My Dear Instructor

Chapter One - The Last Chance

By Leonard Loire

Seifer was paying attention; in fact, he was actually interested in the class he was having. But he tried not to show it. Not to him, although his classes were the best he had ever had. Of course heíd never word it, but that was the truth and he would not dare lie to himself.

After Ultimeciaís defeat Seifer was welcomed into Balamb Garden (with a little help of Matron, he suspected) by almost everyone. Almost. They would say it wasnít his fault, that he was being controlled, that they had already forgiven him... whatever! He didnít care about what others would think anymore. He was tired of fishing, tired of be unhappy, tired of being rejected. Like any other human, he had the right to a second chance, and he knew it... He had his pride and dignity to restore and he would do it, whatever itíd take. The first step was to become a SeeD. A respected SeeD like Quistis, an enthusiastic SeeD like Selphie, a hyper SeeD like Zell, a loved SeeD like Squall.

"Youíll never be a SeeD!" Xu had said. And although, she didnít say it again when he had returned, he knew, she still thought that way and not only she. She was one of the few who didnít want him back. Just like his instructor. But Seifer knew. This time, this time he would make it. He would become a SeeD, no matter who was against him! Why did he think like that?! Oh! Come on! Did you ever think Squall and his gang would be able to defeat Ultimecia?! Well, he didnít (or he wouldnít be by her side for so long) but they made it, didnít they?! So he would become a SeeD as well, surprising everyone who thought he was finished. Everyone who had pity on him! He had survived and he would rise from the ashes even stronger than before. They would see. But, for now, he just had to be patient, tough and friendly.

He wrote down something about Red Dragons in his workbook and looked to his instructor who was delivering some worksheets to the students. He didnít look or speak to him when he gave him the paper.

He would never forgive Seifer or Seifer would forgive that thief. But, once more, Seifer couldnít lie; he wouldnít lie. He liked his classes. They were calm and productive. He was a good instructor after all: responsible, strong, respectful, admired and loved by his students, including him; Seifer Almasy. Yes, he liked him now more than he ever did, but still he couldnít like him. Why didnít he like him? He didnít like him because he was jealous of him. He was everything that he wanted to be. And yet he wasnít totally: differences characteristics of him that made Seifer like him so much. But Seifer didnít spend time thinking of this confusion of his feelings for two reasons: one, he didnít like them; two, he had to focus his energy on his goal: becoming a SeeD. And he was his instructor, so he had to deal with him like that "his instructor, forgetting he was once his rival; he was once his enemy...

"Weíre doing a written test next week, preparation for the SeeDís written exam, so be prepared!! Dismissed!" said Squall.

The students got their things and exited the classroom. Squall waited to lock the door. Seifer was the last one exiting. He didnít know what gave to him then, but he stopped in front of Squall and asked:

"Instructor Leonhart," sounded strange address him like that, but... "I need some explanations about the first and second subjects broached, since I wasnít here yet and I would like to have a good grade in the written exam and in next weekís test. If you could just sum me those two subjects after tomorrowís class, in five minutes, I would be grateful, if you didnít mind, of course...

Squall blinked in surprise, and he stammered, still in shock:

"Y... yeah! Of course I will, Seifer. I... weíll... okay. Do you... hum... have something planned on Saturday afternoon?"


"Fine! Then meet me Saturday, 1400 hours, at the Library. Weíll take care of those subjects and if you have any other doubts, weíll take care of them, too. Is the timing ok for you?"

"Yeah, great. Thanks!" said Seifer, surprised, looking into Squallís grey eyes. He didnít seem so distant now. Actually he seemed almost friendly.

"Itís my job, Seifer." he responded smiling.

Seifer blinked at the smile. Squall had a beautiful smile, and it, somehow, made his grey-icy eyes turn into a soft-warm blue ones. Without knowing it, Seifer managed to surpass the barrier between them, when he spoke to him; or Squall was feigning very well. He didnít like that smile and definitely didnít like those antithetic feelings he was having towards Squall lately.

He just half smiled back and left. Suddenly that day had become a wonderful one.

Squall locked the door and went to a walk. He needed to think.

He exited Balamb Garden and went to Fishermanís Horizon. He loved the sea breeze and the scent of the ocean. He walked towards the Junk Shop but it was closed. He then hired a boat and rowed to the end of the docks. He had a beautiful view of Garden from there. There, alone, he could think properly about his life.

He and Rinoa were in a good phase. He loved Rinoa; Rinoa loved him. Simple. Too simple, if he put a hard thought into it. Rinoa was pushing him into a deeper relationship, wanting to make love to him, even if she didnít word it: she was dressing more seductively and putting on more make up when she was going to visit him in Garden. And although she hadnít tried anything yet, he could tell she wanted him...

His father visited him often. It was weird to call Laguna his father. They were so different! At first sight, you would say that Squall and Laguna werenít very look alike, but if you looked closer at both you could find the semblances, especially in the smiles (which you couldnít see often in Squallís face) and in the silky hair. He kind of liked his father. Well, he was his father, but he was also one of the most kind, sweetest and funniest people he had ever met. And he loved him; he loved Squall a lot. You could see the pride in his eyes every time he looked at his son.

And then there was his "Sis" Ellone, who always came to visit him when his father did, and she adored Squall. He supposed that she would never stop seeing him as a little boy, but he also didnít care about that, because it came from his "Sis".

And then it was Quistis, always so caring about him and the new headmaster of Balamb Garden; and Zell, his best friend and the juniorclassmen instructor; Selphie, his training clothes stylist and instructor at Trabia Garden and Irvine, the worst ladies man on the entire universe and SeeD candidate: his friends.

And then it was Matron and Cid. And his students and Seifer.

Seifer: the arrogant Seifer, mister "ego", his rival, his enemy. He didnít like him back. Not because he thought he had fault, if things were a little bit different he was probably the one controlled by Ultimecia; but because he saw Seifer as a threat to his happiness. He knew: Rinoa hadnít forgotten Seifer. Quistis, Zell, Selphie and Irvine were becoming his best buddies, because Seifer was nice now. Because Seifer was now (and somehow always was) everything Squall tried to be in his daily life and because Seifer was successful too in everything Squall was, except being a SeeD. But even that, Squall saw that Seifer was going to make it, this time. He had changed, like all of them, in fact, but he more than everyone he knew. And not physically but mainly inside, deeply inside. People were starting to like him as much as they liked him or even more. Even he would like Seifer if he hadnít been his rival before; if he wasnít Seifer. God! Seifer had even asked him for help! Him! Squall Leonhart! He was a lot less arrogant, that was for sure! Worse! Had Squall denied him?? NO!! He said: fine. He even smiled! And the worst part was that he couldnít help it. Seifer was being nice...

Squall would like to say he had just done it because he had to, it was his job; but deep down inside he knew it wasnít true, it was a reflection, a non thought reaction, although he would never admit it out loud, not even to himself.

Seifer walked to the Cafeteria with a smile on his face. It was early in the evening and he wanted to eat something before the Cafeteria became full. He ordered a soup, some sandwiches and two hot dogs. He knew that someone wasnít getting in time for them. He kept the smile on his face all the way.

He walked to an empty table and started to eat.

In few minutes, students started to come to have their dinner and fell up the Cafeteria. Some of his new colleagues joined him, and he was greeted by almost everyone with smiles and looks of envy. After all, the Sorceress of the future had chosen him, to be her knight. That is, because he was a very good fighter, even known in the future. Or so thought the boys: he was one of the models to them, being envied because of that. To girls he was one of the most gorgeous and handsome boys in the whole world, which counted as well. That is, he was now very popular and he liked it, so he waved to everybody happily (not only because of that, today, though).

When he was finishing his soup, a thunder entered the Cafeteria: Zell Dincht.

As always he wasnít in time for the hot dogs. Seifer smiled and called him. Zell turned to him and waved his hand (?).

"Come here!" said Seifer. Zell complied. They had become friends when Seifer had come to him apologizing. Zellís big heart forgave and he was now discovering that Seifer wasnít as bad as he thought, actually he was real nice when he wanted to.


"Gimme 50 Gil!"


"For the hot dogs!" said Seifer smiling and giving him the food.


"Itís for you! I knew you didnít get here in time, you never do."

"Thanks man! Here you go!"

"This is a bet you lost," said Seifer waving the money.

"What? Why?"

"If anyone knows this, it will ruin my reputation as the bad guy."

Zell laughed.

"Well, Iím afraid you are late. I think no one considers you the bad guy anymore. Youíre as popular as Squall."

"Yeah!" Seifer smiled and happiness allured his face.

"Youíre just happy about that or are there anything else.

"Well, I just had a good day, thatís all!"

"Hum! Yeah! Right! A good day?! Right!"

"Iím serious chicken wuss!!" smirked Seifer.

"I just heard that you were serious, ok?"

"Thatís fine to me."

"Good! Hey! Thatís Squall entering."

"Yeah! Should we call him to seat with us?!" questioned Seifer.

"Yes!! We should call instructor to sit here with us," said a girl with long brown hair, who was the new attention of a certain Galbadian cowboy.

"Oh! Come on, Ronny! Heís with Rinoa! They probably want to be alone, you know?!" said her twin.

"Yeah, guess it was a bad idea," agreed Seifer almost sadly.

Seiferís tone didnít pass through Zell, who smiled and waved to Squall and Rinoa. Surprisingly they approached their table.

"Hi!" said Squall, nobody understood to whom. They just presumed it was for all because they all replied in unison:

"Hi instructor Leonhart!" (including Seifer to Zellís, Rinoaís and Squallís surprise)

"Hi Squall, hi Rinoa!" said Zell, "want some?" He offered the hot dog half eaten. Squall didnít answer and Rinoa waved her hands.

"Finally you caught them, eh?" she said

"A friend did for me..." he replied. Seifer smiled at the word friend.

"Oh?! A friend?"

"Yes, Squall. A friend..." Zell answered looking to Seifer. Rinoa also looked to him.

"So, Seifer... how are you?! Didnít see you in some time..." she asked tenderly.

Seifer was admiring Squallís new haircut, and when he heard his name he turned quickly to Rinoa, blushing a little. He disguised wisely, smiling. Once again his reaction didnít pass through Zell, who smiled, looking to Squall, but this one only had eyes for Rinoa.

"Iím fine Rinoa, thank you. What about you?"

Rinoa smiled grabbing Squallís arm.

"Fine," she said. "Are you candidating for SeeD exam, Seifer?"

"Yeah! For the last time, I suppose! At least my instructor doesnít suck too much..." he smirked to Squall who glared in return.

"Donít push it Seifer!!

"This time youíll make it, Iím sure," said Zell, trying to change the instructorís subject. He knew how Squall had hated being chosen to be the lastís yearís instructor, especially because he knew Seifer would be there. "And then we will make a perfect team again, ne Squall?"/p>

"Team?! You and Seifer?! People sure change. Who would say, a few months ago, that Zell would be referring to me, Seifer and him as a team?! Worst! A perfect one!! Oh, well! I guess Ultimeciaís thing changed all of us... and we could start by me..."

"Yes, Zell, I guess that when we are in the same side..."

"... Yeah, we do make a good team!"

Seifer looked at Squall. He could see that Squall had been thinking, though he never expected such an answer. Squall had changed in some ways, but remained the same in others.

That thought accompanied him when he said goodnight to his friends and went to his room and to his bed. He fell asleep thinking about Squallís reactions that day.

To be continued...



Authorís notes: So... what did you think about it. My first part of my first fic. Iím doing the others already, but first I wanted to know if youíd like it to go on, so feedback is highly appreciated. Please send your opinions and suggestions to red_fenix @ Thanks a lot for reading it. See ya soon... (I hope J).

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