Chapter 3

By Purple Penguin

“So I went down there and guess what?”

He didn’t even know what was coming, of course he didn’t no one should know when they are going to die but it was sad to think that it was coming and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Squall watched the blonde talking to his friends in the talking ignoring the no talking signs like everyone did. He felt kind of sorry for the library staff who went round gesturing wildly to the signs and hushing people but no one listened.

“Squall? Are you listening?”

He shock his head focusing on Rinoa again. She looked concerned, following his gaze to look over at Seifer, she wrinkled her nose. “Don’t waste your time on him okay?”

He gave her a blank look and he knew he didn’t love her, maybe it was what she had said about Seifer, maybe it wasn’t. He just knew that he didn’t love her in that way, did he love Seifer? The girl smiled and got up to leave looking back at him, silently asking him if he was coming. He glanced back at Seifer but followed his girlfriend out of the library not missing the look that his secret lover gave him.

A cooling hand ran down his sweaty arm to get his attention. The training centre was silent except for bird calls, distant T-Rexaur sounds and their heavy breathing. He looked up and accepted the offered cigarette.

“Seifer?” He whispered.

Green eyes widened in shock, Squall was always so quiet and both usually sat in silent after sex.

“D-Do you want me to leave Rinoa?” He nearly whispered it.

“D-D-Do I want? Since when have you given a fuck about what I want?”

“I’ve seen the way you look at us, would you like it if I left her?”

For a moment the know-it-all blonde didn’t know what to say. “W-would you do it if I wanted it?”



“I don’t love her.” He answered simply, taking another drag of his cigarette as he turned away from the blonde.

The taller man made a noise causing Squall to look turn. “What?”

“I said yeah…. I want you to dump her.”

“Fine.” Squall looked up at him with an emotionless expression. “Do you care about me?”

The blonde turned away. “What is this twenty questions?” He took the cigarette back from Squall in need of some nicotine. “Do you?” He shot back at Squall.

“I- I- think so.”

Seifer chuckled. “Never heard you speak so much.”

Squall pulled himself up using the fence. “Have to go.” He picked up his pants and put them on.

“Wait.” A hand landed on his arm stopping him from moving. He turned and frowned in shock when an unexpected hand cupped his chin, lips lowered to his own in a strangely gentle kiss. Seifer released him, stepping back. “Go, Rinoa will think you’ve been kidnapped by aliens.”

The brunette pulled on his boots and walked away, pulling on his shirt as he walked. Seifer leant on the fence watching his lover leave with a slither of a smile. Who would have thought it? Squall Leonhart cared about him?

He crushed his cigarette butt under foot and started to get dressed. Fujin had started to date this scumbag in Balamb, she suspected he was cheating on her so he and Raijin were going to have a friendly chat with him. Seifer exited the training centre glancing at his watch then heading for class. It really sucked to have lessons on using magic when you had been using it for as long as he had but he really did want to be a Seed though he would never admit that to anyone. He was 20 so this was his last year to try and become a Seed after that even Squall and Matron couldn’t save him, rules were rules.

There are hundreds of cadets would love to see him fail again and get kicked out of garden permanently. He wanted to rub their faces in it when he passed for once. Matron had said she believed in him and there were plenty of others, Raijin and Fujin he believed but Ellone? And Squall? Selphie had been nice to him at first after the war he didn’t like to admit that to people because he had driven her away by turning back into the asshole that made their lives hell and tried to kill them. Zell was the favourite victim with Rinoa in close second. That made sense to him she was the ex-girlfriend, the only girlfriend, the one that had put him off girls for life. He smirked at the thought. He had wondered why everyone made such a fuss about sex when he was with Rinoa he didn’t think it was any big deal. She didn’t compare to Squall, she didn’t deserve him.

He took the lift up to the first floor, his class was standing out in the hallway waiting for the instructor to come and open the classroom. Some others milled around in the corridors. The chicken stood talking to a girl who was in his class, he punched the air as he explained a fight to her. As the blonde approached he stopped talking and clenched his fists and teeth at him in warning.

Seifer couldn’t resist, he leant on the wall behind the girl. “Chickie, chickie, chickie what are you doing up here? Don’t you have to get back to the hen house?”

The girl giggled causing Zell to glared at the taller man. “Fuck off Seifer! What are you doing up here?”


The shorter man grinned. “Oh yeah that’s right, you’re not a Seed are you? You’ve failed twice are you going for a hat trick?”

Seifer frowned at the other blonde before turning to the girl. “He wasn’t trying to chat you up was he?”

She smiled. “Well….”

“Really? I always thought you liked cock chickie.”

Zell scowled. “What?”

Seifer patted the girl on the shoulder. “He gives good head.” He turned away to stand somewhere hearing Zell explain to the girl.

“Don’t listen to Seifer he’s an ass.”

He chuckled. Chicken wuss was entertaining. He smiled as he remembered how the whole chicken thing started. He never told this to Zell, the boy thought he had thought he was a coward but when he was an inexperienced 14 year old the first guy he had a crush on was a cute 13 year old chickie. He hated the guy for it because he wasn’t supposed to think that way about a guy especially some cute blonde he barely knew. Zell was still cute but Squall was so much better.

An aging man walked up and unlocked the classroom, his classmates followed the man into the room including the girl that Zell was talking too she gave him a wave goodbye. Seifer mimicked the girly wave goodbye and batted his eyelashes at Zell.

The blonde frowned and mouthed ‘Fuck off’.

Seifer disappeared into the room with a grin.

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