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Terminal Recovery

Chapter Ten - Discoveries

By Tori Singer

"Ow." I flinch as the alcohol stings my lip. Squall rolls his eyes at me before dabbing the cut again. I fidget in my position on the table, swinging my legs over the side. Squall insisted that he had to treat my 'wounds'. He never did ask who I'd fought with and why, but I'm sure he already knows.

"Are we done yet?" I whine, getting cramps in my back from slouching on the table. He mumbles something incoherent before opening a bandaid. I groan, he's such a mother hen. He wipes the cut on my arm with alcohol before slapping the band aid on.

"Ok ok I'm a mummy can I get down now?" I know I'm just being an ass but I was eager to go back to my room. With all the excitement I'd forgotten about the book I'd found in the closet. Squall sighs and picks up the roses on the table. I hop down and watch him put them in a vase. He fills it with water and sets it in the middle of the table.

"They are nice, Zell, thank you." I grin, hoping that he forgave me. I knew that in my heart I'll always feel that they slept together but I couldn't dwell on it. I'm always quick to get on with life.

"Hey, no prob, baby!" I assure him before walking out of the kitchen.

"Come on." I ask him to follow me; I was sure he'd wanna know what was in the book, too. I hear his footsteps behind me as I round the corner and head up the stairs. I head to Xu's room, where I'd left the book.

"Meet me in my room, I'll be right back." I instruct him, watching as he nods and goes to my bedroom. I smile at his back before going into Xu's room. I walk up to the dresser and I grab the red book off the table. I waltz back out and I enter my own room. Squall was staring out the window, waiting for my return.

"What did you find?" He asks me, not turning around. I can still tell that Squall was a little distant over our little squabble this morning. I don't press the matter, though. I just hoped that I hadn't wrecked our friendship and the chance that we'll be together. I jump on my bed, crossing my legs under me. I saw a streak of dust on my leg, I need to remember to take a shower later...

"I found another book in Xu's closet." I tell my friend when he walks over to the bed. I pull the silver key from it's hiding place under my bed. I wiggle the key into the lock and I grin when it snaps open. I look up at Squall who looked excited. I open the book, the smell of dust assaults my nose. Apparentally, this book hasn't been opened in a while.... I look at the first page before reading it aloud.

(Author's notes: I don't know what the year is in Final Fantasy VIII so just bare with me here, I'm just gonna make some stuff up ok?)

"June 5th, 2006." Wow, that was like, four years ago! I look at Squall, who just shrugged at me.

"Dear Diary." It's a diary? Who's is it then...?

"Mikey got mad at me again today. I don't think he likes Matt very much. I don't know what his problem is. He said that I was too young for him. I don't see what's wrong with it, I'm fifteen and he's seventeen. That's not much of an age difference, is it? Well, I've gotta go, David's calling me for dinner. -Joey"

I stare up at Squall with a smile on my face.

"Maybe this diary will clear a few things up." Squall tells me, scooting closer to me. I clear my throat, but not because I was reading aloud. I turned the page, finding a few scribbles and doodles. No entries, though. On the eleventh or so page, there was another passage, but it looked like it was written in a hurry. They didn't even bother putting a date at the top.

"This day sucked! Well, it wasn't bad at first, Matt and me danced this morning, to Elvis. I love Elvis! His songs are so emotional. Me and Matt's song is 'love me tender'. I love that's so romantic... But then, when Matt was gone to the store, Mikey beat me up! He smacked me across my face! It hurts so much.... why does Mikey do this? Oh Matt, you don't care that he's doing this, I've brought it up, but you just don't get it... Oh well, maybe this is the way it's supposed to be..."

I finish reading it aloud, glancing at Squall. This was getting deep and we were being dragged down into the whole thing. I swallow thickly before flipping through the book, finding more drawings. There was a small drawing of a person that looked like David, though the hair was shorter. I found one more passage at the end of the book.

"June 20th 2006."

"Oh my god oh my god! Matt asked me to marry him today! I'm so happy! David is happy for me too, he told me so. I haven't seen Mikey around, though. In fact, I haven't seen him since yesterday. Well, I'm almost glad he's gone, now he won't hurt me anymore...."

I glance at Squall when I finish. That was all that was written in the diary. Squall averts his gaze, seemingly deep in thought. I toss the book on the floor and sigh.

"What the hell...." I mumble, more confused than ever. I look at my friend, remembering something.

"Hey, didn't Matt say anything about Mikey?" I ask hopefully. He shakes his head.

"No, he kept avoiding the question." My heart sinks. Man, this was getting more confusing by the minute. I roll over my information in my head. Ok, Matt tells Squall that him, Joey and David lived in this house. He never mentioned Mikey and wouldn't answer questions about him. David and Joey are brothers, but where does that leave Mikey? Who is Mikey and why did he kill Joey? I roll over onto my stomach, churning the information over and over. What the Hell am I missing? Strangely, I haven't seen Joey since that vision in the club. Was Joey trying to tell me something? And if so, what?

"This sucks." I mumble my thoughts aloud. I hear Squall grunt beside me. I'm guessing that he's as confused as I am. I'm proven wrong, of course.

"What about the brown book we found in the wall?" He looks at me. I think a minute. It had a gold lock. The red book had a silver lock and I'd found a silver key. Was there another key hidden in the house somewhere? And if so, where the Hell could it be? I growl in frustration before getting off the bed.

"I'm gonna go shower." I mumble before leaving the room. I needed to clear my head and wash off the dirt and sweat from my rumble earlier. I wanted to grill both David and Matt, but I'll wait until' tomorrow, or when I find the other key. I turn the shower on, stripping out of my dirty clothes. Maybe I should look around in the basement, it looked like there was a lot of boxes down there.

I step into the shower, leaving the door open. I'm paranoid when it comes to the shower. I sigh and wet my hair, grabbing the shampoo bottle. Leave it to Xu to own 'tropical fruit' scented soap...

"Squall?" I call out when I hear a noise. I glance around the room, peeking my head out of the stall.

"Zell, come play with me." I jump at the voice before recognizing it.

"Joey?" I call, rinsing my hair quickly. I hear him giggle. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. He appears at the door, his hands behind his back.

"Zeeeeeell. Come find me." He giggles again and disappears. I rush out the door, looking for any sign of him. I hear more giggling and I hear footsteps going down the stairs. I see no one on the stairs, but, I follow him down. The steps stops at the bottom. All's quiet.

"Come on Zell! Come play with me!" Joey's floating in the kitchen over the table. He sniffs at the roses on the table before grinning at me.

"Matt used to bring me these all the time! But Mikey didn't like it..." I went to say something but he'd already dissappeared. I watch the basement door open and I hear footsteps going down the concrete. I slowly follow, feeling a little weirded out. But, I sucked it up, I was determined to figure this shit out. I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up, I had a bad feeling about this place.

"Joey?" I whisper, walking down the stairs. I hear nothing but the dryer running. Was Squall doing laundry? I hear something fall over to my left, causing me to jump in fright. I stare in the general direction of the sound, walking sideways toward the washer and dryer. My bare feet feel cold on the concrete, water dripping on the floor from my wet body.

I could feel a chill in my stomach, like something wasn't right. I gasp as I step in something. It feels warm and sticky... I look down at my foot and my eyes widen. A large pool of blood was on the floor, with Joey laying in the middle of it. He was staring at me with sad eyes, his chest covered in blood and was spewing more. I raise a hand to my mouth, trying not to get sick. I'd seen death, but this was just a kid...

"Mikey is here." He says before screaming. I scream too, his face just twisted and morphed, getting more hideous by the moment.

"Run Zell!" I hear Joey yell at me. He's too late as I feel something wrap around my neck. I'm jerked up into the air, an invisible arm holding me in a headlock. I kick my legs, trying to break free. Air was denied entrance to my lungs and I was starting to feel lightheaded. I could feel stagnant breath against my cheeks along with a low growl. I was frightnened, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Zell!" I hear a familiar voice above me. I hear a loud growl next to my ear before I'm dropped to the ground. I immediantly start coughing, trying to open my lungs to air. I hear someone running down the stairs and I jump back, scared to death. It's only Squall, though. He looked like he just seen a ghost. Well...

"Zell?" He kneals next to me. I jump into his arms, grateful to hell. Who knows what would have happened had he not shown up? He says nothing as I breath heavily against his shoulder. I'm shaking and my towel had fallen to the floor long ago. He doesn't mention my state of dress. I suppose that he's shaken up at the whole situation.

"Are you alright?" I hear him ask me, rubbing my back. I sigh, leaning back. I stare at his face, which was full of worry wrinkles. I offer him a slight smile. I grabbed my towel and stood, wrapping it around me.

"Let's get out of here first, please." I plead with him, walking up the stairs. I didn't wanna spend another minute in that basement. Ever. When we're safely in the kitchen, I slam the door to the basement. I sigh a bit shakily before sitting on the kitchen table, moving the vase of roses. Squall just watches me from his position next to the sink.

"What happened, Zell?" He asks me, a worried and confused look on his face. I sighed again, unable to stop myself. I tell him about the current events, from the shower til' he showed up.

"And that's about it. What do you make of it?" I ask him, crossing my arms around my waist. I look up at Squall but he wasn't looking at me. He was staring at the ground, his hands balled into fists at his sides. He was shaking with rage when he finally looks at me.

"Who the hell does that 'thing' think he is?!" I blink a few times at his statement. He just glares in my direction, but I know he's thinking deeply about what happened. I didn't know he'd be so upset, though. Well, I guess I'd be really pissed off if it had happened to Squall instead... Wait.

"Hey, how come they never bother you?" I ask out of the blue. It just ocurred to me that Squall hasn't had any 'run ins' with Joey or whatever that other thing was. He doesn't answer me, and I'm surprised. I figured he'd have a comment on the situation. Suddenly, he shoves me back, causing me to lay on the table.

"What?!" I blurt out, staring up at my friend, who was looking at me with shimmering eyes. I don't get a chance to ask more before he's leaning over me, placing his hands on either side of my head. He dips his head down, brushing my lips with his.

"Zell, you don't know what ran through my head...and my heart when I saw you dangling there." A shiver runs throughout my body at his words. He kisses me, closing his eyes. I press up against him, running my hands over his shoulders. I feel that his whole body is trembling. Was he frightened for me? I feel my eyes stinging. Dammit, why do I get so emotional over these things?

"Sq-Squall, what are you doing to me?" I ask more to myself. He answers by sticking his tongue against my teeth, wanting in. I part my lips, leaning my head back, letting him swirl his tongue against mine. I feel his hands go to my hips, untying my towel. He pulls the towel apart, exposing my nudity to his lusty eyes.

"Zell, I want you." I moan into his mouth, his words setting me on fire. He pulls back and leans against my ear.

"Can I have you?" He whispers into my ear, his hot breath tickling my neck. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, thrusting my groin against his. He trails his hands down my chest, flicking my nipples softly before attacking my neck. I hiss uncontrollably when his lips graze along my sensitive skin.

I sigh appreciatively when he teases my thighs with his hands. He ran them along my hips, forcing them under my ass. He pulls me against him, letting me wrap my legs around his waist.

"Please...." I beg softly, my aching arousal not leaving me alone. I feel him stiffen, pulling away a bit. He stares into my eyes, he holds a look of concern and shyness.

"Zell, I've never done this before." He confesses to me. I lay back on the table, his hands still gripping my buttocks.

"Rinoa?" I inquire, wiggling my hips in his arms. He flushes and props my legs over his shoulders. He kisses the inside of my knee before smiling a bit.

"No. I've never been with anybody before now." He tells me, running his hands down my thighs. I adjust my legs, letting them lay on the crooks of his arms. I don't make it easy for him to unbutton his pants, what with my legs in the way. I grin at him as he tried to get his pants off. I laugh at him when he shoots me a frustrated look. I lean up, moving my legs down and dangling them over the edge of the table at his sides.

I quickly get his jeans undone, helping him pull them down. I watch his straining arousal stand at attention as he kicks his pants off. His shirt dangled a bit over his erection, giving it a mysterious look. I lay back on the table as he grabs my legs. I gasp, surprised as he runs his hand along my member, softly stimulating the organ.

I bite my lip and curl my toes, the slow fire pooling in my crotch. I watch him stick his finger in his mouth, staring at me as he sucked on the digit. My body tingles at the show, appreciating his actions. He continues to stroke me as he wets his finger. He smiles at me confidently before lowering his hand down toward my entrance.

I wiggle uncomfortably when his finger starts pushing into my ass. I tried to relax, letting his finger push further inside of me. The feeling of his finger wiggling and his soft stroking almost brings me to climax. I grab his hand, stopping his motions.

"Wait, you almost got me off there." I grin at his childish look. He pushes my hand away before stretching my opening with his fingers. I lean my head back, closing my eyes. I gasp softly, his fingers causing my body to tremble with pleasure.

"Hurry..." I mumble incoherently, shifting my body against his pressure. I wanted it so bad. I watch him lean forward, his hand guiding his cock to my entrance. I feel him try to push in against my rebelling body. I relax as much as I can, feeling the head break through. I cringe, my face screwing up in pain.

"Shhh, Zell it's ok." I hear him whisper, his free hand running across my stomach. I feel him run his hand down to my member, taking my mind off the pain. He slowly inches forward, making me curl my toes in pain. I breath heavily, letting him slide into me. When he's all the way in, I let my breath out, trying to adjust to the foreign feeling. He slowly runs his hands up and down my cock, trying to soothe me from my pain.

"Squall." I groan, my voice scratchy with arousal. I plead with him with my eyes, wanting him to move. He does, making me flinch in pain. I see him grab my legs, letting them hang on his elbows. I push against him as he thrusts back in, my body filling with an unknown pleasant feeling. I want to feel more of it.

"Please." I request, begging him to take me. He leans forward before starting to thrust in and out of me at a moderate pace. My breathing turns ragged as I grab his shoulders, arching up into his pounding. My arousal grazed against his shirt as he pumped me. My body was no longer feeling pain, every movement made my blood run like fire. This feeling made me gasp, biting into Squall's shoulder. He grunts at me, throwing his head back.

A bead of sweat dripped down his temple before landing on my shoulder. I push against him, wanting him deeper. He drops one of my legs, grabbing my arousal. He leans further into me, my leg bending against the table. I holler in bliss, this new position even more intense. He pumps my member in time with his thrusts, driving me nuts. I feel the sweat run down my face as I rock against my lover.

He kisses my neck when I lean my head to the side, wrapped up in all the stimulation at the lower end of my body. I gripped his shoulders, grazing my nails down his back, underneath his shirt. He grunts deeply, pinching my nipple with his free hand. I've never felt so on fire! I couldn't concentrate on anything but his cock rubbing against my innerwalls.

Suddenly, he touches my prostate, making me arch into him, gasping loudly.

"Ergh!" I groan into his shoulder, raising into his pounding. He sped up, furiously pumping into me, placing his hand on the table next to my head. He breathed loudly, his face screwed up in pleasure. I held onto him as he ground me into the table. My back was arched like a bow, my member rubbing against his stomach.

"Zell..." I hear him pant next to my ear. I throw my head back, extreme pleasure pooling in my crotch. I could feel it coming. I almost didn't want it to end. I watched him suddenly lean up, a strange look on his face. He twitched inside of me, his whole body tensing. I scratched his back, feeling hot liquid in my tunnel. I groaned and leaned my head back against the table, my nails trailing down to his hips.

I feel him thrust a few more times for good measure before his hands were back on my member. I breathed loudly at the strong stimulation. I was hypersensitive to his touch. His hand felt calloused from weilding his gunblade. I thrust into his pumping as he rocked a bit inside of me, not pulling out. I cold feel him hardening again. I wrapped my other leg around his waist, letting my orgasm reach it's peak.

My body shivered all over as it waved over me. I felt his hand slow down, milking my cock for all it was worth. I grabbed the edge of the table behind my head, letting it wash over me. I sighed when it subsided, a pleasant after feeling flowing through my crotch. I watch Squall lick his fingers, the white substance visible on his tongue. I almost harden at the scene, my limp cock twitching.

"Squall." I breath out, not knowing what else to say. He says nothing after he licks his fingers clean. He pulls out of me finally and I cringe. It stung, a lot. I shakily sit up, my face inches from his. I press my mouth against him, sweetly letting him know that I enjoyed it immensely. He embraces me, tilting his head into the kiss. I pull away, my legs tingling from being in an uncomfortable position for so long.

He clears his throat before grabbing his pants. He pulls them back on as I watch. I slide off the table, feeling a bit akward. I grab my towel and I walk out of the room.

"I'm...gonna go get changed." I say, not turning around as I head toward the stairs. I knew I was probably blushing, this was the first time that I'd ever went all the way with someone. It felt...nice knowing it was Squall, my best friend. I headed up the stairs, my backside still a bit numb from all the rough handling. I head to my room, throwing the towel in the corner. I still smell a bit of sex but that was ok. I almost didn't want the scent to leave my body.

I got dressed, pulling on a pair of blue biker shorts and a yellow t-shirt. I didn't bother to coordinate, my mind was still fuzzy from the current events. I plopped down on my bed, causing it to knock into the wall. I jump when something falls onto my shoulder. I stare at it before sitting up. It was a picture. It was the one that hangs above my bed. I stand, grabbing the picture so I could hang it back up.

"No fucking way." I state as I stare at the wall. There, taped to the wall where the picture was hanging, was a gold key. I quickly grab it. I throw the picture on my bed before heading to the door. I finger the key in my hands as I make my way to Squall's room. I didn't know if he was in there, but I was bound to find out.

I open the door, but the room was empty. Hmph, he must still be downstairs. I bounce down the stairs, excitement evident in my steps. I turn the corner to the living room, stopping short. David was standing next to the TV, talking to Squall.

"Hey!" He waves at me. I wave back before jogging up to them. I still hold the key in my hand. David looks at the object in my hand before frowning.

"Where did you get that key?" He asks me, his eyes narrowing slightly. Uh oh. I think fast.

"Err, it goes to my portable locker." I lie, scratching the back of my neck. Squall gives me a confused look but I ignore him. David stares at me a bit more before turning back to Squall.

"Anyway, that's all I needed." I frown in confusion at Squall, who nods at David. I watch David grin before following Squall into the kitchen. What the heck? I watch Squall open the refrigerater, pulling something out. I cock an eyebrow as Squall hands the bottle of chocolate syrup to David.

"Thanks." I gape at David who grins sheepishly at me.

"It's...our anniversary..." He grins again, making me blush. I didn't buy that shit to have Squall hand it out for non-edible reasons. But, oh well I can just buy more. David goes to walk away but Squall places a hand on his shoulder.

"David, I have a question." He says, piquing my interest. David shifts from foot to foot.

"Yeah?" He says. Squall crossed his arms over his chest, looking to the side.

"Um, what do you know about Mikey?" David visibly tensed at the mention of that name.

"I'm sorry, I've gotta go." He says quickly before walking through the living room.

"Wait!" I call, extending a hand toward him. He kept walking.

"I'm sorry." He says before running out the front door. I look at Squall, who looked just as confused as I did. I crossed one foot over the other, looking at the front door.

"...The hell...?"


End of chapter 10.



Notes from Tori: Hey all. I'm done with this chapter and the big lemon. *whew* That was a hard one to write! I don't know why, I usually LIVE to write lemons. Anyway, *coughs* what DID you think about the making love scene. Be honest with me because I'm honest with you guys everydamn day. Ha ha ha. Drop me a line, please. Pretty please?!


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