out of the bed, noting that I had nothing on but a pair of underwear. My bare feet touch the cold floor, sending chills up my legs. I stumbled, trying to regain my balance. I look up when the door swishes open. Matt walks in with a vase of flowers. He quickly sets them down when he saw me standing.

"Zell! Get back in bed!" He scolds me, helping me back over to the bed. I oblige, too tired to argue. He helps me lay down, my ribs throbbing with pain. I take a deep breath, getting comfortable.

"What happened?" I ask, wanting to hear everything. Matt sits on a chair he pulled over from the table. He sighs loudly. His eyes looked bloodshot. How long was I asleep?

"Well, after you fainted, I had to figure out how to drive the damn ship. Thanks a lot." He glares playfully at me. He looked tired, like he hasn't slept in weeks. He continued.

"I got to the base, the control team helped me land. I brought you two from the ship, and Odine took the stones that were in your pockets and is now working on the "Demon Transporter" as we speak." I could tell he was leaving something out. I narrow my eyes at him.

"Where is Squall?" I ask, watching him tense. He scratches the back of his neck.

"They have him down in one of the rooms in the lab." I could tell that he was lying. His facial features gave him away. I leaned forward, fear shooting through me.

"You are lying, now what really happened?" He ignores me and stands, walking toward the door. I sit on the edge of the bed.

"Tell me, Matt, where is he?!" I shout, not caring if I sounded like a baby. He stops as he opens the door. He looks back at me with the saddest eyes I ever saw.

"We don't know." He says before walking away. My heart stops beating. I clench my hands into fists, different scenarios running through my mind, each ending with Squall's untimely death. I try to stand again, to find out what was going on. I regret it, though, when I feel extremely dizzy.

"Oh..." I stumble back, falling onto the bed. I hiss, my ribs taking a beating. I breathe hard, my vision getting dark. No! I can't sleep now! Squall! I try to fight it, but I close my eyes and I don't open them again.

I awake to the sound of crying. I blink, my eyes focusing on the bright light above my bed. I slowly lean my head up, looking over at David, who was bawling on Matt's shoulder. The hell? I sit up, groaning at the effort. They look over at me, David sobbing a few more times. Matt just frowns at me sadly.

"What's....going on?" I was afraid to ask, afraid of what they will say. Matt clears his throat.

"Squall....he......has killed many people in Esthar...." He trails off. My eyes widened of their own accord. Squall....killing? Then, then....

"He....turned?" I asked, my throat constricting against my will. Matt nods slightly. David busts out crying again, his left hand wrapped in a cast. I look down at my lap, not listening anymore. Squall, we were too late? Can we still save him? I didn't know....

"Also....the rest of the guards...they captured him. They are planning on executing him in the morning." I jump out of bed, ignoring the pain erupting in my side.

"WHAT!??" I shriek, hobbling toward the door in my underwear. I feel Matt wrap his arms around my shoulders, trying to keep me from killing something.

"Let me go!" I holler, tears running down my face. They couldn't, they wouldn't kill my love! I pull away from Matt, stumbling into a table. I groan and grab my ribs, unable to stand anymore. Matt pulls me against him, helping me to my feet.

"Listen Zell, I'm gonna do everything I can to stop them. But we can't have you running out there in your underwear with cracked ribs." He did have a point, but I just couldn't wait for anything, I needed to see him with my own eyes.

"I want to see him." I whisper, letting Matt sit me down in a chair. He brings my clothes over to me.

"I know, which is why I brought you your clothes. Also, I brought down an electric chair for you to scoot around in." I take the clothes, but I was skeptical about this chair thing. I didn't like anything that would make me look weak. I accept Matt's help in getting dressed.

"How long have I been asleep?" I ask him as he helps me put on my shorts. He shrugs.

"I kind of lost count with all the commotion with Squall. I'd say about three days or so." I sighed, buttoning my shorts. This had to be the worst day of my life. I hissed as Matt helped me with my shirt. Moving my arms around a lot made it worse. Finally dressed, I had Matt put my shoes on.

David sighed and leaned back in bed, holding his side.

"Good luck, Zell." He smiles at me as I slowly walk out the door with Matt's arm under my shoulder.

"Thanks." I respond, the door shutting behind us. I turn to Matt as we walk down the corridor.

"Um, how long ago did they catch him?" I ask. Matt sighs softly, thinking.

"About six or seven hours ago, I think. But they were sure about getting rid of him. I'm hoping we can talk them into keeping him locked up until' we can kill that demon and free his soul." It sounded way too easy. What if his soul doesn't come back to his body? What if the Demon Transporter doesn't work? There was so many questions and so little time.

We hobbled to the elevator, pushing the button. It dinged when it came to our floor. The doors opened, and we fell back, gasping. A man falls out of the elevator, his throat ripped out. I bring my free hand to my mouth, trying not to throw up.

"Oh my god..." Matt whispers next to me. I can only tremble. Did...Squall do this? I looked up at the elevator, but there was no one inside. Fear shot through my body.

"Squall is loose." I murmur, backing away from the body. Matt tightens his hold on me. I swallow thickly, turning to the door at the side of the elevator.

"Here, the stairs." I say, walking over to it. Matt hesitates and looks behind him. I knew what he was thinking.

"Stay with your lover, Matt." I tell him. He looked torn between protecting his love and protecting his friend. I shook my head.

"Just go to him and stay there, I'm gonna find out what's going on." I say, opening the door. Matt steps forward.

"Why don't you just stay with David?" He asks me. He didn't understand. I had to be the one to see him, to stop him.

"I have to go." I say, shutting the door behind me. I looked up and down the stairwell, paranoid. I couldn't hear anything at all. I was guessing that the prison was downstairs. I held my side as I walked, trying to keep from jarring it as much as possible. I needed to get to the lab, to find something to restrain him. I looked at the sign next to the stairs.

"Lobby Ground floor. Prison B1. Maintenace 1st floor. Laboratory 2nd floor. Infirmary 3rd floor."

I was guessing that I was on the third floor. So I needed to just go down one floor. I gulped, the elevator had come from the Basement.... I felt scared, but knowing that it was my love killing everyone, it just made it worse. What if he got me? Would he know it was me? No. I shivered and started down the stairs. My steps were louder than I would have liked, no matter how softly I stepped.

I could hear my heart thumping in my chest as I neared the bottom of the first set of stairs. There was another set before I was on the second floor. I turned the corner, starting down. I froze when the lights blinked and flickered. They finally stayed on, but I was a little leery as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

I take a deep breath before grabbing the door knob. My breath catches when the lights go out.

"Uh oh." I squeak, being surrounded by total darkness.

I don't move as I hear noises outside the door. It sounded like a lot of footsteps. They were heavy and hurried. I heard gunfire, lots of it. It sounded more like lasors or something. I held my breath as I hear heavy footsteps outside the door, followed by loud grunts and growls. I recognized the voice. Oh my god. I slid away from the door, sinking to the floor against the wall. I felt lightheaded, listening as the steps stop in front of the door.

I hear shouts and more gunfire. I gasp when I hear the doorhandle jiggle. I freaked out, throwing myself forward. I started crawling down the next flight of stairs as I hear the door bang open. I hurried, listening to the growling above me. I start crying, feeling my way down the stairs. I didn't hear him following me but I didn't want to take the chance. I reach the next floor, a dim light illuminating the door.

I can see the word 'maintenance' on the door. I reach up and turn the knob, crawling into the hallway. It looked like there was a backup generator running. The halls were dimly lit with emergency lights. I get to my feet, my ears strained for any sounds. I shut the door behind me, feeling a little safer. I hurried away from the door when I heard more gunfire on the floor above me.

I didn't know if Squall could be killed, but with all the gunfire, I take it he can't. But that doesn't make any sense, then how did David and Matt kill the many people before Squall? I didn't want to think about it. I creeped my way along the hall, looking for any place to find a weapon. Then it dawned on me. The Estharan's didn't carry guns on this side of the city. That's right! In this building, bullets would counteract with the various energy waves in the building! They only have stun guns. I take it that those are ineffective on Squall.

I take a deep breath at this thought, so that meant....he could be killed afterall. I almost wished that he couldn't, just in case. I needed to find something that could knock him out or something. I just don't know what it'd be. My first priority should be getting to Odine, if Squall hadn't got to him first. I shook a little, when did things get so complicated? I should also probably contact Garden. But wait, wouldn't they think Squall a threat to the people of Earth and decide to terminate him? I couldn't take that chance. It looks like I'm in this alone.

I briefly wondered how David and Matt was. I sure hope they are ok. I hope that Squall doesn't find them... I shudder at the image that came to my head. I came across a door, it said 'tools' on it. Maybe I'd find something in here. I looked around cautiously before slowly opening the door. It was dark, and I couldn't see much of anything. A small light was shining in the back of the room.

I felt my way around, trying to get to the light. I turned a corner into a small office it looked like. It was a flashlight on the ground. I reached over and picked it up. The beam fell across something on the floor.

"Gah!" I holler, falling backwards. The body on the floor looked like it had been chewed up and spit out. I could see through his stomach, and there was no organs left inside. I breathed deeply, feeling my stomach churn. I lurched to the side, letting my stomach empty. I coughed and choked, trying to calm down. I took deep breaths, not looking at the disgusting sight next to me. So, Squall had been on this floor, too. Oh shit...that meant...

He was headed straight for David and Matt! I quickly got off the floor, holding my ribs as I made my way toward the door. I froze and hid the light under my shirt. A shadow passed by the door, but it didn't look like Squall. I walked closer as it walked on. I slowly inched the door open as quietly as I could. I stared down the hall as someone lumbered along. There was a trail of blood as the man dragged his leg. I gasped when I figured out who it was.

"Matt!" I say softly, watching him turn around and look at me. He had a devestated look on his face. I froze, noting that David was not with him.

"Matt?" I call out, getting closer. His leg looked like it had been in a lawnmower accident. He had tears running down his blood splattered face.

"D-David..." He started crying fresh tears. I held him when he lurched forward, grabbing my shoulders. I closed my eyes and rubbed his back, tears forming in my eyes. David...oh David.

"I'm so sorry..." I choke, a few drops running down my chin. I can't believe this, I never thought it would come down to this. It's all my fault, it was my idea to drag them along.

"Matt, I'm so sorry, it's all my fault." I shook against his trembling body. He pulls back and looks at me. He shakes his head.

"N-No, it's not your fault. We decided to come along on our own accord." He smiled ever so slightly at me.

"I'm sorry....about Squall, but we can't have him killing everybody. We need to get to Odine, fast!" I grabs my hand when I nod. He limps toward the door to the stairs. So, Squall was just on the third floor, so where was he going now? I didn't know and that's what was so frightening. Matt eases the door open, and I notice that he was covered in blood. I didn't know if it was his or David's. And, I didn't really wanna know.

The stairwell was still dark, but we didn't hear anything. I didn't know if that was good or bad. I briefly thought about Odine, I hoped he was ok, if he wasn't, then we were all screwed to Hell. Matt walks in front of me, guiding me into the darkened stairwell. I stop, seeing something on the wall.

"Matt, let's take that, just in case." I point to the glass on the wall. He follows my pointing finger and sighs. It was a fire axe. I watch as Matt punches through the glass, grabbing the weapon. I immediantly listen for any noise, and I'm relieved to hear none. I sigh in relief. Matt holds the weapon and walks over to me.

"I just hope I don't have to use it, but you know that I will not hesitate if our lives are in danger." I swallow thickly, nodding even though he couldn't see. I couldn't say anything, it was just way too much for me to handle right now. He limps toward the stairs, and I watch him start up. I follow, my thoughts all jumbled together. I never thought I'd be here today, y'know? It just seemed like a bad dream....

We made our way to the second floor as quietly as we could. We hesitated outside the door. I remembered that this was where I'd encountered Squall the first time. I still didn't know what to expect when I saw him. A hideous monster? The same Squall I knew? I didn't know and I didn't want to ask Matt about it. I walked ahead of Matt, opening the door softly. The halls were lit with the same backup lights as the others.

I stepped into the hall, my stomach lurching against my will. The floor was covered in blood. I stepped more into the hall, looking down the hall, past the door. The hall was littered with bodies, each having a disgusting look on their face. Pieces of flesh and gore was strewn everywhere, and the floor was red with their blood. I looked away, unable to take it anymore. I heard Matt curse softly next to me.

"It's....this way." I whisper, heading in the direction of the gorish scene. I held my nose as I stepped over bodies and unidentified body parts. I heard Matt gagging behind me, and I tried not to empty my stomach again. We made it through, much to my relief. I let out the breath I'd been holding. I turned the corner toward the entrance to the lab. Matt followed me as I walked along the hall. My body tingled when I saw a trail of blood on the wall, like someone had walked against it with a bloody arm. My vision landed on a body laying on the ground. They was laying against the door, bloody finger trails going down the door.

I hurried to the door, my ribs resounding with pain. I didn't need this damn pain, I had enough in my heart to last a couple lifetimes. I pushed against the door with my shoulder. I grunted when it didn't budge. Well, that explains why that man couldn't get in. I was almost glad, that meant Odine was safe. I raised my hand to the door, preparing to knock.

"Who iz it?!" I heard a scared voice on the other side of the door. I looked at Matt in relief.

"It's us!" I holler. I heard a mechanical sound and the door unlocked. I immediantly entered, shutting it behind us. I heard it relock. I looked over at Odine, who was standing in front of a big computer.

"Iz zat vonster deztroyed?" He asks, much to my irritation. He's not a monster! Well, not really, to me. I just didn't know what to think about it anymore.

"He's still roaming around." I confess, hobbling over to him. I saw something in his hand. It was a bracelet.

"Is that..?" I ask with hope. He looks down at the bracelet before walking over to me.

"Yez, zis iz zi vinished product. I vas trying to vake two ov zem, vut ve vill have to zettle wiz zis." He hands me the bracelet. It was white and had a strange machine on the top. There was a blue crystal on top of it. That must be the transporter crystal that me and David found.......David... I sigh and I put the bracelet on.

"How do I work it?" I ask, strapping it on my wrist. The short old man took a deep breath. I groaned inwardly.

"The short version, please." I tell him, watching him jump up and down.

"Vine vine! Visten! Zis button vere on zi zide voots zi lazor. Hit zi demon vith zis lazor to zend him to zi comprezzed vorld." I got it so far. I sighed and shifted uncomfortably, my ribs killing me. Odine continued.

"Vut! I only had enove cryztal vor three shots, got it?" My heart sank. Three shots? Well, I'd better be one hell of a good aim, then. I sigh nervously. Now, there was the matter of Squall.

"What about Squall?" I ask, afraid of the answer. Odine hobbled away from me.

"Vy theory iz, ven you kill zi demon who haz hiz zoul, it vill automatically return to hiz vody. Vut! Only Squall's vill return, becauze he iz zi only von vith a living vody." Matt looks away, ashamed. I placed a hand on his shoulder. It wasn't his fault...

"Ok, then, how will we keep Squall in one place?" I ask, leaning against the desk, my chest heaving. Odine grinned at me.

"I have a zecurity zyztem turned on. It iz covering zi whole plaze. He cannot get out, and novody vill be able to get in." I growled.

"Then how the hell do WE get out?!" I ask the obvious question. He jumps up and down.

"Ztupid voy! I am Odine! Zere iz nothing I cannot do!" He hobbles over to wall next to the window. He places a hand on the wall and a button appears. He presses it and the wall opens. It was a large slide that connected to the outside.

"Zis vill take you to zi back ov zi building. Your zip zould ztill be zere." I listen, a grin forming on my face. Maybe I'm not giving this old man enough credit. Matt limps over to the doctor, his face pale.

"Uhh, is there something you can do about our wounds?" He asks. I perk up, that was a good idea. Odine looks us up and down before going to a cabinet. He pulls out two bottles. I gasp, they were X-Potions. I didn't know they still existed. They became extremely rare after the war, because the chemical used in the potion didn't exist anymore. I should kiss that old man, but I'm not THAT desperate.

He hands us each one of the bottles. Matt looks at it suspiciously while I gulp mine down. I feel the tingling healing sensation cover my body. I feel a slight jolt in my ribs as they are healed completely.

"Ahh..." I say, unable to express how wonderful that felt. Matt stares at me before downing the potion. He gasps and drops the bottle, his leg healing before his own eyes. He looks at me when it was over.

"Wow." He says, an awed expression on his face. I grin, slapping him on the back. I ruffle Odine's hair before jumping through the hole in the wall.

"Whoo hoo!" I can't help but shout as I slide down the twisty slide. I hear Matt come down behind me. I can see the exit down below. I cringe when I come out of the slide, skidding against the ground.

"Oh, my ass." I complain, rolling out of the way when Matt comes flying out of the slide.

"Wahh!" He hollers, landing on his back. He just lays there, looking dazed. I walk over to him, my adrenaline pumping. I lean over him as he grins up at me, his face still stained with blood. It gave him a psychotic look.

"That was fuckin' fun! Let's do it again!" I roll my eyes at him before helping him up. I scan the area, noting that it was quickly getting dark. I spotted the Ragnarok in the near distance, sitting next to the building. It didn't look like it was landed properly at all...

"Nice driving skills you have, slick." I insult my friend playfully before heading toward the ship. Now, it was time to end this thing once and for all.


End of chapter 15.



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