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Part Four - Dreams And Nightmares

By Rie and Atsuko

Zell trekked wearily home, too tired to worry about being followed. The day, for him, had been one of the worst of his life. Fired from yet another job. Zell sighed, and his mind wandered back to his dream. What he wouldn't give to have those wings now, then he could get away. The streets around him were grey, their colours matching his mood. The sky hung low and threatened to tip its load of rain over him. He stared mutinously at it, daring it to drench him.

Squall was waiting for him at the foot of the stairs. He caught Zell's arm as he started up.


Zell shook him off.

"Not now." He started up again. He REALLY wasn't in the mood right now.

"No. Come on."

"Look Squall, not now, okay? I just got fired again and I'm not gonna go rushing off on a wild- OW!"

Zell's legs were suddenly whipped from under him and he went sprawling over the stairs, his head knocking painfully against the banister rail.

"Fuck man, why did you do that?! It bloody kills!"

Zell rubbed his head and shot the grinning Squall a menacing look.

"So? C'mon, we've really got to go!"

Squall stepped towards the door and Zell followed, muttering impossible threats against him.

Zell hugged himself to try and stay warm, rubbing futilely at his freezing limbs.

"Look, it's cold, I'm cold and this is bloody stupid! Will you please tell me what the hell this is about and do what ever it is you have to do so we can go HOME and-"

Zell stopped short and stared. In front of him was a deserted basket ball court. He'd know it anywhere. This was the court from his dream.

He shivered.

"Shit." He whispered.

Squall, looking smugly warm in his fur-trimmed jacket, walked round the boarded up entrance and then slipped in through a gap in the chain link fence, moving with an odd, practised, fluid grace. Zell stood and looked at the hole for a few moments, before half-climbing, half-falling through and stumbling onto the courts. Squall was striding confidently into the centre, and taking a small bag from his pocket, extracted a piece of chalk and began to draw the same encircled star as he had on the floor in the alley. Zell, miserable and cold, hurried up to him. Kneeling, he looked straight at Squall.

"What's going on?"

Squall sat back on his heels and looked thoughtfully at Zell for a moment, frowning slightly.

"Uhhh....we're just gonna try something...."

"What kind of something?"

Squall opened his mouth, closed it, and resumed his chalking so that he wouldn't have to look at Zell.

"You're gonna do a spell, aren't you?"

Squall nodded slowly.

"What are you going to do to me?"

Squall looked at him, as if suprised he had realised so quickly.

"You dreamed last night." Not so much a question as a statement.



"That we were in here and I......"

Zell looked at Squall, afraid of the answer to his question.

"You're going to...."

Squall looked at him steadily, then nodded.

"I have to make sure. We're...we're going to have to do something later. I need to check you're...... the right one."

Zell shook his head, slowly at first, then faster and faster until the world spun as he got up and backed away, turning to run as he saw Squall open his mouth again. Zell closed his eyes and ran across the courts, running until he slammed into the wire mesh, his fingers curling around it, and he leaned his head onto it, feeling the cool mesh digging into his forehead. It had hurt in his dream. Hurt so, so much. Squall's words echoed in head...if you're the right one.... and if he wasn't? What then?

He felt Squall's hand on his shoulder, and shook it of.

"I know I shoulda told you, but I knew you'd freak. And I was right. But Zell, this is REALLY important. You have to. I know you're scared, but-"

Zell whirled round.

"I'm NOT scared. And I don't have to do anything. ANYTHING."

Squall held his gaze.

"But you will, won't you?" He said softly.

Zell gritted his teeth.

"Yeah. I will."

"You don't have to."

"Look, I said I will, and I will."

Zell stormed back to the middle of courts and turned back. Squall quickly hid his smile and followed him. Now how'd I know that would work.....? He shrugged of the question as he reached Zell.

"What do I have to do?"

Zell listened as Squall explained, then nodded.


Zell was in agony. The pain in his shoulders was almost impossible to bear, and he fought to stay on his feet, biting the insides of his cheeks until they bled.

Iwillnotscreamiwillnotscreamiwillnotscrea- Zell screwed up his face and howled in pain.

Squall tightened his grip on Zell's shoulders and squeezed his eyes shut, waiting to feel the tips of the wings burst through. They came, unfurling with astonishing speed, and Squall yelped and ducked as they opened out. Without Squall's support, Zell dropped to one knee, palms splayed in front of him and breathing hard.

Behind him Squall breathed out, giving a low whistle as he saw them. Zell, crouching like a fallen angel on the dirty tarmac, body, face and wings stained orange by the street lamps, his breath coming in short gasps. The slither of moon above them stared at the scene below her, the two boys alone in the dark, Zell shakily standing up in the pentagon.

"It worked." He breathed, and then the world spiralled and he slipped into blackness and slithered slowly to the floor.

"Yeah. It worked."

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