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Author's Notes: This is a little complicated, all the pairings switch in the middle.

Zell’s pov. Mild lemon in this chapter. It’s my first attempt at writing sex, so any constructive criticism is welcome.

Obsession Kills

Chapter 10 - Stop running

By Purple Penguin

I was truly pissed, he had no right to interfere with me, so what if I’m not with Squall anymore, he doesn’t have to confuse things for me. I have a responsibly to Quistis, that son of a bitch is playing with both of us. I may not be as deadly as Quistis but he did not want to make me an enemy. What was with that kiss? I feel nothing for him!

I lean on the wall opposite the back exit of the hospital, smoking a cigarette casually although I feel anything but casual at the moment.

I tensed at the tall, blonde appeared from inside the building. I moved from sight into the shadows, snuffing out my cigarette as he eyes moved to where I was last.

I watched him walk away. At a distance I slowly followed. I expected him to go home but he turned in the wrong direction. I frowned, where was he going, then it clicked. Quistis lived this way, surely she wouldn’t tell him where she lived. How could she trust him? I didn’t and I not as suspicious as she is. He approached her building just as the heavens opened and it pissed it down. Unlike me he was in the middle of an alley with no shelter. He quickly become drenched, his hair plastered to his head, I hoped it would encourage him to go home but he still continued his journey.

I decided this had to end. I ran from the shadows, standing behind him before he noticed.

“What the HELL do you think you’re doing?!”

He spun round in shock, his eyes narrowed when he recognized me.

“I don’t think it’s any of your business.” His voice was quiet but angry.

“It is my business. That’s my friend you’re playing with!”

“I’m not playing with anyone.”

I stepped up to him. “What about Squall?”

He chuckled dangerously. I didn’t think any of this was funny.

“How many times do I have to say it; I don’t want or love Squall!”

“Well I don’t trust you with Quistis. Why did you kiss me?”

He smiled. “That’s what this is really about isn’t it. What’s the matter Zell? Did you like it? He stroked my cheek with back of his fingers teasing and threatening at the same time. Our eyes locked, we didn’t even blink for what seemed like hours. There was tension between us, heavy, lethal, sexual tension.

“I feel nothing for you!” We both knew it was a lie.

“Why are you here Zell? I’m not stupid I know you’ve been following me. Are you just protecting Quistis or is it something else?”

His hand cupped my face, but I pushed the hand away and slapped him, hard. He is not going to play me; he has the others but not me.

His head snapped back and his eyes held anger and confusion.

“What the HELL?!”

“You will NOT play me!!”

“I don’t play people!”

“Then what was that?!”

“I don’t know!”

I stepped close to him and pulled him down to meet my eyes.

“Do you love Quistis?”




It was his turn for questions. “Did you love Squall?”


He nodded accepting my answer.

I released his jacket, took and step back and turned to leave.


I paused and turned to face him. Before I knew what was happening he was kissing me again, his arms around my waist.

My brain screamed at me that this was wrong, but I ignored it, wrapping my arms around his neck and my hands into his drenched hair. He was a good kisser but I had only just broke up with Squall and Quistis would kill me literally.

Seifer lifted me off the ground and I was slammed into the nearest wall.

I broke the kiss and forced him to looked at me.

“We can’t do this!”

His eyes were full of lust. “Why not?”

I can’t believe he had to ask. “What about Squall and Quistis?”

“You said you didn’t love him.”

“I don’t but-”

He kissed me again cutting me off. I fought, really I did but I could feel Seifer struggling with my jeans, when he finally got in and cupped me through the boxers I stopped resisting. My fingers franticly unbuttoned his shirt. It was still pouring with rain and his skin felt slick under my fingers. His mouth moved from mine, as he kissed down my throat and chest. My shirt was open I wondered when that had happened. He moved his mouth to one of my nipples, catching it between his teeth, sucking lightly. I hissed.

My fingers clumsily tried to unbuckle his belt. My brain was filled with lust and all I could think about was, I wanted Seifer and on some level I’ve always wanted him. His hands went to help mine as he kissed me again. I dropped his belt to the ground. His hands finally got into my boxers; he wrapped a hand around my sex and started to jerk me off. I arched towards him and whimpered, digging a hand into his boxers to return the favour. His moan was muffled by our kiss. He suddenly grabbed my hand making me stop. I frowned at him.

Before I knew what was happening, we were both naked from the waist downwards and his body was pressed to mine. I expected him to be rough, he wasn’t. Gently he pushed into me. I hissed in slight pain.

He stopped to see if I was okay. I was shocked. Why does he care?

“I’m fine.”

His mouth returned to my neck as he filled me to the hilt. Started a slow rhythm, but he was so careful like he expected me to break or something.

“You don’t have to be so gentle!”

He took the hint, he picked up the pace and began jerking me off to the same rhythm. I whimpered pathetically and arched even farther against the wall.

I came first, which triggered his climax.

We both slid to the ground, panting. I leaned my head back on the wall, while he moved to sit beside me.

As the blood returned to my brain, my first thought was, ‘What now?’

Was that just senseless sex? I hoped not, it surprised me that I wanted to be with Seifer.

I glanced at him to see him all ready staring at me.

“What?” I asked.

He smiled. I’ve never seen Seifer smile before, not at me anyway. He looked different, friendlier, or maybe it was the after-glow. Slowly he got to his feet and got dressed. We were both soaked, but luckily the rain had eased off.

“What are you going to tell Quistis?”

“Nothing. I’m not with her and I think she’ll be busy with her slave girl.”

“What slave girl? Don’t you want her?”

“No I don’t want her like that anymore, I want you, it just took me a while to see it.”

I think I smiled then, as I also stood and got dressed.

“Come on, I’ll walk you home.” He said.

“So, you never wanted Squall?”

“No, I was jealous because I wanted you.”

I believed him, I don’t know why but my mistrust for the guy had vanished. At my door he turned to leave but I stopped him.

“Seifer. Stay with me?”

He smiled again as I closed the door behind us.

She awoke to see a strange room that she didn’t recognize.

Where was she?

It was a lot nicer then her cell. Where was her master? Then she remembered. That woman and a guy had killed her master. She was sure she would be next. Why was she alive? Maybe she had to serve them now, but there were no restraints to keep her from running away.

She feared the guy most; men had made her to do some horrible things. Would she be put in another cell?

She had no friends, family or home to go to if she run away.

She froze when she heard footsteps. She sat up alert, staring at the kitchen door. She moved to the furthest end of the sofa as Quistis approached.

The blonde held her arms up in peace.

“W-What are you going to do with me?”

“Where do you live?”

The silver haired girl looked puzzled. “Live?”

“Do you have a home? Family?”

“No, I’m a slave.”

The blonde folded her arms, looking stern. Great, now she might be stuck with this strange girl.

“What’s your name?”


Quistis nodded.


The blonde winced. “It’s Quistis.”

The strange girl eyed the front door with interest; she could just run away. Why was her new mistress so trusting.

“If you want to go, then go but I thought you had nowhere to stay.”

Fujin lowered her eyes, staring at the floor. If this woman thought she was an escaper then she might get tied down.

“You can sleep here; I’m off to bed.” Quistis threw a blanket at the girl and walked off.

Fujin sat puzzled, clutching the blanket. Slowly she dropped her guard, curling up on the sofa. It had been a long time since she had something comfortable to sleep on. She drifted off to sleep, still clutching the blanket.





Notes: Squall is GAY. I would never pair him with Rinoa.

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