One Moment, And A Year

Chapter 3 - Day of Want, Day of Need

By Akare

Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th October

Taking a few days off had been a good plan, Zell told himself as he settled on his couch late that night, all prepared to play 'Jedi Academy'. He had spent the day finishing marking those stupid assignments. And now there would be no distractions to his inevitable position as a Jedi Knight and he could stop thinking about Seifer. Of course as soon as the gunblader's name went through his head Zell felt a twinge of regret (he was sure it was regret not lust) that he would have to erase their fragile friendship that had developed. Not that it had really developed it had been more thrust upon them. Zell tried to keep his mind on the game as he thought about something else that he'd like to have thrust upon him.

Because of this thought pattern Zell couldn't concentrate very well on the Jedi missions he was supposed to be completing. At midnight he decided he might be better off going to bed and getting some sleep. Trouble was sleep wasn't particularly forth-coming either. He tossed and turned for a little while before eventually finding himself in a nasty dream that embellished the few memories he had of Saturday night in technicolour. It was steadily going from bad to worse. Instead of not thinking about it and the memories going away, he was not thinking about it and the memories were becoming feature films.

Once morning came around again Zell was tired, hungry and horny. He glared angrily at his small bar as though it was the specific fault of his half-drunk bottle of vodka that he'd ended up in Seifer's bed. Something had to be done and quickly. He took a cold shower. It was already Tuesday and yet Zell felt no better. He just kept thinking of Seifer, the blond gunblader was in his head, in his dreams, in his thoughts.

'Damn stupid fucking Seifer and all his hotness!'

He screwed his eyes shut as he sat on the couch in nothing but a towel and willed it to go away, tensing every muscle in his body as he did so. When this didn't work he forced himself to relax and tried meditation. First he cleared his mind of everything he could, people always said there wasn't much in there, there was, it just wasn't organised very well. Zell tried to subconciously summon up a colour, any one, it didn't matter, so long as it felt right. He concentrated as it emerged out of the darkness behind his eyes. A pure, simple green. He liked green, it might have something to do with association because everything was always green on his birthday as he shared it with St Patricks day. He began thinking of green things.

That beautiful apple-green glass Selphie had bought him for Christmas, the emerald lawn behind his house, the colour of the seaweed floating in the sea and the ocean itself, the cool darkness of Grandidi forest, of glass smoothed by the ocean's waves, of the brilliant turquoise-jade of Seifer's eyes... FUCK!

That was so *not* supposed to happen. Zell sighed. Now Seifer had even infected his favourite colour. Well, he wouldn't be able to fuck up red. Zell closed his eyes and began breathing slowly, calmly and deeply. Red, rose, the colour of blood, and stop signs, and firetrucks. Zell grinned. The colour of his huge dictionary he always had to use when marking students' assignments (he *knew* they were using big words just to irritate him). Crimson, the tomato and basil sauce he had on his pasta for tea, the colour of hotdog frankfurts, and Tabasco sauce, of red wine and the cross on Seifer's jacket.

Zell sighed, clenched his teeth and took a few deep breaths so he didn't smash his fist into the nice coffee table Squall and Rinoa had bought him and break it. That's what had happened to the last one.

'Fine,' he thought. 'Yellow... his hair. Black, his trousers. White, his coat...though it was more grey. Blue, his vest... and his eyes in some lights. Pink, his mouth. Orange... oh yeah! Even Seifer can't get to every colour.'

Trouble was Zell didn't like orange, he couldn't relax looking at orange... maybe purple...

He closed his eyes again and took one deep breath, then there was a knock at the door. He looked down at the black towel he had wrapped about his waist and figured he was decent enough. It was Squall, curious to see how his holiday was going. Trying to be friendly no doubt, he still hadn't *quite* got the hang of it.

"Hey," Squall said, sounding defeated and depressed.

Zell grinned. "Hey." Squall always sounded like that.

"I didn't interrupt anything, did I?" he asked, eyeing Zell's towel.

"Nah," Zell held the door open so he could step inside. "I was all done in the shower, I was just.. air drying."

Squall stepped inside. "Right." Sometimes he really did not get Zell.

As Zell went to shut the door he saw a certain blonde figure across the hall, staring straight at him... and wearing nothing but a pair of baggy dark purple track pants, with an orange stripe down the side.

Zell narrowed his eyes and slammed the door. The look on Seifer's face had been enough to get him hard and the more he thought about Seifer the more difficult it was going to be hiding his erection from Squall. He had to get some pants on fast.

After Seifer spent the hour in the 'special class' Squall thought he should attend he usually went to the training centre. This was the easiest way to get rid of all the pent up frustration he had at the stupid class about GF's and losing one's memory. It was a good thing Quistis was teaching it otherwise he would've killed whoever was taking it. The special class had to be taken by all the first year SeeDs and, as Seifer was one of them, he was there. Nevermind that he'd been using GF's for fuck knows how long. First he got to learn about how it felt to have something else in his head (like he didn't know already, stupid Ultimecia) then all the side affects such as losing one's memory (like he didn't desperately want that, stupid Second Sorceress War) and then he learnt how to charm a GF (like he didn't already know how to charm people). The whole thing was a waste of his time but he was being a good boy for now so there he was dutifully (pretending to) pay attention to Quistis' every word. And writing essays on how to manage Quezacotl- not that he ever got to find out because Zell hogged the damn bird. Dumbarse Chicken. And *that* of course got him thinking of a certain someone flat on their back and the whole lesson went down hill from there. This was another reason Seifer was currently attacking a grat with the ferocity of someone fighting for their life.

"You got some unresolved tension there, baby?"

Seifer cast Hyperion about in a lazy arc as he turned to face the cowboy; behind him the grat fluttered to the ground with about as much grace as a dead...grat.

"Fuck off," he replied pleasantly.

Irvine grinned. "Come on, Seifer. You stalk in here every day 'bout the same time I do and throw yer gunblade around like it's a baseball bat. Not that you ain't got any grace 'cause shit, darlin', you got plenty-"

"You know," Seifer interrupted. "You're giving Zell a run for his money blabbering on like that." He scowled letting Irvine clamp his mouth shut. "What do you want?"

"Spar?" Irvine asked.

"No," Seifer replied. He couldn't risk it, couldn't risk enjoying himself with one of Zell's friends when what he dreamt about was that tattooed body writhing underneath him...wearing even less than that towel. Stupid Squall, why did he have to knock on Zell's door when Seifer was going past anyway?

"Ahh Seifer? You in there?" the cowboy waved his right hand in front of Seifer's eyes.

Without thinking the blond grabbed his wrist. "If you keep that up cowboy, you'll be jerking off with your left hand for the rest of your life."

Irvine scowled and tugged his hand away from the mad gunblader. "Seif, seriously, you need ta relax a little, let off some steam. And what's better for that than sparin', eh?"

"I said no. Now *fuck* *OFF*."

Irvine sighed melodramatically and threw his hands in the air. "I just don't know how ta get through to ya, darlin'."

"Stop calling me 'darlin''," Seifer snapped.

The sharp-shooter responded by smiling seductively. "Aw come on now, Seif, what's a little 'darlin'' between friends?"

"We're friends?" he asked sarcastically. "Oh how nice. Fuck off."

The cowboy stared at him, gun slung over one shoulder, head tilted curiously on the side and eyes narrowed in a totally slutty gaze. "Seifer-"

"Unbe-fucking-lievable," Seifer interrupted, realising the flirt for his true nature. "Out for a fuck are you, Irvine? Go home. Leave me the fuck alone before I snap and do something I won't regret."

"Ahh- "

"Don't correct me," he snarled. "I said what I meant and I meant what I said."

"Just a little fight?"

Seifer responded very maturely by shoving Irvine into the puddle of mud (or T-Rex dung) behind him. "I said go home. I don't want to spar with you and quite frankly the very look of you makes me want to cut your head off. Fuck. Off!"

But Irvine was nothing if not persistant. "We don't have ta spar. We can shag if ya like. Personally I prefer it, though-"

Seifer launched himself at the gunslinger, ready to commit homicide and hopefully forget about a small, blond cutey while he was at it. Unfortunately Irvine was quick and rolled out of the way so Seifer landed in the mud puddle himself.

Out of concern for his own life Irvine suppressed the giggle that wanted to escape at the look of Seifer covered in mud... and the thought of him mud wrestling a certain sexy Commander. Instead he offered the gunblader his hand.

Seifer growled at him, and took it resignedly and forcefully. He wasn't going to be nice about this. Irvine accounted for the ferocity behind Seifer's grip on his hand as he pulled himself up violently. The cowboy would have been pulled to the ground if he hadn't known Seifer would be so cranky. Once standing the gunblader realised Irvine was about eye-level with him, glancing down he saw the cowboy was wearing Cuban heeled boots. He smirked and lifted his chin to let out the insult that was forming in his mind, then realised Irvine still hadn't let go of his hand. The cowboy grinned suggestively at him and, in a moment of insanity, Seifer let Irvine's lips touch his. When Irvine released his hand Seifer blinked stupidly at him.

"What?" he asked. That had been totally uncalled for.

Irvine smiled gently. "You need to relax. Thought maybe I could help."

Seifer shook his head. "No. Really," he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand.

Irvine shrugged, trying not to look disappointed. Seifer would have been *quite* the conquest. "Well, anytime you wanna, you know where I am. Room across from Zell."

Seifer shook his head struggling to maintain sanity and composure. "You better leave, Irvine," he snarled quietly. He couldn't go postal on Irvine, Squall would have him expelled and killing Irvine wouldn't be worth losing his SeeD status. 'But he *kissed* you!' some little part of his mind whispered. 'It didn't mean anything, he was being overly friendly and he knows I didn't like it and I don't have to kill him. Damn fucking shit head little bastard. Who the hell does he think he is? I ought to rip his fucking insides out and made Selphie wear them as an extension to her too fucking short dress-"

"Ahh, Seifer?" Irvine interrupted. "You do realise you're speaking out aloud don't you?"

Seifer frowned, and decided he didn't care. "So?" he demanded like a petulent teenager. He picked up Hyperion from where he'd embedded it point first in the soft earth of the Training Centre.

"Aw come on, darlin'-"

"What did I say about calling me that?" Seifer interrupted. He slung Hyperion over one shoulder, as Irvine backed slowly away, Exeter hanging by his side.

"Seif, there's no need to go all homicidal. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"Too fuckin' right," Seifer snapped. "Because if you try anything I'll kill-"

"No, you won't."

Seifer took a deep breath, sheathed Hyperion and turned to face their dickhead Commander. "Fuck off, Squall."

"I don't care what he did to you, Seifer, unless it was rape or murder you can shut up. Now go get yourself cleaned up, you look like you've been wading in T-Rex dung."

So the Ice Queen was taking sides, was he? Fuck that for a joke, Seifer didn't believe in orders, especially not when they came from an emotionless idiot who was dating *his* ex-girlfriend. "Squall, I don't give a flying fuck what you want me to do, I'm gunna settle this here and now. If that fucking cowboy lays one finger on me again I can*not* be held responsible for anything I may do to him." Seifer stuck his face in Irvine's, twisted once again in an ugly scowl. "Got that?"

Irvine pulled back a bit and nodded. It seemed the calm persona Seifer had been putting across was only an act, Ultimecia had changed him not at all.

In actual fact she had, he was much more frustrated than he'd ever been because he had nothing and no one to take his insecurities and anger out on. Only Zell was left and Squall always ordered him to leave the martial artist alone anyway.

The Ex-Knight took a deep breath and stalked out of the training area.

As he left Seifer swore he heard the cowboy mutter. "Maybe Zell's more your style."

The gunblader spun on his heel. "What?!!"

Irvine and Squall were leaving in the other direction. Over his shoulder, Irvine grinned, and waved 'good bye'. "See ya 'round, Seif. Glad you got something out of the punch."


'Fucking shitty cowboy, I really am going to break his pretty (ugly) face into a pile of mush. Until the only person who'd want him is that desperate Festival Girl.'

Seifer stalked down the corridors of Balamb Garden with the air of one homicidal maniac, needless to say a path was soon cleared for him through the throng of students hurrying to the Cafeteria for dinner. Seifer was on a mission... to his shower.

Upon arriving in his room the gunblader threw his dirty jacket aside, climbed out of the rest of his clothes and dived straight into the shower to wash all that mud out of his hair. He was scrubbing fingers over his scalp when he remembered Zell. He hadn't thought about that drunken incident for over an hour, but his thoughts always came back to it. He always remembered the feeling of lust, Zell's touch, his kiss, his strong hands gripping Seifer's shoulders. He closed his eyes in the shower and wished it all away, he didn't need more complication in his life. It was shit enough as it was. He had everything he had thought he wanted: fame, a position as a SeeD, a reputation as an awesome fighter, but he meant nothing to these people, he was a laugh, a game... a joke.

By Ultimecia's side he'd (or at least her Knight had) taken cities, conquered nations, slaughtered armies and started the Second Sorceress War... and all just before his 18th birthday. (1) Then he'd been defeated, beaten, destroyed and blamed. She'd twisted his mind and ruined any chance he'd ever had of integrating himself into society. It would have been hard for him with that ego in the first place but now he was forever doomed. He couldn't recall ever having control but he couldn't remember losing it either. So Esthar let him off, he was banned from Trabia, and Galbadia explained that they'd rather not think about how a Sorceress had managed to manipulate their entire army, thank you very much. He'd spent a year helping Fujin and Raijin out in their new positions with the Forest Owls, another year studying and this past year as a SeeD and where had it got him? Nowhere. That's where. And yet he still acted as though they should be scared of him, because he didn't know how else to behave. What was there to be scared of? A tiger without it's claws, or teeth... or strength. He wasn't allowed to junction GF's unless in an emergency, he couldn't go on important SeeD missions, or undercover ones as people recognised him. He was a failed Knight with a big fuck-off sword and a hard on for Zell Dincht.

'This is my life, Hyne' Seifer thought. 'And you're fucking welcome to take it...*After* I've seen what Zell can do.'

Wednesday, too, was horrible. Seifer went to class but couldn't remember anything of what was being said. He engaged in conversations but constantly felt himself wanting to beat some(one)thing up. He studied GF's but desperately wanted to be watching porn. And every time he saw a flash of blond hair his pants got too tight. Irvine was right he didn't have some unresolved tension. He needed to fuck... now. Every muscle in his body was tense, he couldn't sleep, he was on edge, the smallest noise would get his attention. His teeth and fists were clenched tight as he struggled to keep his hands on his lunch/book/gunblade and not to reach down for his cock. It was ridiculous, he'd gone the past three years since Ultimecia without serious sex but one night with that stupid, blabber-mouthed, energetic, smiley, adorable, gorgeous bloody Zell fucking Dincht had made him realise he was missing something good, something real good.

Zell spent Wednesday in bed. Not with anyone, just trying to sleep. He stole some of Squall's sleeping tablets (for 'stole' read: asked really super nicely) but they didn't have much of an effect. So he lay there and got steadily more frustrated and pissed off. It was stupid really, how could he have become an insomniac so quickly? He had slept (fitfully) last night and even then his dreams had been of certain things he didn't want to think about right now. Now he was tossing and turning and thinking about finding Seifer and demanding a fuck. There were so many reasons that was a stupid idea he couldn't begin to count them.

The only time he had bothered to leave his room was when he needed hotdogs. He was on his way back from the cafeteria when he saw Seifer. 'Typical,' he'd thought. 'This is probably the only time today he's walked down this corridor and fate timed it just perfectly so we would run into one another. Fate sucks.' The little martial artist tried to avoid looking but his eyes followed the gunblader of their own accord. Seifer was covered in mud and real angry, hence why he didn't notice the smaller blond. 'Who's *he* been mud wrestling?' Zell took a deep breath and struggled to think of shiny things, like coins and the metallic inside of chocolate bar wrappers, instead of Seifer and Irvine mud wrestling in very little clothes.

This went on for a few days, by Friday Zell was half asleep at the best of times and he was afraid he didn't make a very good impression on the perspective students. He stumbled his way through explanations and the tour, could barely concentrate on explaining how cool Garden really was and all because of this dull throbbing at the back of his head and the pain behind his eyes. He was so tired, in fact, that Squall suggested he take Monday off as well.

"I'm fine," Zell managed to breath, he desperately needed some of more of Squall's sleeping pills.

"Well, I've postponed the trip to Esthar anyway," Squall replied, looking at Zell curiously from behind his hair. "And take these." He handed over a few more sleeping tablets. "But don't tell Kadowaki, you know what she's like with unpresecribed medication."

Zell nodded. "She has a point."

"I know," Squall frowned at him.

The little blond smiled when he realised this was the Concerned Frown, as opposed to the Angry Frown, or the Pissed Off Frown or the Puzzled Frown, or the Thoughtful Frown. He felt a little stoked that Squall let the Concered one out, he only did that on rare occasions. Zell realised he must look like shit if Squall was worried about him.

"Be careful and Zell, please, get some sleep. You can go to Esthar next Monday ok?"

Zell nodded. "Sure, sure. See you later, yeah?"

So Zell staggered back to his room and got a grand total of 6 hours sleep that weekend. Looking moderately better than he did on Friday, Zell wrapped himself in his blanket Sunday night and considered what to do. He curled himself forward under the covers again and debated whether or not he should just get rid of the tightness that was forming in his belly or if he should be strong and ignore it. It was getting difficult to do so. Every time he moved the caress of the sheets, pressure shifting, movement in general made him want to run to Seifer's bed and demand a shag or the gunblader would suffer the most brutal fist to his face. It was stupid to get all heated up over a sliver of memory that may or may not have happened. He doubted he had been hallucinating but it was possible. Even so the dreams of the past few nights made it *seem* real.

Finally Zell threw back the covers and sat bolt upright, he drew a deep breath and chucked on his clothes. There was only one way to get rid of these irritating midnight yearnings: to go to the source. Trouble was the source may not put out. He shrugged, he could cross that bridge when he came to it.

After taking a few straight shots of vodka he headed for Seifer's room. Now or never. If Seifer knocked him back he could use being drunk as an excuse, or if Seifer took him up on his offer and it was an experience Zell never wanted to do again he could also claim drunkeness. At least, this was what he convinced himself of before he reached Seifer's door.

Once there he shifted nervously from foot to foot as he waited for Seifer to answer his knocking. When the older boy finally did, he froze, unsure how to respond to Seifer's expectant silence.

Finally he spoke. "What d'ya want Chicken?"

"Can I come in?" Zell asked quietly.

That was unnerving, Seifer decided. Usually he was as loud and chatty as all hell. "No," he replied. "Now answer the question before I slam the door in your face."

"I... I jus' wanna talk... 'bout..." Zell looked down at his sneakers, glancing at Seifer's bare feet too. There was no way he could go through with this. There was also no way he could last more than a few more days without sleeping, he had to get someone in that bed with him and Seifer did seem a logical choice. Funny really, considering they'd always hated each other. But they had done this before, Zell had convinced himself of it. He thought about the feeling of Seifer's tongue around him again but stopped himself quickly before that got him even more aroused. Looking up he found Seifer watching him curiously, there was no smirk for a change, no frown or scowl just a totally assessing look that went straight to Zell's cock, like just about everything else Seifer had done these past few days.

The older boy stepped back and held the door open to indicate Zell should step inside. He wondered if the other blond would ask why he wasn't asleep at this hour, or if he would just assume he's woken Seifer because of the tangle of bedclothes and messed up hair that appeared to have come from sleep but actually came from sleeplessness. He decided to get in quickly before Zell could stutter around the subject for too long. Of course he couldn't make it seem like *he* was asking.

"Well?" he demanded once Zell was safely inside and fidgeting by the door.

"Umm, sorry'f I woke ya," he mumbled into his own chest, still staring down at his feet.

"I know you love your shoes, Chicken, but could you try talking to me? Seeing as you are visiting me at some fucking shitty hour."

"Sorry," Zell replied, raising his chin a little. "'m jus' tired 'n' I can't sleep. Keep thinking about... stuff."

Seifer frowned. It was pretty obvious Zell was talking about him and he wasn't sure he liked being referred to as 'stuff'. It felt a bit demeaning. "So you wanted some company and you came to *me*?" he asked. 'Yeah, right. Zell came for a friendly chat.' Seifer scowled again. He doubted they were even friendly when they had fucked. Aggravated and in need of comfort, he went to sit down, back to the coffee he had been drinking before an obviously sedated Chicken came to visit. Not that it would help him sleep but it might keep him awake enough to do some study.

"Nah," Zell replied finally and sat down on the opposite couch, the coffee table between them. He finally drew enough courage and looked him in the eyes, almost sheepish. "I didn't want *company*..."

Seifer raised an eyebrow at that. 'Oh? Not company?' his sarcastic mind thought at him. 'Really?' "So what *do* you want?" The gunblader allowed his voice to get a little softer, so Zell felt more comfortable about asking.

"Ummm," he bit his lip again.

Seifer hated him when he did that. It almost made him want to bit that lip himself.

"It's jus' I keep thinkin' 'bout last week. What we did or coulda done..."

Seifer tried to look annoyed and angry but his smirk was fighting him. He let it out once he'd thought of an appropriate line to go with it. "Can't resist me huh Chicken?"

Zell could almost feel his hackles rise. Damn Seifer just couldn't help himself could he? Well fine then, he played his trump card. "You know I've still got a hickey... You musta sucked pretty damn hard."

"What?" Seifer looked like he had just swallowed something unbelievably disgusting.

Zell smiled and undid the button of his jeans, pushing them down just far enough for Seifer to catch the faint red blotch by his hip. "See?" Zell grinned, tilting his head as he watched the look on Seifer's face.

"OK so I suck," Seifer replied after a few moments thought. He reached for the catch that secured his collar. "You bite."

Zell scowled at the little bruised bite mark over Seifer's collarbone. It was fading but the marks left by the canines were deeper than the rest which made it look like a vampire had attacked him. "Hmm," he muttered. "So what does that mean?"

"Just foreplay," Seifer smirked.

"I had my trousers off," Zell argued.

"Not necessarily," Seifer countered. 'Now we're getting somewhere.' "You just proved that by not having to take your jeans all the way off."

"Yeah but you had to get your collar off," Zell replied. "You can't have been that drunk 'cause you remembered to put it back on again before you went to sleep. You were wearing it in the morning."

Err, that wasn't good. Zell had a point, and Seifer hadn't even realised it until he mentioned it. "Well, I don't remember."

Zell grinned. "Doesn't mean it didn't happen though."

Seifer couldn't deal with Zell looking victorious. "Is that why you're here?" he asked. "To show me your hip, or did you want to try biting me again?"

Zell lowered his eyes. "Well..." kinda.

'Oh for Hyne's sake!' Seifer's mind screamed at him. 'This is taking too long.' His mouth took control before he could stop it. "So you want to fuck?" he demanded.

Zell's head snapped up. "Wha'?... Ahh, well... Ummm, I guess... But..."

"Fine," Seifer reached over and grabbed the little blond, dragging him half across the coffee table and into his room. "Get 'em off," he demanded, letting the other boy go and seating himself on the end of the bed.

"What?" Zell was still suffering from shock.

"If I like what I see, we can take it furthur. Get it off."

Zell blinked at him stupidly.

"Your clothes, Chicken," Seifer clarified helpfully. "Take them *off*..." He shot Zell what he hoped was an overwhelmingly sleazy look. "Or do you want some help?"

Zell still looked a little unsure so Seifer rose to help him out. "What are ya-?" the martial artist began before being cut off by Seifer's cold hands under his t-shirt. He bit back a moan before it let Seifer know he was winning and Zell liked that.

The older boy grinned. "I think we should take your jacket off first. Don't you?"

Zell bit his bottom lip and began to shrug the jacket off his shoulders, it was more difficult than it should have been given that Seifer's hands hadn't let him go yet. As the gunblader's thumb and forefinger pinched a nipple Zell felt a little fire growing deep inside him. He was just moving to wrap his now jacket-less arms around Seifer's neck when the older boy lifted him into his arms and threw him back onto the bed.

"Woah," Zell cried as he almost crashed dangerously into a bedside cupboard.

"Shut up," Seifer replied visciously tugging at Zell's shorts. "And don't go thinking this means anything, Chicken."

"Got it," Zell replied. "Same goes, arsehole."

Seifer snarled up at him from where he crouched over the martial artist's now naked body. "Get your shirt off."

"Get *your* clothes off," Zell snapped. "Don't order me around."

Quickly unbuttoning his trousers Seifer dropped them and his boxers into a pile on the floor. When he climbed back over Zell the other boy tugged his t-shirt off for him. As soon as it was gone Seifer dived to attack Zell's neck with a few well placed nips that made the martial artist's body arch up to meet his. When their nakedness touched both breathed gentle groans. Seifer could almost feel his heart grow within his chest, not that he cared for the smaller boy but merely because it felt so damn good having Zell's skin under his lips again. It made him feel like finally he had some power as he held Zell's wrists flat against the mattress, someone to control. Slowly things could get back to normal.

Beneath him Zell's face was screwed up tight, Seifer's tongue was tickling him so beautifully he thought he would start giggling if it wasn't been making his cock so damn hard. He had to get Seifer to fuck him quickly before he came too fast. It was strange considering all his other sexual experiences had been slightly unsatisifying and now he was faced with one that threatened to consume him too soon. "Ya got anythin'... " Zell began, impatient. "Like lube or somethin'?"

"Mmm," Seifer replied, sucking a fold of Zell's flesh between his teeth, revelling in the salty taste of his soft skin. "Musta come from the other night, I don't remember buying it."

"Get it," Zell ordered, struggling to remain remotely lucid while Seifer was attacking his neck in such a pleasant way.

"Shut up," Seifer replied and went back to biting Zell. "I don't take orders." He decided to stop talking then, the taste of words was nothing compared to the taste of Zell. Darting out his tongue he licked along the martial artists collarbone, delving into the valleys of the other's skin with just the tip of his tongue. He wanted to savour this moment, to feel it tingling all the way through him; the power, the control, the lust and hunger. The feeling of pure *want*. And the taste of it too. Funny how Zell's skin tasted like sex, like chilli chocolate, delicious and smooth with a bit of a bite.

"Seifer~" Zell breathed, feeling himself falling into lust as Seifer's fingers began a massage along his spine, making him hurt *so* good. He wanted to get on with it, lifting his hips slightly he tried to bring them into contact with Seifer's but the other boy was enjoying licking too much to pay much mind. The air between them had quickly become heated, helping to coat them both in a thin layer of sweat and heavy lust. The weight of the other boy over him had Zell keening softly, wanting to just impale himself on Seifer's cock and be thoroughly fucked. He needed something inside of him, needed to be closer to this heaving body. He wanted to dig in his fingernails, could feel strength coursing through his arms that wanted to force Seifer's mouth to his own even while loving what it was doing to his stomach. He wanted to press himself up as tightly as he could to Seifer's body.

Zell grabbed the gunblader's shoulders, digging in his nails in anticipation as he arched his back in a loud groan when tongue ran over a nipple. Seifer replied by taking Zell's hardening cock in his hand and squeezing sharply. "Fuck!" Zell's head snapped down to glare at Seifer, the fog of lust momentarily lifted. "Don't be so sudden."

Seifer's hand tightened its grip, almost painful but blissful as well. "Don't give me orders," he said quickly before returning to his task.

Zell nodded. OK, he could relinquish control for a little while, at least until his horniness had been satisfied. "Will you... fuck me?"

Seifer grinned, letting Zell's nipple fall from his mouth as he did so. Ah, a request. He could do requests.

Zell flinched as the cool air came in contact with his chest and cock again, he had become used to it, being covered in the heavy heat of Seifer's body and mouth. As the air collided with his previously suckled nipples they hardened rapidly. He was almost going to complain but remembered that Seifer wanted him to keep his mouth shut. He wouldn't get satisfied if he spoke up so he settled for opening his eyes and glaring at Seifer for stopping. "What..." he began unthinking, but then noticed what Seifer was holding in one hand. The gunblader looked up at Zell when he spoke, a slight smile on his lips. Zell swallowed. Seifer was kneeling between Zell's legs, his right hand holding a tube, and the other teasingly lubricating the massive proof of his arousal.

Seifer began calmly crawling over Zell's body, pushing up the boy's legs so he could comfortably reach his arse.

"No way that's gunna fit..." Zell breathed.

"We'll see," Seifer replied smugly. "Reckon it has before?"

Zell bit his lower lip and forced himself not to look at Seifer and his grinning face. "Please, jus'... "

"I didn't realise you wanted me so badly," Seifer teased as he pushed one lubed finger inside the wriggling body beneath him. "'Spose it's hard not to."

"Don't... be such an arrogant... fuck," Zell panted. Damn! That felt good, it didn't hurt either, just felt a little strange. He supposed it was because Seifer was being a little gentle. Strangely he found himself feeling a little disappointed. He had expected Seifer to be rough with him and had braced himself for it, had almost looked forward to it. He pushed his hips furthur down onto Seifer's fingers. "More..."

"Was that an order?" Seifer asked curiously. He was almost as desperate to be inside Zell as Zell was to feel him, but he couldn't help himself from teasing the little blond. It seemed to come with the territory. With that in mind he brushed the tip of one finger against that sweet spot inside Zell, the martial artist whimpered before breathing out an answer.

Oh Hyne damn it did that feel good. "Nah. No way was that... an order... Please?"

"Good boy," Seifer smirked.

'Arrogant shithead,' Zell thought. Though if Seifer was a good fuck he could deal with being submissive. 'Damn it, he's already got his fingers up my arse, if that ain't submissive I dunno what is.'

"Want more?" Seifer asked. He had two fingers in already, stretching Zell. It wasn't normal to be concerned about whether he was hurting Zell or not but he felt like he needed to be a little gentle, for all he knew this could be Zell's first time. "You done this before?"

Zell scoffed. "Yeah. Wanna... fuck me now?"

Seifer growled low in his throat. "That sounded like an order, Chickie."

The martial artist opened his eyes. "I just... *want* you, inside me... Please... Seifer..." He hitched a breath as Seifer suddenly complied and pulled his fingers out.

"You'd better be ready for this," Seifer growled in his ear as he lifted one of Zell's legs furthur back so his knee almost touched his shoulder. He pressed the head of his cock in past that tight ring of muscle, only just catching the lustful groan in his throat before it escaped him. Damn Zell was tight, burning, beautiful. Just like he remembered. "I don't... want to have to go easy on you."

"Please don't... I want it," Zell replied, bracing himself for the inevitable hard thrust that he knew Seifer would do. When it came he wasn't as prepared as he thought he would be. Not only was Seifer larger than his previous lovers but he was a damn site rougher too. He plunged inside the smaller body beneath him, so savagely Zell felt as though the other boy had climbed completely inside him.

Thankfully Seifer paused for a moment. He leaned forward, pressing himself slightly against the burning walls inside of Zell. "Still want it?" he whispered gently, teasing and seductive.

Zell whimpered in response. Better than sex? Nothing was better than this, all consuming, running through his body like liquid fire. He could tell, vaguely that Seifer was feeling the same, but the older boy was better at pretending. "Hell yess~" he hissed, barely able to speak, the head of Seifer's cock was brushing teasingly at that sweet spot; almost there but holding back.

"Good," Seifer shifted his weight slightly so he could reach Zell's skin with his tongue, needing to taste him again. "There's more to come."

"Oh Hyne!" Zell groaned. "Give it to me, please, jus' ... Hyne... Just fuck me. C'mon," he pushed his backside forward a little to collide with Seifer's hips.

Seifer grinned and, clenching Zell's hips like they might escape, he drove himself in completely. The cry that came from both of them as Seifer's cock collided perfectly with Zell's prostate could easily have been heard in the next dorm, but at this point neither of them cared. Seifer pulled out as much of himself as could bear to leave Zell's body before ramming back in. A rush flowed through the both of them, they were fighting each other but still moving as one. Seifer buried his face in the pillow beside Zell's head, this fuck was definately going down in the top 10.

"Hyne! Fuck!" Zell screamed. "More..."

Damn Zell could scream. "You just...fucking remember," Seifer growled as he leaned into Zell. "Remember this means...nothing." He punctuated the last word by pushing into Zell with such force the little blond almost hit his skull on the head board.

"Fuuuck~" Zell moaned by way of reply. "I know..." he panted gently, warm breath blowing against the side of Seifer's neck, making the other boy shudder and slam into him harder. "I know. Oh Hyne! Harder! ...It's just... sex."

Seifer grabbed Zell's hip, pulling him toward him, yearning to encase himself in the martial artist's fiery heat, wanting more, *needing* more. "Sex," he repeated, knowing they were both getting steadily less coherent.

"C'monnn~" Zell groaned as Seifer drove himself to the hilt again and again, aware that he was being rough and aware that Zell loved it. "Hyne Seifer, harder, damn you."

A little familiar smirk emerged on Seifer's face. "Shut up, Zell," he replied calmly and proceeded to do as he was asked for once. Pushing Zell's knees furthur apart the gunblader pulled himself almost all the way out before slamming back into the lustful body beneath him. This time, however, Zell's skull did collide with the head board and Seifer had to stifle a laugh. "Stupid." Slam. "Chicken." Slam. The body he was fucking just gripped his ribs tighter with his knees and began to thrust down toward him to meet his every move.

"Stop...bangin' my head," Zell heaved. "And fuck me." He bit his lip for a second as Seifer pulled them both a little furthur down the bed, away from the head board before starting up again. "Fuck~" Zell snarled. "Can't you do anything right?"

That got him, as Zell knew it would and Seifer let go of any restraint he still had. So far as he was concerned after that comment Zell's body was his and he could do anything he damn well pleased to it. His fingertips dug into the flesh on Zell's shoulder and buttocks as the younger boy's hands began to grab folds of Seifer's skin into his fists. "You talk good, Zell," Seifer whispered huskily into Zell's ear. His voice sent a shiver right down the martial artist's spine and if he hadn't been hard as a rock already he'd have jumped at those few words. "But you... reckon you can take it?"

"Reckon you can give it?" Zell snapped back. But even as he spoke his body arched against Seifer, begging him silently to fill him, to complete him.

Seifer caught the stifled moan issuing from Zell's mouth and decided to just fuck him senseless, he wanted to climax as much as the other boy did. Sick of teasing for now Seifer upped the pace even more. Zell hadn't thought it was possible, but then Seifer was proving himself one hell of a fuck. He should've known the older boy would have this kind of vigor, this raw passion to fuck as hard as he could. And Damn! Zell loved it. The few male lovers he'd had before Seifer had been too gentle with him (though there was that once with Irvine... but that's another story). When he wanted to be fucked they moved too slowly. Maybe they thought he was more delicate than he was. Dammit! He fought with his body didn't he? The way his other partners' love making had been... well, love making had irritated him. Zell had thought maybe he wasn't doing it right, maybe it was his fault that they didn't satisfy him. He hadn't realised why until this moment. Not until Seifer had slammed him down on the bed and practically ripped off his clothes. He didn't want a lover at this point in his life, he wanted a fuck buddy. And the way Seifer was pounding savagely into him made it perfectly clear he fulfilled the criteria.

A rapturous little smile flickered across Zell's lips as Seifer took his hard member in hand, and, as the gunblader began to pump him in time with his increasingly violent thrusts, the little blond began to forget his own name. He didn't care how much noise they were making. Seifer was one hell of a fuck and he was going to let him know the only way he could think of- by making as much noise as possible.

It was a good thing Seifer loved to hear Zell moaning and screaming his name, because that was exactly what the martial artist graced him with. He felt a little shivering down the base of his spine, like someone was pouring cold honey down his back, it went through him and through his cock, culminating in a tight feeling around him, and he knew he would climax soon. But his ego got the better of him, he *had* to make sure Zell did first. He leant down to suck at the other boy's collarbone and the side of his neck, running his tongue gently across Zell's neck and the shell of his ear in direct contrast to the violent thrusts into him his pelvis and rock hard erection were currently persuing. Zell groaned and as he did Seifer aimed his next few thrusts perfectly to hit that sweet spot inside of Zell that could make him come. And it did. The small blond arched his back pushing hard against Seifer as he cried out loudly, calling Seifer's name as he came over the other boy's hand and stomach.

Seifer closed his eyes in perfect ecstasy inside Zell and perfectly at the very peak of his orgasm. The moment he had felt Zell's initial stages of coming and had heard his name fall again, whispered this time, from Zell's mouth he had thrust hard and come harder. He stayed still a moment as they both beware aware again, of each other and their situation.

"Damn," Seifer breathed finally, gently pulling himself out of Zell, despite those parts of him screaming to just stay nestled in that heat all night. He lay down beside the boy to catch his breath. "Better than I remember." He winced as soon as the words were out, Zell might have been overcoming the best orgasm of his life but he wasn't going to miss that.

After a few heavy breaths the inevitable came. "Better than you *remember*?"

The tone wasn't quite what Seifer was expecting. He'd thought Zell would be angry, sulky at best. "Yeah," he admitted. "Just little flashes of stuff."

"Oh?" Zell replied.

It wasn't really a question and Seifer didn't feel inclined to answer it so he waited.

"What do you remember?" Zell asked quietly.

Seifer glanced at him at the tone of his voice. The hyper-active boy seemed extremely subdued, this caught him off guard. "Fucking you," he replied, rolling onto his side. "Why did you think I accepted? Did you really think I'd be willing to give anything a try once?"

"Dunno," Zell replied sleepily, following with a yawn.

Seifer scowled at this. "I suppose you think you're staying here."

"Fuck off," Zell muttered as he rolled over, facing Seifer, and nuzzled into the pillow. "If you wanna sleep alone go crash in my bed. I'm too tired to move."

Although the older boy frowned the truth was he kind of liked sharing a bed. "Just keep over your side," he ordered as he pulled the covers over the two of them.

After a moment or two of silence Zell started up again. "Seifer?"

A low growl was the only reply he got.

"Do you remember giving me that hickey? The one on my hip?"

A frown creased the gunblader's brow. "Why?" Seifer opened his eyes and found the smaller boy grinning at him, all fangs and sparkling eyes.

"No reason," he replied. "Jus' I do." The grin turned to a smirk and Zell ran his tongue over his teeth.

A surge went through Seifer for a second and was gone. 'Damn', he thought. 'If I can't see his tongue without getting hard I must be whippe--' "You what?!" Seifer's frown returned. "You remember it?"

"Yeah, jus' little flashes of stuff. Like you with your head b'tween my legs, lickin' my hip." The smirk broadened back out into a grin.

Seifer scowled and rolled away. He was content going to sleep pretending he had *not* just heard a little bit of information that may or may not have meant he'd got down on his knees for a little blonde Chicken. At least he'd thought so until he felt Zell's body curl up behind him, his arm curled across Seifer's ribs as fingertips stroked a nipple.

"Should we try that next time?" Zell whispered, his breath tickling between Seifer's shoulder blades.

"If you keep being a little smart arse there ain't gunna be a 'next time'," Seifer snapped.

Zell pouted, the gunblader could feel the soft press of his lips against his back. He wanted it somewhere else. Like on *his* cock. He turned around and took the other boy in his arms.

"You're an irritating little shit, Chickie," he muttered into the ruffled blond hair by his mouth. "And in future you're sleeping in your bed."

"We gunna fuck in my room instead?" Zell grinned. He couldn't help himself, an opportunity to irritate Seifer would not go unused.

Seifer growled low in his throat, rolling his eyes and shoved Zell away from him, fed up. "Stay over your side, Chicken Wuss."

An angry frown graced Zell's face. "Don't fuckin' call me that, shithead."

"Then don't be such a dumbarse and I wouldn't have to," Seifer replied as he turned away to sleep.

Zell kept frowning at the back of Seifer's head for a moment or two, wishing he was awake enough to go back to his own room but he wasn't. He fell asleep thinking up curious and innovative ways to torture Seifer.





Author's Note

This is a long chapter, but I promised you sex in this one so you got it. Also this is my very first sex scene, and I figured it would be a bit of a fight between them so it's a little awkward, and unsatisfying. This *is* deliberate. It will get better for them and us XD. Seifer has this thing about biting- don't ask. I have no idea where it came from but hey! It's there. And apologies for my sense of humour, I was writing this at 3am.

(1) In relation to the timeline, I fiddled with it a little so the Sorceress War was at the end of the year (during November, I don't know when it really was) because I figure that's when the SeeD exams would be, and thus it finished just before Irvine's 18th birthday (November 24th) and a month before Seifer's (December 22nd). I think Irvine is older than Seifer, don't ask why, I have no idea either. And I'm aware this is weird because in the booklet it says Irvine is 17 and Seifer is 18 but... artistic license XD

Thanks super much for the reviews. I've got the ending all nicely worked out now, so it will arrive...after a gazillion more chapters. I have set myself up for covering a whole year of their lives, ya know?

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