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** indicates internal conversation. // indicates emotions/feelings.

The Push It Arc

Part 4 - Push It Quad

By Iron Dog

"Now, when the grat looks like its done and only one blow away from dying..."


Hot passion steam rolled through my body. It stunned me with the unexpectedness and I stuttered to a stop right in the middle of a lecture to my class on the finer points of grat slaying. I cleared my throat and rolled my shoulders and continued with the lesson. I was determined to get through this lecture.

"When it looks like its dying, you can't let up on it. It may be hurt, but sometimes that's when the monsters can do the most damage to you. If you start thinking that they're no longer a danger, then they can surprise you and hurt you."

I turned to the monitor and cued up the video to one of the unlucky students who had ignored that basic rule in monster slaying. He was getting the shit beat out of him by a monster that was only a hit or two away from becoming fertilizer. The class flinched as one at a heavy hit that should not have happened.

I folded my arms and watched the reactions of the class.

Good, they were paying attention. Maybe they'd keep their heads attached to their shoulders after all. In a few short weeks, they would be taking their first crack at the monsters in the Training Center. I wanted them prepared. Yeah, it was my ego involved; I wanted to prove to everybody that Squall hadn't done something incredibly stupid by putting me in charge of a class of cadets to teach them how to fight.

Mostly, I wanted to show Squall that his faith in me was justified.


I dropped the remote for the monitor and hissed under my breath. My body was responding to the sensations now assaulting me. My skin was warming and my heartbeat was speeding up. I had a rod in my pants the size of a log and was hard as a rock. I was scheduled to lecture for another half hour and had another hour-long class after this one. Now all I could think about was getting Squall out of his tight leather pants and fucking him blind. I had no idea how I was supposed to get through the rest of my teaching duties for the day.

Squall was going to pay for this when I got him alone later.


That tore it. I couldn't take this kind of shit for another hour and a half without going mental. If Squall wanted to play a twisted little game, I could help him out with that. If this kind of torture was what he wanted right now, then I was up for that too. I was always up for whatever little games Squall wanted to play; we never did get around to that little bit of slap and tickle the last time.

I clicked off the monitor as soon as I could, and dismissed the surprised class. I had a tease that needed punishing.

I knew, roughly, where Squall was.

Ever since that strangeness in the Training Center a week ago, I'd been able to find Squall no matter where he went. He could find me as well. It sometimes crept me out, but it was useful right now. It was like we had a thread connecting us to each other and a little tug on that string would start us off in the right direction to find each other.

Squall was currently near or in the cafeteria.

I stalked as best as I could down the halls of the Garden with a raging hard-on. I must have been scary, ‘cause people moved out of my way in a hurry. I entered the cafeteria and spotted Squall right away.

Little shit wasn't trying to hide.

He was sitting at a table with Irvine and Zell and drinking a coffee while reading a report. He was acting like nothing was going on, like he hadn't just aroused me to this side of sanity by thinkin' it at me.

I could have tried the same thing back at him, but I'd found he was better at it than me. Yeah, I'm admittin' he was better at somethin' than me, but I believe he had an unfair advantage. He lived inside his head most of the time. Why wouldn't that make him better at something that was purely mental effort?

"Hey, Seifer. I thought you were teaching a class right now," said Zell as he prepared to stuff yet another hot dog into his mouth.

"The little terrors run you out?" drawled Irvine without looking up from his slouch.

I ignored them both and set my sights on Squall. He hadn't looked up but he knew I was coming for him. I stopped in front of him and slammed my hands flat on the tabletop. Squall didn't even flinch, although it made a table of cadets to his right jump about a foot in the air. He slowly lowered his report and leaned back in his seat and waited to see what I'd do.

He was feeling pretty confident that there wasn't anything I could or would do in the crowded cafeteria to call him on his mental games.

What could I possibly say that wouldn't come out sounding deranged or requiring an in-depth explanation?

Little shit had really planned this torture of his out carefully. I was touched that he had put this much thought and planning into sexually torturing lil' ole me. I never would have guessed that Squall could be such a sadistic bastard. No wonder I was attracted to him, however, he was still going to pay for doing this to me though. He should have known he could only push it so far with me before I reacted.

I could feel his smugness coming from under the desire that he kept pulsing my way. He was doing it with so little visible effort; it plain pissed me off. When in doubt of a situation, I always go with aggression. Its rarely lead me wrong.

"If you want me to teach the little brats properly, knock it the fuck off, Squall," I growled only inches from his face.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Seifer. I've been here reading this report for the last twenty minutes," Squall replied coolly, playing the innocent to the hilt.

Little shit was tryin' to push my buttons. I was the one who did the button pushing around here. If he wasn't careful, I was going to pull Hyperion on him. Then the shit would hit the fan. It might even help to work off some of this arousal that he was still sending at me.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. I'll play any games you want, but I want to do a good job teachin' the little brats how to come back from a mission with their heads still attached to their shoulders," I hissed as I pushed my face close to his.

There was a glitter of humour in Squall's eyes that startled me. When did this little turn of events happen? Squall with a sense of humour? Stop the world, this was ground breakin' news.

He was just one surprise after another lately. I liked the idea that he wasn't taking everything so seriously. He needed to loosen up in the worst way before he had a heart attack. Well, parts of him needed to loosen up. Other parts, however, I liked just fine; tight as they were.

Maybe aggression wasn't the answer here. Maybe I needed to do something to shock him like he'd been shocking me with his strange behaviour over the last few weeks. I really didn't like this off-balance feeling with Squall. I was supposed to be the shit disturber and Squall was supposed to be the cool voice of reason. I think it was time I took back my title of Head Shit Disturber.

Once that evil thought took hold in my brain, I knew I was going to do something that would probably shock both of us, not to mention the rest of the people in the cafeteria.

I reached over the table and grabbed Squall by the front of his jacket and hauled him across the table to me. Papers slid every which way and his half full mug of coffee tipped and crashed to the floor. All the noise in the cafeteria stopped as people stared at me man-handling the Commander of the Garden. Manhandling; I'd show them manhandling.

"Shit, Seifer, he was here the whole time. I don't know what your problem is, but let Squall go or we'll have to start something," said Zell as he abandoned his pile of hot dogs and bounced to fighting readiness next to me.

I noted that Irvine had straightened from his slumped position in a chair and was now moving to back Zell up in case I went totally crazy. I know that there had been whispers through the Garden that Squall and I were heading towards another full on fight. Apparently, our behaviour towards each other had been even more strange than usual, and that's sayin' something.

At least that's what the rumors said. I hadn't noticed anything different, except that I checked out his ass in those tight leather pants of his a lot more.

It's been hard not to snip and pick a fight when Squall keeps doing things to arouse me in front of people while remaining completely innocent looking. Granted, most of the time he didn't even realizes he was doing things to arouse me. Like breathing. He could be a little obtuse at times; it was part of his charm.

I was really going to have to practice more at sending feelings at Squall. I had to concentrate hard to direct what I wanted him to feel, unless we were fucking each other. Then it seemed to be instinctual and no thought was involved. I'd like to be able to torment him as easily as he was tormenting me. It was another competition again between us and Squall was winning.

I hate to loose.

Squall had brought his hands up to grab fistfuls of my trench and was on his knees on the table. Our eyes were level with him kneeling. He was waiting for whatever I was going to do. If I played this wrong, there was going to be some serious hurtin' goin' on and not all of it would be Zell and Irvine. I was good, but it would be two against one. Or maybe it would be two against two. It would almost be worth it to start something to see if Squall would fight at my side. My gut said he would.

"Fuck off. This is between me and Squall."

"We can't let you do this kind of shit and get away with it, even if the two of you have been acting weird lately," Zell warned as he readied himself for the fight he was sure was coming.

I glanced at the chicken-wuss and smirked. He wasn't going to get the chance to throw a punch; I was going to shock the hell out of my little lion and everyone in the cafeteria. Once I made up my mind to do it, there was no further thought involved. I pulled Squall closer to me and firmly planted my lips on his.

Startled blue-gray eyes looked into mine as I kissed him with all the want, need and desire he had stirred to life in my body with just his thoughts. I tried to open myself to his emotions and did my best to push mine at him. We both groaned at the erotic overload and pressed closer to each other.

Everything and everyone else ceased to exist as we continued our embrace.

Squall's hands left my trench and ended up at the back of my neck, his fingers combing through my short hair. Mine were no better and were cupping his head and stroking down his side to pull his body even closer to mine. I cupped his fine, leather-clad ass and sighed into the kiss we were sharing.

Damn, but he tasted good.

I could almost stand there all day kissing him; it was too easy to lose myself in the wonder of his mouth and tongue.

That beautiful silver light was beginning to shine in Squall's eyes and I knew mine were mirroring his in reaction to the link we shared being opened. I could feel his erection pressing against mine. I wanted to strip off his pants and do him right there on the table.

Loudly, someone cleared their throat, making us break apart. We both glared at the offender.

"I think you boys should take that somewhere else," Irvine drawled. "Not that it wasn't enlightening and damn sexy, but it should be carried out in private. There are children present you know," he finished; waving his hand at the crowd of cadets and teachers that stared at us in shock.

I blushed. I actually blushed.

So did Squall.

We untangled ourselves and Squall got off the table.

Desire was still rushing through my system and I knew Squall was having the same problem as I was with a painfully hard dick. Irvine had a fantastic idea to take it to a place more private. I didn't think that one little kiss would have quite the effect that it did. I really should have known better by now. Every time that I got close enough to touch Squall, I wanted to throw him down on the ground and ravish his body. It wasn't just the sex, though that was top notch, it was more the feeling like I had finally found something that I had been searching for.

I didn't even know I'd been looking for anything.

I grabbed Squall's arm as he tried to pick up his scattered papers and marched him out of the cafeteria. He was directly responsible for the arousal I was feeling and he was going to do something about it. I hustled him past his office and steered him to his room instead. It was closer than mine and I didn't feel like wasting time walkin' when I could be slidin' into his sweet ass.

He palmed the door open and shrugged my hand off his arm as he continued into the room. He stopped at the foot of the bed and turned to face me.

"Not that I didn't like it, but why did you kiss me like that in front of everybody, Seifer?" Squall asked, watching me with a puzzled look in his eyes.

"I wanted to shock you. I didn't really think about it past kissing you. Do you have any idea how much I want to be inside you right now?" I asked as I pushed his jacket off his shoulders. I wanted him naked, now. Desire still swirled in my brain. Neither one of us had thought to close the link between us.

"But now, everybody who was in the cafeteria, probably the whole Garden by the end of the afternoon, will know about us. I thought you wanted to keep it quiet."

Squall picked a fine time to get chatty on me. I just wanted him to shut the hell up and let me have my way with him. Was that too much to ask? I held his shoulders and pressed my mouth to his. His lips were cool under mine but soon became heated as I moved my mouth back and forth over his.

Damn, but he tasted fine. I think I was becoming addicted to him.

"Why did you do it, Seifer?" he persisted when I let him up for air.

I sighed and leaned my forehead against Squall's. He was busy thinking again. Always a dangerous thing, if you asked me. He was going to keep at it until he worked it all out in his brain and that was not going to do my libido any good. He was a deep thinker and that could sometimes mean hours of thought before he either reached a conclusion or let the idea go. I couldn't wait hours to get in his pants. Minutes, yes. Hours, no. Drastic measures were being called for here.

"Squall, are you junctioned?"

"No, why?"

Yeah, it was underhanded and sneaky, but hey, I am who I am and most of the time I'm a real asshole.

"Sleep," I whispered softly into his hair as I drew on the magic spell and gestured.

Squall had time for a startled expression before he sagged into my arms. Now he wasn't thinking of why I had kissed him in a crowded cafeteria and I had the perfect opportunity to deal out a little of my own punishment for his earlier mental games.

Hyne, this was going to be fun.

I laid him out on the bed and removed his belts and set them aside. The leather pants were a little more of a challenge. He looked fantastic in the tight things, but they were hell to get off him with out his help. The t-shirt, I didn't even bother being careful with. I cut it off his luscious body.

He had a million of them anyway.

Once naked, I took a precious few minutes to simply admire him. Hyne, he was beautiful and all mine. I was one lucky bastard. I held back from caressing him. I knew if I did that, I'd never get to do what I was thinking.

I rolled Squall onto his stomach and almost stopped again to admire his ass. I gave my head a shake and reached for one of his belts. Who knew that those stupid belts of his would come in so handy? I crossed his wrists together and slipped the loop I had made over his hands. I pulled it tight and tied the loose end to the headboard. I repeated the same thing with his feet, tying them to the footboard. Now I had him trussed up with only a little room to move and a spare leather belt. What to do with the spare belt?

Wait, I know.

"Hey, Squally-boy, wake the fuck up," I said as I drew my arm back and brought the belt down on his exposed ass.


Squall came out of the sleep spell when the belt hit his ass with a chocked off scream. He jerked his body to try and move away from the danger of another hit and found himself unable to move more than a couple of inches in any direction. He whipped his head around to glare at me. Hyne, I was glad he wasn't junctioned or I'd have been dead on the spot.

"Let me go, Seifer," he growled, yanking on the belt holding his hands.

"Nah. You were naughty and I deserve to toss out some kind of punishment for that little stunt you pulled on me," I said as I trailed the end of the leather belt over the backs of his legs and between the crack of his ass.

He squirmed under the touch of the belt and there was an interesting little hitch in his breathing. There was a nice strip of reddened flesh on that lovely creamy skin of his.

"Seifer," Squall warned with a frosty glare and something bordering on sensual in his voice.


Squall hissed at the sting and glared at me again. There was less ice and more heat in his stormy gray eyes. I rubbed my hand over the warming red marks gently. For the hero savior of the world, he had the softest skin. Damn, I was getting distracted again. But it was a really nice ass.

I'm only human.

"I never thought you would do something like that, Squall. I think I'm corrupting you. What do you think?"


"Remember how I told you that I would paddle your ass if you didn't give me some answers? And how I liked a little slap and tickle every now and again, but we never got around to it. Well, I've thought about the whole idea and I liked it. So here you are all trussed up for my pleasure."

"I'll get you for this, Seifer," Squall warned with arousal now winding through his voice. Good, he was really getting into this new game. Squall was one kinky bastard when he wanted to be. Had to be all the leather he wore.


"And its' words like that, that got you into this position in the first place, Squall. I'm touched that you went to so much trouble to arouse me. Do you know that you make me want you just by breathin' the same air as me? You really didn't have to go to so much trouble.

"I'm nowhere near as good as you at doing this whole mental thing, but where you have the mental control, I'm just raw power with these feelings. You're cool and precise, Odin on a devastating attack. I'm heat and chaos, Bahamut Zero with world-destroying power.

"Why don't we see what happens when I really concentrate and direct my feelings at you?"


Squall's reaction was unexpected, to say the least. His eyes widened and his back bowed, straining his body against the restraints of the belts, while his mouth opened in a startled, lust filled groan that seemed to come from his very soul. Oh, this was going to be just so much more fun than I had thought.

I really am a bastard.

I let up on the sending and watched, fascinated, as Squall went limp against the belts and lay gasping. I wormed my hand under Squall's belly and found him hard and leaking pre-come. He closed his eyes and pressed himself almost desperately into my hand.

"Want something, Squall?" I asked as I began to stroke him slowly.

He slit one eye open and glared at me from under his bangs before beginning the most colourful round of swearing that I had ever heard from anybody, and I've been around. Sprinkled in with the foul names he called me, were pleas to do some truly erotic and arousing things to him. I never would have guessed my Ice Princess had it in him.

I removed my hand and ‘tsk'ed at Squall. Either he wanted me to lay the belt to his ass again or he was just being stubborn. I was voting for stubborn, but it was a close call. He was still going to get the belt.


Four parallel stripes now decorated his ass. I was finding it as arousing as hell. Judging from his little moans and panting, so was Squall. If he hadn't liked this little game, no matter how arousing I found it, I would have stopped. It would have damn near killed me, but I would have stopped. His pleasure was as important to me as my own; maybe even a little more important.

I'm not sure why, it just was.

I'd thought having him under my command in the Training Center had been arousing; this was just as arousing but with a higher kink factor and I like good kink. It was also his trust in me not to do him serious harm that I found thrilling. After everything we had done and been through, he trusted me with his well-being and life. That was a huge turn on for me.

Time to make my lion squirm some more.

I am still a bastard when it comes to payback.


A rosy blush of colour traveled over Squall's skin and he pressed himself into the bed with an aching whimper. Gooseflesh followed the heat of the blush. His hips began little circular thrusts that I'm sure he didn't mean to do. Sweat had started along his hairline and began to run in a thin line down his back. I stopped the sending again and watched the tension drain out of his body as he lay panting.

Damn I'm good when I apply myself.

My own body was having strong reactions to seeing Squall tied up and aroused because of what I was doing to him. My pants were going to kill me if I didn't get them off soon. I moved away from the bed to undress and had my pants and underwear off when I felt Squall's eyes on me. I looked over my shoulder to find him watching me with glowing silvery eyes.

Oh shit. I forgot he could play this game of sending too. And he's better at it than me.

//NEED// Squall sent in a tightly concentrated beam of feelings.

I gasped and had to put out a hand to steady myself. He wasn't just good, he was fantastic at this. Quick little flashes of each time we had been together flashed through my brain along with the sensations of each selected moment. I almost sank to my knees from the little slide show of feelings he was giving me. When he stopped the sending, both of us were panting and covered in a light sweat.

And aroused as hell.

I dropped the belt I had been holding and yanked at my shirt, desperate to be naked. I think buttons popped, but I didn't care. I just needed to be near Squall; touching Squall, inside Squall.

//WANT// I sent back at Squall with all the subtlety of a T-rexasaurus on the attack.

Squall groaned and writhed against the restraints. Damn he was a fine piece of ass just begging to be fucked. I knelt on the edge of the bed and ran my hands over his sides and ass. He pushed his ass up as high as could, wriggling it against my hands, begging for me without words. I groaned and lowered my head to place kisses on the red stripes I had put there.

Squall jerked against the leather belts that held him and made delightful mewling noises in the back of his throat.

I parted his cheeks and blew warm breath against the puckered opening. Squall shuddered and gasped when I circled him with my tongue. He whimpered when I pushed my tongue into him and began to make little humping motions as far as the restraints would allow him.

"Seifer, please. I need to feel you. I want you; I need you inside me."

"You're not ready, Squall. I'll hurt you," I replied as I struggled to keep myself from doing exactly what Squall was begging me to do. Hyne knows I wanted to do what he was asking me to.

I should have known it was going to be a loosing battle.

I have a hard enough time controlling myself around Squall when there isn't this kind of raging desire flowing though my body.

"Lube. Lots of lube. Just fuck me, Seifer. I need you."

I tried to talk sense into him, but I wanted as much as he did. I groped in the nightstand for the lube and squirted a generous amount down the crack of Squall's ass. I rubbed it around his hole and slipped a finger in. Squall jerked his hips and hissed out in pleasure at the feeling. Little threads of his pleasure wormed their way into my brain.

I wasn't going to be able to last long if this kind of thing kept up.

He may have wanted me to just plow right into him, but I do have some personal standards. Making sure my lovers were always ready for me is written in concrete. I still felt slightly guilty that I hadn't done that for him in the Training Center, no matter how well it had worked out anyway.

I slid another finger into him, worked them back and forth. Squall squirmed and panted under my hands.


Squall sent again. This time the sending was getting a little ragged around the edges and I knew the instant the connection between us fully opened wide and the beginning of the loop of feelings and emotions started. Our desire began to feed off each other until I wasn't sure if it was my want to be inside Squall or his need to have me there. It didn't matter.

I squirted lube onto my cock and knelt on either side of Squall's legs.

I snaked an arm under his hips and raised him up as much as possible against the restraints before pushing my cock against his tight hole. We both gasped when the head of my cock slipped inside. I could feel Squall's tight heat sucking me in further at the same time as feeling as if I was the one being fucked. I pushed into him and we both moaned at the slight pain of too much too fast.

I was feeling whatever Squall was just as he was feeling what I felt. I definitely wasn't going to last long with this kind of rush of sensations, but neither was Squall.

I started pumping into him with short thrusts as I took his cock in hand. I stroked him in time to my thrusts and we both moaned at the dual sensations of being jacked-off and fucking at the same time. I had to start driving into him faster, my body taking over as my brain tried to deal with the assault of feelings from two separate sources that felt like one.

Squall cried out as his orgasm hit him. I pushed into him as far as I could as my own pulsed through my body. I collapsed over him as we both shuddered from the joined feelings of dual release.

It was several minutes and many a deep breath before I was able to reach up and release his hands from his belt and a few more before I could motivate myself to do the same for his feet. Squall had angry red marks around his wrists and ankles from where the belts had dug into him when he had pulled against them.

We lay quietly in each other's arms and waited for heartbeats to return to normal.

The link was still open between us, but quieter feelings of contentment and relaxation flowed between us as well as something else I wasn't familiar with and couldn‘t name. I made a mental note to ask Squall if he felt it and knew what it was. I was feeling too relaxed to care at the moment and it was a nice feeling.

"I think we'll have to be more careful with this bond of ours, Seifer. Could you imagine what would happen if it got out of control like that in public?"

"It would be one hell of a show, but you were the one who started it. I was just finishing it. Besides, it gave me the perfect excuse to tie you to the bed and have my wicked way with you."

"I'll have to return the favour sometime. Right now though, I'm exhausted. Too much mental and physical effort all at once."

"No round two then?"

I got a pointy elbow in the gut before Squall pillowed his head on my shoulder with a hand across my chest. He sighed in contentment and drifted off to sleep. I moved my arm to pull him closer to me and rested my hand on his hip. His skin was starting to cool now that our passion had been spent, but I was always more than warm enough to keep both of us toasty without blankets. I was feeling too comfortable to bother trying for the blankets anyway.

My eyes drooped and slid shut. I fell asleep in the middle of the day with Squall tucked against my body and a feeling of contentment that I had never expected.

Squall and I were startled from our peaceful sleep by an ear-splitting shriek. Standing in the open door of Squall's room, staring, was Rinoa.

The skin-tingling sensation of powerful magic about to be unleashed danced over my skin.

I think the shit had really hit the fan now.

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