Object of My Lust

Part Two

By Rain

"What are you doing?" Squall asked in a low voice.

I smirked and said, "What does it look like?"

I spoke and reacted without even thinking about it. I was in too much shock from Squall's sudden appearance. He had on his leather pants, but that was it. His chest, arms, face, and hair was still dripping with crystallized-water. The moon shone brightly behind him, hiding his face in a blanket of shadows. My cock was still half-hard against my leg, but I didn't bother to pull my pants back up.

Squall smelled like a mixture of strawberries and salt. When a breeze swept between us, I noticed a tiny shiver pass through him.

"How long have you been watching me?" he demanded.

I couldn't keep the smirk off of my face. Despite my shock, my mouth and body continued to run on their own.

"Long enough," I said, indicating the cum on my hand.

Squall seemed to have licked his lips unconsciously. His storm-colored gaze was fixed on the milky fluid covering my fingers.

Now, this is interesting. Could Squall be the little queer boy I always thought he was?

"Would you like a taste?" I asked him.

Squall's eyes widened for a moment. Then he muttered something under his breath and turned around to pick up his discarded clothing. While Squall was pulling his shirt and jacket on, I cleaned myself up and zipped up my pants. I think most people in my situation would have been embarrassed, but the only thing I felt was surprise, and interest - a very deep interest for the fact that Squall wasn't heading for the hills screaming, "Fag!" over his shoulder.

When he returned, he sat on the sand next to me and reached for my flask. I watched as his rose-petal lips wrapped around the flask, and then his throat muscles work as he swallowed the sweet liquid.

"Yeah, sure, help yourself, Squall," I said, eyeing him when he lowered the flask. He glared at me, but said nothing. I felt annoyance blossom inside of my chest.

Why is he glaring at me? That was my liquor he was drinking.

"What are you doing here?" he asked after a moment.

"I was thinking about rolling around on the sand naked, but then you appeared and got naked yourself," I said.

He narrowed his eyes and shot me a look of annoyance. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes. Being an asshole just comes naturally to me.

There was a long moment of silence. I assumed Squall was talking to himself again. I don't understand how he can think so much. I hate thinking.

"You never answered my question," I said.

". . . What?" he asked. I could tell he was hesitant.

"I asked if you wanted a taste," I smirked. "It's all gone now, but I can make more."

Squall gaped at me.

I continued to smirk.

He reached for the flask again.

I didn't give him the opportunity.

I pushed him down against the sand and covered his body with my own. He struggled, gasping, "Seifer!" before I captured his mouth in a deep kiss. For a moment, he didn't respond; his mouth remained slack as his hands pushed at my chest. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, tasting him, and claiming him. I never thought he could taste so sweet. His mouth was warm, and wet. I slipped my tongue deeper and coaxed his tongue to twine with mine. Soon, his hands stopped pushing at me, and instead, began to curl around my neck.

Hyne, I thought, moving my mouth fluidly against his own. I never wanted to stop. There was a euphoric sensation that passed through me. I couldn't stop kissing Squall. I didn't want to stop until I was drunk off of his taste.

Our tongues teased back and forth. There was an unspoken submission to his kisses. He let me drive my tongue into his mouth, as deep as I could go. We broke our kisses long enough to take in a breath of air, before returning and kissing some more.

In a tentative move, Squall pushed his hips up, rubbing his erection against my thigh. I smirked into the kiss, and brought a hand down between our bodies. Squall gasped into my mouth when I cupped his arousal with my palm, stroking the hard flesh up and down.

The sudden desire to see Squall cum drove my self-control out the window. I removed my hand and lined our arousals together. I braced my hands on both sides of his head, and kept our bodies flush together. I broke our kiss and opened my eyes when I began to rock my hips against him. Squall arched his neck back, exposing the pale, creamy throat that I needed to mark.

I lowered my head and sucked on his cool skin. He tasted like salt, and he was still slightly cold from the water. But his temperature was soon rising, and as I lavished my tongue across his tender skin, his hands dropped to the collar of my shirt, where he fisted the material into clenched hands.

"Seifer," he moaned. I could feel the vibrations of his moan against my lips as I sucked on his neck.

I rocked my hips harder against him, feeling the line of his cock against my own. Pleasure shot through me and drove me to gain more friction. Squall had begun to lift his hips up, needing more of my hard erection.

"Cum for me," I murmured against his ear. I forced myself to lift my head, so I could see the expression on Squall's face.

His mouth was dropped open and his eyes were squeezed shut. His chocolate-colored hair was tousled, and several long strands hung around his eyes. Tiny moans were escaping his parted lips. And when I began to thrust harder against him, his eyes shot open and met mine with a look of ecstasy.

I could feel Squall's release pulsing out of his cock in ribbons. I moved my hips faster, feeling the sensation of my impending orgasm. Once I felt it hit, I closed my eyes and gasped Squall's name. Pleasure poured out of my cock in warm sensations. I could feel my cum soak through my boxers, before I re-opened my eyes and saw Squall looking at me.

In the aftershocks of orgasm, I said, "Was it good for you?"

A look passed over Squall's features, which I couldn't define. I was too relaxed to examine it further. When I felt that I would be able to stand without falling down, I pushed myself off of Squall and looked down at him.

The sight of Squall lying on the sand, rumpled from sex (or what was close to it), and a look of utter completion on his face made my soft cock grow hard within seconds. He pulled himself up onto wobbly legs, and looked at me almost. . . shyly.

I noted with pride that his pale neck was covered in dark hickeys. I said, as I reached for my flask, "You might want to use a healing potion on your neck." As much as I wanted him to leave my love marks on his neck, there was someone in the Garden who might not have appreciated it.

"Why?" he asked, looking adorably confused.

"Rinoa," I said, raising an eyebrow. He couldn't have forgotten about her, right?

His eyes widened, and I quickly found the answer to my question.

A look of disbelief, terror, and guilt clashed together, and Squall looked as though someone had murdered a small child in front of his eyes. I took a large gulp of my REDRUM, before closing it and watching Squall with great interest.

"I-I'm sorry," was all he said before he took off running, in the direction of the Garden.

It didn't make me feel bad. After all, this was all about sex.

I knew this wouldn't be the first time we got together.

The following day, I sat at my usual spot in the cafeteria. Fujin and Raijin decided to join me. They were currently arguing over the bag of potato chips I hadn't opened. Raijin wanted to eat it, while Fujin was telling him to leave it alone.

I didn't care. My attention was focused on Squall and Rinoa.

I could tell Squall was trying to avoid my gaze. Rinoa was chatting away like she always did. She didn't seem to notice that Squall looked like a wounded puppy. He obviously felt extremely guilty for cheating on her. I knew the right thing to do was to back off. . . but when have I ever done the 'right thing'? I just wanted him once more. If I could just fuck him, I'd be able to forget about him.

"Seifer," said Raijin, "are ya gonna eat your chips?"

From the wince that appeared on Raijin's face, it was obvious that Fujin had kicked his shin underneath the table.

I pushed the chips towards Raijin, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Fujin glare at Raijin.

Where would I be without my posse?

There was a crackle of static coming from the overhead speakers. Then Selphie's cheerful voice exclaiming, "Hiya, everyone! It's me, Selphie Tilmitt!" I groaned and looked up at the large, dusty speakers mounted in one of the corners of the cafeteria, and glared. I had read - yes, I read - in one of my textbooks that 'radios' were used on mechanical devices to play music. And if I remembered correctly, there was an 'on' and 'off' switch. I had been wondering how Selphie would do her radio show, and now I had come up with the answer: she was using the intercom to make announcements. Why did the headmaster allow this? There was no 'on' and 'off' switch, so the only way to drown out her voice was to leave Garden.

"Starting from now on, every Tuesday and Thursday at eleven to one o'clock pm, I will be playing music for you all! If you have a request, or if you would like to make a dedication, please come up to the observation deck!" said Selphie. "And now, to start things off, here is "Tatu" with their latest single, "All the things she said"!"

I willed away an impending headache when loud, heavy music poured into the cafeteria. I hoped to Hyne that the music would only be played in the cafeteria. I didn't want to abandon my daily Squall-gazing until I had a taste of that tight, little ass of his. If the music was played everywhere I wouldn't be able to tolerate it. . . Then again, Squall would probably grow annoyed with it too. . .

As soon as I thought that, Squall stood from his chair and walked around the table to kiss Rinoa's cheek. She smiled at him, and then he turned around and walked out of the cafeteria.

"I'll be right back," I told Fujin and Raijin.

I followed Squall out of the cafeteria, and up to the elevators. He pretended to not notice me, even though we were standing shoulder-to-shoulder. When the elevator doors 'beeped', and we stepped inside, I pinned Squall against the wall as soon as the doors shut.

"That wasn't very nice, Squall," I said as I pushed the emergency stop button.

He looked up at me blankly and said nothing.

I leaned forward to capture his lips, but he held me back with surprising strength.

"Seifer," he said, "I can't do this to Rinoa."

"Why not?" I replied, leaning in again to kiss him.

"Seifer!" he said, pushing me back with his palms on my chest. "I can't do this!"

"It's just sex, Squally-boy. Rinoa doesn't need to know."

"I-I can't," he replied.

Squall managed to wriggle away from me, and he pushed the elevator buttons, and it started moving. I leaned against the wall and shot him a look of annoyance.

"What's your problem, Squall? You know your relationship with Rinoa won't last."

He tried his best to ignore me, but I could see his body trembling with the effects of my words.

"You're too different," I continued, "You won't make her happy, and she won't make you happy."

I kicked myself in the ass for sounding concerned. I didn't care about Squall's happiness, or Rinoa's. I just wanted to get laid.

I reached for the elevator buttons and stopped it again. Then I took a step towards Squall and captured his lips, taking advantage of the vulnerable state he was suddenly in.

Like before, Squall resisted again, but soon found himself lost to the kiss. His tongue moved shyly against my own, and I pushed a leg between his legs. Arms went around my neck, and Squall was kissing me over and over again.

Then he broke away, panting.

"Stop it, Seifer," his voice took on a hard edge, and he pushed me off of him. "This isn't right."

"What's not right?" I challenged.

He glared at me. "I will not cheat on Rinoa."

Squall pushed the elevator buttons again, and five seconds later, he was storming out of the elevator. I pushed the '1F' button, and growled. Getting Squall into bed would take some work. But from the little knowledge I was picking up, Squall seemed unable to resist my touch.

To be continued. . .

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