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From Squall’s pov

Obsession Kills

Chapter 11 - Guardian Angel

By Purple Penguin

I opened the back door and set off on my clutches. The night was cold and my breath was visible. The alley was dark was only a few bulbs to light it. I sighed and began my journey. I had told not to come with me so I could make it on my own, but the truth was; I was a little scared. I’ve been attacked; I have every right it be afraid. I did this to over-come my fear, I can’t be afraid of dark alleys forever. I refuse to let them scare me; they’re dead now so I should be safe.

I have the route home planned out in my mind; it involves the alley where I was attacked. I purposely added it to my route, concur the fear.

One thing I regret about leaving Zell, he was an assassin, and I’d feel safer with someone who would be willing to kill to survive, than someone like Seifer who would only take a life as a last resort.

I stop and look through the alley I was attacked in. Dare I go in there? It’s silly really, before I went through there regularly without a second thought. Slowly I limp forward with my crutches. It’s so quiet; I’ve never noticed the horrible silence before. I’m so jumpy, I’m shaky.

I cat jumped out of a dustbin suddenly, I jumped out of my skin, dropping one of my crutches. I mutter curses under my breath as I bent unsteadily to pick it up. I froze, panic setting in as a foot landed on my crutch. I looked up to see a guy dressed in black, he grinned at me, not in a friendly way. I tried to shuffle away but then the foot lifted and kicked me in the face. I should have known better, common thieves look for weak, helpless victims. I was downright pathetic, easy pickings. I shouldn’t have bothered leaving the hospital. I cower and await more blows.

I heard the sound of a fight and of a blade cutting through flesh, then silence. I slowly lifted my head, expecting to see someone I knew.

“Out alone? On crutches? You should know better.”

The voice was unfamiliar.

The man in front of me had black, short hair, tanned skin and deep brown eyes. He wore black jeans, a tight black T-shirt and a long black leather duster that reached the floor. He picked up my crutch and handed it back to me. I narrowed my eyes, as he turned I caught sight of an old battle-axe strapped to his back.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

The stranger smiled. “What I want? Nothing, I just thought you could use some help.”

“What are you?” I wondered what sort of criminal he was. He couldn’t possibly be on the right side of the law with an axe like that.

“A human just like you.” He looked amused.

I glared at him.

“A mercenary. I’d do anything for the right price.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Anything?”

He grinned.

He was strange, friendly in an untrusting sort of way. He still hadn’t told me his name and he didn’t seem interested in learning mine.

“If you won’t tell me your name then I’ll leave.” I went to walk past him. He blocked my way. It was strange, I wasn’t afraid of him. I’ve known him for only three minutes but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

“Me? I’m your Guardian Angel.”

What the fuck?

“And you're Squall Leonhart.”

I narrowed my eyes, maybe I should be afraid.

“How did you know that?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.... Unless you want me to.”

My eyes widened. “Answer the question.”

“It’s my job to know.”

“Who do you work for?”

He smiled. “That would be telling wouldn’t it. Don’t worry my job is to keep you safe.”

“You won’t tell me your name?”

“Not yet. Go home to your friend, he’ll be worried about you.”

I cast one last glance back at him, before I continued my journey home.

Great, will my life never be normal again? Now I have some nut case calling himself my Guardian Angel. I hoped he was on my side, he was bloody good with that axe.

I used to be the one everyone came to in times of trouble, people were scared of me. Now everyone seems to want to protect me, like I’m weak and pathetic. I don’t like acting like the damsel in distress. I have to ask Seifer if he knew anything about my sexy stranger. Finally I reached my door, I ran inside glad to be home and safe.

The stranger stood on the roof of the building opposite Squall’s front door. He watched as the pretty brunette ran inside. Maybe he had scared Squall a bit, that wasn’t his intention.

He remembered when he had first seen him, in a club dancing with a short, blonde. He remembered the wanting, the jealousy, he had wanted to erase Zell from the picture or from memory. He smirked. There was no competition now, he had seen to that. His company often had things they needed to cover up. A simple little device erases recent memories, those assassins think they’re so sneaky, they are obvious. They would go straight to a problem and deal with it, he had learnt it paid to bide your time. He took a long drag of his cigarette. He had told Squall, it was his job to look after him, another lie. His whole life was made up of lies. He had saved Squall because he thought he was beautiful, he had been waiting to encounter the brunette for a while now.

Usually he worked alone but now his bosses have said they will give him a partner. He shuddered at the thought, he just hoped they had the sense to stay away from him. He had worried people in his company before they said he was a loose cannon. People had been sent to spy on him and report on his behaviour. It was like being put on report at school. He had done the polite act, he had followed the rules, not even saying boo to a goose and he was sick of it.

That place would be nothing without him, he would do anything for the right price. That was another thing the bosses didn’t approve of, they said that statement made him sound like a slut and it was giving their precious company a bad name.

They had complained about his behaviour, out of spite he had gone to a bar, announcing the name of his company then publicly gone down on three guys. If they thought he was a slut then he may as well live up to the reputation.

‘Obsession Kills’ was the name of his company. Some said they named it after him. Sometimes he got too attached to some of his clients. He never loved them, he needed them, needed them to do things his way. He didn’t like it when they stopped doing things he wanted. Squall was definitely the prettiest so far, no one ever broke his control but there was always a first.


A young girl lay in her bed. The sickness was lowly getting worse and she knew it. Her life would be hell, if not for her little brother. He did everything for her. He was just 17 and he was so innocent it amazed her, she thought he would never change. He never hurt anyone, he never thought ill of anyone and he never lied. He knew her death would come but he would make it was painless as possible.

One day he was on his way home, when he heard his sister’s screams. He ran inside but he was too late. He paled at the sight in front of him. His sister’s body lay on the carpet covered in blood; a man stood over her carrying an axe.

“She would have died anyway.” The strange man said.

“H-How.... W-Why?..”

The axe wielder moved closer but the boy stepped back.

“I was sent to kill you both Nida.”

The boy was quicker, smaller, nimbler and angry. For the first time in his life he felt rage, he looked at his sister’s body and vowed revenge.

Nida stoked the axe blade. The man had been foolish. At the time he had thought the man was good with the axe, but now he was a hundred times better. He had revenged his sister, but the guy had been an assassin and Nida had vowed to kill them all. He currently had his eye on a certain short, blonde.

He grinned and jumped onto the roof of the neighbouring building.

Time to go.

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