One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 13 - Payback

By Akare

Tuesday, March 3rd

Four weeks later, just like Seifer knew it would, payback arrived. Rinoa had been so sweet and horrible on his birthday, making him dinner, throwing parties etc. that it was now expected that he'd do something nice for her, like actually show up. Oh how he hated society. Why did he have to follow damn socialising rules anyway? Wasn't he a social outcast? Why couldn't he just curl up in bed with Zell? Because Zell was dressing up to go to the stupid event.

"Baby?" he whispered quietly from the unmade bed as he propped himself up on his elbows.

The smaller boy turned from the mirror. "Mmm?"

"Stay here, with me," Seifer grinned suggestively. "We can make our own fun."

"I know," the martial artist crawled, smiling, across the bed toward him. "We've been doin' that all afternoon. But it's Rin's birthday and I wanna go celebrate." He straddled Seifer's hips. "You gotta come Seif."

The gunblader sat up and wrapped his arms around Zell's waist, kissing his neck gently. "Should I make a sleazy comment about that 'come'?"

"No," Zell giggled. "'N' stop ticklin' me."

Seifer smiled dangerously up at him. "That's kissing not tickling," he replied, sliding a hand up underneath Zell's t-shirt to his ribs. He attacked quickly so the other boy couldn't fight. "*This* is tickling," Seifer explained, digging his fingers in and making Zell squirm and laugh and struggle to escape.

"Don't ~!" Zell arched his back and wriggled his hips, grinding against Seifer's hardening cock. "Stop it!"

"I'll stop tickling if you stop trying to give me another hard-on."

"I'm not!" Zell replied as the older boy ceased his assault. "You were makin' me."

"I can't make you do anything you don't want to do, Zell," Seifer smirked as he lied. "But seeing as you're responsible for this..." he looked down at the bulge beneath the sheets. "Large development. You'd better be willing to deal with it."

Zell rolled his eyes. "I only just finished gettin' dressed."

"I don't care about you clothes," he kissed Zell's lips passionately, sliding his tongue into the smaller boy's mouth and licking every available surface. "Your mouth'll do me... In more ways than one."

Zell laughed and pulled away. "We'll be late."

"You'll be late," Seifer argued. "I'm not going."

Zell folded his arms. "If I suck you off will you come?"

The gunblader grinned at the line as his partner rolled his blue eyes. Quickly Seifer changed his look to pensive and pretended to think about it. In actual fact he had planned almost this entire scene. He had been intending to go to Rinoa's party but wasn't ready to actually show himself as being nice, at least not to Zell, he could make up excuses to the others if they asked him- which they probably wouldn't. Seifer had already figured the party wouldn't be too painful, and he could use Zell's desire for him to go to his advantage i.e. get some more sex out of it. All was going according to plan. "Hmm, alright. I suppose. But I'm not staying long."

Zell grinned and slid down Seifer's lap. "You just lay back and relax then, baby. Let me do all the work."

So the gunblader struggled to hold in his victorious smirk and lay back. In truth Zell was only too aware that Seifer was trying to manipulate him but he got what he wanted too so what did he care? Carefully the smaller boy peeled back the dark blue sheet that covered Seifer's bed and body. Unwrapping was always a fun part. He knew what lay underneath the sheet too, 8 1/2 inches of pure sex. Zell grinned as Seifer was exposed to the dimming afternoon light, and bared those pointy teeth he was so famous for.

"Are you gunna tease?" Seifer asked. He was leaning up on his elbows again watching Zell. It always amazed him that the younger boy could be so damn sexy about the simplest things. Who else in the world could turn him on with a grin?

"I'm not gunna tease," Zell replied, half lying over Seifer's crotch. "I'm gunna give you just what you want and then when we get back tonight *you're* not gunna hold me down. K?"

Seifer frowned. "The deal was I get a blow job, I come to Rinoa's party."

Zell pouted, his lips mere inches from Seifer's now erect cock. "Hmm?" he asked, raising one eyebrow.

"Fine, fine," Seifer lay back down and struggled not to just thrust his cock into Zell's face. "Just get on with it."

The little martial artist grinned. Now he got two things he wanted. Of course sometimes it was fun when Seifer held him down, but only when the gunblader was in a playful mood, otherwise he was too forceful and it hurt. Zell had ended up with bruised wrists more than once because of it.

Zell turned his mind from past experiences and decided to concentrate on that matter at hand. He tugged the edges of the sheet out from where they were tangled underneath Seifer's legs and arse. He would've looked more beautiful tangled up in forest green as opposed to blue but Zell supposed he couldn't really be picky about it considering how fast the two of them would probably wear the sheets out. They needed to be washed every other night.

"You complained at me before Irvine's party too," Zell mumbled as he stroked gentle fingers up the inside of Seifer's thigh.

"Did I?" Seifer really didn't care, he wanted Zell to stop breathing on his cock ever so softly like that and hurry up and suck on it. "Fuck Chicken Wuss would you just..."

Zell slapped the older boy's thigh none too gently. "Don't call me that, shithead," he snarled. "Or I will go without you."

Seifer growled in the back of his throat. OK, he had to be nice for a little while. He had to make sure Zell was enjoying himself too then he would hurry up and they'd both be happy. "Zell... please."

The martial artist shrugged and kissed his way up Seifer's leg to his now painfully hard cock. "Be good, arsehole," he whispered, deliberately letting his breath wash over the gunblader's sensitive skin.

"Uh-huh," Seifer muttered, barely coherent. He arched his neck back as the smaller boy took him in, nipping lightly on the side of his cock before lapping softly over the same skin then taking the head inside his mouth. "Hynedammit Zell. Don't *tease*."

Zell couldn't help himself. Seifer was way too easy. With sex he was fine, he could fuck Zell's arse for an hour and not come but as soon as Zell lowered his mouth anywhere near Seifer's cock he'd be wriggling and on edge. The martial artist wasn't sure if it was because he was really good at it or if Seifer had some hidden insatiable appetite for blowjobs. 'But then what guy doesn't?' he thought. The smaller blond figured he ought to get this over and done with though they were already late, as usual. With a sudden determination Zell engulfed the whole of Seifer's engorged penis in almost one go, deep-throating him with the ease of a professional.

"Oh fuck me!" Seifer exclaimed.

At this Zell looked up, a puzzled frown creasing his brow.

"Exclamation, not invitation," Seifer breathed.

The younger boy shrugged and went back to what he was doing.

Above him Seifer bit the knuckle of one finger. Hynedamn, hot and beautiful. No matter how many times he did this it would always make him almost hurt with desire. The gunblader was glad those sharp spikes of lust that shot up through his stomach as Zell sucked were burning. It seemed so much more fitting that this ball of energy and fire would set him ablaze, that the feeling of his very soul being sucked out through his cock by Zell's perfect little pout would cause his stomach to clench tight and his head to swim in hot, steaming passion. A moment like this, of pure physical pleasure made him think maybe his mental anguish was just a dream.

If he wanted to be painfully honest to himself Seifer would have said that this was the real reason he wanted to get back with Zell. The boy could suck like nothing on the plane and the sex was way too good to give up. He was glad after they'd fought their fucking had gone back to the way it was originally, back to that steady, shuddering, perfect sex. Back to Zell making him burn with desire, back to these blissful moments.

Seifer knew the younger boy thought he had an insatiable appetite but he didn't, he just recharged quickly and with Zell that was a damn good thing. The martial artist had too much energy than he knew what to do with and even if Seifer were only giving him a quickie up against a wall or in the shower or something, Zell always managed to make him come twice as fast as with anyone else. Insatiable? Unbelievable stamina? With Zell, not a hope. His mouth was too hot, his arse too tight, the sounds he made too fucking arousing. Seifer swore he could come without touching himself just from the noises the smaller boy made when he slept. So now, with his lips wrapped around Seifer's cock and his little blond head bobbing between his legs the gunblader closed his eyes, tangled one hand in the other boy's hair and let him do all the work. He was really fucking good at that.

Rinoa danced gaily through the throng of people gathered to celebrate her 21st birthday. It almost scared her that she was all grown up now but she figured that didn't mean she had to *act* like she was. Irvine hadn't changed one iota from the sex-mad 17 year old he had been when she first met him. Speaking of which, the young Sorceress wondered if he'd managed to drag Squall into a closet yet. She was halfway across the room to where she had last seen the two of them when she saw Seifer and Zell enter. So there *was* something going on between them. Her feelings hadn't just been yaoi fangirl-ness rubbed off on her from Selphie (though watching Squall with Irvine had been pretty...yum). Maybe the Connection she felt with Seifer really existed and he was still...

The princess mused for a moment as she watched her ex-boyfriend and the martial artist interact. They were a little more subdued around each other than they had been a year ago but maybe they'd just grown up and become friends... That was ridiculous, as if those two would ever become friends. She was still considering it when Quistis arrived at her elbow.

"Your father's looking for you," the Instructor informed her.

"Yes Ma'am," Rinoa replied, saluting playfully. Quistis was being her personal Instructor for a while as she was interested in becoming a SeeD. The whip-mistress was teaching her a few of the basics while Zell let her join in on his beginner's martial arts class. She thought it was going along nicely, they were both really good teachers and she already knew how to block a slow punch, she was well on her way! "Hey Quisty?" the Sorceress said suddenly. "Seifer and Zell...??"

Quistis frowned for a moment then looked over her shoulder to where the two in question were arguing over what kind of fruit it was in the punch. The Instructor turned back to Rinoa and held her gaze in silence for a second before bursting out laughing. "Oh Rinoa," she sighed, wiping her eyes and trying to get her breath back. "You should go see your father before he frets more."

The Sorceress nodded. "K, thanks." So Quistis hadn't spotted anything, she thought as she headed to the lounge where, no doubt, her father would be. The Instructor had always been observant which meant the feeling Rinoa had was either a result of too many hours spent with Selphie or the Connection. But which one?

Quistis watched as the brunette headed back across the ballroom floor. Even Rinoa had noticed the change in their behaviour? Maybe the two blonds were more obvious in their new found tolerance for one another than she'd thought. But surely they couldn't be... Zell wasn't even gay... was he? The Instructor shook her head, no, that was just being crazy. It was like saying Irvine and Squall would... Quistis smiled. Absolutely ridiculous.

"I'm tellin' you, dumbarse. It's fuckin' orange."

"Dear, dear, Chickie. I didn't realise you'd gone colour blind this early in your life. The fruit is *not* orange, therefore it is highly doubtful that it is, in fact, an orange."

"Well what d'you reckon it is then, smartarse?"

Seifer shook his head. "The way you go on about my arse Zell. I'm beginning to think you have an obsession."

"Fuck you, shithead."

"It's obviously pineapple," Seifer sighed.

"It's too squishy to be pineapple," Zell sneered.

"Please tell me you two aren't arguing about the fruit," Squall interrupted as he arrived at the table. "That's the last thing I need."

Zell glared at his life-long enemy then turned to his friend and dramatically changed the subject. "So'd you get Rin an awesome pressie?" He considered bouncing but Squall looked like he was getting a headache.

"I'm not telling," Squall replied. He thought about smiling secretively but then decided he didn't want to do that in front of Seifer, he'd never hear the end of it.

"What's going on with your hair?" the ex-Knight asked suddenly.

"Huh?" Squall lifted his hand and tried to flatten the rebellious locks but they wouldn't go down without a fight.

"Let me." Zell reached up a combed his fingers through his Commander's hair straightening it and letting it fall back straight by the pretty gunblader's face. "There ya go. You got a few leaves innit."

"Thanks," Squall muttered. He drew in a deep breath and tried not to think of the feeling of Zell's hands over his scalp. For someone who fought with them he had a very gentle touch, very... arousing. No! Squall bit his bottom lip. He wouldn't think about that. The Commander tried to distract himself and looked around the ballroom for other familiar faces. Quistis seemed to have accosted Nida and Xu about something or other, it looked like work from the way Nida was obviously completely uninterested. Selphie was hassling Headmaster... *Ex* Headmaster Cid and Edea... Squall turned to look at Seifer but the other gunblader didn't even seem to have noticed Matron was there. "Umm..." He wasn't sure how to broach the subject.

"I know," Seifer replied. "I saw her when I came in but I'm not thinking about it, so shut up."

Squall scowled. He could reprimand Seifer as his Commander, and he could do it just because Seifer was an idiot but he decided to keep silent. He'd always been good at that. Seifer didn't need any more hassle anyway. Not really. He might still be the biggest arsehole to grace Garden but he'd had enough shit these past few years.

Then the Commander suddenly realised Zell had disappeared somewhere, probably to find some company that wouldn't berate him for not acknowledging their superiority in every way. Squall scowled at Seifer. "Is it really that hard for you?" he asked quietly.

Seifer glared at him from out of the corner of his eyes. "Huh?"

"Zell... you know as well as I do that he deserves better than the way you treat him."

To Squall's surprise Seifer laughed a little. "Oh you got no idea, ice princess. Besides you can talk. You're supposed to be his best friend and yet I don't think I've ever seen you treat him as such." The ex-Knight glared at his Commander. "And Zell and I have a very unique relationship that *you* just wouldn't understand." He grinned. "I get exactly what I want from him and he does exactly what I want him too. Now fuck off."

Squall scowled. "Picking on him non-stop for 20 years is hardly the nicest way to treat someone, arsehole. So as his friend I suggest you start being a little more pleasant toward him before I decide that rather than just help Rin research you should also help Selphie with the Festival Committee OK?"

Seifer's grip on the punch glass tightened. "You fuckhead," he growled. "You're threatening me to be nice to Zell?"

"He's a sweet guy, Seifer," Squall replied. "Just try, would you?"

As the Commander walked away Seifer scowled venomously. "That's not answering the fucking question shithead!" he called out. When half the crowd turned to glare at him he could see the accusation in their eyes.

"Typical Seifer."

"Trust the Sorceress' Knight to make a scene."

"He's jealous of Squall and Rinoa's happiness."

"He doesn't belong here."

"He should go back to his own Sorceress and not try to steal Squall's."

The gunblader turned away and put his punch back on the table. This was why he never came to these things. Because he didn't want to be there and because he wasn't wanted. It was better for all involved if he just stayed at home. With a sigh he left the room, he'd go and wait for Zell somewhere else. At least with the perky younger boy he felt some sort of... hope.

Zell had indeed run into someone else, someone who would flirt shamelessly with him and press him up tight against corridor walls because he was feeling a little frisky.

"Where've you been?" he asked the happy cowboy.

"Oh, you know, around," Irvine closed in on his prey like one refined in the art. After all he'd spent almost the past ten years perfecting it.

Zell raised an eyebrow as the distance between them shrank to nothing. When Irvine was close enough, arms around Zell's waist, mouth in his un-spiked hair, the martial artist rested his chin up on the cowboy's shoulder. He frowned as he noticed the Irvine's coat was darker than it usually was. "You've got dirt on ya," he said brushing down his friend's coat. "What have you been doin'? Rollin' about outside or somethin'?" When he saw the sparkle in Irvine's eyes the martial artist's own eye widened. "Don't answer that, please."

"You wanna come roll about outside with me?" Irvine asked, waggling one eyebrow, as he moved to give Zell better access to the soiled jacket.

"No!" Zell replied, pulling his hands back from the sharp shooter but not fast enough. Irvine caught them in his own and pressed the boy back against the corridor wall.

"C'mon," he whispered. "It'll be fun. Just like last time."

Zell laughed. "Na, not coming. Go find someone else..." he frowned. "Or have you already had someone else?"

Irvine grinned again. "What d'you reckon?"

"Fuck Irvine," Zell breathed in awe. "You only got here twenty minutes ago."

"Who's to say I didn't arrive earlier and pilfer a party guest hmm?" the cowboy leant closer to Zell's ear and breathed in it gently. "Gunna let me pilfer you?" he whispered before running his tongue along the other boy's neck.

"No," Zell wriggled. "Tell me who it was."

Irvine frowned and pulled back. "You taste like Seifer."

An adorable little blush crept onto Zell's face as he mumbled something in response.

"What?" Irvine asked, grinning. He leaned down to catch the martial artist's gaze but Zell looked away from him, over his shoulder back toward the party room.

"I said, I do not," Zell muttered. "Now get off."

Irvine sighed. "You don't play with me any more. Not like we used to. Remember that time after Selphie's 18th when you and I--"

"We are *not* doin' that again. Do you even remember how close we were to gettin' caught with Lionheart? Squall would have gone postal!" Zell shook his head. "Nuh, I'm goin' back to the party."

"You mean back to Seifer," Irvine replied, trying to force more sadness into his voice so Zell would take pity on him.

"No, I don't," Zell argued. He frowned at the cowboy. "Just 'cause we got somethin' goin' on it doesn't mean--"

"That you practically live in his dorm and fuck like rabbits mornin', noon and night?" Irvine frowned. "Yeah it does. You never have time for me anymore."

The little martial artist folded his arms across his chest. "I'd have plenty of time for you if you'd stop being such a sleaze."

"I'm not a sleaze!" Irvine pouted for a moment. "OK so maybe I am. But I'm not a slut... I don't think. How maybe people *do* you have to sleep with before you get that title?"

Zell laughed, leaned back against the wall, and tilted his head up to look at the ceiling, unaware that this just made Irvine more desperate to latch onto that exposed and inviting throat. "It's just... It's a bit weird for me to be with you when I got Seifer, ya know?"

Irvine smiled and slid to his side, leaning sideways beside the smaller boy and trying his damndest not to just thrust up against his jean clad thigh and--

"I should get back to the party," Zell murmured unenthusiastically. "You too. Selphie's probably wonderin' where you are."

"She knows where I've been," Irvine breathed, fiddling with the hem of Zell's t-shirt.

"Is *that* who you were in the trees with?" Zell replied. "Trust you, at Rin's party, of all places. You just can't help it, can you?"

"Nope," Irvine smiled cheekily. "'Specially not when something cute is practically moaning my name." A knowing smile flickered over his lips before he leant his forehead on the wall just beside Zell's head. "I miss you."

"No, you don't," Zell replied, trying not to flinch out from under the warm air of Irvine's breath on his ear. "You miss my bed and probably my body, you don't miss me."

The cowboy pulled himself upright a little more and looked down at his friend. "You know that's not true. You 'n' me are friends, babe." He studied Zell's expression for a minute. "Did Seifer tell you that?"

"Huh?" a little frown emerged. "Nah," he shook his head. "It's just... well, that's the only reason any o' you guys come see me. When you want something."

"That's really the only reason anyone sees anyone. To get something," Irvine smiled gently at him. "Why did you come see me yesterday?"

The martial artist shrugged. "'Cause."

"You were bored, and wanted entertainment. You were eating lunch and didn't want to be alone. You wanted to borrow something, to say something, to ask something," the cowboy rested his lips against Zell's forehead. "These are the reasons we see our 'friends'."

"I came to see you yesterday because I thought you looked sad at breakfast and you're my friend so..." Zell shrugged. "I wanted to cheer you up... I guess I did want something."

To the martial artist's surprise Irvine suddenly caught him in a tight hug. "You are so fucking cute," he hissed between clenched teeth, tensing as he felt lust and need bubble inside him. "I wanna fuck you so bad now."

"I can tell," Zell replied with a laugh, and he could, the hardness in Irvine's pants was pressing against his belly. But he shouldn't be here, part of what he and Seifer had discussed almost a month ago, had been loyalty, and truth be told he wanted Seifer right now more than he wanted Irvine, especially since he knew the cowboy had just finished with someone else. "Irvy..."

"I know," the sharpshooter muttered. "We shouldn't but... Can't I just suck you off?"

Zell bit his lower lip. That was an offer unbelievably hard to pass up, Seifer never did that, well only once or twice and even then he'd made sure Zell was thoroughly fucked before he did so neither were unsatisfied. Irvine's offer was more selfless, or it would have been if Zell weren't well aware that the cowboy loved giving head. "No... I'm gunna... go."

Irvine pressed closer. Sometimes he hated clothes; they really got in the way of fucking. Between him and the wall was a perfect, lithe, hot little body that he *knew* was a damn fine fuck and yet he also knew he shouldn't be trying to convince Zell to spread his legs. But the martial artist was so fucking gorgeous. The way he unconsciously rubbed himself against Irvine's thigh and, in doing so, rubbed his thigh against Irvine was almost sinful. He moved his hips like a dancer; seducing him so quickly it was hard to push away. But Irvine managed it.

"You're right, but..." he caught Zell's lips quickly, kissing him deeply and sloppily. "If you ever, *ever* want me, you know where I'll be."

Zell nodded as he tried to look away. Out of sight, out of mind. He wouldn't let Irvine do *any*thing to him. That was Seifer's job, he smiled wickedly, for later. As Zell left to go back to the gathering Irvine called out to him, quietly so only he could hear. His voice was still breathless from the orgasm that had so recently threatened only to be thwarted by some kind of moral victory on Irvine's part.

"Before..." he called. "It wasn't Selphie that got leaves in 'er hair you know."

Zell stopped. "Huh?" But the cowboy was already gone.

Seifer was waiting for him, slumped against the end of the bed, head thrown back and eyes closed. It reminded Zell disturbingly of the aftermath of Irvine's 21st party and he prayed the older boy wasn't drunk. Looking around though, he couldn't see any bottle.

"I'm sober," Seifer murmured. He had been there for a few hours and his eyes had adjusted to the dark, seeing Zell look about like that reminded him of Irvine's party too. "D'you have fun?"

"Yeah, kinda," the martial artist began stripping off his going out jeans and t-shirt, the ones that were cleaner and more respectable than the rest. "Spent the first half of the night fightin' off Irvine and the second half talkin' with Matron," Zell paused and looked over at him from the wardrobe. "Did ya speak to her?"

"No," Seifer sulked. He hated feeling like this it made him pathetic and childish. "I... She..." the gunblader sighed, covering his face with his hands. "I don't want to talk about it."

He should have gone to see her. He knew that. But he hadn't, because he'd been... What? Scared? Yeah, maybe. She could remind him of all those things unrested, all the spirits of the dead that would soon come in his dreams, and soon after that he knew they would invade his waking mind also. Insanity was something he could look forward to in his doomed future. But for now... He opened his eyes.

Zell was watching him with a worried look. When Seifer's eyes finally met his, the martial artist stepped up close and sat straddling his partner's lap in nothing but his briefs. He leant forward slowly and kissed him. "So what do you want to talk about?"

The gunblader sighed again, dipping his head to rest it beneath Zell's chin. "Don't care," he muttered quietly against Zell's collarbone. He slipped his arms around the smaller boy's waist and thanked the central heating that he could hold this comforting body mostly naked like this in the winter. Beneath his cheek Zell's skin was smooth like satin, warm too, and it smelt so... alive. The heavy pressure on his thighs, and the close weight of Zell's arms around his neck made him feel safe. Covered, hidden by this divine naked being, he squeezed Zell's waist tightly in his arms. "I don't want to think about anything."

Zell smiled slightly, surprised that he for once had Seifer in his arms, albeit only his head, cradled against his chest as the gunblader slumped against him. His breath tickled, but it also heated the air between their bodies and soon Zell's chest was moist with the condensation. "So what shall we do?" he whispered into Seifer's white blond hair, shifting slightly; Seifer's black jeans were rough against his bare thighs, their creases scratchy. "Do I need to ask?"

"No," Seifer shook his head as much as he could with Zell's arms wrapped it. "I need you."

"Good," Zell replied, kissing Seifer's forehead. He tipped Seifer's chin up and kissed him again on the lips. It wasn't fair that Seifer had his hands all over Zell's skin and yet the martial artist could only feel the boring material of his t-shirt. "Let's get these clothes off you then shall we?"

"Yours first," Seifer attempted a smile. "I want you naked, and beautiful."

Zell smiled back and rose from his seat then quickly stripped off the remainder of his clothes. It was statements like that one that could trick him into thinking there was something deeper going on between them. Beautiful? No, he wasn't, he knew that, and so did Seifer.

The gunblader knelt beneath him, hands resting on the back of Zell's shins, fingers caressing softly. Seifer kissed his knee gently, and the martial artist responded with a giggle. As his mouth moved up Zell's leg, the gunblader flicked out his tongue, licking the salty skin. He was so warm, so close, so delicious. A sight to behold for certain. And he smelt like... like male, something tangible Seifer almost thought he could physically hold.

Above him Zell shivered. He wasn't used to standing butt naked in the middle of the room. "Seifer," he whispered gently. "Bed?"

The gunblader nodded slightly and rose, he lay back on the bed almost without shifting his feet, just sitting backwards and gesturing for Zell to climb over him. The little martial artist starting undoing his buttons first though. Slowly and teasingly exposing Seifer's toned chest to the darkness of the room; neither of them had yet bothered to turn the light on. His skin was pale, not ivory like Squall's but like milky tea, smooth too, and beneath it Zell could feel the ripple and shift of trained muscles. He shucked off Seifer's trousers and boots, following them quickly with his underwear. All the while Seifer lay still and silent, the martial artist wondered if he were asleep, why else would Seifer relinquish control?

But he wasn't, for when Zell dropped his clothes on the floor and wriggled back over him the gunblader opened his eyes slightly. He watched Zell sitting above him for a few moments, his perfect body, those glorious blue eyes, his mischievous smile and cock that lay along Seifer's belly. The gunblader stroked Zell's thigh and rolled them over. With Zell now beneath him he felt more in control, but wondered at the same time if it was because he always tried to make himself in control that nothing seemed to work. If he let it all go then he wouldn't worry when things didn't turn out, he would expect it to all go wrong.

Zell reached out a hand to manually unfurrow the crinkled frown on his forehead. "What's wrong?" he asked, stroking Seifer's skin with a gentle finger.

Seifer forced another weak smile but didn't make any motion to answer the question. Instead he kissed the other boy's lips and slipped his tongue inside. Zell laughed and leant his head back so the kisses trailed down his neck and over his collarbone. When one of his legs curled around Seifer's hip the gunblader pushed himself closer between the younger boy's spread thighs. He wondered for a second, why Zell let him do this but figured he must be getting something out of it. Even though the energetic Instructor could get pretty much any man he wanted. There had to be something about Seifer himself that kept Zell coming back. But for now it didn't matter, what he felt, slowly building in the pit of his stomach was not curiosity but desire. He flexed his fingers against Zell's sides and lifted his head from the damp trail of kisses he had been creating.

Zell smiled at him and squeezed Seifer's hips between his legs. "Fuck?"

As if he needed to ask. They had not in the five months they had been together ever slept in the same bed without fucking. They had never kissed each other good night or eaten together without sex preceding it, they had never showered together without fucking; this was all it came down to, but Zell was beautiful and Seifer was divine. Why would they ask for anything else?

Seifer plucked the lube from its usual place beside the bed and placed it on Zell's chest, he could get the cap off while Seifer licked his ribs. The gunblader knew it really wouldn't take very long for him to do it himself but he wanted to make Zell wriggle and giggle again, he was very ticklish. So Seifer flicked out his tongue as Zell wrangled the lid off and caught one of the gunblader's hands. He dolloped the lube on the tips of his fingers then moved it about with his own to warm it up.

Seifer sat up and watched him curiously, frowning when Zell stopped and merely looked up expectantly at him. But he complied as Zell wanted and leant down over him again slipping his fingers inside the smaller boy and Zell arched up in pleasure as his thighs gripped Seifer's waist tighter. Seifer barely responded, instead he leant down and bit the martial artist's neck gently.

Zell wondered for a moment if maybe someone had slipped something into his tea, he felt so relaxed, so at peace. Even though this other body was setting fires all over his skin he closed his eyes and just sank. It was beautiful.

"Zell...?" Seifer whispered in his ear. He probably felt Zell wasn't paying enough attention to him.

"Mmm," Zell opened his eyes. In this light, and especially considering where his fingers still were Seifer looked gorgeous. Pale light through the window flickered through his hair, his eyes half lidded, and mouth open and panting. The martial artist grinned. "Hyne damn you're hot."

What was Seifer supposed to say to that? The gunblader didn't know so he just attacked Zell's neck again and thrust his fingers deeper inside the boy. They were slick and Seifer wondered for a moment if it were dripping onto Zell's sheets. As he rubbed Zell's prostate the smaller boy moaned lustfully. Seifer caught his next yearning keen with his own mouth and gently slid his tongue across his partner's. As he pushed forward with his body over Zell, he removed his fingers and readied his aching cock.

The rocking motion Seifer began sent Zell moaning louder into his mouth. It was true that he was now provided with less stimulation than earlier but the motion awakened in him the knowledge of bliss to come. He hooked his arm tighter around Seifer's neck and pulled him closer, but the gunblader's lips were already pressed to his, locked wetly in a slick and sex-filled kiss, so Seifer could hardly get closer. All the action did was draw his chest lower and press moist sweating skin against his own tender nipples. The martial artist threw back his head again and groaned. "Hurry..." he pleaded. "I want you inside me."

Seifer tried to hold himself up with his arms and not put too much weight on Zell's smaller frame but the tingle over his bones that Zell's hot skin against his produced was too arousing to resist. So he lingered over Zell and positioned himself ready to fuck his little fighter into the mattress.

Zell cried out a long keen when Seifer finally pressed inside him. "Seifer..." he ached for that hard length inside of him, pleased that it always filled him so completely. Seifer's cock certainly was the gift that kept on giving, just when Zell thought the gunblader was completely inside him Seifer pressed in further until Zell burned with completion. Buried so deep inside of him, arms wrapped tight around him, breath puffing in his ear Seifer was a drug. One that gave him pleasure, one that made him feel wanted, one that made him feel alive.

Seifer kissed him gently, and slipped one arm underneath Zell's slender waist. With his other hand he gripped the headboard. After he slid out of his partner slightly Seifer gripped Zell's hip from underneath the little martial artist and pulled him down back into Seifer's lap. Their hips collided and Zell's fingernails dug into the skin along the gunblader's ribs.

"Uhh--," the martial artist groaned. "Harder... Fuck! I want you..."

Seifer did his best to oblige, pulling himself up closer to the headboard and pushing Zell further down onto him at the same time. As Seifer settled into a steady, hard pace Zell opened his eyes, slitting them to gaze at his partner like a happy cat. The gunblader could almost swear he was purring. He slowed for a second to kiss Zell's forehead almost in affection then started up faster and rougher than before.

The martial artist smiled but it turned to a moan of desire as Seifer sat up, letting go of the headboard and sliding his arm out from underneath Zell. Both hands clenched the martial artist's strong thighs as he threw back his head and pulled Zell onto him. The smaller boy wanted to sit up and place a wet line of kisses up Seifer's strained and luscious looking neck. But he settled for groaning lustfully and pushing back hard against Seifer's thrusts instead. He couldn't be bothered moving.

But Seifer wanted to be close to him again, to feel the humid heat of another body so close to his, breathing hotly against his own skin as his sweat slid onto Zell's. So he let go of one thigh and used this hand to hold him up as he leant over Zell's flushed and squirming body.

Zell wanted Seifer to be closer, to wrap his arms around Zell's waist and force him down onto the gunblader's delicious cock. Just as he was about to pull Seifer down the older boy lay over him of his own accord. Zell grinned and licked every inch of skin he could reach, his tongue ran over Seifer's jaw, down his throat, across a shoulder. He couldn't reach the elbow so he skipped it and bit lightly on the gunblader's wrist instead.

Seifer moaned softly, where Zell's tongue had been there was now cooling saliva that caused a shiver along his skin. Then he felt teeth on the sensitive tendons in his wrist. He grinned momentarily and captured Zell's mouth with his own, running his tongue over his small, sharp teeth.

"Little vampire," Seifer whispered, hot breath trickling into Zell's ear and causing a sudden shiver down the martial artist's spine. Seifer moaned as it caused Zell to clench around him, he debated for a moment doing that again.

"I'm not..." Zell breathed between heavy pants. "The one who likes to bite." He gnashed his teeth playfully at the older boy and grinned.

Seifer laughed and kissed him. He almost felt a surge of adrenalin at the danger of letting those nipping teeth slide over his tongue. Maybe he ought to bite Zell's neck to show him what a love bite really was. But he settled instead for licking up the flavour of his skin. It was no surprise that the martial artist tasted slightly of beer. Obviously he'd been drinking.

Zell giggled as Seifer flicked his tongue into the small cleft in the middle of his collarbone. It was the sound of his little laugh that reminded Seifer of the sound he really wanted to hear, the deep moan that Zell often let loose when he came, closely followed by his name. So he took Zell's erection in hand and gently ran his hand over it.

"Aw fuck..." Zell breathed. "Yes..."

Seifer smiled and with his eyes half-closed he moved his hand and hips faster; pushing Zell deeper and deeper into the mattress. "Come on," Seifer whispered at him. "You've been wanting this all day, you know you have. You've been aching for me, hard and fucking huge inside of you..."

Zell shook his head, trying to stave of the orgasm that was building up. "Seifer," he groaned. He was still shaking his head but his hands dug into Seifer's arms, and he clenched tight around the other boy. Seifer knew he was ready and desperate to come.

Smirking victoriously Seifer kissed Zell hard, pressing their lips hard together almost forced against the other one's teeth. He pushed roughly inside his partner, attacking that sensitive spot inside him that would cause him to make that tantalising moan and whisper Seifer's name.

Suddenly Zell's arms shot up from Seifer's arms and he wrapped them around the older boy's neck tightly. His back arched, pressing his chest up tight against his partner as he came over them both. The gunblader grinned. Perfect.

"Ohh, fuck... Seifer..." Zell sighed and lay back, letting the gunblader go, satisfied and exhausted.

But Seifer wasn't done. Instead of the usual few select thrusts that would make him come he pulled himself out and pushed in roughly three or four times before he jerked stiffly and let himself go inside the martial artist. Slowly, the lust dissipated, leaving them hot, wet and tangled with each other.

They lay together, Seifer's head resting beside Zell's on the pillow, breathing in his ear, and cock still inside him. "Beautiful," the gunblader whispered.

"Huh?" Zell moved slightly. He had been asleep but the sound of Seifer's voice had woken him.

"Nothing," Seifer buried his face in the crook of Zell's neck and breathed him in. The smaller blond had managed to help him forget for a little while but it always came back. He almost growled in irritation but was too tired. Suddenly a shiver ran down his spine as though someone had walked over his grave. A smile emerged at the expression. Except that he'd already dug his grave, if anyone tried to walk over it they'd fall in. Seifer smiled and rolled over, pulling out of Zell who was now almost asleep. The gunblader watched him for a second, expecting irritation to emerge and wipe away the relaxed pleasure he was feeling. Often Zell filled him with annoyance at the slightest thing, the way he breathed, wriggling too much, sniffing, snoring, sometimes even the noises he made. But tonight Seifer felt peaceful, Zell just looked cute and in dire need of a hug. So the older boy slid as close to him as he could and pulled him in for a cuddle. The martial artist awoke slightly but upon realising it was just Seifer kissed the nearest available body part and went back to sleep.





Author's Note

It's kind of weird how this storyline seemed to mimic the one for Irvine's birthday but I thought it gives a good sense of comparison, to show what's changed and what hasn't.

Rinoa... hmm... I just can't decide whether I like her or if I hate her. She's grown on me now I can manipulate her and make her less annoying. As for Squall and Irvine... well, that's where you guys come in. I'm having trouble deciding what to do with the two of them. If I were writing for myself I'd come up with some fiendishly devious plan but I'm doing this for you guys really. All those reviews have made it worth it so a) IrvinexSquall ? b) SquallxRin? c)?? Help???

It also kind of startled me how melancholy the SeiferxZell sex was. Strangely they're beginning to write themselves, which is downright creepy, but this is how they wanted the scene to turn out so... Here it is. The next chapter... (well, OK the next TWO chapters) are very PWP, so all those who come here for the smut will hopefully be satisfied. XD

Again, thanks for reviews, thanks to Moruwen and please keep the comments coming. It all makes me write faster... so long as I don't have uni assignments due :D

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