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I have also written an off-shoot to this called the Idol Worship Arc. It details the meeting between Irvine and the GF he finds. It isn't required reading, but it has good smut.

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** indicates internal conversation.
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Push The Limits

Part 3 - Actions & Consequences

By Iron Dog

Push The Limits
Basic instincts, social life.
Paradoxes side by side
Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool.
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart and push the limits...


I was having a harder time than I should with this pregnancy according to the books I had read. It was all Seifer's fault. He was nervous about what was to come. I was his Knight and it was my job to take on some of his feelings so he could function normally. So, I siphoned as much off him as I could without him being aware of it. I shoved my own fears and worries into the back of my head and concentrated on helping Seifer by lessening his.

He didn't know what I was doing. He would have probably yelled at me for it. Thank Hyne he just chalked up my increased bitchiness to the hormones. I was moodier than normal, which was saying a lot.

I had just had to deal with Irvine and that damn GF of his. I still wasn't sure if I was making the right decision in letting him keep Sephiroth. The bruising on Irvine's ass and thighs had been hideous. It looked like Zell had used him as a punching bag when he was in a bad mood. Seifer had insisted that I order the GF destroyed. He said Irvine was thinking with his dick. He was probably right. But, oddly enough, Seifer had been the one to offer a solution for Irvine to keep Sephiroth. I never would have thought of a babysitter for the GF. I don't think Seifer believed either Irvine or Sephiroth would agree to the idea.

Seifer really hates that GF; I'm starting to think it's because they're a lot alike.

In addition to that, we still didn't know dick all about who had taken Rinoa and almost killed Viljo; or why. Viljo is worried sick about Rinoa. He has the kind of connection with Rinoa that Seifer and I now shared. I thought about being cut off from Seifer and not knowing where he was and if he was alive or dead. A shudder passed through me and I involuntarily placed a hand over my still flat stomach.

Viljo insisted that Rinoa was alive. He said he'd know it if she were to die and I believed him. I'm sure that I would know the instant that Seifer drew his last breath. I think I would follow him shortly after. I was tied so closely with him; it would kill something inside me to loose him. My body might continue to function, but my heart and will to live would be gone.

I gave myself a shake at the maudlin thoughts as I felt tears prickle at the corners of my eyes. Taking on Seifer's worries and anxieties was harder on me than I thought it would be. It was making me snappish and teary by turns. I was getting frustrated with it and I'd only been doing it for a few weeks. I hated the way I was acting, but I was powerless to stop it if I wanted to make things easier for Seifer.

I also had yet to inform Laguna that he was going to be a grandfather twice over. I just couldn't figure out how to tell him that I was pregnant. How often would a father expect to hear that his son was the one knocked up? I had to tell him that I had gotten Seifer pregnant as well. I'd be lucky if Laguna didn't drop dead from a heart attack on the spot. Although, he had taken the news that my lover was a man far better than I had hoped; I was thinking that a pregnant son was going to push the limits for what even someone as easygoing as Laguna could take.

I sighed and tossed the pen I had been toying with down onto my desk. I was tired from the sleepless nights I spent with worries that weren't my own. I was extra bitchy from emotions that weren't my own. I was more aggressive because, I guess, I was siphoning some of that off Seifer too. I was even a little nauseous from feelings that weren't my own. To perfectly top things off, I was hornier than fuck and Seifer wasn't. I never thought I'd live to see the day that Seifer didn't want to get laid, but that's what happened this morning.

I replayed the last time I had topped Seifer in my head. I was blessed with a wonderful memory and almost perfect recall for that kind of thing. Those were memories that the GF's didn't dare eat. My hand dropped to my groin and I pressed down on the stiff erection I'd had since I first woke up naked, aroused and pressed against Seifer's warm back. A soft little groan escaped me as I kneaded my cock through my leather pants.

**Squall?** Seifer asked in a voice I knew well. He was looking to get laid.

**What?** I snapped, still irritated and a little hurt that he hadn't wanted what I was offering that morning.

**Easy, babe. I was just going to ask if you wanted some help with that**

**You didn't want to help me with it earlier this morning** I said with a sulky tone as I continued to fondle myself through my leathers.

**It wasn't that I didn't want you. I always want you. I was tryin' not to toss my cookies. You know that those first few minutes when I wake up seem to make my stomach roll**

I did know. I was the reason that his stomach stopped churning. As long as I drew off the mood swings and the morning sickness, I was doing what I could as his Knight and his lover. But I wasn't about to tell him that.

**Give me five minutes and I can be in your office to give you a hand** Seifer said in a husky voice.

**I'd rather have either your cock or ass** I moaned softly as I changed the mental image to one of Seifer bent over my desk as I pumped his ass.

**So I get a choice now?** Seifer snickered. I felt him draw closer to my office.

**You always have a choice, Seifer**

**I know, babe. It's just fun to yank your chain. Especially now**

**Asshole** I muttered freeing my cock from the tight leather pants so I could stroke it without restraint.

**I can turn around and leave if you're gonna call me names** Seifer said walking through the doors of my office. He leaned against the doors and smirked at me. I heard the click of the lock and looked at him with glowing grey eyes and licked my lips.

//NEED, WANT, LUST, LOVE// I sent to Seifer along with the mental images that I was tormenting myself with while I rubbed a hand over my erection. I had the pleasure of seeing the teasing smirk slip from his face to be replaced with naked hunger. He was at my desk in three strides.

"Hyne, but you're fuckin' fantastic at that," Seifer gasped as he leaned over me in my chair before giving me the bruising kiss that I had wanted all day.

**Let me fuck you** I demanded feeling his hand cover mine and stroked me.

**Last time I let you, you knocked me up**

**So? You can't get more pregnant. Please, Seifer. I need to feel you hot and tight around my cock** I begged, arching into his hand. My siphoning feelings and emotions from Seifer were making me more aggressive in demanding my turn at his ass; not that either of us had a real problem with that.

"Fuck, I love when you beg. You know I'll do anythin' to hear you beg," Seifer groaned as he drew back from the kiss.

"Really? So if I begged you to let me tie you down to the bed and have my way with you, you'd let me?" I asked surprised as a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me.

"Really," Seifer said as he drew me up from my chair. "Just have one request. I wanna hear you talk dirty to me when you fuck me. You've never done that. And hard. I want you to fuck me hard. Since you won't let us practice all out with our gunblades, I got some aggression to work out. I know you do too."

I growled low in my throat.

If I had known it was this easy to get Seifer to do whatever I wanted, I would have swallowed some of my pride ages ago and begged on my knees for some of the things I wanted to do to him and have him do to me. If he was willing to let me at his ass, then I was going to do my best to fulfill his request. I shoved him hard against my desk and attacked his fly as I twined my fingers into his short hair. I pulled hard to bring his head down to mine.

"I'm going to make you walk funny, Seifer," I promised just before I claimed his lips in a rough, desperate kiss.

Seifer groaned and ground his hips against the leg I had thrust between his. His hands threaded through my hair and gripped me tight as he returned the forceful kiss. I broke away first and released his hair to pull his pants down to his knees. I let my hands caress his skin before I dropped to my knees and just had to take a taste of him.

**I love the feel of your cock in my mouth** I said as engulfed him with my mouth and sucked back hard on him.

Seifer hissed in pleasure and his hands held my head to him. I groped for the bottom drawer where I had started to keep a tube of lube because of Seifer's penchant for searching me out in my office for a little mid-afternoon sex. I had to release him from my mouth to get it from the drawer and his little moan of distress at my stopping was incredibly erotic and a thrilling power rush. I uncapped the tube and slicked my fingers. He may have said he wanted it hard but I wasn't about to hurt him.

I took his cock back into my mouth and slid down until my nose was touching the dark gold curls at the base. His gasp of pleasure and the softly groaned ‘Fuck yeah' spiked my own desire. I pressed a slippery finger to his hole and hummed my approval when it slid gently into his heat.

**You like this, don't you? Soon as I get you ready, you're going to be feeling my cock up your ass** I said as I began to stroke into him, while I continued to suck his cock down my throat. **Remember how good it felt the last time I fucked you?**

I began feeding him the mental images and feelings of the night I had gotten him pregnant from my perspective.

The overwhelming lust. The desperate need to be inside him. The absolute pleasure of feeling him tight around my cock as I stroked in and out. The sheer bliss of hitting my peak and shooting my load in his ass. The languid exhaustion as I lay over his back and enjoyed the feel of him clenching me tight during his own climax before I slipped from his body. The grip in my hair became painfully hard as Seifer panted and grunted as he started to fuck my mouth in deep strokes. I knew he loved it when I did that kind of thing to him. Something about experiencing the same sex act all over again from my point of view really pressed his buttons.

I pushed another finger into him and brushed over his prostate. His moan of pleasure was pure music to my ears.

**You want to come in my mouth before I take your ass? You know I love the taste of you; the feel of you coming in my mouth. Do you want to see your spunk spread across my lips?**

"Hyne, Squall, I didn't know you had it in you to talk like this. You're gonna talk me into coming if you keep that up," Seifer panted as he ground his ass down onto my hand.

**Then you better come soon, because I want to sink my dick deep within the next five minutes** I rubbed hard over his prostate.

"Oh fuck," Seifer breathed as he thrust hard before pulling his cock out of my mouth and holding it against my lips as he came. I moaned with pleasure as his muscles contracted around the fingers buried in his ass.

I opened my mouth to let the last few spurts hit my tongue as Seifer rubbed his softening dick over my seed covered lips. I stayed on my knees and held Seifer's intense, glowing green gaze with my own as I licked my lips clean. His little growl aroused me even further. I stood and let my fingers slip from his body. I turned him around roughly and pushed him down over the surface of my desk.

His skin was slightly flushed from his orgasm and when I spread his cheeks, his hole glistened with lube. I squirted more lube into the palm of my hand and reached into my open pants to pull my cock free. I spread the lube onto myself and rubbed the head against him before pushing in slowly.

Tight, hot muscles gripped me. I moaned as I pushed into him hard; making him gasp and move up onto his tiptoes. I pulled almost the entire way out and gave him a stinging slap to his ass before plunging back in. He bucked against the desk at the unexpected hit and his muscles squeezed my cock hard at the movement.

"Do that again. It feels fucking fantastic when your ass squeezes my cock," I groaned, beginning to drive into him with harsh thrusts.

"Let me feel what it's like for you. I want to feel your pleasure too," he grunted as I stroked in and out of him with near violence.

I opened myself as wide as I could for Seifer and let him share the pleasure I felt being buried inside him. He moaned under me and gasped as he wriggled his hips. I gripped his waist tightly as I started to slam myself harder into him, pushed close to release from giving him the blowjob and the bliss of being inside him. The desk began to move fractionally as I pounded into him, desperately needing release.

"Come, Squall. Come inside me. Let me feel that too," Seifer said in a breathless voice as he rode my desire.

I shoved myself into him as hard as I could and let my orgasm roll me under. A dark snarl left my throat as I pumped my seed into him. I felt him shiver under me and his muscles clench tight from the shared feelings. I held myself pressed tightly to his ass as long as I could before my softening cock slipped out of him when he shifted, making both of us groan. Seifer lay with his cheek pressed to my desk, the hair around his face a darker gold from sweat and a satisfied smile on his face as he panted lightly. I crouched down behind him and spread his cheeks apart.

His hole was loose and glistened with lube and my seed that was slowly trickling out. I pushed a finger in to tease him and was surprised when he clenched around it. I added another and started to finger him, startled when he began to circle his hips. I removed my fingers and leaned in to lap at him. He jerked under me and his breath caught.

**You're too damn good at this, babe. I'm hard again from sharing your orgasm and it won't take much to get me off**

**Think I can make you come from just licking you?** I asked as I flicked my tongue against sensitized flesh tasting lube and myself.

**Keep doing that and yeah, I think you can** he panted as he pushed his hips back towards me.

I smiled wickedly and proceeded to give him a tongue-lashing like he'd never had before. I stabbed my tongue into him and moaned at the heat. I felt him open fully to me and sensations bombarded me from him. I felt my own ass clench at the feel of a ghostly tongue teasing my entrance and probing me. It spurred me on until I was fucking Seifer with my tongue. I ran my fingers lightly over his balls as he rocked his hips and pressed his dick between the hard surface of my desk and his belly. He stiffened suddenly and growled as his ass clenched and he came again.

I sat back on the floor and panted. Seifer moved from his bent over position on my desk and joined me on the floor. He lay back and pulled me down with him. He kissed the top of my head and I could feel the smile.

"If this is what pregnancy hormones do to you, I'm thinkin' it's not such a bad thing."

I scowled against his chest and pinched his exposed thigh. His little yelp made me smile before it turned into a yawn.

"I think I wore you out. How about we make it an early night? Laguna is supposed to stop by tomorrow remember? We need to tell him about the babies and us as well as what happened with Rinoa and Viljo. We'll need all the help we can get if there is another war brewin' with a Sorceress."

"I still don't know how to tell him."

"You'll think of something. Come on, Squally-boy, let's get you into bed where I can properly fondle you," Seifer said as he pushed himself up and pulled me with him.

We adjusted our clothes and I tided up my desk and cleaned up the evidence of our little encounter. Seifer took my hand as he led me from my office to our rooms. I could feel the contentment coming from him and when I hung back a little to watch him, I smiled; pleased with myself.

Seifer was walking a little funny.


Somethin' strange was goin' on with Squall and me. I knew about the possible mood swings and other fun stuff like weird food cravings and barfin' at the drop of a hat. But Squall was actin' strange, even for him. He was snappin' at me for no reason and his moods were even more unpredictable than normal. I seemed to be perfectly fine. A little too fine I was thinkin'. He was keeping me from goin' deep into his head and the only reason he would do that is if he had something he wanted to hide from me.

Little shit should know better than to do that by now.

There was also the fact that he was more aggressive than usual when it came to sex. Not that I minded that. It was just not Squall. That little episode in his office the previous evening had been fantastic. I liked having his ass more than giving him mine but, Hyne, every time I let him top me; I got two orgasms out of the deal. Who the fuck is gonna bitch about that? Not this cat.

There was also the weirdness that I never really noticed before about my feeling sick. It vanished as soon as Squall woke up. I woke up this morning before Squall and only made it half way to the john before I had to sprint to avoid pukin' on the carpet. There I was; drivin' the porcelain bus and thinkin' it would never end when I felt Squall's hands on my back. Just that fast, the urge to barf up my toenails was gone. Squall looked a little green but I had been doin' an impressive job of heavin' up everything I'd eaten in the last year. That would make anyone turn a little green.

I needed to confront him about whatever it was he was hiding from me. He was stressed big time with the pregnancy, the thing with Rinoa and then there was Kinneas and his insane GF. I tried to get it out of him, but he brushed me off and stomped from our rooms with what I'm almost positive were tears in his eyes. I knew he was nervous about tellin' Laguna about the comin' babies so I figured I'd have to wait until we were done with Laguna to beat it outta his ass.

I caught up to him just as he was getting' into the elevator. If I hadn't wedged my body into the doorway, he would have let the doors close in my face. The look he gave me was less than warm. It was downright frigid. I entered the elevator and waited until the doors closed before facing him.

"Alright, what the fuck is up with you?" I demanded.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he replied with a mulish set to his chin. There were dried tear tracks on his face that he hadn't quite rubbed off.


"Like fuck you don't. You're way moodier than you should be; you're aggressive—as hell, and I know you're hidin' something from me. Spill it, Squally-boy."

He glared at me before turning his head away and staring at the changing numbers as the elevator took us to our stop. My temper snapped and I punched the emergency stop button. The elevator shuddered to a stop and warning bells rang. Squall opened his mouth to chew me out. He never even got a word out. I slammed him up against the wall of the elevator with my body and stormed into his head.

Only the fact that I had surprised him allowed me to get in where he hadn't been lettin' me before. I'd learned that much in my time with Squall. If I really wanted something outta his head that he didn't want me to find, I either had to sneak in and get it or catch him completely of guard.

What I found made me madder than hell and touched beyond belief. The stupid little shit was taking everything onto himself. He was pullin' all my worries and mood swings and even the morning sickness from me and storin' it in his own head. He was doin' it ‘cause he loved me and wanted to make things easier for me. He was also doin' it ‘cause he saw it as his duty as my Knight to protect and help me.

**How long have you been doin' this, Squall?**

**Not long** he hedged.

**Squall** There was a warning note in my voice.

**When you first started to feel sick in the morning. I tried to take away some of the sick feeling and found that I could take it all away. That's all it was at first. Then I figured that if I could take away that feeling, I could take away some of the other stuff that was bothering you too**

He'd been doing it for a few weeks then. It explained everything from him being the bitchiest person on the planet to me suddenly breezing through what should have been a stressful time. I rested my forehead against his and sighed. He was a prissy, bossy little shit and I loved him for it at the same time that it drove me crazy.

**Knock it the fuck off. You're not doin' yourself any good and I'm almost positive the extra stress can't be good for the baby**

I coulda kicked myself as soon as I saw him pale and start to shake. Way to go, smart-ass. You've just made him even more stressed with worry. Damage control time. I just hoped he believed me.

**I'm sure you didn't hurt the baby. Just, you could have if you had kept doin' it. I'll have to deal with all this shit sooner or later and I'd rather not have it jump out at me and bite me on the ass**

"I know you're not sure about this whole pregnancy thing. I just wanted to make it easier for you. You're going through this because you know how badly I want you to have my baby aren't you?" Squall said in a thick voice. He sounded like he was gonna cry.

Double shit.

"No, I'm not," I sighed as I stroked his cheek. "I already told you I couldn't kill our child. Do you have any idea what it was like for me to see it on the monitor at Odine's lab? What that made me feel?"

He wordlessly shook his head and I sighed again before inviting him into my head. I sometimes forgot that even though he was brilliant with a lot of things, he sucked at dealin' with people. He entered my head cautiously as if afraid that something would jump out and bite him or that I'd shove him from my head. He'd only been in my head twice and I wondered briefly why that was. I was pulled from that thought by his stunned surprise.

**You really do want the baby. You're not doing this to make me happy** he said in wonder.

**Did you honestly think I'd do somethin' like that? Come on, Squall, you know me better than that**

**But you love me and would do anything for me. I know that. I saw that when I was in your head before**

**Yeah, I would do anythin' for you. But I wouldn't bring a kid into the world if he weren't wanted. I always aimed to be somethin' better than my parents, Squall. I swore if I ever had a kid it was gonna be ‘cause I wanted to make somethin' beautiful with the person I loved that would be a part of both of us that we could both love**

**You surprise me just when I think I know you** Squall said with a shaky voice as he left my head.

"Yeah, well, don't go tellin' anybody about it. It would shoot my bad boy image all to hell," I mumbled as I felt a blush creep into my cheeks.

Squall gave me a watery laugh before kissing me and bursting into tears. I held him close to me, confused as to why he was cryin' when just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. He sniffed a few times, scrubbed at his cheeks, kissed me again and pushed the button to start the elevator back up.

These hormones and mood swings were hard to keep up to. I wondered if I was goin' to get as mental as Squall now that I told him to stop suckin' them from me. I really wasn't lookin' forward to a return of the morning sickness.

"How come you don't come into my head like I do to you all the time? That's only the third time you've done that. I've been in your head plenty of times," I asked as my curiosity got the better of me.

"You've never said I could," he answered simply.

I rolled my eyes at him. Hyne, he could be difficult even when he wasn't trying to be difficult. I stopped him from leavin' the elevator when it reached our floor.

"You don't need an invitation, babe. You're always welcome in my head. I like it when you're there."

Squall gave me one of his rare full smiles and it made me catch my breath at the sheer beauty that I had somehow managed to have the good luck to love me.

"Then I'll do it more often," he said softly as he touched my face before moving out and down the hall towards the rooms Laguna was staying in.


I was off balance after that little conversation with Seifer in the elevator. Even though he had told me earlier why he had decided to continue with the pregnancy, some little part of me had believed that he was doing it for me and not because he wanted to. After that little trip into his head, I knew better. I was even more pleased that he really did want the baby.

I was also surprised that he actually wanted me in his head. It felt nice to be in his head but I hadn't known he actually wanted me to be there. I couldn't keep him out of my head. He'd just bully his way in and it was way more effort than it was worth to try and keep him out. Besides, as much of a pain in the ass he could be, I liked having him in my head too. I was standing in front of the door to Laguna's assigned rooms before I knew it. I just stood there, staring at the door. Seifer came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and gave them a reassuring squeeze. I leaned into him briefly before straightening and knocking.

The door swished open and Kiros greeted Seifer and me as he gestured for us to enter.

Laguna rose from where he had been sitting and strode over to me. He folded me into a hug before I could protest and released me after only a few seconds. I knew he wanted to hug me longer, but he respected my need to keep my distance. He gave me a curious look when he saw my slightly red eyes but said nothing and motioned Seifer and me to the couch.

"So, what was so all damned important that you needed to see me right away? Not that I mind. You saved me from yet another deadly dull meeting with some little bureaucrat that wanted money."

"It was a legitimate request from a country we are trying to establish trading ties with," sighed Kiros.

"And the guy was boring. Don't tell me he wasn't, Kiros. I caught you nodding off during one of his long winded speeches," Laguna said with a laugh.

Kiros grunted and folded his arms across his chest. I saw Ward laughing silently from the corner of my eye and marvelled yet again that this man was my father and that he was the president of a powerful country.

"So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about? You said it was important and that you couldn't discuss it over the phone."

I opened and closed my mouth several times, unable to figure out how best to start. Seifer picked up my hand from my lap and twined our fingers together. He gave them a reassuring squeeze and waited to see if I needed help. I looked at Laguna's earnest face and had my courage desert me. I turned to Seifer and just looked at him.

**Need some help, babe?**

**How do I tell him? I'm happy and excited for us but—fuck. I don't want to start crying again**

Seifer chuckled and turned to face Laguna.

"We have a bit of an announcement to make and Squall really isn't sure how to word it," Seifer said.

Laguna beamed and rose from his seat. He grasped Seifer's hand firmly in his and pumped it enthusiastically.

"So, you're finally going to make an honest man of my boy. I was wondering when you were going to get around to marrying him. We can have a nice quite ceremony or I guess if you wanted, we could do a big wedding. I'll foot the bill. My gift to you both."

"We're not getting married," I said in a rush to cut off Laguna's sudden plans to see me wed. Not that I wouldn't have minded marrying Seifer. He was my world.

"But I thought... You love him, don't you? I just assumed that you—oh crap. I'm sorry, Squall," Laguna said with a sheepish look as he let go of Seifer's hand and looked to Kiros and Ward for support.

"You're going to be a grandfather," I blurted out.

The light of joy came back into Laguna's eyes at the news. He grinned at Seifer and I and laughed in delight.

"I don't know why you thought you couldn't tell me this over the phone. I mean sure, it's great to be told in person but what's the big secret about you adopting a baby?"

"We're not adopting," said Seifer as he stroked his thumb over the back of my hand.

Laguna's gaze narrowed, as he looked first at Seifer then at me. I knew exactly what he was thinking next. He was jumping to the conclusion that one of us had been unfaithful. I rushed to correct him before he actually said anything and set off Seifer's temper.

"The babies are ours. Seifer's and mine. Odine used us for an experiment and well, we're pregnant. I'm carrying Seifer's baby and he's carrying mine. We're almost three months along."

I watched Laguna nervously as he stared at me in open-mouthed shock. Kiros eyes were wide and Ward was shaking his head with a little smile on his lips.

"You really have a thing for dropping these bombs on me, don't you?" Laguna said with a nervous laugh as he dropped back into his chair. I shrugged my shoulders and stared at the carpet. All my courage gone with telling Laguna that his son and male lover were going to have each other's babies.

"Are you both okay? You're not in any danger are you, health wise I mean," Laguna asked cautiously.

I shook my head and glanced at the door wondering if I could make a run for it. Seifer squeezed my hand and shifted closer to me. I could feel tears pricking my eyes at the lack of reaction from Laguna. Today was going to be a weepy day judging from the past half hour. Fuck, I hated this roller coaster of hormone-induced emotions.

"You want these babies? Even if they were the product of Odine's experiment?" Laguna asked neutrally into the silence of the room.

My head snapped up to meet my father's eyes.

"They are my children. It doesn't matter how they were created," I said fiercely as I surged to my feet, pulling Seifer with me.

"No, it doesn't. I was just making sure how you felt about it. I'll help you boys out however you need it. Do you want me to have Odine arrested or anything? I don't mind abusing my power as President for you." Laguna said intensely before his expression softened into one of pleased wonder. "I'm going to be a grandpa, Kiros. Twice. I'll spoil them rotten you know."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

Laguna was more than he appeared to be. Yes, he was a klutz and often seemed like a complete ditz, but he was a caring man and I was insanely grateful that he had accepted this rather stunning news in stride. I hadn't realized that it would mean so much to me.

"Just keep it to yourself for now. Only a few people know. The doc, us, Irvine, Sephiroth, and some of Odine's people. I'd like to keep it that way for a while until we decide how to deal with this publicly."

"Contrary to popular opinion, I can keep my mouth shut when I have to."

"You're takin' this pretty good. Mind tellin' me what you're up to?" Seifer asked as he watched Laguna carefully.

"I'm not up to anything. Squall is happy with you and he seems very firm on his decision to keep the babies. It's not my life to live but I'll be there if either of you need me. By the way, who's Sephiroth?"

"Irvine's new godlike GF. It's complicated and a long story," I began.

"Good. I like long stories. Start at the beginning and we'll go from there." Laguna settled back into his chair.

"Actually, the babies were only half of the reason we wanted you to come here. You remember Rinoa, don't you?" I asked.

"Pretty, dark haired thing? Hanging off you every chance she got? I remember her a little."

"You do remember that she's a Sorceress." I waited for his nod before continuing. There was a subtle shifting in his eyes as the soldier sparked to life. Kiros and Ward moved closer, flanking Laguna.

"I was her Knight before the connection was broken and the new one forged with Seifer. She has a new Knight now. A former SeeD by the name of Viljo. They... fit well together."

"So then what's the problem?" Kiros asked as he folded his arms and fixed his gaze on me.

"The problem is that someone tried to off her Knight and kidnapped Rinoa. Viljo staggered to Odine's lab when we went there to re-arrange his face for makin' us preggers," said Seifer.

"So?" Laguna asked.

"So, we could have another Sorceress war on our hands. Viljo, by some miracle, didn't die. He says Rinoa is alive somewhere but he can't feel her. That means she can't feel him either. Without the anchor of her Knight, a Sorceress has nothing to keep the darker powers in check."

"Oh. Oh—shit! You sure? Of course you're sure. You use to be her Knight. And Seifer was a Knight too," Laguna said as he started to massage his leg.

"This Knight of hers has no idea where she is? How's he so sure she's not dead?" Kiros asked.

"He just knows. It's a Knight thing. I always know where Squall is no matter how far apart we are from each other. Viljo thinks she's being hidden just in case he managed to survive the attack," Seifer said as he watched the reactions of the other men in the room.

"So, what do we do now? How can we help?" Laguna asked as a soldier like mask slipped into place on his face.

I saw the face that had managed to keep a country running smoothly for almost twenty years and felt some of the tension ease from my body. We might be heading into another Sorceress war, but we had some damn good allies on our side from the get go. It wouldn't be a walk in the park, but it would make things a whole lot easier.

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