Chapter 5

By Purple Penguin

Rinoa entered the dorm section carrying some books that Selphie gave her, the little girl had asked her to help with the festival and she had agreed so they were both very busy planning the festival, she hoped Squall would understand but she hadn’t seen him for almost 24 hours. Was he avoiding her? She had thought that maybe there was someone else but she had never seen Squall look at another girl before, he just wasn’t interested even in her. He turned the corner and stopped dead, quickly hiding round the corner so she could watch. Luckily the two men didn’t see her. Squall stood with his back to the wall, eyes on the floor head dipped. The taller of the two men Seifer stood over the brunette, smirk in place. She frowned, she knew Seifer was up to something, he always had to be into everything. The blonde leaned in close his lips close to her boyfriend’s face, one arm on the wall beside her boyfriend’s head. The brunette met the green smirking eyes, the blonde whispered something in his ear.

Stepped out and moved closer to the pair, her boyfriend’s eyes met hers and Seifer turned and smirked at her.

“Rinoa I found your boyfriend for you.” He tsked. “You shouldn’t go around losing him, have you thought about getting a leech?”

“Fuck off Seifer, go harass someone who cares.”

The blonde smiled and looked back at Squall. “Good luck.” He walked off down the corridor.

Squall started to move, gesturing for her to follow. “What was that all about?”

“Wait.” The brunette tapped in his door code and led her inside before he turned to her. “….”

“Squall…. What?”

“I…. Think we should break up.” He paused, that was easier to say than he thought it would be.

Rinoa’s eyes widened. “B-But isn’t that a bit sudden? We’ve been doing fine.”

“No we haven’t.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Is there someone else? I’ve never seen you so much as look at another girl, you’re not interested like Irvine and other guys.”


She shook her head in confusion. “What?”

“Rinoa…. I’m gay.”

“GAY? You can’t be, you don’t even look at guys.” She frowned. “Has this got something to do with what happened outside with Seifer?”


She smiled. “Squall he’s only trying to break us up, you can’t let him win by doing what he wants.”

“I’m sleeping with him.”

She paled. “Y-You’re sleeping with SEIFER?!”

“I know you came to his room looking for me.”

“He told you?”

“I was there.”

She shook her head continuously in confusion. “B-but why Seifer? Irvine I could understand or even Zell…. I guess but not Seifer!”

“I like being with him.”

She grimaced. “I didn’t want to know that!”

He shrugged and pushed past her. “You asked.”

“Wait wait, we’re not done here!”

“Yeah… we are.”

She glared at her ex’s back and sighed. Fine if she couldn’t be angry at Squall then she knew where to go.

Seifer sat in the cafeteria for lunch with his friends when Rinoa stormed straight up to the table. He grinned at her. “Can I help you?”

“What are you doing here you know? Aren’t you busy fucking your boyfriend you know?”

She glared. “What, when he’s not fucking Seifer you mean?” She smiled, happy to be able to out Seifer in front of his hands.

“HE TOLD HER!” Fujin dug a 10 Gil note out of her pocket and tossed it to Raijin.

The other girl gaped. “You know? You made a bet on weather we would break up or not?”

“Yeah and I won you know, I knew he’d pick Seifer over you, you know!”

The blonde smirked. “Now guys don’t tease Rinoa it’s not her fault she can’t keep a man.”

Rinoa glared at them and stepped back, clapping her hands. “Can I have your attention please?”

The room fell silent.

“Squall and I have broken up.”

The room ‘ahhhed.’ Rinoa and Squall were the perfect couple.

“Yes it seemed he’d rather fuck Seifer then me.”

The students and Seeds in the room gave mixed noises of shock and disgust, everyone looking at Seifer.

Fujin jumped up from the table to defend her friend. “PICK ON SOMEONE OWN SIZE!” She dodged as Seifer grabbed for her arm.


Rinoa glared at the albino. “Get out of my way!”


“FU don’t!” Both guys leapt up as the two girls flew at each other.


“Leave her, you know!”

The cafeteria erupted. “Food fight!” Some idiot announced, soon everyone was hiding under tables, behind counters and food flew through the air and no one was watching the two girls anymore.


Everyone except the two girls stopped and all airborne food fell to the floor. Squall, Xu and Quistis stood in the doorway.

“They started it!” Some cadet pointed to the two girls that Raijin and Seifer was trying to separate.

Xu and Quistis went round the room chucking everyone out, Squall walked up to the two girls, Raijin had a hold on Rinoa who struggled when the brunette stepped in between herself and Fujin. She hit her captor’s arms causing the large man to hold her tighter, crushing her.

“OW!” She stopped struggling and glared up at her ex-boyfriend.

“Grow up!” He said. “You’re bleeding, go to the infirmary.”

“I don’t need to.”

“I don’t care, just go!” He looked over his shoulder at the albino in his lover’s arms. “You too!”

The three of them walked to the infirmary, the doctor raised an eyebrow. “What the hell happened to you two?”

“They got into a fight!” Squall explained as he entered behind them.

Rinoa glared at him. “What are you doing here? This is non of your business.”

“Fighting in my garden is my business.”

The two girls sat side-by-side as they both got treated by the doctor. “You’ll both had some nice war wounds tomorrow.”

Fujin jumped up. “GOT TO GO!”

“Why? You got more people to beat up?”

She grinned. “YES.”

Squall opened his mouth to protest but she cut him off. “NOT HERE, BOYFRIEND CHEATING LOSER!”

Rinoa nodded. “I know the feeling!”

Squall glared at her and followed the albino out of the room,. He stopped, watching her join her friends and they headed out the front gate to Balamb.

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