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Part Five - exit stage

By Rie and Atsuko

Zell opened his eyes and blinked as the blurred shapes in front of him transformed into the ground and one of Squalls boots. He was lying on the floor of the empty basket ball court, the asphalt branding dappled grooves into his cheek. His head hurt like hell and he groaned as he levered himself off the ground with his hands, palms digging painfully into the ground. Squall was crouching next to him, elbows on his legs and hands hanging down. Worry was clearly evident on his face. He helped Zell to his feet.

"How long was I out for?" Zell stifled a yawn and winced at the pain in his shoulders.

He looked at Squall, confused by the empty holes on his top.

"Only a couple minutes. They disappeared when you collapsed."

"Excuse me, I did NOT collapse!"

Squall smiled. "Sure looked like you did."

Zell cracked a weak grin. The markings were smudged, and his legs were covered in chalk. He tried brushing it off, but gave up. Squall grabbed the bag he'd brought and stuffed it back into his pocket.

"C'mon. Lets get out outta here."

"Oh, you're not going anywhere."

Zell looked up sharply. Seifer Almasy leaned against the wire fence, the light from the street lamps playing lazily over his silver-blond hair, turning it blood red. His eyes glinted blue as he looked at Zell. The scar that crept across his face was the exact mirror image of Squall's.

Zell glanced at his companion. Squall stood as if frozen to the spot, his lip curled in hate and his eyes focused on Seifer. Zell stepped towards him.

"Where you going, Dincht?" Seifer flashed at him. "You're staying with us."


"Know your name? Oh, I know alot about you Zell. I've been doing my homework. You just got fired again, I believe." He whistled. "Woah. Two days at it. Now that's gotta be a record, even for you."

Seifer paused to see what effect his remark had.

"You leave him out of- ZELL!!"

Squall lunged at him, but Zell was gone. He managed to punch Seifer, his fist connecting hard with Seifer's cheekbone before he had time to react to Zell's attack. Zell drew back his fist to hit out again, but to his surprise, his hand flew back and crashed against the wire fence, Zell following shortly after, his whole body slamming into the mesh, and he screamed as, pinned but struggling wildly, he rose higher and higher.

"STOP IT!" Squalls voice rang out and Zell's progress halted.

"Why?" Seifer remained calm, eyes fixed on Zell, holding him against the fence.

"Because he can't fight magick, and you know it! Put him DOWN Seifer!"

Seifer turned away, and Zell crashed down onto the floor, emitting a small moan as he hit the ground.

"You can fight though, Leonhart? You can fight me."

"I sure as hell can."

Seifer and Squall stared at each other for a very long time, the air between them electric with energy. Zell stumbled up, but the world merged into a blur, showing no sign of stopping and Zell sat down heavily, trying to focus on the silent battle raging in front of him. There ear-splitting crack and a flash of blinding light, and Squall screaming at him as his senses tried to recover. A rough arm pulled him up and he was guided to gap, Zell had a fleeting glimpse of Seifer on the ground before he was pushed through. Squall appeared by his side, his eyes wide and frantic.

"Can you run? ZELL! Dammit, can you run?" Zell nodded vaguely and got up.

"Good. Well GO then! He won't be out long."

Even in his present state, Zell as fast as Squall. However, he didn't know the streets, and sprinted after Squall with pain flaming through his head and his whole body on fire. His head cleared its self as he charged through the cold night, icy stars burning in the inky blackness above. Behind, he heard Seifer yell, and put on a fresh burst of speed as they sped through the deserted streets, skidding down twisting alleys and back streets in their desperate flight. Seifer's running footsteps were soon drowned out by the throbbing roar of blood in his ears and the screaming rush of the wind as it tore past him. Zell whooped as he vaulted an upturned trash can, taking it at a run. Squall, ahead slightly, yelled something at him, and, mistaking his meaning, Zell turned down the next alley.


But Squall's warning came too late, and Zell screeched to a halt in front of the brick wall, panting.

"Uh-oh, someone doesn't know his way round." Seifer's voice echoed down the alley to him. Awww fuck. Thought Zell. This is great. Just great.

He faced the brick wall in front of him. He heard Seifer enter the alley. Panting, he rested his forehead against the rough brick.

C'mon Squall. This would be the part where you step in and save my ass.


"One more step, Leonhart, and I'll kill both of you. I can and you know I will."

The gun in Seifer's hand gleamed in the hazy glow of the street lamp.

"So much more effective than all that hocus pocus...one shot and you're gone..."

Squall stared at the scene unfolding in front of him. Zell stood facing the wall at the far end of the alley, shoulders slumped and head hung low. Seifer had a gun pointed at him. Squall gulped. It did NOT look good. He had one, desperate idea.

I just hope Zell works it out...

Squall screamed as loud as he could, then ran. Seifer, fearing an attack, spun round and fired at Squall. Or rather, the place where Squall had been. He swore, and turned back round in time to see the last of Zell disappearing over the wall.

Zell landed heavily. He groaned, white-hot pain flaring through his left shoulder. Then he got up, and sprinted down this unfamiliar street, almost colliding with Squall as he dashed round the corner. The brunet shot him a quick grin, and they ran on. They heard Seifer yelling at them, and a bullet whistled past Zell's ear and buried itself in the wall.


"No, he's....he's wasting...ammunition!"

Zell glanced over his shoulder and saw Seifer raise the gun again.


Squall ducked. The bullet was embedded in the wall exactly where his head had been a moment ago. He regarded it in silence for a second, then dragged Zell around another corner.

"Where are we....?"

"I have no idea.."

Zell's legs almost collapsed under him and the only thing keeping him running was Squalls dark form, always slightly ahead of him, and the adrenaline flowing through his veins. The cold night air rasped into his lungs and his throat was so dry he almost retched. Every step was harder to take, and he was beginning to slow. The pain in his shoulder was beginning to merge with the scorching pain in his side from a stitch. He was almost bent double from the agony, but he forced himself to keep running, clutching his side.


Zell realised how far behind he was and tried to get his failing legs to put on a spurt of speed. Another bullet soared past them.

"How....how many...bul...bullets does he have?"



They had turned into one of the many streets of unused buildings, Boarded up windows glaring blindly at the two boys.

"God, its like one of those serial killer flicks.."

"Where the teen heroes hide in the abandoned warehouse!"

Squall arched an eyebrow. "So how about it?"

"I'm way ahead of ya..." Zell forced his way through the rotten boards of the warehouse door. They squeezed in and let their eyes focus in the darkness of the interior.

"Squall, there's no where to hide...!"

"Through here."

Squall pointed to a couple of doors, and they pushed open the first one. The door led them into a little box room.


"Okay...lets go back and see what's behind door number two!"

"Oh, you two aren't going anywhere."

Seifer Almasy stepped into the light and aimed the gun between Squalls eyes.

"Your little disappearing act wasn't appreciated."

"Didn't think it would be." Squalls teeth were gritted. Zell bit his lip, watching, waiting for the gun shot.

"Seifer..." The blond man turned to Zell.


"Uuuuhhhh...." Zell tried to think of something to say to stall him.

"Why're you doing this?" God that sounds lame!

"What? You think I'm gonna spin you some story about my sad childhood, and then give away all my plans? Just before you miraculously escape? This isn't the movies, Dincht. And you're not gonna live happily ever after."


The shot rang out, unbearably loud in the silent building. The gun spun through the air, and its bullet struck the floor. Zell stared, then realised what had happened, why Squall had stared so intently at the weapon.

"Yeah. SO much more reliable than hocus pocus." Squall spat at Seifer's boot.

"Fuck, Leonhart, your gonna be sorry you did that!"

Seifer turned on Squall, advancing on the brunette menacingly. Zell launched himself at his back, knocking Seifer off balance and digging his nails into his neck. Blood welled up, warm and sticky around his fingers. Fighting down revulsion, he held on, and Seifer went down, Zell landing heavily on his back, dislodged by the fall. Seifer tried to struggle up, but Squall aimed a sharp kick at Seifer's fallen form. His hand shot out and grabbed him by the ankle. Squall tried to wrench his leg free, but Seifer had him in a death grip. Zell pried his fingers off of his friends boot, but was rewarded by a heavy blow across his face from the back of the older mans hand. Zell bit his lip in pain, rewarded by the taste of this own blood in his mouth. Seifer rolled over, grabbing at Zell, who slithered out of his grasp. Squall raised his hands to his forehead, and Zell, knowing what was coming next, rolled out of the way.

The blast hit Seifer full in the chest and pushed him back into the wall with a hideous thud. He gasped as all the air was forced out of his body, flailing wildly in the force directed on him. Zell felt the rush of air hit him like the slipstream of a juggernaut. He stood transfixed, mesmerised by the light shooting from Squalls hand, the power of the magick. His hair was whipped up and out of its usual spikes, thrown down into his face. With one last defiant shout, the power stopped, switched out like a light. Seifer slumped onto the floor. Squall remained for a moment, motionless, then slipped down. Zell caught him before he hit the floor, limp and drained. Zell managed to drag him out and threw him over his shoulder, carrying his fallen companion to a shop doorway, before his own legs gave out.

* * *

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