Author's Notes: Not really a song-fic but I wrote this while listening to linkin’ Park’s Numb hence the title, so if you have the song listen to it while you read this. Oh and I tried to keep the guys and even Rinoa in character, but Seifer and the posse are a little asshole-ish. Please review it if you think it’s good, or bad I don’t mind.


Chapter 1

By Purple Penguin

Squall sat in the cafeteria staring at the wall, his girlfriend Rinoa sat in his lap chatting away happily to her friend who sat at their table. Rinoa was a medical cadet now, happy at garden, happy with Squall, and happy with her circle of friends. She had everything she wanted, some people had said that she and Squall would never make it, what did they know? Squall wasn’t the cold, troubled killer that people made him out to be he was a fluffy kitten really. Just because he had problems expressing his feelings didn’t mean anything. Some said Squall had everything, great job, great girlfriend, great friends what else did he need?

Some cadets got up and moved quickly as three figures came into the cafeteria, Fujin the albino girl with a speech problem, tease her and lose your head. The cold girl glanced around the room as if in disgust at the other people. Raijin walked at her side as usual, a large dark skinned man with tattoos and piercings, he smirked cruelly at a 12 year old cadet who quickly moved out of the way. Following them was the leader a tall blonde Seifer, one of the best gunbladers in the world. With Hyperion at his side and a sick sense of humour. That made up the posse.

Nobody liked them, all three were best friends, they had no secrets... Well maybe one. Seifer turned and grinned cruelly at the brunette.

Rinoa squirmed in her seat, looking back at her boyfriend. Squall met the eyes of the blonde, staring at him with blank eyes.

“Squall.” She whispered. “Ignore him.”

The brunette said nothing, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend’s waist but his eyes never left Seifer’s. The blonde looked down at the brunette’s hands on Rinoa and smirked in amusement, not saying anything though. He slowly moved on towards the drinks machine, hitting it with the palm of his hand and picked up the can that fell out, following his friends to their table.

Squall had dropped his eyes to the table again and Rinoa gave him a concerned look. “Are you okay?”

Her boyfriend looked up not answering, no expression on his face at all.

She smiled. “Don’t worry he’ll never get to us.” She left it as that, she knew the drill. Both Seifer and Squall were gunbladers, the only gunbladers making them rivals, bitter rivals. Squall was so quiet, emotionless and uncaring while Seifer was loud and always had to be the centre of attention when Squall tried to sink into the floor. Her boyfriend blinked his blue/grey eyes at her and didn’t even flinch when his hair fell into his eyes. Rinoa was so warm and caring most people thought that some of it would rub off onto Squall but he was still the same.

The brunette glanced up feeling eyes on him; he looked up straight into the green eyes of the blonde bully. He had a flash of memory from his ‘training session’ with Seifer yesterday.


Seifer’s nails dug into the backs of his hands as his fingers clung to the wire fence. The little noise of his belts hitting the ground reached his ears but then everything faded away got drowned out as Seifer fucked him against the chain-link fence. He shut his eyes tightly, head falling back onto Seifer’s shoulder, his mouth open in little continuous gasps.

>End Flashback<

The blonde smirked at him as if seeing what was going on inside Squall’s head, but still the brunette didn’t look away. The tall blonde whispered something to his friends and stood from the table, walked past the brunette their eyes locked. Both girls sighed in relief as the bully walked out.

“Thank god he’s gone I hate the way he looks over here.”

Squall was staring at the door where Seifer last was, and then he flicked his eyes to his girlfriend. Wasn’t he supposed to want to stay here? Be with his girlfriend? Why did he want to go with Seifer?


She looked up shocked as Squall said her name.

“I have to go.”

She looked like she wanted to question him but she knew that wouldn’t get her anyway. She got up and let him leave.

Squall left the cafeteria without a word; he just caught sight of Seifer disappearing into the training centre, not that he needed to see him he knew where he would be. The cocky ass never stopped and waited for him because he knew that Squall would follow as he always did. He walked round the back to a forgotten training area, Seifer’s coat hung from a branch and the blonde stood leaning on the fence with a cigarette hanging from his lips. He smirked at Squall and blew smoke into the air, before handing it to the brunette. Squall took a drag from it causing the other man to grin. Squall watched the smoke disappear, thinking that he would get in trouble from Rinoa again, well not trouble really but she wondered why he smelt of cigarettes when he didn’t smoke. He never answered though, just shrugged it off.

He was broken out of his little world when he was grabbed by the front of the t-shirt and hauled up close to the blonde for a kiss. The brunette didn’t fight it, he found himself returning it hungrily not that he ever knew why, he had never done anything with Rinoa. A hand groped him through the leather pants and lips ran over the exposed skin on his neck and face. He never really returned the affection to Seifer, he didn’t know how but his fingers always found their way into the blonde’s short hair. He wasn’t surprised or very relived when the blonde released him from his pants and pushed him against the wire fence. On the rare occasion when the blonde took the time to kiss him or touch him he really didn’t know what to do, what he was supposed to be feeling. He knew it liked it would Seifer fucked him, that he understood.

He could feel the blonde rummaging in his pockets then in Squall’s.

“Um... Squall?” He silently asked if he had any lube.

The brunette sort of shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” He replied.

Rough hands landed on his hips and he arched his back slightly when Seifer entered him. It hurt a bit more than usual but not as much as he thought. He didn’t mind he sort of liked being able to still feel it later when he was back with his girlfriend. His lover grunted and moaned behind him while Squall didn’t make a sound other than the quiet little gasps that only Seifer got to hear. Lips attached themselves to his neck; teeth nibbled slightly just enough to leave a little mark, another thing for Rinoa to pick up on. He gripped the fence harder as he feel the other man come inside, pushing him over the edge. He let out a breath and sunk to the ground as his knees gave out. Seifer leant back on the fence catching his breath and lighting up another cigarette. Squall never left right away and sometimes neither did Seifer; not that either of them said anything, what was there to say? It was just an uncomfortable silence, half of Squall wishing Seifer would go and the other half wishing he wouldn’t. He just held his knees to his chest and rocked himself back and forth, waiting for the blonde to leave first. Eyes blank, seeing nothing.


END..... maybe more. If I get a few reviews, hint, hint.

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