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My Dear Instructor

Chapter Two - The truth is inaccessible

By Leonard Loire


I jumped from my bed, got dressed and went towards the classroom. I was late, very late. Secretly I adore my instructor and I didn't want to be late, but my dearest twin didn't wake me and my alarm clock didn't ring.

I entered in the classroom. Luckily my instructor was also late. That wasn't usual and I frowned. I saw my sister in her seat and I walked towards her. In the back I could see Seifer, the ex-sorceress knight. He is such a hunk! Not as adorable as my instructor Leonhart, though. My instructor is a true hero. Handsome, intelligent and cold-blooded. I already thought about making a Leonhart groupie but then I thought that his girlfriend wouldn't like it very much.

Finally he arrived and the reason why he was late was in a huge cage: a Torama.

"Today, we're gonna talk about an 4th level monster, a Torama." he said and the class begun. That was a pretty big cat, I thought.

"Toramas are from Animmalia Kingdom and they have five specific characteristics that allows them to be classified as Chordatas. In their adult form, you can see the tail, here, and...."


"Okay and this is all you have to know from Toramas. As you should know they are very hard to defeat in battle so be careful if you happen to find one. They are very beautiful animals in my opinion. Any questions?! No?! Well then, Monday there'll be revisions and Tuesday written test, so be sure you spare some time to study in the weekend, okay?! By the way, the SeeD's written test will be in three weeks. Your test will have the same structure of your finals so if you do well in it, and I hope you all do, I'm positive you'll do in the SeeD's too. You won't have homework today. That's all. You may leave. Till Monday!!" The students rose and started to leave the room. With her eyes in the caged Torama, Ronny, one of my students, approached.

"What's the name of the Torama, instructor?" she asked me.

"I don't know, Ronny! But I'm sure that if you get too close, he can harm you, so don't do it!!" I was seeing that she was about to pat the Torama and he was getting agitated. Fortunately she did what I told her and said to me "They look like tigers. I only saw those in books. They are really beautiful animals, instructor, but you know what?!"

"What?" I said indifferent writing today's summary in my laptop.

"...I still like lions the most. They're so cuuuuuuuuteee!!!" She said. This got my attention. What was she talking about?!.. Still I didn't take my eyes from my work.

"....." She smiled at my silence and added to her previous sentence.

"...Specially the human ones, he, he, he!!!" 1

What?!!! "AWWW!!!!" she ran away laughing followed by her twin, both saying in unison "Till Monday, instructor!!". Those girls!! They could be worse than Selphie sometimes, and that was hard.. 2

Seifer approached smiling, certainly amused with the previous situation.

"What are you smiling at?!" I asked already irritated.

"Nothing, nothing. I just wanted to ask you about tomorrow. Is it still up?!"

"Yeah, of course! 1400 hours. Library and bring your books." I said finally finishing the summary.

"Okay...instructor." I frowned. That didn't sound right in his mouth.

"Don't call me that, Seifer. You make me feel old..." I said. He smirked.

"You prefer me calling you Puberty boy?!" I felt the urge to roll my eyes.

"In case you don't remember, I DO have a name. It's SQUALL?! You'd please call me that?!"

"Okay, see you around...That!!" In this moment I was trying to refrain my homicidal instincts. Some things never change.

I must have made an angry face because he chuckled and said raising his arms in surrender "Okay, okay... Squall!" I waved my hand and he turned to leave. He passed the Torama and looked at him. Reaching the door he appeared to suddenly remember something and abruptly spook.

"Oh! And Squall?"

"Yes?" I looked at him.

"I also like human lions the most, they're sooooooooo cute!!!" I growled and threw him the first thing I could put my hands on, which was my poor keyboard.

He easily captured it, put it on the floor and walked away laughing. There are things that definitely will never change, I thought.

I stood up from my chair and went to retrieve the keyboard from its place on the floor.

After lunch, Seifer was walking towards the library smiling remembering the human lion story and Squall's face. They had talked about that during all lunch. Him, the twins and some other students from the class. That Ronny was amazing. Very nice and funny.

"Hi Seifer!" Seifer turned to the dark haired girl that had addressed to him.

"Oh! Hi Rinoa! How are you?!" he asked politely.

"I'm fine, Seifer. What about you?! You look very happy!!" Seifer smiled even more.

"Oh! It's just a thought! So are you here to see Squall or just another thing less important?" Her face darkened.

"Well, actually me and Squall are gonna go out tonight. I'm here to talk to Selphie about ...something."

"Oh! You're going to go out with Squall, he? Somewhere special?" Seifer asked ignoring the last part of her sentence. Rinoa smiled when she saw a flash of jealousy per pass Seifer's eyes.

"Just a romantic dinner. You know, Squall can be very romantic when he wants to. What about you?! Plans for tonight?" she asked.


"Wow!" *damn*, she thought "Someone special?"

Seifer laughed "yes, monsters and weapons. I'm going to study! Have to become a SeeD this time. Now or never."

"Pity. Well, good studies!!" she smiled happy.

"Thanks! I love to talk with you Rinoa, but I really have to go. Still have to search some things in the Library. See ya around!" he said leaving.

"See ya around!" she replied. *You're more gorgeous every time I see you Seifer. You and that pretty boy coming over there.....*

"Hello honey, what are you doing here?!" Squall asked approaching her.

Rinoa grabbed one of his books and started turning over its leaves of, peeking through them here and there.

"Disappointed Squall?!" she asked sweetly. "No! Just surprised! I'm very happy that you're here." He smiled. She just loved when he did it.

"Good! Actually, I'm here to see Selphie about something..."

"Oh! And that thing is..."

"Girls talk!!!" she answered him without revelling her plan. Putting the book in Squall's arms again she looked at her watch.

"Oops! I'm late! I said Selphie I'll meet her an hour ago..."

"Okay. I have class in five minutes and I still have to pass in my dorm. See you tonight, then?!" he said.

She nodded and kissed him discreetly in the cheek. "I'll be looking forward to it..."

"I know!"

"See ya later, Squall!" she walked away towards the quad while he headed to the dorms.

In the library, Seifer was studying looking forward not to that night but to the day's after, afternoon.





Author's notes:
1 - I also like human lions the most, don't you?!
2 - Can you imagine that?!
Hope you liked that. Thanks for reading it.

Now, to my reviewers Redrum, Voice of Mystery and Rinoa Redcloak: THANK YOU! I really appreciated your reviews and I'll do my best to follow your advices. And I understand I shouldn't threaten for reviews. Its just that I, being my first fic and all, feel a little insecure, so I'm begging your pardon. Please be gentle. About Squall's new haircut: you'll see *evil grin*.

About the mistakes, I would like to find a beta reader so if anyone would like to be my beta reader, tell me.

I'm also open to suggestions on this story; so feel free to give them. And don't forget to review.

A last thing, anyone knows what are Zell's and Seifer's birthday dates?! I would appreciate if you told me.

Thank you!!

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