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Terminal Recovery

Chapter Eight - Let Loose, Get Drunk

By Tori Singer

Ugh, what is that awful pounding? Why won't it stop? Oh wait, that's my head. I roll over in the bed, running my situation through my still pounding head. Where am I exactly?

"Zell?" I hear a voice, Squall's voice. I open my eyes, staring at the white pillow in front of my nose.

"Zell?" I hear again. I roll toward the voice, taking in Squall's appearance. He was standing in front of my window. He looked disgruntled. I sit up, rubbing my head.

"What happened?" I whisper, trying to will away my headache. Squall comes over and sits on the bed next to me.

"I don't know, you're the one who started flying!" He teases me, trying to lighten the mood. I stare at my friend, feeling guilty. Poor Squall, I didn't even get to finish what I'd started. Oops.

"Sorry." I try, offering him a weak smile. He pats my shoulder before standing up.

"Don't worry about it." I almost predicted that response. Squall always says that when one of us apologizes or something. I stand, my knees feeling slightly shaky. I look around my room, taking in it's cleanliness.

"Been cleaning?" I ask, walking over to my dresser. I hear Squall chuckle.

"I was bored and you wasn't waking up any time soon..." He trailed off, leaning against the windowsill and staring out. I pull on a shirt, covering my naked chest.

"Anything else happen?" I ask him, placing my butt on top of the dresser. He looks at me like he had forgotten something. He waved toward the door. I looked over and saw a book laying on the floor.

"Where'd you find that?!" I ask him, hopping down. He walks over and picks it up.

"In the wall." He states like it wasn't an unusual thing. My eyes bug out and I step back.

"In the wall? What do ya mean?!" I plop on the bed and he tosses the book at me. Squall has a slight embarrassed look on his face. He glances toward my window. I turn and look, finding a small hole in the wall. I cock an eyebrow at my friend.

"And.....what made you decide to look 'in' the wall in the first place?" I inquire, fingering the small brown book in my hands. He stiffly walks away from me and leans against my dresser.

"I kind of got a little bit angry and I...just..." I shrugs. I grin at him, he was so cute sometimes.

"Didn't know you were so sexually frustrated, man!" I couldn't help retorting. I rolled out of the way when he threw my comb at me. I just laugh at his scowl. I look down at the book, noticing something on the side.

"Hmmm, it's locked." I mutter, looking at the golden lock. I hear Squall snort.

"Isn't that what your key's for?" I almost smack myself. I pull the key which, was surprisingly still in my pocket. I try to fit it inside. It don't fit.

"Frickin' Hell!" I holler, trying to find a way for the key to fit.

"What?" Squall asks impatiently, strolling over.

"Ohhh! It won't freakin' fit!" I throw the book, smacking Squall in the chest. He grunts and it falls to the floor.

"Oh! Sorry." I grin sheepishly at him. He just rolls his eyes and takes a deep breath. Trying to decide if killing me was worth it or not. I slip the key back into my pocket.

"Maybe we can get into the book some other way?" I speak mostly to myself as I pull on the lock. It doesn't budge. Why did these old fashioned locks have to be so damn modernly complicated? Squall crosses his arms over his chest.

"Well, it's getting late, and I am gonna go take a shower." I stop at his words, they reminded me of the first time I'd gotten in that damn shower.

"Be careful." I warn him as he walks out the door. I fiddle with the book before throwing it in a corner. I hear the water running in the other room. I briefly consider sharing the shower with Squall. Would he mind? Probably.

"Man." I can't help but feel sorry for myself. I had his cock in my mouth and everything, but noooo, I like, pass out or something. Urgh, I hate this house! I hear movement in the bathroom, it's faint, but I know that Squall had gotten in the shower. He'd fixed the door, too, now there was a hole in the plexi glass so you could reach out and open it from there.

I gather my nerve as I stand. I walk out the door and down the hall, shedding clothes as I went. I hope he doesn't get mad. Well, I mean, I've seen him naked and he's seen me, so, I don't see a problem here. I slowly open the bathroom door, not knowing what I'd see. With this house, it could be anything.

"Squall?" I whisper, actually hoping he wouldn't answer. I enter the room, shutting the door behind me. I'm completely nude, now, staring at the silouhette through the door. He was rubbing himself under the spray of the water. I felt myself hardening. I watched the fuzzy image of his arm moving back and forth. I hear him moan, making me want to shove the door open and get on my knees.

Suddenly, he stops. I freeze when he slides the door open, a confused look on his face. He rlaxes when he sees me.

"Oh, it's just you. I thought it was....something else." He blinks, staring at me. I don't know what to say, so I just stand there like a moron. Finally, he turns back to the water, leaving the door open. I look down at his throbbing arousal and I can't stop myself.

"Squall?" I call, taking a few tiny steps forward. He looks at me again, a pouty look on his face? Was he teasing me? I couldn't tell, but his eyes just looked so....seductive.

"Uh...." My sentence gurgled in my throat when he grabs his member again. I bite my lip, watching him jerk himself. He places a hand on the wall in front of him and throws his head back, making me want to scream with him. Since when did he get so forward? I step up to the open door, maybe a foot away from him.

"Sq-" I try again, but he looks at me once more. His lips part and his tongue peaks out. He runs it over his top lip, begging me to join him. He steps to the side as I climb into the stall with him. He leans against the wall, staring at me. I pull the door shut, blocking out most of the light. It was pretty hot and steamy in there. He looked at me some more, daring me to make a move.

I reach a hand out, running it along his wet chest. I press up against him, the hot water running down my back and dripping down my ass. His lips are willing when I kiss him, running my tongue along his chin and mouth. He places his hands on my shoulders, pulling me even closer. I feel his stiff organ poking my stomach.

"Squall." I breathe out, teasing his sides with my fingertips. I wanted to savor this moment, before.... I whirl around, looking every which way.

"What's wrong?" I hear my lover ask me. I'm so fucking paranoid.

"Just makin' sure." I assure him, giving him a grin. I never know what that damn Joey's up to. I kiss his chest, lowering my body slowly. I trail my tongue down his stomach, pinching his nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. I feel his body shake at my menstrations. I get down to his wet pubic hair, kissing around his hips and inner thighs. I could hear him growling above me, wanting more.

I don't want to end this too fast, but then again, we need to start something before Joey intervines. I wrap my hands around his hips, gripping his ass. He groans and I feel his fingers twirling my hair. I lap at the head of his member, tasting the precum he had to offer. It tasted a bit bitter, but I wanted more of it.

I squeezed his cheeks, pulling his member in my mouth. I swirled my saliva coated tongue across his shaft, tasting every inch of him. I ran my hands down to his crack, fingering his opening. I feel him flinch, ah so he was a virgin.

"Don't worry baby." I mumble around his shaft, the vibration causing him to jerk.

"Ah, Zell!" He leans forward, running his hands along my shoulders and back. I bob my head back and forth, letting his cock smack against the side of my cheek. I could taste more pre excitement in my mouth, urging me on. I wanted to see him cum finally, after all this damn time of trying.

I nibbled the head, teasing the sensitive flesh seductively. Well, I hoped it was seductively anyway. I could hear Squall's deep breaths above me, letting me know I was doing something right. I grazed my teeth along his organ, feeling him twitch. I suctioned my cheeks, pulling all the way up and letting him fall out of my mouth with a 'pop'. He leans against the wall, trying to catch his breath.

I don't let him as I attack him again, bobbing furiously. I tried to take him all into my mouth, fighting my gag reflex. I heaved once, but got over it. I reached with my hands, wanting to feel his balls. I squeeze them softly a few times, getting a feel for his body. He moans loudly above me.

"Zell, wait...I'm getting close..." I worked faster, focusing my attention on the head of his member. I nibbled and chewed, twisting my tongue around the small end. I grab the base of his cock with my hand, pumping along with my mouth.

"Zell, I swear I'm gonna go in your mouth..." Was he wanting me to stop? I didn't care, I wanted to taste him.

"I wanna taste you." I whisper, my breath flowing over his member. He throws his head back against the wall with a 'thunk'. I could feel his organ warming slightly. I knew it would be anytime now. I heard him whimper above me before the water suddenly turned cold.

"Ohhh!" I shout around his cock in shock. I hear him grunt before spilling into me. I felt the warm, bitter liquid fill my mouth. I force myself to swallow, drinking his substance. The freezing water bit down on my shoulders and ran down my body.

"Ahh! Ahh..." Squall moans above me, emptying out. I stand shakily, turning the water off.

"The hell was THAT?" I mumble, looking at Squall for an answer. He just groans and grabs me, pulling me into his embrace. I barely have time to breathe before we hear a pounding downstairs. I go to pull away but Squall squeezes me.

"Leave it." He tells me. I let him kiss my neck, trying to ignore the knocking downstairs. Curiosity gets the better of me and I pull back. He glares at me as I pull a robe over my body.

"Zell, I want to return the favor." I almost grin and pounce him, but I had to go see who was at the door at this hour of the night. It had to be about eleven or so...

"Don't worry, baby, you can make it up to me!" I flash him a grin before leaving the room, savoring the pleading look on my commander's face. I bounced down the stairs, feeling giddy inside. I got Squall Leonhart off! I wanted to scream to the world at this accomplishment.

I stop in front of the door, listening to the knocking on the other side. I grab the doorknob and swing it open. There, standing in the rain, was David. He had a hand over his head, trying to ward off the rain. Pitiful.

"David!" I exclaim in surprise. He grins at me, making me notice his outfit. Slut was the only word that came to mind. He had a VERY small pair of leather shorts on, with a black belly shirt, showing off his tanned skin.

"Ya gonna let me in?!" He begs, bouncing on his black boots. I step aside, letting him inside. He shakes his long hair, which was up in a long braid. I just flinch, the cold rain water dotting my brow. He finally stops shaking and he grins at me.

"Whazzup?!" He greets me, laughing at my look.

"Ya look surprised to see me!" He laughs again before plopping on the couch. I cringe as his wet body soaks into the seat. Then I remember that he said something.

"Oh, uh yeah well I didn't expect anybody in this rain, at this hour." I tried to drop the hint that he was interrupting but he didn't notice. Typical.

"Yeah, well we just wanted to see if you guys were busy." I cock an eyebrow.

"We?" I ask, I didn't remember seeing Matt at the door. David looks at the front door with a laugh.

"He's in the car, waiting.!" I was starting to see where this was going....

"We were going up to Deling for awhile, visting a few places, wanna come?" I snorted at his last comment. I was going to until' he showed up. I shrugged.

"Where are you going?" I ask, leaning against the stair rail. He grins at me, causing me to feel uncomfortable.

"Oh, here and there..." He winked at me. I hope to god he was not asking me and Squall to go to a strip club with them. That would be funny, me having to ask Squall to go to a bar.

"Please?" He pouts at me, almost wavering my nerve. I had to decline, there was no way....

"Squall?" Way. I pounded on his bedroom door again, this time, he pulled it open. He was wearing flannel night pants and that was it.

"What?" He asked finally, after we stared at eachother. I bit my lip, now how was I going to ask him.

"Ya busy?" I ask, flicking my hand in the air. He shrugs.

"I was planning to be." He glares at me playfully. I'm taken aback at his letcherousness. I shift from foot to foot, still wearing that robe.

"Well, David and Matt are here, and they wanna know if we'll go to Deling with them." I get it out, waiting for his angry retort. He glances at his watch, squinting in the faded light.

"It's after eleven, why so late?" I just shrug, I guess they were nightowls. He sighs before turning away from me.

"Just as long as we're not gone too long, alright?" I'm shocked that he accepted, I figured that he wouldn't go even if Hell and high water was coming. I grin as he shuts the door. Now, what to wear....

I scrounge around in my closet, looking for SOMETHING acceptable. Nothing but t-shirts and shorts. Well, maybe I could steal a pair of Squall's leather pants.... I almost get hard at the thought of his leather. I decide that I'll also steal one of Xu's shirts. I'd heard rumors of her friskiness. I make my way to her room, heading toward the closet. I rummage around for a while, looking for something that was the least bit sexy.

I spot a shiny, silver shirt in the back. I step further in, yelping when the floor gives way. I jump back, the carpet sunk in about a few inches. I get on my hands and knees, pulling away the carpet from the floor. There, in a hole nestled in the floor, was another book. It was dark red, blood colored. I gulped and picked it up.

I noticed that it was locked too. But, the lock was silver on this one; not gold like the brown book. Was this the book that the key I found went to? I stand and walk over to the dresser. I set the book on the top, planning on getting the silver key later. I'd have to look some other time, I wanted to go out tonight. I almost wanted to get sloshed and be fucked that way.

I almost faint at my own thoughts. Did I really want that? Not remembering the exact details of such an important moment? Ah, what the hell. I grab the silver shirt from the closet, mindful of the gaping hole in the floor. I hold the small thing up in front of me.

It was very cool, it had little fringes on the bottom with little beads hanging off. It had no sleeves and was low cut. I loved it. I wonder if Squall will love it also? I bunch it up in my hands as I leave the room, heading over to Squall's. Now, how to persuade him to let me borrow his pants...

I open the door, finding it empty. Was Squall downstairs with David? My chest tightens at the thought. I shake my head, I have nothing to worry about, Squall won't cheat on me. Well, cheating isn't the word I'm looking for. It's not like we're a couple or anything were we? I dig through his drawers, looking for that one pair...

I finally find it, it's the pair of pants that he arrived here in. I hold them out in front of me before deciding that they would fit. A little long in the legs but that'll be alright. I mentally try to make a note to thank Seifer for packing them. Ha! That'll be the day.

I throw my robe into the corner before dressing in the tight clothes. I look in the floorlength mirror next to the bed. Oh yeah, I liked the look. My hair was stringing in front of my face, giving me an unusually mysterious look. I give my reflection a cheeky grin before leaving the room. I slipped my sneakers on, them being the only pair of shoes I brought besides my sandals. And I was NOT wearing flip flops with leather. Nuh uh.

After I combed my hair a little, I decided to let it hang around my ears. It looked cuter that way, I think. I grabbed my silver chain off the dresser. It was a simple chain that my mother had given me for my birthday one year. I slipped it over my head; it nestled against my chest nicely.

I bounded down the stairs, turning into the living room. David was straddling the arm of the couch, talking to Squall. My breath catches at my commander. He was wearing black pants that zipped up the side. He had many belts hanging off his hips, red ones and black ones. He had on a light grey shirt that snuggled against his muscles very nicely. Griever hung around his neck, a subtle reminder of who he was. My commander and the Headmaster of garden.

"Hey!" I greeted, leaning against the back of the couch. Squall cocks an eyebrow as he stares at my pants.

"Are those..?" I stand quickly and I grab David's arm.

"Come on let's go!" I say pretty fast before dragging him out the door. We run down the steps and into the rain. I turn, waiting for Squall. He comes out of the house and locks the door. He just stares at me as we walk to the car at the bottom of the hill. It was pretty nice. It was a dark blue from what I could tell.

I spotted Matt sitting in the driver's seat, looking impatient. I scuttled into the backseat, marveling at the leather interior. Matt turns and looks at me from his seat. He grins as he looks me up and down.

"Lookin' nice." He teases before looking over at David, who just slid into the car. I hold my breath as Squall gets in next to me. He was still staring at my pants as we drive off. I know he wants to say something about it, I just know it. I avert my gaze from him and I stare out the window.

"Zell..." He starts, causing me to laugh.

"Are we there yet?" I thump my head against the window and restrain myself from throttling David. He whined again.

"It's taking too long! Are you lost, Matt?" I hear Matt's irritated sigh.

"Shut up, David." He finally says. I hear the long haired man moan something before all was quiet. I watched out the window at the falling rain. You couldn't hear anything over it either. I sneak a peek at Squall, who was staring at his feet. I look, too. There was nothing unusual...

"Somethin' wrong?" I ask, trying to break the silence. He looks at me after a bit. He must have been deep in thought.

"Hmm? No." He looks back at his boots. I frown, was he trying to ignore me? I lean closer to him, causing him to stare at me.

"What?" He inquires, backing away a little. I pout, unable to stand it.

"Come on! What's wrong?" I ask again, sliding a little closer. He crosses his arms and stares out the window.

"Nothing." I scowl at his stubborness. Why does he always do that? We'll be getting along so well and then he'll just shell up. What's his problem anyway? I fume silently to myself. The tension in the car was almost tangible.

"The windows on the bus go up and down! Up and Down! UP AND DOWN!" I almost screech at David, who just kept singing.

"Row row row your boat!"

"AUUGGH!" I scream.

"We're here!" David bounces in his seat. Thank God I say to myself. I don't think I could've taken another chorus of 'mary had a little lamb'. I think I've heard enough versions now to last a lifetime. I watch as the city comes into view, the bright lights still visible in the rain. We pull onto a busy street that was packed with cars. I was in awe at the amount of people out in the rain. A city that doesn't sleep, huh?

"Where are we going...exactly?" I ask, not wanting a vague answer. Before David can speak, Matt looks at us in the rearview mirror.

"A place called 'Fallen Angels'. It's a new club that was built recently." I go back to staring out the window, wishing for a drink. A strong one. Pretty soon we're pulling into a small parking lot. It had quite a few cars parked outside. I could already hear the thumping of a deep beat coming from inside the building. Neon lights were decorating the outside.

It had a sign with a neon lighted angel on it. It was pretty neat. We all got out of the car, the rain had slowed to a drizzle. We walked up to the doors, there was a bouncer at the entrance. He was pretty good looking. He was big and beefy, though. His neck popped threateningly as he turned to look at us.

"Hiya!" David greets, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet. The man nods and lets us pass. I follow him into the club, Matt and Squall's footsteps behind me. I didn't get far inside before I froze.

"Damn!" I holler, yelping when Squall and Matt walk right into me. We straighten out, looking a little flustered. Squall crosses his arms.

"Problem?" He closes his eyes and cocks an eyebrow. Does he know just how commanding he looks like that? I shake my head, remembering.

"I forgot my money at the house. I'm gonna go find an ATM machine. I'll catch up with you later." Squall sighs in irritation at my ignorance. I grin at him.

"Go on and save me a seat at the bar!" I slightly shout over the music. He finally nods and follows Matt and David over to where they were serving drinks. I looked around, trying to spot the bright green ATM sign. Giving up, I walk over to a waiter. He looks at me with his big green eyes. He had shoulder length dark hair and was sizing me up. I try to ignore him.

"Um, can you tell me where I can find an ATM?!" I holler over the music. He grins and wiggles his finger, leading me behind a few doors. We come across a game room, filled with pinball machines and other 'luck' games. I see the ATM in the corner. He leads me over to it. He leans against it, pulling me up to him.

"Is there anything else you need?" He asks in a sickeningly sexy voice. I try to pull away from him but he holds on, frowning.

"You're no fun...." He pouts before sauntering off. I watch him walk away, his ass swinging rather nicely in those pants. I shake my head. If I were single I would but, no, I'm with Squall. I start pushing a few buttons on the machine, planning on drawing out my savings from Balamb.

I take out 1,000 gil before I was satisfied. I pocket the money, turning toward the doors to the dance floor and bar. I tried to ignore all the looks I was getting from the men in the game room. They weren't bad looking, they were actually pretty cute. I tried so hard to ignore them. I let out the breath I was holding when I reached the bar.

I sat down next to Squall, who was sipping a brown liquid. He motions to the glass in front of me.

"Have a drink." He offers, tilting his glass back, downing it. I grab my own glass and I gulp it down, wincing at the burn in my mouth.

"Where's David?" I turn to look at Matt, who was sitting on my other side. He shrugs.

"I dunno, he took off to do something. He wouldn't say what, though." I sigh and order another drink. I never know what that boy's gonna do. When my second drink arrived, David came bounding up behind me. He slapped me on the back, almost making me spill my drink.

"Ahh! David don't do that!" I scold at his sheepish look. He grins at me secretly. Uh oh.

"What are you up to?" I narrow my eyes at him, trying to read his face.

"Nothing....." He trails off. Suddenly, the DJ comes onto the speakers.

"And, tonights special guest dancer.....Mr. Zell Dincht!" I spit out my drink.

"Much." David finishes. Matt starts laughing at me. All eyes turn toward us. A few of the workers came over in security shirts. They grabbed my arms and hauled me toward the stage.

"What the! Let me go! No!" I struggle as I'm thrown on the stage. I get up on my hands and knees, causing a few catcalls to let loose. I blush a deep red when a spotlight comes down on me. I stare out into the audience. Men were everywhere, staring at me with grins on their faces. I stood and stared at them all. My knees felt shaky as some slow music started to play. I heard a few calls of encouragement from David and Matt. So, I did the only manly thing I could do.

I fainted.


End of chapter 8.



Notes: I know I know I'm an ass but don't worry, I'll get some more bar scenes in the next chapter! *winks* For now though, I just wanted to end it like that.


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