One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 4 - Back In Each Other's Arms

By Akare

Monday 13th October

Morning found them back in one another's arms. Seifer spooned behind Zell, one arm lying aimlessly across the smaller boy's waist as the martial artist clutched it against him. Zell awoke first, not surprising considering this was a strange bed to him. He sighed deeply, let go of Seifer's arm and tried to roll over but his shoulder just met with Seifer's chest. He couldn't move without waking the other boy. Zell was sure he didn't want to do this, it wasn't a good idea. Seifer would be angry and take it out on him. He sighed again.

"Trust you to be melodramatic at this time of the morning," Seifer mumbled. "Turn the stereo on."

"What?" Zell wriggled out of Seifer's arms and rolled over to look him in the face. "Were those two sentences even connected? In *any* way?"

"Just turn the fucking stereo on. I need it to get up."

"Why d'ya want it on?" Zell asked. He made himself more comfortable, bunching his pillow up in one hand under his cheek and watching Seifer, whose eyes still remained closed.

"Loud music will wake me up... Stop looking at me."

"Hmm." Seifer obviously wasn't a morning person Zell decided as he sat up to hunt for said stereo. It was probably under a pile of clothes somewhere. He was halfway across the floor when he realised he was being obedient. He stopped and turned around, only to find Seifer, head propped up in one hand, watching him with a smirk. Zell narrowed his eyes. "Why don't you hunt for your own damn stereo, you arrogant bastard?" he snapped.

"Because you're up and I'm not. Besides," Seifer added. "I get a much better view of you from here."

Zell took a deep breath to stop himself from lunging at Seifer and trying to rip his head off with his bare hands.

"I didn't realise you were so obedient," Seifer continued. "I'll remember that."

"Fuck you," Zell replied. "I wasn't thinkin'."

"So it's instinctual?" Seifer smirked some more.

"Fuck off."

The gunblader rearranged himself on the bed. He watched Zell watching him, eyes still narrowed and glaring. "Well?" he asked. He knew he was being irritating but it had always been true that Zell was adorable when he was stamping his foot and being childish. These days irritating him was the only way to make him revert back to childhood. "You gunna find my stereo or not Chickie?"

"Ya know, Seifer, calling me 'Chickie' or anythin' else that resembles a bird is the only sure fire way to make sure I *don't* do as you ask. So fuck off, stop bein' such a prick," Zell folded his arms angrily and waited. With anyone else it would have been waiting for an apology but with Seifer it was only for a reply, or if he was lucky, for the older boy to back down.

Seifer grinned. It was so easy to come up with ways to annoy Chickie. "It's strange how quickly you've gotten used to being naked in my presence. Not a hint of embarrassment," his grin turned to a sweet smile, or at least his version of one.

The martial artist rolled his eyes and climbed back into bed. "Well done, you just persuaded me to go back to sleep and forget about your stupid stereo." As he snuggled back under the doona he realised he had stopped reacting to Seifer's taunts... maybe he'd grown up- Seifer certainly hadn't.

The man himself was frowning at Zell's curled form beside him, he pushed it once, lightly, with his fist, before lifting the covers a touch to look underneath. "Come on, Zell, get up. You need to go to class and get out of my room."

Unfortunately Seifer didn't feel very convincing. He didn't really want Zell to go, he looked almost cute curled up and pretending to be asleep. He hands were clenched into fists and tucked underneath his chin, and the pout had returned along with a slight scowl. He was only pretending to sleep Seifer knew, but he keep his voice low anyway. "Zell... If you're that desperate not to get up you're going to have to prove to me it's worth my while to let you stay."

One eye fluttered open, the other was too squished against the pillow to make it. "Eh?"

There was another way to wake him up that didn't involve either of them hunting for the stereo. Seifer smirked slightly before replacing it with a more honest smile. He knew he'd have to charm Zell to get what he wanted so he couldn't make it too obvious that he was manipulating the younger boy. "You want to make it worth the hassle?"

"What hassle?" Zell asked warily. He could tell Seifer was planning something.

"You sleeping in my bed."

"I've been sleepin' in your bed all night," Zell countered, sure he didn't like where this was heading.

"Mmm," Seifer agreed. He lay back down, close enough to invade the martial artist's personal space. "And why's that?"

"'Cause we been fuckin'," Zell's eyes widened as he realised what Seifer was getting at. "I'm *tired* Seifer."

"How can you be tired?" the older boy purred at him. "You've only just woken up."

Zell sighed. He turned over lethargically. "Fine. Just get on with it, and if you hurt me I'll hurt you back. Got it?"

Seifer grinned. He leaned forward to whisper over Zell's shoulder, making sure his lips were close enough to touch the other boy's skin with every word. "I'm not sure I like doing this if you've got your back to me, like you're sulking or something. Have we had a fight?"

Zell closed his eyes, trying to ignore the gentle and arousing tickle on his shoulder from Seifer's lips. "Just shut up and fuck me Seifer."

"That's what I like to hear," Seifer bit gently on Zell's neck, ignoring the vague order in the other's words. "But don't *you* keep quiet, babe. I want you to be as loud as possible."

"But your neighbours'll hear," Zell argued as the gunblader leaned over him to get the lube from the bedside table.

Seifer shrugged. "They're probably all in class like good little cadets."

Zell frowned and looked about for a clock, when his eyes set upon the clock hands that read "10:00" he almost panicked before he remembered Squall had given him the day off. "But won't you get in trouble for truan--" He was cut off as Seifer slid one finger inside him suddenly. "Nnn," he moaned. "Warnin' 'd be nice."

The older boy chuckled. "I had plenty of warning."

"Fuck you," Zell mumbled with barely any venom.

"Nah-uh," Seifer replied as he considered following the clich. He decided to add a few embelishments of his own. "I'm gunna fuck *your* brains out, Chicken. And you're gunna be screaming my name, just like you were last night."

Zell nodded as another finger entered him. "Sure, Seifer, anythin' you want. Just do it, yeah?"

Seifer grinned. "Are you being submissive just 'cause you want me inside you? Or do you like being bossed around?"

"I've...always been one to... take orders, Seif," Zell replied, not really answering the question. Damn why was Seifer getting into a D&M now? He didn't want to discuss the pyschological implications of their fucking. Now they'd started it he just wanted to *fuck*.

"Mmm, true. But not from me." Seifer scissored his fingers apart. "You hurting?" he asked, curious despite himself, he knew that would sound like concern.

"Nah," Zell breathed. "Since when did you care anyway?"

"I don't," Seifer replied. "If I'm going to keep you as my fuck toy I'd better make sure you can take it."

"I can take it." Zell frowned, hitching a breath. He was trying to form some sort of tangible thought but it was hard with Seifer's fingers inside of him. "You wanna keep this... thing up?"

"Don't you?" Seifer asked as he removed his fingers and prepared to enter Zell.

"Mmm," Zell agreed, closing his eyes in pleasure. "Sure, but it's a secret yeah?"

Seifer snorted indelicately and pushed the head of his penis through that tight ring of muscle. "Yeah."

"And it... means nothin'?" Zell bowed his head, pressing back against Seifer, wanting the other boy to be completely inside him now, and to stop fucking around. "Go faster?"

"Nnn," Seifer replied, he hadn't been listening to Zell speak but as it happened at this point they both wanted the same thing. He slid all the way in, then rested for a moment buried to the hilt and licked at the back of Zell's neck. "Glad you know who's boss," he muttered. "Ask and you shall receive."

"Mmm," Zell moaned. He didn't really care what the hell Seifer was saying either, he knew as well as the other boy that they weren't here for conversation. They'd both just admitted as much, here for the sex and nothing more. Mercenaries needed someplace to vent their frustration and if that happened to be each other then great. Good for them that they had each other to fuck.

As Seifer lapped at Zell's neck he reached around the little blond's hips. Running a fingertip down his hip bone and along the top of his thigh Seifer found Zell's cock, erect and leaking. The gunblader grinned and bit the back of Zell's neck. "Tell me what you want," he ordered, keeping hold of the flesh. He'd learnt the night before that Zell's voice was very arousing when he got that lustful little whine in it and he also wanted to make sure Zell knew who was boss.

Zell's brow was currently furrowed in a little frown due to the teeth that were embedded in the nape of his neck. He remembered hearing once somewhere that male animals often bit the back of the female's neck during sex to keep them still. Grinning he realised he should mention this to Seifer, biting was more like something someone with the name Leonheart would do.

"Tell me," Seifer demanded again before sinking his teeth in deeper.

Zell responded with a little yelp, flinching but unable to really move as Seifer's body held him still. As his body arched forward the teeth in his neck tugged him back toward Seifer so he was pressed tight against the taller boy's chest, the grip of sharp teeth in his skin stinging. The hand around his cock tightened significantly and pushed against Zell's pelvis, pulling him closer as Seifer's hips rose so his erection could stay inside Zell.

"Want..." Zell breathed. It was all he could get out as Seifer's cock attacked that sweet spot inside him. "You..." he managed to add. "Want you."

Seifer's eyes closed as he listened to Zell's hitching breaths and moans. He'd never dreamt the little blond could be quite so good to be inside of. The fire he showed outside was nothing compared to that within. Seifer closed his eyes and rested the side of his head against Zell's, pushing deeper into that beautiful heat. He could hear his panting breath, feel Zell's back pressing against his chest. He ran his hand along the smaller boy's length and let their bodies fall into a natural rhythm. As their speed quickened so too did his touch. Zell reached for Seifer, he needed to do something with his hands. Finally one came in contact with the gunbladers thigh, he held on, digging nails into the smooth, toned flesh of Seifer's body, but he didn't seem to mind. Instead he moaned in Zell's ear and moved faster. Seifer's body felt all nicely tingly, he felt like his very soul was in ecstasy- if he still had a soul.

Turning back to the mark his teeth had made on the smooth fold of Zell's flesh the gunblader ran his tongue along it. "Mmm," he murmured appreciatively.

"You're..." Zell struggled to reply.

Seifer grinned lazily, his eyes half closed. "Fantastic?" he queried softly.

"An arsehole," Zell breathed following on with a deep lust-filled moan as Seifer let go of his cock and gently twisted one of his nipples. "Don't..."

"You wanted to fuck," Seifer reminded him as he made a violent thrust into the smaller boy.

It was about then he decided to stop speaking, or rather he lost the ability to coherently do so. Fucking Zell was an experience best enjoyed if the only thing in your mouth was Zell. Words didn't have a good enough flavour. So he shut up and willed Zell to do the same as the other boy curled his fingers into Seifer's hair. He just wanted to listen to him breathe, to hear the sounds that kept Zell alive and jumping around throbbing through his body. He wanted life's breath to flow across his fingers, into his ear, over his face. He wanted to feel the heartbeat of someone so loving and lovely to rattle through his empty chest. He wanted this body to make him feel alive, he wanted this body to make him feel wanted. And that moment, when Zell's fingers clenched tighter in his hair, when he let out a shuddered breath and whispered Seifer's name, he knew he wouldn't be giving this up any time soon. He knew it was the sound of utter need in Zell's hushed voice made goosebumps tingle up his arms in excitement.

When he pressed himself closer inside, as close as they could go and pumped Zell's cock a few times, the little martial artist came in his hand. In turn Seifer- mouth pressed against Zell's ear, their bodies so entwined they were almost one- came inside him, tightened his grip and took comfort from the knowledge that he could hold this body when they were done. For the first time in three years someone lay beside him who wouldn't clean himself up and hastily leave the room. Zell would get his breath back, Zell would stay the night, Zell would let Seifer hold him. Why? The gunblader didn't understand. He didn't know if this was friendship, lust or something else. All he knew was that he liked it and wanted to do it again.

So they lay spooned together again for a few moments before Zell spoke.

"I was gunna go and visit Ma today."

"Mmm?" Seifer replied. "You gunna be able to walk?" he asked with a smirk.

"Shuddup," Zell said, but there was no anger in it. They were both feeling the urge to sleep again but when one of Seifer's cold hands brushed Zell's side and the martial artist tensed Seifer realised he was no where near fully satiated. The burning grip Zell's body still had around his cock made him hard again almost instantly. Seifer pushed his hips closer to Zell's again, trying to aim for that place that could get Zell in the mood too.

"You sure you wanna go?" Seifer asked, his hand again reaching for Zell's cock.

"Nnn, Seif... Don't. I gotta..." Zell began.

"Tell you what," the older boy replied. "If you can make me come five times between now and lunchtime I'll give you a lift into Balamb ok?"

"Seif..." Zell replied, miserably. He sounded as though he were going to turn Seifer down. The gunblader didn't know what he would do about his unsatisfied hunger if Zell left. "When's lunchtime?"

"When I've come five times," Seifer answered with a little smirk.





Author's Note

I told myself I wouldn't write these, that the story would speak for itself. Hmm, seems I was wrong.

I wanted to make this one chapter because ending it on that line just works so well. The next chapter is super long to make up for it and should be up very soon. It's more than half finished.

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