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Part 3 of what I had originally intended to be just a one-shot, smutty, PWP songfic before the story decided to run away with me. This one is written from Squall's POV.

** indicates internal conversation.

The Push It Arc

Part 3 - Push It Trifacta

By Iron Dog

Seifer lay beside me idly stroking my back. I was warm, sated and happier than I could remember being in a long time. It was all Seifer's doing and he didn't even know it. I smiled to myself and snuggled closer to his warmth. The soft, slow strokes of Seifer's hands were beginning to lull me to sleep. Just at the edge of sleep and contentment, Seifer had to open his mouth and jerk me back to reality.

"What happened back there in the Training Centre, Squall? What did you mean when you said we both win?"

I wondered where to start and how much to tell him. We had such a strange relationship to start with and now it had been complicated even further. I really didn't think Seifer was ready to hear everything that I could tell him about what had happened in the Training Centre. But he was like a dog with a bone when he wanted something and I knew he'd be persistent as hell until he got some kind of answer.

**You should tell him how you feel, ** said a soft feminine voice in my head.

**Just tell him what he needs to know to shut him up, ** argued another, deeper masculine voice.

**It concerns both of them, ** the female responded.

**He only needs to know that he did a great job fucking the Lion. Nothing else matters, ** replied the masculine voice.

**Everyone needs to know they are loved, ** shot back the feminine voice.

**Just stop it both of you. If you want to fight over it, do it so I can't hear you or so help me, I'll un-junction you both, ** I snapped back to Shiva and Griever.

That got them to quiet down. It still surprised the hell out of me when they spoke to me. It didn't happen often, for which I was grateful. People thought I was enough of a head-case as it was. The GF's hadn't started speaking to me until after the Sorceress War was over. Shiva said Ultimecia had been using magic to keep them quiet or else they would have been able to offer me advice on how to defeat her quicker.

**If you don't feel he is ready to hear how you feel about him, you should at least tell him about what happened with your Sorceress, ** Shiva said.

**It will puff up his ego to hear that. He doesn't need any help inflating his ego, ** Griever replied.

**She's not my Sorceress anymore. I do owe him at least that information, don't I? Seifer is the one who helped to break her hold on me. That is a debt I can never repay. **

Griever made a grudging noise of agreement and settled back down into the depths of my mind. Shiva gave me her approval and followed Griever back down to wherever they lurked in my head. A not so gentle tug on my hair brought my attention back to Seifer.

"Squall," Seifer said with a warning tone in his voice. He did not like being ignored.

"What do you remember feeling when you were freed from being Ultimecia's Knight?" I asked.

"What does that have to do with anything? Are you trying to avoid my question?"

"Just answer Seifer," I sighed.

" was...I don't see what this has to do with anything Squall. Something big happened to you back there in the Training Centre and I want to know what it was. You know what happened don't you?" Seifer asked suspiciously.

I looked up into Seifer's eyes and could see that he was confused over what he had seen in my eyes and probably felt in his own body at the moment that my connection to Rinoa had been severed and a new one forged. He had probably felt something similar when his connection with Ultimecia had been broken. Similar but not the same, as Ultimecia was dead and Rinoa was still very much alive. I wasn't sure how I could explain all of this to him without telling him I loved him. The fact that I loved him and he loved me in return was what made the break from Rinoa possible. He wouldn't want to hear about love just yet. Griever was right in that.

"You don't remember, do you? I wasn't sure if you would or not since she had such a strangle hold on you. Think hard Seifer. How did you feel?"

"Empty and full at the same time," Seifer finally answered slowly. "Energized and tired. I think I could have slept for days afterwards."

I waited for him to make to make the connection. It didn't take long for his eyes to widen in surprise. Moving faster than I thought he could, Seifer rolled me to my back and pinned me to the bed with his greater weight. He held both of my hands over my head in his.

"What the fuck did you do to me Squall?" Seifer asked coldly, clearly working himself up to a fine head of temper.

"Nothing. I was as surprised as you by what happened," I answered him softly, trying to ignore the feeling of his hard body pressed so close to mine as desire suddenly flared to life in me. Damn, he was arousing me faster than he ever had before with barely any effort.

We were connected now on a deeper level than we ever had been. I could feel things; emotions, coming from him. They were chaotic and hot and very unlike the cool, ordered emotions I was use to feeling. They washed over my skin and teased the edges of my brain. It was like when I was connected to Rinoa, but with a deeper, more intimate feeling. I had a sudden flash of insight that this was the type of connection that I should have had with Rinoa as her Knight, if I had been in love with her. I knew that if I didn't get a grip on my feelings fast, Seifer would start to sense what I felt for him. I didn't think he wasn't ready for that yet.

"Don't you start to freeze over, Squall. Don't you ever freeze me out," Seifer hissed into my ear.

I was startled that Seifer had been able to tell what I had been doing in my own head. I thought that because I knew how I felt about Seifer, my side of our connection would be stronger than his. I was wrong. Seifer's side of the connection was just as strong as mine. And if my past experience with Rinoa was any example, it would slowly get more intimate, possibly until we could almost read each others minds.

"I want answers and I want them now Squall," Seifer demanded.

"I don't know where to start. I never thought it was possible."

"Never thought what was possible? I swear if you don't start talkin' soon, I'm gonna turn you over my knee and paddle your sweet ass until you do."

I couldn't help it. Mental images along with Seifer's words and his body pressed to mine made the blood rush to my cock. I started to arch up into Seifer's body and barely held myself in check. Seifer's eyes widened, startled by the erection now pressing into his belly. I felt his cock begin to stiffen and had to bite my lip to keep from moaning at the feeling of his body hardening against mine.

"So it's like that is it?" Seifer chuckled as he pressed his body harder into mine. "Fine. I like a little slap and tickle every now and again. Start talkin' Squall. I want answers before we play again."

"What do you think happened Seifer?" I hedged as I tried to tamp down the desire that was now flowing through my body. It was an equal mix of mine and Seifer's and it was intoxicating. I thought I heard a masculine laugh deep in my skull.

"It has something to do with being a Sorceress Knight. I'm sure of that. Is Rinoa calling you? Has that airhead been peepin' in on us? You should have said something Squall. We could have given her a real show," Seifer leered down at me as he began to grind his hips into mine.

I bit down hard on my lip and tasted blood as I arched into Seifer. Where the hell was that icy control I was so famous for? I felt like I had fire racing through my veins while Seifer was as cool as could be. Fuck I wanted him. I closed my eyes against the intense desire that had suddenly flared to life in my body. I struggled against his hold on my hands and whimpered when I only succeeded in arousing us both further. Seifer took the opportunity to nibble and suck on my nipple while he had me restrained. I moaned at the exquisite feeling of his mouth on my body and again tried to get my hands loose so I could touch him back.

"So, is she watching and listening through you, Squall?" Seifer asked in a husky voice between licks.

"," I groaned. How was he able to think when it was all I could do to remember to breath?

"She doesn't like knowing a guy is doin' you?" Seifer breathed as he moved to the other nipple and started his gentle torture again.

"S...s...she's gone," I panted as I clenched my fists in Seifer's hold.

Seifer stopped what he was doing. When he didn't move, I opened my eyes to see why he had stopped. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me. Seifer's eyes shone with a brilliant, inner green light. I assumed that mine were doing the same sort of thing from the expression on Seifer's face.

As I stared into his eyes, I saw, once again, his soul. In the Training Centre I had only gotten a glimpse of it. I had gotten a glimmer then of the love that he felt for me. Now, I could see everything. Pain, pride, determination, sorrow, joy and a thousand other emotions flowed through him. The strongest emotion I could see was the love. It eclipsed all the others. Just like in the Training Centre, I don't know how I knew that's what it was or how I knew it was only for me.

"Squall, what the fuck is going on?" Seifer asked softly as he released my hands and touched my cheek gently.

"I'm not Rinoa's Knight anymore," I said as I was finally able to touch Seifer like I had been craving.

"She's dead?" Seifer asked with mild concern. He had never liked the fact that I had become Rinoa's Knight, even if it wasn‘t something I had wanted.

"No. She just couldn't hold me to her anymore," I answered as I began stroking my hands down his back and over his ass. Hyne, I wanted to fuck him.

"Why?" Seifer asked as he shifted off of me and onto his side, thinking. He continued to stroke my body with a lazy sensuality, but I no longer had his complete attention. That just wouldn't do. Whenever I was with Seifer, I gave him all of my attention. I expected the same from him. I was going to get it one way or another.

"Seifer, please. I just want to fuck you. We can talk about this later," I growled in frustration. He was still aroused, but his attention was divided between me and the puzzle of what had happened earlier. I didn't like the fact that he could be distracted from what had been a very pleasurable experience so easily. It wasn't like Seifer. Something about this whole experience was strange. Seifer was too cool and controlled while I was being consumed by a fiery desire.

"There's something you're not telling me, Squall. I will find out eventually. You know I will. Just tell me now whatever it is you're trying to hide from me."

I couldn't stand it any longer. I had desire burning a path through my body and the one who had caused it lying naked and aroused next to me. Fuck it, I was going to pound myself into his ass and then we could talk about whatever he wanted. I growled low in my throat and straddled Seifer. A rush of intense power and desire mingled in my body as I stared down into Seifer's shocked face.

"We'll talk later Seifer, I promise. Right now, I just need to be in you," I said as I scooped the lube from under the pillow near Seifer's head and squirted a generous glob into my hand to coat my cock.

I finally had Seifer's complete attention. Seifer at last realized that I was serious and tried to push me off him. He never was big on the idea of me topping him. Except for that very first time, I had always been on the receiving end. I liked it a lot, but it was unbelievably good to feel myself buried in Seifer's damn near virgin ass. I was too aroused by the idea of sinking into him to play any more games and I did something that I only realized later that I shouldn't have been able to do. I held Seifer in place with one hand on his chest. He struggled hard under my hand for me to let him up and it was arousing me further. Making my body burn hotter for him. I forced his legs apart with one knee and moved to kneel between his thighs.

"Stop...struggling...Seifer.'," I gritted out as I began to stroke my cock with the cool lube.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Squall? What the fuck is goin' on? You're starting to really piss me off," Seifer warned as his muscles bunched and strained under my hand. His hands tugged at my hand pining him to the bed with no effect except to further my arousal. He may have been getting pissed, but he was aroused too. His cock was as hard as mine. He did say he liked a little slap and tickle didn't he? I could be forceful if Seifer liked it like that. At this moment, it would take very little effort on my part to be forceful.

"You'," I said as my breath rasped in my throat.

Using my free hand, I grabbed hold of one of Seifer's legs and tucked it between my arm and ribs. I now had him open to me and I couldn't help the little growl that trickled out of my mouth at the site Seifer was presenting to me. I rubbed my lube-slicked fingers over his tight hole and watched the glow still in his eyes become brighter. I slid a finger in and we both groaned at the feel. I didn't give him much time to adjust before I pushed another finger in and began stretching him. When he jerked his hips up against my hand, I couldn't make myself wait any longer. I had absolutely no control over myself. It should have frightened me. It just drove my arousal higher. I pulled my fingers from his body and immediately pressed my cock into his ass.

There was none of the resistance that I had felt the first time I had taken Seifer. He wasn't trying to stop me now. He wanted it as much as I did. Maybe that was the key to topping him. Maybe he needed to feel like he had no choice in the matter. Whatever worked was fine by me as long as I got to fuck his ass. His eyes blazed like emeralds as he stared at me. We both groaned softly when I was finally balls deep in his ass. I took my hand from his chest. I didn't need to hold him down anymore. Now that I was finally inside Seifer, the raging desire quieted to a steady burn. I started to move in him slowly. Emotions swirled around my brain and I know they weren't all my own. Some were Seifer's as well. He was feeling some of my emotions too.

"Whatever's happenin‘, it's good," Seifer moaned as he began to caress his own cock in rhythm to my thrusting. Finding me watching him intently, Seifer brought his fingers to his mouth and slowly sucked them while watching me. He fingered his mouth to the rhythm of my thrusts in his ass and his own hand on his cock.

Seeing Seifer suck his fingers and jerk himself off while I fucked his ass made the fire in my blood spring to life again. With a helpless groan, I started thrusting into Seifer with long, hard strokes. His fingers popped out of his mouth and he hissed in surprise before some of what I was feeling slithered into his brain. Seifer arched his back and cried out as my cock started hitting his prostate over and over. His feelings of pleasure looped back onto me and I gasped at the fresh assault of sensations. It was too much emotion and sensation all at once. I wanted to shout my love to him. Instead, I took his mouth in a deep kiss, wanting to taste all of him.

Seifer moaned into my mouth. He held me to him with his free hand tangled in my hair while he continued to stroke himself between our bodies. I swallowed his shout into my mouth when he came. His ass clenched down tightly on my cock in waves. I shared the pleasure of Seifer's orgasm when his emotions swirled around my brain and joined him only moments later with my own. Seifer tore his mouth from mine and moaned in a low bass rumble as the feelings of my orgasm washed through his brain. I collapsed over Seifer and struggled to breath normally again. I definitely heard a satisfied male chuckle in my head and wondered just what the hell Griever found so amusing.

**I didn't know you were a peeping tom, Griever, ** I said silently as I waited for my breathing to even out.

**I'm not Griever and I never pass up the chance to feel something as glorious as what you and Seifer just shared, ** replied a deep, smoky voice I had never heard before.

**Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my head? ** I demand as I felt my usually icy temper burn hotly through me at the intrusion of someone in my brain.

**I'm Ifrit. Shiva and I are using the connection between you and Seifer to feel all that you two feel. **

**Ifrit? ** I repeated, surprised. **Why would you want to do that? **

**Because we can. Why else would you feel the hot, burning desire instead of the cool arousal you're use to? ** he sniggered. **Griever didn't want to play this time. You'll know the next time he does though. **

Well now, that explained a lot. I was going to have to try sex without being junctioned to see the difference. I wondered just how much else the GF's affected when they were junctioned with us. I wondered if Ifrit talked to Seifer and decided to ask.

**Not often. Seifer thinks its Ultimecia the last few times I've tried to talk to him. **

**Do you know how I feel about Seifer? ** I asked cautiously.

**Yes, but it's not for me to tell him. He wouldn't believe me anyway. He isn't even ready to admit to himself how he feels about you, ** Ifrit laughed.

I had more questions for Ifrit but I felt the warmth of his presence fading as a cool familiar feeling washed through to replace the fire of Ifrit. Shiva was back. I tried to ask her a question but she simply sank back into the depths of my brain and ignored me completely.

"So Squall, not that it wasn't damn good, but what the hell is goin' on?" Seifer asked as he shifted my weight more comfortably on his chest.

"I told you, I'm not Rinoa's Knight anymore. You helped me break her connection. We have always had a connection to each other and with us being together like this, it made it impossible for Rinoa's claim on me to stay," I answer as vaguely as I can. I notice the glow is gone from Seifer's eyes and I can only faintly feel his emotions. They were no longer the tidal rush of sensations I experienced while I was caught up in the feelings of sex with Seifer. For that, I was both glad and disappointed at the same time.

"Okay, but what was with the glowing eyes? And you were acting even weirder than normal. You held me down with one hand Squall. Not that I didn't like it in a kinky kinda way, but how did you do it? There was more to it than just breaking Rinoa's hold on you. I know it. Spill it Squally-boy," Seifer said as he wrapped an arm around my waist and held me pinned to his chest.

"You have Ifrit junctioned don't you?"

"What the hell does that have to do with anythin'? Yes, I have Ifrit junctioned," Seifer sighed in annoyance.

"Well, Ifrit and Shiva decided to do a little feeling swap between us. They used the connection we share to do it. Our connection has gotten stronger and changed since we started screwing each other. This is just a guess on my part, but I think what we have now is the kind of connection a Knight and his Sorceress should share."

"Well, fuck me gently," Seifer said softly in surprise. He was taking the news far better than I thought he would. Maybe it was an after effect of having the icy calm of Shiva skim over his brain like the fiery chaos of Ifrit had done to me.

"Later. I need a little time to get it back up for you," I smirked. I couldn't help it if he was going to toss out a phrase like that.

"Little shit," said Seifer as he squeezed me hard. "Seriously Squall, why would something like that happen to us? And how would you know that Ifrit and Shiva had done this feeling swap?"

"Sometimes Shiva talks to me. It's only happened a few times. It's not something they normally do. Usually in times of intense emotions. I think what we just did qualifies as intense, don't you? As for the change in our connection to each other, I can only guess here, Seifer. I don't know much more than you do. I have read some ancient texts but information is sketchy at best."

"They? The GF's talk to you? Aren't you just full of surprises today? I'll want to hear more about that later. For now, make a guess what the reason is for this to be happening to us. Shit like this just doesn't happen out of the blue."

"You were a Knight bound to a Sorceress without the true connection you should have had, right?" I waited for Seifer to nod in agreement with me. At his nod, I continued. "I am, or was until a couple of hours ago, a Knight bound to a Sorceress without a true connection. According to the texts I‘ve read, a Knight can't live without his Sorceress once they have been bound together."

"I've managed just fine and my Sorceress is dead," Seifer said with a boast.

"Neither one of us had the type of connection with our Sorceress that we should have had. I think that's what happened to us. We're both Knights looking for a Sorceress. We already shared a powerful connection and being together like this just turned it into what we should have had in the beginning when we became Knights."

"You've put a lot of thought into this haven't you? So who's the Knight and who's the Sorceress?" Seifer asked with a smirk.

"It doesn't matter. It's an equal partnership. We'll work something out."

"Won't Rinoa go crazy now that she doesn't have you to steady her? I really don't want to get involved in another Sorceress War so soon after the last one."

"She's in a secure place right now and I'm sure the people there know by now that something has changed with Rinoa and her Knight. They'll know what to do with her. I want things for myself now Seifer. After everything, I think I've earned the right to have things I want."

"I told you that first night that I wanted to see you happy Squall. I still want that. What do you want to make you happy?" Seifer asked as he tilted my face up to stare into his.

I felt my heart thumping painfully hard in my chest at the look in Seifer's eyes. The way he was looking at me made me realize that he would do whatever he felt he had too to make me happy. He really did want to see me happy. Maybe he did know he loved me but just wasn‘t ready to tell me. I would be the happiest man alive if Seifer simply told me he loved me. I didn't want anything else. I'd seen the love he has for me when I saw his soul in his eyes, but sometimes you just need to hear the words. I would never ask him if he loved me. He would tell me on his own when he was ready. I was a patient man. I had waited for what seemed like my whole life to finally be with Seifer. To trade glimpses of our souls with each other. Now that I had that, I could wait a little longer for him to tell me he loved me.

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