Insatiable Bunny

By Rain

Weeks had passed since the day Squall had given me the best fuck of my life. To say that I wanted more was an understatement. I seized every opportunity I had to fuck him senseless; there was now a permanent limp to the commanders walk. If anyone had doubts about Squall's sexuality, they were gone now. It was clear to everyone that he was taken - both physically and emotionally. But . . . an unexpected thing happened a few days ago. While I was in the process of ravishing his mouth and relieving him of his clothes, Squall asked me to give him a break. He said his ass hurt too much.

I wore out my sex-kitten.

The knowledge both amused me and annoyed me. Sex was an addiction Squall was unable to get rid of; he needed it the same way he needed air. I needed it the same way I needed air. Three days is a long time when you've spent the past six weeks fucking seven times a day. The display Squall had presented the night he wore the black silk robe and handcuffed me to the bed had been burned into my mind, and I had been seizing every opportunity to relive it. For a while, I felt bad about fucking Squall like there was no tomorrow. Usually, we made love at least three times a week. But the guilt disappeared when I saw how much Squall was enjoying himself. There were still a few scabs on my back, where Squall had raked his nails against my skin, drawing blood, as I pounded him into the wall of our shared dorm room. Squall always said he liked it hard and fast . . .

I groaned as I felt my cock begin to stir. It had only been three days, but I spent most of my time masturbating; how could I not? Squall had said he was too sore to do anything, but that didn't mean that my kitten wasn't playful. He kept teasing me with lusty little looks that made my heart pound. Although my lover was sore, it was obvious that he was going through withdrawals. Just a few hours after Squall told me his ass hurt, he intercepted me in the hallway, threw me in the broom closet, and proceeded to give me the hardest, tightest, blowjob I had ever experienced. After, Squall had licked his lips with a lusty-expression on his face, grinning like the cat that got - and ate - all the cream. If I closed my eyes, I could still see Squall gazing up at me, long bangs shading his storm-colored eyes, and perfect mouth wrapped around my hard, hard arousal. The thick length of my cock buried inside of Squall's mouth always made him look, somewhat, small. At times, it still amazed me that Squall was able to swallow my entire length.

"Thinking of me?" A familiar voice murmured against my ear. Fingernails raked down the center of my chest, digging into the blue-material of my shirt, undoubtedly leaving a trail of red marks across my golden-skin. A warm tongue traced the outer-shell of my ear, sending tingles of pleasure arching down my spine. All I managed was a tortured gasp, tilting my head back to rest against Squall's shoulder.

"Mmmm, how was your class today?" Squall asked with his lips hovering mere millimeters away from my own. Those luminous gray eyes filled my field of vision, sending my pounding heart spiraling out of control. There was something hypnotic about Squall's eyes; they drew you in like he was trying to steal your soul. And there was always a seductive look to his eyes, reeling you in, bound and gagged and begging for more. If Squall was a drug, he would've been illegal.

"Class was okay," I answered with half a mind. All of my attention was focused on his parted lips, glistening with saliva, and begging me to suck on it. "I'm beginning to sympathize with Quistis," I added, belatedly. Squall had, somehow, convinced me to become an instructor. Ha! The kiddies had no clue as to what was coming.

"Really?" There was a slight curl to the corners of Squall's lips, the barest hint of a sadistic smirk. "Would you mind--" I cut Squall off with a deep kiss, unable to resist the taunt of his rose-petal mouth. A delighted moan rumbled deep within Squall's chest, and he parted his lips to allow my slick tongue to invade his mouth.

As always, Squall tasted like heaven. He opened his mouth to me, and his tongue slid out to greet mine in a slick dance. The chair I was seated on moved forward, slightly. We were in the second floor classroom, and I was seated at the desk in front of the room. Squall stood behind me and allowed me to plunder his mouth, tasting and licking at every crevice of his warm cavern. The taste of sweet honey, completely Squall's own flavor, flooded my mouth as our tongues glided together. It amazed me how Squall could taste so sweet, seem so pure, be so kinky, and still manage to be innocent all at once.

While our tongues continued to duel, I spun the chair, slowly, so that Squall and I were face-to-face. Almost immediately, he climbed onto my lap and straddled me, wrapping his slim arms around my neck. Even as he moved, our mouths remained connected, breathing through our noses in order to prolong the kiss. Every part of me felt as if I had caught on fire. Arousal held me dizzy with need, sending tendrils of warmth flaring through every nerve in my body. And still, Squall and I kissed, passion and desire flowing through our bodies like the pulling current of an angry ocean.

"God, I want you to fuck me," Squall breathed, breaking the kiss and moaning from the pressure of his arousal. "I miss having you inside me," he murmured, "fucking me, taking me, claiming me . . . I want you." His voice was so low and seductive, my heart threatened to burst from the blood rushing to my throbbing cock. It wasn't often that Squall swore, but here he was, nipping at my neck, murmuring the things he wanted me to do to him.

"Fuck, Squall, you're gonna make me cum in my pants," I warned him.

"No," said Squall, rubbing his bottom against the hard press of my erection, "You're going to cum inside of me," he promised, "I'm going to make you cum so hard, no release is going to feel the same for you again."

For a moment, I was startled at Squall's behavior; I had never seen him act this way before. But it didn't take long for me to figure things out, after all, Mr. Happy was reminding me of the warm depths he had been deprived of for three days.

Squall was horny, and he wanted my cock.

"Fuck, Squall, you're so fucking kinky," I said to him in a low growl. There were no complaints on my part, but Squall's growing sex-drive was something that became interesting with each passing day.

"You don't like kink?" A smirk played at his lips, and he arched his back, pressing his arousal against the firm abs of my stomach. "I need you inside me . . . it's been so long," he moaned, thrusting his hips up so that his erection received friction.

"I thought you were sore," I teased, attempting a smirk.

"I don't care," he groaned, "it's been too long; I need your cock." As if to emphasize his words, he began to rub his ass against my erection, the thick length pressed snuggly against the crack of his bottom. His hands landed on my shoulders, clenching tightly, and his head fell back, exposing his creamy throat.

Unable to resist, I leaned forward and fastened my teeth against the smooth arc of his neck, sinking my teeth in. A hiss escaped his lips and the metallic taste of blood entered my mouth; it was just a thin cut, but a small trickle of blood escaped. With a flick of my tongue, I soothed the slight wound and Squall moaned in appreciation, the sound vibrating against my lips.

"I'm going to give you what you need, then." I released his throat and attacked his mouth, pushing my tongue past his lips and ravishing him. Squall enjoyed the dominance and relaxed his mouth, allowing me to explore anything and everything. The hands I had placed on his hips moved up and under his plain white shirt, trailing across his smooth skin, sending shivers throughout his smaller body. It felt so good, holding him in my arms, knowing that no one had witnessed this side of Squall except for me.

A hand that didn't belong to me slid inside the front of my pants. It wrapped around my throbbing length, tightly; a warm funnel of familiar, soft skin, squeezing my cock in a teasing manner. Without conscious thought, I ripped Squall's shirt open, sending the torn shreds to the floor. No complaint came from my horny lover; all he did was moan and squeeze my erection harder, giving me a firm stroke that sent pleasure arcing through my body.

Pulling away from my mouth, Squall panted heavily, gazing at me with lust in his eyes. I focused in on his blood-red lips, wet and swollen from the pressure of my kisses. They glistened against the bright lighting in the classroom, and a thin trail of saliva connected his mouth to his chin. Those storm-colored eyes were becoming drowsy with arousal, hooded by his long, curled eyelashes. His cheeks were flushed a light pink, and his hair was a tangled mess, shading his eyes. The only word I could find to describe him was 'gorgeous', but even that didn't do him any justice.

I let my gaze travel down his smooth neck. There was a dark red bite mark on the left side of his throat, no longer bleeding but radiant against his pale skin. A flash of possessiveness washed through me, along with pride and love. Squall was a creature of need seated on my lap, moaning and rubbing against me like I hadn't touched him for millenniums. The hand around my cock was stroking harder and faster, sending wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure rushing through me. The proof of my desire had soaked into my boxer shorts, reminding me that Squall and I were still overdressed.

"Strip for me," I growled, gently pushing Squall off my lap. For a minute, I thought he wasn't going to go for it, but then he smiled and slowly stood up in front of me, moving with the feline grace of a cat.

Squall stood in front of me with his back facing the computerized-screen on the wall. I leaned back in my chair and made myself comfortable, unable to tear my eyes away from his lithe form. There was so much strength in his small body; his feminine appearance was deceiving to his enemies. I could just imagine someone misjudging Squall's strength because of his appearance.

"Watch me," Squall mouthed, moving his hands down the center of his chest. He closed his eyes as his fingers rubbed against his pink nipples. Almost instantly, they pebbled up into a hard ball, and Squall moaned as he pinched them between his fingers.

I shifted in my chair. Arousal was surging through my veins. I quickly removed the shirt I was wearing, tossing it to the side. Then I refocused on Squall, who kept his left hand rubbing his pert nipple, and let his other hand trail down the center of his stomach.

A light pink line followed his hands decent. Nails dug into his pale skin, raking across his stomach, and circling his naval with the edge of his index finger. I groaned when his hand slipped lower, playing at the edges of his dark, leather pants, teasingly. His fingers dipped below the waistline until the second knuckle, before they moved back up an inch, scratching his nails against his milky-skin. With every encounter I had with Squall, he seemed to become more experienced in the art of seduction. Maybe it was stupid of me to think Squall couldn't get any sexier than he already was. Of course, I wasn't complaining about being proved wrong. . .

With a flick of his wrists, each of his three belts fell to the floor with a loud 'clump', pooling around his ankles. Both of his hands moved down to the front of his pants, and slowly, they undid the only button.

Placing my hands on the armrests of the chair, I gripped the cool metal tightly, restraining myself. I wanted nothing more than to run my hands all over his sleek body, but his show was an absolute turn-on, and I didn't want it to end just yet.

The entire room was silent except for our loud breathing that came out in short pants. Squall looked up at me through his long eyelashes, moaning softly as he began to lower his zipper. The sound of each tooth descending echoed throughout the classroom, revealing another inch of milky skin to my hungry eyes. I ran a hand through my short, blond hair, feeling bits of it stick up because of my sweat. I was sitting with my legs slightly spread, my back pressed against the metal chair, and my hands gripping the armrests until my knuckles turned white. Squall stood between my legs and turned around so that his back was facing me. I had to bite back a moan when he began tugging his pants down his hips, allowing me to view the creamy skin of his backside. No matter how much time Squall spent fighting outdoors, his skin was unable to turn a darker shade of color - not that I minded. I loved the milky-whiteness of his skin. He reminded me of a porcelain doll.

Once his leather pants rested below his bottom, Squall bent over, exposing his cherry-red entrance to me, and tugged the pants down his smooth legs, slowly. I licked my lips as I gazed at his opening, feeling a possessive pride come over me from the redness. Squall hadn't been kidding when he said he was sore; his passage looked sensitive, and the angry red color proof of the claim I had over Squall.

Unconsciously, I leaned forward and ran my tongue across the wrinkled skin of his opening. Squall gasped and arched back, his inner muscles clenching as I moved my tongue over his entrance. Thick trails of saliva covered his reddened skin, and Squall pushed an arm behind his back, placing it on the top of my head, pushing forward, needing more of my tongue against his sensitive opening.

"Oh, God, Seifer," he hissed as he tilted his head around, resting his chin against his shoulder. I looked up at him from between his butt cheeks, smirking a little, before rubbing my tongue against his wrinkled flesh.

To say that Squall looked gorgeous was an understatement. His soft, dark hair shaded his pale, beautiful face and hung in tangles against his neck. His back formed a slight 'u' shape as he pushed his ass against my tongue, raising his bottom a little so that he could gain more of me. One of his hands braced himself against the wall, while the other sat firmly on the top of my head. And he spread his legs a little, moaning as each swipe of my tongue became harder, more forceful, causing his body to shiver, and his back to glisten as pleasure washed through him.

"Seifer," Squall whimpered, his storm-colored eyes falling shut.

I pulled away from him and forced him to turn around. Immediately, Squall pressed his lips against mine, hungrily.

While Squall and I kissed, I stood from the chair and maneuvered Squall so that he was standing on it. When I pulled away, Squall looked at me questioningly before I directed him to turn around so that his back was, once again, facing me.

Looking somewhat confused, Squall complied and placed his hands on the top of the chair. I reached for his left leg and placed his foot on the armrest, spreading his ass wider, allowing cool air to brush across his wet skin - but I knew that his ass could go even wider.

"Get on your knee, Squall, but keep your foot on the armrest," I ordered, my voice coming out rough with passion.

Squall did as he was told, settling on one knee, keeping his foot on the armrest, and clinging on to the back of the chair. He looked over his shoulder, clearly asking what was going on, but all I did was settle my knees onto the tiled-floor, and place my elbows on the edge of the chair.

Then, I buried my face against his exposed bottom, pushing my tongue past the tight ring of muscle. A loud, pleasure-filled cry burst from Squall's lips and bounced off the walls, echoing throughout the classroom. Squall pressed his forehead against the back of the chair, whimpering as I fucked him with my wet tongue.

"Oh, Gods, Seifer, it feels so good!" he cried in a voice I wasn't familiar with.

I moaned against his opening, sending vibrations against his skin, and brought more cries of pleasure from his sweet lips.

"Fuck me, Seifer. Please, fuck me. I need your cock inside me," he groaned, looking over his shoulder. His eyes were half-lidded, his mouth swollen and red, glistening with saliva and trickling down his chin. Sweat covered his back in a thin layer, and his dark hair clung to the back of his head, and his forehead.

The pressure between my legs was hard to ignore. I pulled away from his entrance and quickly stood, wiping the saliva off my lips and chin with the back of my hand. As I worked on removing my pants, Squall removed himself from the chair, pushing it to the side, and climbed up on the desk. For a moment, I paused to watch him, unable to tear my eyes away.

Squall leaned back against the desk, bringing his legs up onto the desk. He bent them at the knee and spread wide, exposing his cherry entrance that was caked in saliva. His arousal stood tall and hard against smooth stomach, but the hand that was moving down the length of his body didn't stop to wrap around his hard cock. Instead, three fingers circled the wrinkled skin of his entrance, before all three took a plunge into his passage.

"Ohhhh!" Squall cried, pushing his hips down. The mouth of his entrance swallowed all three digits, and there was no hesitation when he started fingering himself, hard and fast.

"Shit, Squall," I said, unable to think of anything else.

Quickly, I removed my pants and tossed them to the side. Then I approached the slim figure writhing on the desk, moaning and gasping, pleasuring himself with his own fingers.

Patience was something my sex-kitten was lacking.

"Seifer, please, I can't wait," Squall groaned, continuing to move his fingers rapidly inside of him. "Take me, please!"

I positioned myself between his spread legs and placed my hands on his knees. Squall removed the fingers from his entrance and grasped my cock, pulling me forward. Without further hesitation, I buried myself in one fluid movement, groaning from the hot tightness that gripped every inch of my hard, hard arousal. Squall cried out from the sensation of being filled, undoubtedly ignoring the obvious pain he must've been in. His legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer, and threw his head back. It seemed his need to be fucked outweighed the pain flaring through his bottom. The only way I knew he was in pain was from the inner muscles clamping around me, almost hard enough to cause pain.

"Is this what you wanted?" I growled as I began thrusting.

"Yessss," he hissed, moving his hips down to meet my thrusts. He used the desk for leverage as he rocked against me, trailing his hands down the center of his torso, leaving another set of pink marks against his flushed skin.

I looked between our bodies as I rocked inside of him. A faint trace of blood coated my throbbing erection, and the saliva coating his entrance glistened against his skin. If it wasn't for the fact that Squall brought a fist up to his mouth, biting on his knuckles because of the pleasure, I would've stopped out of the fear of hurting him - but it was clear that my sex-kitten was enjoying himself.

The mouth of his opening clenched around my cock. His entrance was now a dark shade of red from penetration. The normally wrinkled skin was now smooth, stretched wide in a thick 'o' to accommodate my arousal, pulling me in closer. Saliva and the thin layer of blood allowed me to thrust into him easily, moving inside him at a hard, slow pace. Squall rocked his hips, meeting me thrust for thrust, tossing his head back and forth as he bit his knuckles.

"Nnnn, that's it, Seifer, fuck me," he panted around his knuckles, "I need it harder, and faster; I want to feel you fucking me."

"Anything you want, baby," I growled.

I began a series of hard and fast thrusts. Angling my hips, I nailed his prostate and his hand fell away from his mouth with a loud cry. Pleasure washed through me as the pace increased. The warm, tight walls of his body gripped my cock, clenching around me, pulling me in deeper, trying to milk my erection for all of its worth. There was no better feeling in the world, except for holding Squall in my arms. Sex would always be second best. Cuddling would always remain first, even if I didn't admit it out loud. But at this moment, being inside of Squall felt like heaven.

"Oh, God! Harder, Seifer, I need it harder!" His hands moved above his head, gripping the edge of the desk so that his body wasn't pushed over the side. Sweat plastered his hair to his forehead, and his eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth dropped open in loud, arousing moans. The hard muscles of his abdomen clenched hard as pleasure arched through him, and his cock twitched, dripping pre-cum down the sides of his erection.

Below him, papers crinkled as his body moved back and forth from the force of my thrusts. A pen rolled and fell off the desk, its sound muffled from the loud moans coming from Squall's mouth. A part of me wondered if there were cameras in the room, and if the walls were soundproof. . . but who cared? It's not like anyone could kick our ass. . .

I gripped his knees hard, pushing myself inside him, deeper and deeper. I stole a glance down between our bodies again, watching my erection melt into his entrance, repeatedly. The length of my cock glistened with moisture, and I watched the skin surrounding his entrance move as my arousal moved in and out of him. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other rang in my ears, and his inner muscles clamped down on me, hard.

Then Squall sat up, quickly, a wild look in his storm-colored eyes. He pushed me backwards and climbed off the desk, his hands a pale contrast against my sweat-covered-golden-skin. I was pinned against the wall, the sharp edge of the computerized-screen pressing against me. Squall wrapped his arms around my neck, crushing our lips together in a bruising kiss. A tongue collided with mine violently, the two twining together in a hot, wet dance. I could feel his arousal pressing against my thigh, while my own was nestled against his hipbone, still wet from the moisture of his body.

"What are you doing, babe?" I managed to ask against his smoldering kisses.

"I want this to last," he mumbled.

Suddenly, he spun me around and jumped up, wrapping his legs around my waist. I held him around the ribs, supporting him. Then I was engulfed in tight, familiar heat. I moved forward and pressed his back against the wall, pounding into him, mindlessly.

Squall threw his head back against the wall, moaning incoherently as I rammed into him. My arms ended up below his armpits, holding him against the wall and thrusting into his tightness. He arched his back a little, allowing only his shoulders to rest against the wall, and tightened his legs around my waist. The position allowed me to move deeper and faster inside of him, and with every thrust, I nailed his prostate.

Sweat rolled down our bodies as heat grew between us. We were nearly drenched. Squall had beads of liquid trailing down his chest, down to his stomach. And I could feel my sweat rolling down the center of my back, dripping onto the tiled-floor.

"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Squall moaned over and over like a mantra. His hands gripped my shoulders, hard, and his eyes opened half way to meet my gaze. Our eyes remained locked as I continued to thrust into him, overwhelmed by the heat and lust in his eyes.

With every stroke, it brought us closer and closer to completion. The pleasure we were both feeling washed in and out of us, a growing riptide of desire and emotion. Squall began to squeeze his inner muscles rhythmically, keeping his eyes focused on the pleasure that showed on my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the bite mark still on his neck.

"I'm so close, Seifer, don't stop," Squall pleaded, "Please don't stop, please don't - OH, GOD!" The cry burst from Squall's mouth as I began a series of hard and fast strokes, the tip of my erection almost never leaving his prostate.

Nails dug into my skin, drawing blood. I looked between us to watch the rapid movements of my cock, melting into the pink-pucker of his entrance. Then I tore my eyes away when I saw Squall's erection begin to tremble. His inner muscles quivered around me, and then, white, thick liquid poured out of his cock, raining down onto the hard abs of his stomach. Each shot caused his arousal to twitch, sending another stream of cum dripping onto his stomach.

"Seifer!" he cried as his body trembled in pleasure. I continued to ram into him, causing more cum to burst from his hard cock. Ribbons of white liquid fell down onto his smooth skin, creating a large puddle that began to drip down his thighs. I could feel the warm liquid as it fell onto my own thighs, leaving a thin white trail until it fell onto the floor.

Then Squall did what he always did to send me over the edge. He looked at me with half-lidded eyes and dipped his fingers into the puddle that remained on his stomach, bringing the white liquid up to his swollen lips. His tongue darted out to lick at the bitter fluid, lapping up the juices like rapidly melting ice cream. The combination of Squall swallowing his own cum, and the tight heat of the wet muscles surrounding me sent me over the edge, and I was coming.

Squall held my gaze as pleasure washed through me, continuing to lick the cum off his fingers. As each shot of passion poured out of my cock, I was swept up to a new height of ecstasy.

"That's it, Seifer, cum for me," he whispered.

I emptied myself inside him, gasping loudly from the pleasure. Squall was squeezing his inner muscles, milking my cock for more and more of my cum. When I was finally spent, we collapsed to the floor with Squall seated on my lap.

"That felt really good," he murmured, nuzzling my neck with the tip of his nose.

I nodded in agreement, still out of breath.

Squall yawned and he reminded me of a kitten stretching its back, ready to curl up into a ball and go to sleep. Normally, I would've suggested going back to our dorm room so we could sleep. However, this was our first time in three days where we actually had real sex. I had a lot of time to make up for.

"What are you doing?" Squall mumbled, his voice drowsy from sleep.

I pressed my reawakened erection against his opening with a grin.

"It's been so long, Squally-boy," I smirked, nibbling on his earlobe and rubbing my cock against him. "If we stop now, you'll be too sore later."

Squall's eyes widened. "But--"

"Don't tell me my little sex-kitten is protesting against sex again," I teased, "or maybe you just can't handle it. . ." I trailed off, watching Squall's storm-colored eyes narrow in determination.

Needless to say, I ended up on my back with my sex-kitten straddling my hips. In one movement I was buried inside of him to the hilt. Squall threw his head back and began riding my cock hard and fast, little mewls of pleasure rumbling through his mouth.

After our second orgasm, Squall looked ready to pass out - but I was hard again. It took a lot of convincing the third time around. And a hell of a lot more on the fourth time. By the time we reached six, Squall was muttering incoherently, too spent to focus on anything in particular. Feeling a little exhausted myself, I dressed quickly and wrapped my trench coat around Squall.

When we entered the hallway, it was past midnight, and I was holding Squall in my arms. He was dazed and confused in my grasp; his eyes unable to focus clearly. I chuckled and said, "So much for my sex-kitten."

Squall rolled his head to face me. He looked delirious, but he said, quite clearly, "If I'm a sex-kitten, you're an insatiable bunny." After that, he passed out.

~ Owari ~


AN: There will probably be a sequel to this. After all, Seifer is still waiting for a night that surpasses their joining in "Sex Kitten". ^_~ The sequels probably won't stop until I write a lemon that I'm satisfied with. ^^;;;

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