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Sex Kitten

By Rain

There has always been a lot of emotion in the relationship between Squall and I. There have been times where we did nothing more than hold each other late at night, or go on romantic dates, spending quality time together. It took a few years after the defeat of Ultimecia to realize that our rivalry - our connection - was the exact opposite of what we thought it was. It took awhile, but the wait had been well worth it. Some people think that our relationship is strictly physical, but they're wrong. I love Squall, and I know Squall loves me.

It doesn't mean that we don't share lust-filled moments, where our lovemaking is nothing more than a nice, good, hard fuck - which is the situation we found ourselves in at this moment.

When Squall and I first became lovers, he had been shy, and tentative - almost innocent - towards our lovemaking. After a few months, though, I realized that Squall had become a kinky-sex-kitten. He loved it when I fucked him hard, and fast, and deep. He had a strong set of vocal chords, and a very talented and willing mouth. It still surprised me at how much Squall loved sucking my cock, and masturbating for me. There was no innocence to his touches when it came to our hard fucks. But when it came to our lovemaking, Squall was quiet, and passionate, urging our bodies to become one in heart and soul.

But at the moment, I was handcuffed to Squall's dorm-room bed: one arm attached to both sides of the bedposts. I was naked, and waiting, entranced by the vision before me.

Squall was dressed in a black-silk robe, which came down to his knees, exposing his slim, ivory legs. The tie holding his robe together hung loose around his hips, allowing the silk material to part in the middle, where his firm chest was revealed, but not exposing his pink nipples. His right arm was placed on a black dresser beside him, and his other arm was gently stroking the pale skin that the robe revealed. From the angle of his body leaning against the dresser, his left hip stuck out more than usual, creating an almost womanly-curve.

I felt myself harden and come to full attention. Squall was sending me a sultry-looking smile with his storm-colored eyes half-lidded, and lust-filled. The rose-petal lips of his mouth parted in a quiet entreaty, whispering, "Do you want me?" as his pink tongue darted out to lick his full lips.

I opened my mouth to answer, but no sound came out. It seemed as though my mouth had gone dry.

"Well, Seifer?" Squall tugged at the tie holding his robe together. Immediately, my eyes zeroed in on the thin restraint. Just one more tug, and the robe would slide open, revealing every inch of Squall's body to me.

"I can't hear you," Squall whispered in a seductive tone. "I guess you don't want me." Squall sighed and tugged the tie free; his robe fell open and I feasted my eyes on his willowy body. "I'll have to take care of this myself."

I watched, transfixed, as Squall moved back a step to fall into the chair placed behind him. He didn't bother to pull the robe off of his shoulders. Instead, he brought his right hand up to his mouth, where he sucked his first three fingers into his mouth. I could feel myself harden further as he took in his fingers as though it were a cock in his mouth, and began to push them in and out. Every few seconds, I would see the tip of his tongue emerge from his mouth, leaving a trail of saliva around his fingers, before disappearing into the hot cavern.

Squall moaned around the digits in his mouth, tilting his head back a little to expose his pale throat. I trailed my eyes down his body - from the suckable arch of his neck, to the toned chest that reminded me of a porcelain doll - and landed on the hard erection between his legs.

"Mmmm," Squall moaned as his left hand trailed down the washboard abs of his stomach. His hand embraced the hard member between his legs, giving himself a firm stroke, and I moaned.

The normally cool room became several degrees hotter. Outside his window, where the night sky was present, the cool wind breezed by, unable to cool the heat of my body. As I watched Squall across the room, the dim lighting he had set for us reflected some of his sweat as several beads gathered on his forehead. His fingers were still pushing in and out of his mouth, and his eyes had slid closed, almost as if he had forgotten about me.

The strokes upon his arousal became harder, but slower. I could do nothing but watch as he brought his knees up to his chest, exposing the cherry bottom, which I loved to bury myself inside.

The balls of his feet pressed against the edge of the chair. I watched as he shifted, slumping a little against the seat.

Then his fingers departed from his mouth. He opened his eyes and met my gaze.

I understood his intention.

I groaned as Squall guided his wet fingers towards his entrance. His index and middle finger were the first to take a plunge inside. I became impossibly hard when those two fingers slowly pushed past the ring of muscle; they melted into his body, inch by inch. I forced myself to pull my eyes away. The pressure between my legs became unbearable. I fought against the restraints holding me to the bed, but it was a futile battle.

"Seifer," Squall moaned as I continued to fight against the handcuffs.

I chanced a look towards him, seeing his head thrown back, and his mouth dropped open. His two fingers were moving in and out of his channel, quickly. Even from this distance, I could see the pink pucker of his entrance, stretched to accommodate the two fingers thrusting in and out of him.

It was amazing how his body was able to remain on the small chair. His head was tilted back, a little over the back of the chair; his bottom was in the center of the chair, while his legs were spread wide - his knees resting against the arms of the chair - and the balls of his feet on the very end. The view of his body in that position alone was enough to make my aching cock weep. But his position, along with his thrusting fingers, and stroking hand, were too much for my body to handle. I could feel the metal of the handcuffs digging into my wrists, but the pain didn't faze me. The only thing I was aware of was the need to ram my cock into his tight ass, over and over again.

"Squall," I finally managed to growl. I sat up on the bed, with my arms stretched out behind me. I looked down at my poor cock, hard, and unattended. Several drops of pre-cum were gathered at the tip, and I could feel myself well past the state of blueballs. "Fuck!" I cursed, fighting against the restraints again. I looked down the center of the bed, where Squall was seated directly in front of me, oblivious.

Then his head tilted forward, catching my burning emerald-gaze. He was panting, and his sweat glistened like crystals against his body. His perfect mouth formed a little smirk, reminding me of the naughty-sex-kitten I had created.

"I thought you didn't want this," he managed to say. He didn't stop the thrusting of his fingers, nor did he stop the long strokes upon his arousal. "Gods," his head fell against the back of the chair again. It was tilted just slightly, so that I could see the bottom half of his opened mouth.

Against my better judgment, I glanced down at his puckered entrance again. His ring finger was inching towards the pink opening, where his other fingers were. Then, as the two pulled out, the third one joined and Squall cried out in ecstasy. The natural juices of his body began to leak from his stretched opening, and some of it dripped down his thrusting fingers.

"Fuck!" I tugged against the handcuffs, uncaring of the warm liquid that I felt slide down my arms. Even without looking at it, I knew it was just a tiny cut.

Squall didn't help the state of my hard, hard arousal at all. Instead, he intensified it by screaming, "Seifer!" as his fingers found his prostate. After being Squall's lover for so long, I was able to tell when he struck his prostate without being inside of him, or touching him. I could tell by the tone of his voice. And right now, his voice was dripping with need.

"Oh, Gods," Squall moved his hips against his fingers. The hand he had around his arousal began to stroke faster. "Nnnn, Seifer!" he cried as pleasure clouded over his mind.

As much as I was suffering by watching him, I found myself growling, "Make yourself cum, Squall. Fuck yourself harder."

Squall whimpered as he followed my command. I watched as his fingers slammed in and out of his body; the mouth of his entrance becoming a light red from his thrusting fingers. All three digits were bunched together as they slid in and out of his body, glistening with his juices. When I moved my eyes a little higher, I could see his left hand in his lap, fisted around his throbbing erection. He was stroking himself hard and fast, almost as if the tight pressure never left his body.

Then Squall lifted his hips slightly, slamming against his driving fingers - all three buried to the knuckle - when Squall cried out, "Seifer" as his orgasm hit, and his body shuddered.

I watched the milky fluid erupt from his cock in white ribbons, again and again. His cum rained down on his hard abdomen in spurts. I licked my lips and looked down at his moving fingers. I could see the mouth of his opening clenching and unclenching around his thrusting fingers.

I groaned at the ache between my legs from my kinky-sex-kitten. When Squall began to come down from his orgasm, he lifted his head from the chair and looked at me.

"Mmmm, that was good," he purred.

I whimpered like a puppy when Squall slipped his fingers out of his entrance, and then dipped them into the white puddle on his stomach. I couldn't help but watch as he brought his cum-coated fingers to his mouth, where he licked them dry. His pink tongue emerged from full lips and wrapped around his index finger. He licked at his cum as if it were ice cream leaking down his fingers. It was slow, and seductive as he kept his eyes locked on me. He swirled his tongue around each digit, licking at them as if they were lollipops. When they were cleaned, he'd reach down and gather more from his stomach, continuing the process.

He didn't stop until his stomach was cleaned.

By then, I was so hard I was convinced I'd become impotent for the rest of my life.

"Did you like that?" Squall murmured as he stood from his chair.

I couldn't find my voice again, but I managed to nod my head.

Squall's eyes raked along my body, taking in the state of arousal I was in.

I was still sitting up in the bed with my arms stretched out behind me, connected to the bedposts. My legs were spread slightly, and my large, swollen, leaking erection stood firmly between my legs, seeking friction, Squall, my hand, anything. I was horny enough to buy an inflatable doll if it was necessary.

Then he noticed the blood dripping down my wrists, and the lust from his eyes immediately vanished.

"Seifer, why didn't you tell me you were bleeding?" He rushed over to me, concerned; the seductive look vanished from his face as he narrowed his eyes and frowned his familiar frown. His robe fell off his shoulders as he climbed onto the bed, examining the cuffs that were still digging into my skin.

I didn't give a shit about the small cut I received from the handcuffs. I wanted my cock to receive Squall's attention, and him straddling me - with his bottom a few inches away from my hard cock - wasn't helping.

"Fuck it," I growled, catching Squall's eyes with my fiery gaze. "Right now, the only thing I'm concerned about is fucking you into next season."

Upon inspection, Squall realized that the cut was nothing, and he sat back on his heels. The frown vanished as he took on his role as sex-kitten again; a sultry smile made its way onto his lips, and he glanced down at my hard, hard cock.

"Would you like some help with that?" He murmured. Lust re-entered his voice, and he crouched down on all fours between my legs.

"Fuck," I groaned as I fell back against the bed, still handcuffed to the damn bedposts.

I could feel Squall's breath against the tip of my leaking erection. I felt myself twitch as his hot tongue swiped against the head, licking up the pre-cum that covered it.

"Suck it, Squall," I growled between clenched teeth.

Squall planted a light kiss on the head, and pulled away.

I lifted my head immediately, glaring at him.

Squall smiled seductively as he reached for a couple of pillows and placed them underneath my head. "I want you to watch me," he whispered before settling on all fours again, between my legs, and swallowed my erection to the hilt.

"Fuck!" I shouted as hot, wet pressure engulfed me. I looked down at Squall and saw his sultry lips wrapped around my length. His storm-colored eyes looked up at me as his head bobbed up and down, his cheeks drawn inward as he increased the pressure surrounding my arousal.

The pleasure of having the hot, wet suction around my cock after being hard for so long caused every nerve in my body to hum in appreciation. I pushed my hips up into the suckling heat, burying myself deeper into Squall's generous mouth.

Squall kept his eyes on me, meeting each thrust of my hips with a downwards thrust of his mouth. His tongue molded around the underside of my erection, embracing it.

I thought I was going to pass out.

"Harder," I growled, in an attempt to reign in hold over my surroundings.

I brought my legs up on the bed, bending them at the knee. Squall wrapped his right hand around the base of my cock, intensifying my pleasure by keeping constant pressure on my erection. He began to remind me more and more of a sex kitten; his chest and arms were pressed against the bed, and his bottom was raised high up, exposed to the open air. I wanted to thrust mindlessly into his mouth, but I knew that would hurt him. It took every ounce of my self-control to hold myself back.

Then he started moaning around my cock, sending vibrations up and down my length. I groaned and squeezed my hands tight, ignoring the metal - once again - digging into my skin.

Our eyes remained locked as he continued to go down on me. His long, dark eyelashes hooded his eyes just a bit; and his chocolate-colored hair draped over them, just slightly.

"Fuck," was the only word that managed to come out of my mouth.

Pleasure began building as Squall increased his pace, and pressure. Tendrils of fire rolled from my groin to every part of my body. I was panting, and sweating, feeling my hair cling to my forehead and the back of my neck. I rolled my hips as I felt my orgasm begin to approach. . .

And then Squall pulled away from me, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Fuck!" I shouted, glaring at him through the stray strands of hair that covered my face.

Squall hovered over me on all fours, reaching out blindly at something on the bedside table. I met his eyes with a crazed look, demanding to know why he delayed my release.

Then he moved to the side of me, releasing my hands from the cuffs. As soon as both hands were free, Squall found himself sprawled on the bed below me.

"You're going to pay for all of that, you cock tease." I crushed my lips against his already swollen mouth, seeking out his tongue and claiming every inch of him. I settled myself between his spread legs, and wrapped my left hand around my cock, guiding it towards his entrance. I used my right hand to support my weight next to his head. And when I broke off our wet kiss, I rammed myself into him, hard.

As I had assumed, he was still stretched from his penetration earlier. Squall cried out in ecstasy as I pushed into him, again and again. His arms came around my neck, and his legs wrapped around my waist. I placed my left hand on Squall's hip, and I didn't hold back as I pounded into him.

Squall felt like a hot, tight glove wrapped around my cock. It was so good. Pleasure bloomed in my chest as I rammed into him, unrestrained and satisfied as my arousal finally got what it wanted.

Squall whimpered below me, clawing at my back with his short nails. He pulled me down for a wet kiss, swirling our tongues together messily; saliva trickled down both our chins, but neither of us cared in the heat of the moment.

"Oh, fuck," I groaned in pleasure. "Is this as good as your fingers, baby?" I met Squall's half-lidded gaze and slammed into him harder. "Well?" I demanded, sliding myself inside, deeper and deeper.

I smirked when I realized Squall was unable to answer. He had squeezed his eyes shut, and he was moaning over and over.

I re-angled my hips and aimed for his prostate; a loud, unrestrained cry fell from his lips when I nailed it, head on.

I pushed myself up, holding his hips in both hands, and rested my weight on my ankles. I pulled Squall's bottom up, placing it on my lap. He tossed his head back and forth as the position pushed me in deeper.

"Seifer!" he cried, "harder, please!"

I complied, and he screamed.

I wasn't deep enough, though.

I pulled out suddenly, which caused Squall to tighten his legs around me in protest. I smirked as the tables had been turned.

"What do you want, Squall?" I mimicked his question from earlier with an evil smile. Squall looked up at me, hazy with need, and said, "You."

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

Even in his state of need, Squall managed to narrow his eyes and growl.

It made my smile grow even wider.

"I'm waiting," I said.

"Fuck me, Seifer."


"FUCK ME!" He threw his legs open, spreading himself wide. I growled and grabbed him by the hips, flipping him over. Immediately, he got up onto all fours and raised his bottom high.

I couldn't hold myself back.

After placing both hands on his hips, I shoved my cock into him, hard and fast. Squall moaned and leaned back into my thrusts, gasping, "Harder, Seifer. Fuck me harder."

All rationality flew out of my head at his pleading. I growled and slammed into him, losing myself to the pleasure of his tight sheath. After a few minutes of mindless pounding, I placed my hands on each of his round cheeks, spreading them apart. I groaned as I watched my hard cock melt in and out of his puckered entrance. I could see the skin surrounding his entrance glisten from the juices of his body. And the pink flesh of my cock glimmered with the same, wet substance.

I watched as my cock disappeared into his body, over and over. I could feel my orgasm growing near as the heat of his body surrounded me.

"Nnnn, Seifer," Squall groaned as he continued to push back against my thrusts. His hands were fisted in the bed-sheets, and his head was tilted down between his shoulders.

Both of our bodies were covered in sweat. I could feel it trickle down my neck and arms. Squall's back was glistening in the dull lighting, and when he began squeezing his inner muscles purposely, I could no longer hold back my orgasm as pleasure wrapped around me and flooded through my body.

I came hard as each jet shot out of my cock and coated Squall's insides. My vision went blurry as orgasm finally rushed over me, wave after wave. I tightened the grip I had on Squall's bottom as my pleasure reached its peak. Then I groaned Squall's name as I began to come down from my high.

When the world began spinning on its axis again, I could hear Squall panting beneath me, still hard.

I smirked and pulled my softening cock out of him. Then I pushed his chest against the bed, raised his bottom high into the air, and then buried my face between the globes of his ass.

Squall cried out in surprise when I pushed my tongue into his entrance. I was on my knees behind him, crouched a little in order to be at the perfect level. I wrapped my right hand around his cock, and used my left to stay balanced as I tongued him, in and out.

"Oh, God, Seifer," he moaned, pushing his hips back as my tongue formed a point. I could taste my cum as I licked out his entrance, and felt some of it drip down my chin, and his legs. I gripped his cock hard, stroking him relentlessly, demanding his release.

He came quickly, unable to handle the double assault. His inner muscles clenched around my tongue, and his cock twitched as his cum poured out of him. He whimpered, "Seifer" as each shot left his body. I smiled and removed my mouth and hand from his body.

Squall remained in his bent-over position for a while. I licked my lips, tasting a salty-bitter fluid, and smiled possessively as I watched my cum drip down his thighs. I pulled him up against me, and sat him on my lap. He sighed and tilted his head back against my shoulder, placing his arms on top of the arms I had around him.

"That was nice," he murmured, completely sated.

I smiled and turned my head, kissing his hair. "It was," I agreed, "my naughty sex kitten."

Squall moaned and snuggled against me, tired. "I love you," he whispered, nearly on the verge of sleep.

I smiled again and said, "I love you, too."

As I said earlier, my relationship with Squall was on an emotional level, rather than a physical level. But sometimes, instead of making love, mind-blowing, lust-filled sex could be accepted. We both know our relationship is based on love, and if anyone else disagrees with that, I have two words:

Fuck you.


~ Owari ~




AN: That was the kinkiest, smuttiest, PWP I have ever written. ^^;; I can't believe I wrote that! O.O;;; *embarrassed* I'm proud of it, though. I think it's the best lemon I have ever written, 'though I think it's 'cause I like kinky stuff like that. . . Hee-hee. No flames, please! I know it sounded like something straight out of a dirty porn movie. I didn't mean to make Squall and Seifer's sex life sound like a porn flick - I really believe they love each other, and their relationship is something completely emotional - in my mind, anyway.

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