More Work than Necessary

By Malfoy

"You're kidding me! Ha! When can I start?" I had just been reaccepted to Balamb Garden by none other than Squall Leonhart.

"You can start at the beginning of next week. And . . . If you work hard enough, you can graduate with Zell and Irvine," he replied to me.

My two boyfriends, Zell and Irvine had talked me into trying to get back into this place. They said it was a great opportunity for me. They said that the education would make me a better man. I say, they just want me around more so they can fuck me or get fucked. I'm not complaining or anything but I just remember school being a total drag and I'm sure it hasn't changed.

Good news about starting now, is I've still got four months until they graduate. Squall says that if I start studying now, then I can catch up to them and graduate along side them. That's a good thing too, because they got me to stay so I want out when they get out. When we're all out, we'll have 24/7 to fuck each other's brains out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not only in this abnormal relationship for the sex. I mean sure, yeah they're both great at it but I love them. I wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone in this whole world. Zell is so goddamn spunky and Irvine is so sensual. How can you not love them?

"Seifer, with the dormitories, we don't have any rooms open now. But I'm sure you wouldn't mind rooming with Zell or Irvine," Squall mentions to me.

"Don't you mean Zell and Irvine?" I chuckle.

Squall can't object to us anymore. It's either our way or he gets ratted out by Zell and Irvine about the time those two caught dear Squally giving head to Nida one afternoon. Any wrong move by either Squall or Nida and it's public humiliation time. I would have loved to see the look on Nida's face when they were caught. With the way that my two boy toys described it, I probably would've been rolling on the floor, laughing.

"Yeah, whatever you want," Squall mumbled, "You're dismissed."

"Thank you. I appreciate your kindness, Squally-chan. Ha!" I can call him Squally-chan and he can't do jack-squat about it.

I leave his office and meet Zell and Irvine outside the door. Oh, I'm not only doing this school thing for Zell and Irvine. I'm also doing it for Raijin and Fujin. See, Raijin can't graduate until next year since he's failing this year and they really need the money to raise their daughter, Rikku. (1) And since neither of them has passed the SeeD exam, they don't earn a regular income. Fujin right now, is helping out at the weapons shop in Balamb and Raijin gets whatever jobs he can. So, when I graduate I'm gonna get a good paying job and help them out. They deserve it. They've stuck with me just about forever.

"How'd it go?" Irvine asks me.

"Good. I start at the beginning of next week but I've got double the classes you guys have," I told them, hanging my head.

"What? Is he making you start over?" Zell asks me.

"Nope. I get to start where I left off but I can graduate this year if I catch up and study what you're doing now."

"Man, that's so gonna take fucking forever. That's like what? Two years worth of shit to catch up on? I feel sorry for you, Seify-chan," Zell says to me, not necessarily making me feel any better with the two years comment.

"I can do it. It can't be that hard . . . "

"You have got to be kidding me! Dammit! This is ridiculous! What the hell does the square root of the inertia of a speed boat in the middle of winter have to do with anything?!"(2) I burst out in the dormitory.

Zell jumps about a foot in the air off the bed, throwing his latest Combat King in the air. He lands back down with the magazine falling to the floor. He looks over to me and laughs.

"I thought you said it wasn't going to be hard," Zell teases.

"Well, yeah. It'd be a piece of cake if this shit actually made any sense. It's like asking if a tree falls and there's no one around, does it make a sound?!" I growl at the text book before me. "Is it hot in here?" I ask and remove my shirt. I swear the room is 90 degrees.

"You're getting tense, just calm down. Here, let me help you," Zell offers and gets up from the bed.

"That's all right, I'll be fine," I reply to him, knowing if anything were to distract me, I'd never get this finished by tomorrow's class.

He comes around the desk and stands behind me. He places his hands on my bare shoulders and slowly starts to massage. His thumbs circling over the center of my neck then moving to the back of my shoulders. He gently presses over my shoulder blades.

"No . . . don't . . . I'll never get this . . . hmp," he captures my lips.

He then turns the chair around without breaking the kiss. He places a hand on either side of my face and licks my lips then flicks his tongue over mine. He tastes so sweet, like blue cotton candy. Mmm, so good.

"You help me, I'll help you," he whispers into my mouth.

I just nod my head. He moves his hands down to my pants and places his fingers on my belt buckle. His hands work quickly to undo my belt. My right hand snakes in between us and grabs his crotch. Zell breaks the kiss to let out a high-pitched gasp. He then assaults my mouth again for another panting kiss.

I know I should be working instead of playing right now but Zell said he'd help me.

His lips make contact with my left nipple. His eyes meet mine. I can see lust in his eyes and need. He bites my nipple and makes me yelp. He then licks it to soothe the slight stinging feeling. He unbuttons and unzips my pants. I lift up my hips and he pulls my pants off of me.

He then pulls away and stands up. Zell removes his clothing and stands before me nude. His arousal is as fully erect as mine. I reach out to touch him but he smacks my hand away. He kneels down before me and takes my cock into his mouth. I sigh in pleasure.

He bobs his head up and down my cock, making it as wet as possible then pulls away. He straddles me in the chair and puts his entrance over my erection. He slowly lowers himself down onto my cock. Though we've been through this quite a few times, he's still tight. I still have to adjust to his tightness.

"We're out of lube," Zell says to me with a smirk on his face before starting to ride up and down on my erection.

His muscles tense and relax as he moves up and down creating the wanted sensation. He puts his mouth to mine to keep him silent. Yes, I learned the first time with him that he's one of the most vocal people when it comes to sex. So, Irvine and I are always finding ways to keep him quiet especially when we're not the only ones in the dorm, like now.

His cock rubs against my stomach creating my favorite feeling in the whole world. I know that may sound strange, but I'm not your average person. I mean, come on, my childhood dream was to work for the goddamn Sorceress and we all know how well that went.

Zell pulls away and moans loudly. I can tell he's close so I pull him to my mouth again, he's loudest at this part. I then wrap a hand around his erection and start to stroke him. His hands are lost in my hair, holding my lips roughly to his.

He bites my bottom lip gently to let me know he's ready. I stroke harder and feel him come over the both of us. He's relatively quiet this time. His muscle's spasms send me over the edge as well. He gasps at the feeling of me filling him with my seed. He told me once that being filled is his favorite feeling. I don't blame him either. I know what he's talking about. I'm the uke sometimes when it comes to Irvine.

"I love you, Seify-chan," he nuzzles my neck with his nose.

"I love you, too, Zelly-chan," I reply to him, and yes, of course I mean it. Why wouldn't I?!

"Ok, what are you studying right now?" Zell asks, me still inside of him.

He turns around without me having to leave him I think it's cool he's learned that trick. He looks at my book and reads a few pages then turns to my assignment.

"Ah, yes. I remember this crap. It's a bunch of crap, too. But what the hell, ya gotta know it! Ok . . . , Physics," Zell starts off, "the main thing you got to remember is Physics is based on change and reaction to the change . . . "

"Wow, Seifer! I'm impressed. Very nicely done," Xu couldn't have fooled me with the damned pop quiz.

Zell taught me everything about Physics, from the start to the end. All in one night. I can definitely be thankful for that. I aced the pop quiz on velocity. That's probably my first "A" on anything except whooping Squall's ass when we were younger. I guess I really have a motive though.

The bell rings and I meet Zell and Irvine at the front gate. It's their turn to go to class while I sit and study for my history exam. If I pass this thing, then I get out of that history class and into the one with my boyfriends. I'm ready for that. Sure I've only been in the class for two weeks but it's not hard considering it's the same shit I was learning when I left. Nothing's changed.

When I first see them, they're making out. Zell's hands are lost in Irvine's pony-tailed hair and Irvine's lips are glued to Zell's neck. I love to watch them. Their different body forms molding into one. Irvine's tall, supple form and Zell's short, manly form mesh well.

I lick my lips in such want. Then, I clear my throat. Irvine looks up at me and Zell does the same. They don't seem annoyed by my interruption but instead thankful. That's how it always is. None of us are jealous of one another and none of us get upset if one of us breaks the other two up during a make out session. Of course, the break ups are always for good reason.

"Good luck trying to stay awake in class," I chuckle and they head into the Garden grumbling.

I sit down with my back against a wall and open my bag. I then take out a dark blue book and start studying. The subject matter is everything from the aliens appearing out of no where and discovering this place to the fall of Dollet to Galbadian peoples. I never remember studying when I was here before but like I said, I've got my reasons now.

It's nice and sunny today. I can hear music being played by the kids in the quad now. I never go to the quad unless I'm forced to. There's too much noise and far too many people whenever I'm there. Ha! You probably think I'm a party pooper but I don't care. I like parties just not those kind.

A small smirk crosses my face as I think about what I'm saying. Yeah, I like parties all right.

Before I know it though, I've fallen asleep and am being tapped on the shoulder. It's a firm tap. I look up and see Squall. His face shows no emotion. Nida is beside him.

"It's our turn for the spot," Nida says, his cheeks rosy with embarrassment.

"Yeah, ok. I'm moving," I tell him.

Even though we can black mail them with almost anything, Zell, Irvine and I agreed that when they want some time together then we would give it to them without objection. We even worked out a nifty schedule for this spot at the front gate. How convenient is that?

"The bell's about to ring, Seifer," Squall tells me when I start to walk away from them.

"Thanks. Time to get my second 'A' for the day. Haha!" I start celebrating in my head before the testing even starts.

The bell rings as I meet the stairs to go up. As I head up, Zell and Irvine exit the elevator. I reach the elevator and Irvine grabs me by the collar and drags me over to a secluded place then kisses my lips deeply. His tongue roams my mouth hungrily. Then suddenly it's gone.

"Good luck, Seify-chan," he tells me then starts to walk off.

Zell just gives me a quick peck on the lips then follows Irvine. Damn I'm glad to be back at the Garden. I now know what I was missing when I was gone. I was missing the spontaneousness of everything.

I smirk to myself then head upstairs to class. This exam is definitely going to be a breeze. Nothing comes easier than History at this Garden. I enter the class room and the teacher hands me the test, I glance at it then my grin grows bigger. It's one essay question, "For what purpose was the communication tower in Dollet fixed and repaired? How did that war/battle end?"

I start to write, 'Piece of cake. I was there when this happened.'

I look around the room at the thirteen and fourteen year olds taking the same test except I get out of this class when I pass and they don't.

I place a final period on the paper and check to see if my "I"'s are dotted and my "T"'s crossed.(3) Everything's right and I get up and hand the teacher my paper. She looks over it and puts a grade on it then shows it to me.


I passed like I knew I was. Seeing no reason for me to stay, the teacher dismisses me and I go to the dormitories because I have no more classes until tomorrow.

I rush to my room in an awkward fashion. I try not to run but try to go faster than walking so, it ends up that I look like a deranged, speed walking hunchback. Try to picture that! I've got three major tests tomorrow, my final in Physics, final in Philosophy, and final in Weapons Training. I'm good with the Weapons Training and Physics but my Philosophy needs quiet a bit of work. The dead Greek and Roman people's brains aren't friendly to mine.

I've got roughly 20 hours to learn all the Philosophy they've been teaching me for the past month. This is definitely a hectic way of learning things but hey, I get out in three months.

I enter a quiet room. That's good, too, because normally if they're here then I get distracted, very distracted. I throw my trench coat across the foot of the bed then take off my boots and throw them into a corner, my socks go along with them. I grab my Philosophy book and open it up.

I get to the end of chapter 3 when the door opens. It's Irvine. He sits on the bed with a comic book in hand. My eyes glance up at him and I shake my head then look at the book again.

"What?!" he asks.

"Nothing," I reply and continue to read.

"What?! I'm not going to distract you like Zell did, ok? So just keep studying. What are you studying anyway?"

"Philosophy. I've got my final tomorrow, then it's onto Mythology," I tell him with the slightest bit of joy in my voice.

It's the end of the fourth chapter before we talk again. It's still just me and Irvine. I look up at him and he's looking at me and licking his lips. A sly grin crosses his lips.

"Ya know what would be sexy?!" he asks then answers his own question without giving me a chance to answer, "Seeing you lean back in the chair then reaching into your pants. Zell behind you with his hand over yours as you touch yourself."

'Where the hell did that come from?' I ask myself but the image floats in my head. It's quite delicious actually. I'm yet again reviewing my book. "And what would you be doing?"

"This . . . "

I look up and he's sitting against the headboard of the bed. His hand is down his pants. His dick is no longer covered by his clothing. He just sits there and touches himself. It's such a beautiful image. My eyes are locked onto him and I feel my member hardening. I shake my head and put my head down again.

"Don't distract me. I've still got 30 chapters to read," I tell him and try to concentrate on the book again but for some reason, watching Irvine seems more intriguing than reading about Plato and Aristotle.

"Oh, I'm distracting you?!" He asks cunningly.

I look up at him again. He's got his shirt unbuttoned and he's playing with his nipples. Without my knowledge, my hand snakes down to my pants and starts to feel my hardening flesh through my pants. I lick my lips and bite my bottom lip teasingly.

'I want to go to him, but I've got work . . . Aw, screw it.'

I pull my tank top over my head and throw it to the floor then remove my pants. I move from behind the desk and over to Irvine on the bed.

"I thought so," he says before I tackle him.

I assault his mouth with my own, my tongue hungrily explores his moist cavern. His tongue flicks the underside of my tongue. Irvine bites my bottom lip then pulls away from me. I pull his pants off his legs and slide his shirt off his shoulders.

He strokes his own arousal. I watch him with great concentration. I lick my lips then lean down and kiss the soft tip of his hardened flesh. His hands stroke my back softly as my mouth surrounds his hardness. My tongue swirls around the head of his cock and along the shaft. I look up the length of his body and our eyes lock onto each other.

He's biting his lower lip, hard. As I keep my eyes on his, I lower my head and take as much of him as I can in. He throws back his head and opens his mouth to release a silent scream. My fingers search for his entrance. When I find it, his hips jerk up and he whimpers quietly.

My fingers start to enter him and he stops me. He flips us over so our heads are at the foot of the bed.

"It's my turn, remember?!" He breathes heavily.

Zell is always the uke, maybe later we'll allow him to be the seme. But, for me and Irvine, we switch off every other time. Most of the time, I think he likes being fucked more than fucking but every-once-in-a-while, I think he really likes to dominate. I love his diversity.

Irvine reaches over me and grabs the tube of lubricant on the desk. Yeah, we got some more. He squeezes a fair amount onto his fingers then throws the tube aside. He kisses my lips deeply as he probes my entrance. I moan into his mouth and he moans back when I thrust my hips up and our erections brush against one another.

He moves his fingers in and out of me, brushing along my inside tissues. He removes them swiftly and settles in front of me. I wrap my legs around his waist and he easily presses into me. Irvine thrusts into me hard, causing the bed to move. He leans down and takes my right nipple into his mouth.

His lips kiss my nipple softly. His thrusts become faster. He sits up and takes hold of my lips tightly. My left hand moved down my body and I stroke my neglected arousal. Pre-cum covers my hand and Irvine takes my hand, holding it up to his mouth. He licks the pre-cum off of my middle and index finger. The sight is so erotic that I can't hold back anymore.

He slams against my spot once and I come. He watches me fall over the edge then releases his own seed inside of me. His eyes are tightly shut but as his orgasm subsides, he collapses onto me and kisses my neck limply.

Our chests heave as our breathing returns to normal. The door opens and Zell pops his head in. He chuckles at the sight of us.

"I thought you were supposed to be studying, Seifer," he teases me.

"Yeah, well. I took a break. Come here," I tell him.

He shakes his head, "You need to study if you're going to pass your exam tomorrow."

I nod my head to him and move Irvine's sleeping, exhausted body to the side then cover him up. I clean myself off a little with a miscellaneous towel then put my pants back on. Zell curls up to Irvine and strokes the auburn colored hair of our lover . . .

"Oh shit!" I say rather loudly, waking Zell and Irvine from their slumber.

"Huh?!... What?!" Zell asks, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I have the Philosophy exam in 20 minutes," I look at my textbook, "Shit, I've still got ten chapters to read. Dammit!"

I hurry up and rush into the bathroom to take my morning shower. Not caring that the water is as cold as a witch's boob, I wash myself in five minutes and dress quickly. With my hair still sort of wet, I go back into the room and start to hastily skim over the ten chapters. Putting my trench coat over my shoulders, I start heading out the door with the textbook in my hands.

The tardy bell rings just as I find my seat. The instructor stands in the front of the class preaching to us about how important this test is. She passes it out and I look over the questions. The first twenty are a breeze since it's the stuff I actually paid attention to. The last forty are like jigsaw puzzles, nothing makes sense.

I don't hand in the test until the dismissal bell rings. Two hours of my life were just devoted to a sixty-question test. I've never been so, how should I put it, cautious about a test. The instructor grades it then looks up at me.

"You almost didn't pass, Almasy," she hands me the test back then dismisses me.

As I walk back to the dorm to quickly look over my Physics notes, I glance at the test. I got a 72 and the minimal passing grade was a 65. I slap my forehead when I realize the stupid mistakes I made and the questions I knew and got wrong. I think it was because the beautiful session with Irvine from yesterday was playing in my head over and over.

'I need to stop thinking about sex all the time,' I tell myself, 'but the only way to do that is to stop sex completely. Dammit! I didn't want it to come to this.'

I walk into the room and both Zell and Irvine are there. They look up at me.

"So?" Zell asks.

"I barely passed. Got a 72," I report to them with solemness in my voice.

"What's wrong?" Irvine asks me as I sigh.

"I've really got to start paying attention and getting more into the school work if I'm going to graduate with you guys. But, the only thing that is keeping me from doing that is you two," they look at me with confusion on their faces. I chuckle then sigh, "I've got to give up sex. So far, every time I've had a big test, I've had 'interruptions' causing me to risk getting a good grade."

"So, you're giving up sex completely? Until when?" Irvine asks.

"I have to give it up until after finals."

Zell starts to laugh uncontrollably. He sits himself on the bed and curls up into a ball, laughing hysterically. Irvine watches him. Their eyes lock on one another and Irvine nods. Then, they both start laughing nonstop.

"What?!" I ask, rather confused.

"This is going to be fun," Zell says then continues laughing.

"No. Don't you dare," I plead then grab a pillow and throw it at him.

This is going to be hell.

"...and this concludes today's lecture," Xu said finally, as the history lesson came to a close.

The dismissal bell rings roughly 30 seconds after she finishes talking. I look in the back of the room at Zell and Irvine who are cuddling rather close. They stand and start walking toward me then we leave the classroom together. As we make our way to the front gate for break, they won't stop hitting on one another. Finally, we reach the front gate. They collapse against the wall and start making out right before my eyes.

Oh, this isn't the first time they've done this since they found out about me giving up sex. They do it just to tease me. After they're really into it, they'll start removing each other's shirts then try to invite me into it, knowing I can't.

About my other two exams I had with the Philosophy, those I passed with flying colors. So now, I've joined up with Zell and Irvine in three other classes, Mythology, Magic Mastery and Chemistry 2. I like Magic Mastery the best only because I get to get Zell and Irvine back for tempting me so much. They're so damn evil!

I sit beside them with my language book (4) and try to mind my own business. Irvine's left hand has disappeared. Zell's fingers are being sucked by Irvine. I just growl inwardly at the sight then lean my head back against the wall. I watch the clouds go by then eventually shut my eyes against the sun.

Language is the only final I have to take before I'm in all the classes with my boys. Of course, that doesn't mean I can get sex back yet. Why did I have to make that decision? It was stupid but now I've got to stay with it. Only a two more months of torture.

I awake with the feeling of my crotch being grabbed. With no surprise, it actually is, by Zell. His hand is rubbing harshly but so seductively over my clothed arousal. I shove his hand away but it's replaced by Irvine's hand. They've never done this before.

"Come on, Seify-chan, you can't hold out until after finals, we know you," Zell whispered with a seductive voice into my ear.

I shake my head, "Yeah, I can."

As I try to get up to escape from their torture, I'm pushed back down and my lips are attacked by Zell's. His tongue roams my open mouth. My arms involuntarily wrap around him. Irvine's hand moves from outside of my pants to inside my pants. I can't stop him since my mouth and hands are both occupied.

Zell reaches behind him. He grabs something from his back pocket then I feel my hands being restricted. No way. This isn't fair.

"You can't move now, Seify-chan," Zell laughs.

He attacks my lips again. I feel myself getting beyond aroused. The feeling of Irvine's hand touching me doesn't help at all. Suddenly, I hear someone clear their throat. We look up and there stands Squall with Nida.

"We know, it's your turn," Irvine says, pulling his hand from my pants. He put his lips next to my ear, "Just in time too, ne?"

I swallow hard and just nod. Zell squirms from my embrace then stands up. I sit there with my pants partially undone and my hands tied. Anyone that didn't see the little make out session would have probably thought something was seriously wrong with me if they saw me. Squall just chuckled.

"Need some help with your hands?" Squall asks.

I nod. Irvine and Zell had already left. Probably are heading back to the dormitory just waiting for my arrival. Squall kneels down and unties the string holding me. I stand then start walking back to the second floor class room. Tonight, I'm going to die. But first, I have another class.

I head up to the second floor classroom yet again with my language book in hand. I really don't want to go back to the dormitory just because I know what they're going to do. Moreover I have a test in Chemistry 2 tomorrow. Sure, they've got it too but it will be a breeze for them since they've been learning the stuff all year long. I, on the other hand, just started learning it about a week and a half or so ago.

I get inside the class room and take the language test easily. The teacher grades it and of course, I pass with an "A." That's both good and bad. Good because I can get out of here sooner. Bad because I have to deal with them more. I growl under my breath. Now, I'm regretting my words but, there's nothing I can do to get out of it. If I go back on my words now, they'll pick on me for the rest of my life. Yes, I said pick on me. Never thought a big, manly, tough guy would worry about getting picked on, did you?! Well, with them it would be no ordinary job, it'd be something of evil incarnate.

Entering the dorm room, I hear loud moans coming from the bed. I put my text book to the side of my head to block any sight of them.

"Zell, harder, please," I hear Irvine shout.

Grunts and moans of pleasure escape both their vocal chords. I sit at the desk with my back turned to them. They continue with their little party. I hear Irvine moan quite loudly as Zell finishes him off. I hear fidgeting on the bed.

"Hey, Seifer, could you pass the lube? It's right behind you," Zell asks.

I turn around and move my hand along the desk. I try to keep my eyes to the desk but Irvine is nude in front of me after a few seconds. His hand is moving up and down his softened cock trying to make it harder. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it spring to life again. It looks so good. I lick my lips at the sight of it. I've lost concentration and the lube isn't where they said it was. My eyes glance over the area around me, I don't see it. Irvine comes around the desk to me. He leans over my lap, his ass in the air.

"Here it is," he exclaims then stands back up and makes his way back to Zell. "Are you sure you don't want to fix that?" Irvine asks as he points to my groin.

I've got a bulge about the size of France in my pants right now and there's not one single thing I can do about it. I nod to Irvine then stand and leave the room. I go down the hallway to Nida's room. I don't think I could have stayed in the same room with those two without wanting to explode. Nida doesn't usually have anyone with him now and he's quiet. The perfect room to study in since the library is closed now. I knock on the door.

"Nida? Are you in there?" I yell through the door.

In no time, a Nida answers the door. He motions me to come in.

"Sorry Nida but I don't have anywhere else to go. Zell and Irvine are bugging me with their fucking each other and I have to study. Do you mind if I crash with you?" I ask.

"Normally, I wouldn't but . . . ," he points to his bed.

There's Squall curled up to the blankets. His eyes are fixed on my groin. Squall starts to chuckle. I've still got an erection hidden by my clothing.

"I know, I know," I mutter.

"Don't you think you should fix that?" Squall asks, he looks like he could burst out laughing at any moment.

"Yeah I should but I don't have the time," Suddenly I get an idea. "Squall, could I use your room since you're in here with Nida?" I ask, hoping he'll say yes.

"Yeah, fine by me," Squall answers.

"Thanks, I'd kiss you but I've got studying to do and I don't think Nida here would like it too much. Thanks again, though."

I leave those two alone and start heading up to the third floor. Hoping I don't see anyone along the way, I try as best I can to cover my bulge up with my trench coat. Unfortunately, I run into Selphie. She's her same cheerful self at 9pm. That's admirable. What's not admirable is the fact that she's so naive.

"Hi, Seifer," She greets me. "Whatcha hiding in your coat?"

"It's nothing," I try to get past her. It's only five more feet then I'm at the stairs and I can run for it. She blocks me.

"Aww, come on, you can tell me. I promise I'll keep it a secret," she gives me that same girlish laugh she uses all the time.

"It's nothing, I swear," I tell her.

"I don't believe you, lemme see," she says then becomes a little aggressive.

She grabs my trench coat right at my bulge. She squeezes hard then suddenly pulls back. She's blushing. When she sees me staring at her she becomes redder. It's almost hilarious.

"Oh, yeah, you're right, that's nothing," she tells me then starts to walk off.

I ponder that for a second then turn around, "Hey, what do you mean it's nothing?"

"It's nothing, I mean, it's something but yeah . . . you know what I mean," she starts running from me.

"Yeah . . . ," I say to myself then make a run for the elevator.

Inside, I start heading up to the 3rd floor. Peace and quiet. I sit down at Squall's desk and start studying Chemistry. It's quite interesting but unfortunately not interesting enough to keep me awake through the night.

2 months later . . .

The remainder of the school year just got worse. I ended up moving up to Squall's room until finals. You wouldn't believe how much Zell and Irvine could fuck in a single day, I wouldn't be surprised if they set a new world record. Finals came and went. We all passed so . . . that means that graduation is here.

I'm in my room now with Zell and Irvine. We're dressing in our graduation gowns and making ourselves look presentable. No, I didn't sleep with them after finals. I decided to wait for tonight since tonight is a special one. Tonight we can celebrate our being able to fuck 24 hours a day. Ha ha!

Zell comes up behind me and hugs my waist. He holds me close to his chest. I feel his breath on the back of my neck, it's warm with a little hint of mint as a smell. I turn around to face him, his eyes are closed. He stands on tiptoe to kiss me. I melt into the kiss. It's been a while since I really last kissed anybody as well as sleep with them. He pulls away I watch him lick his lips.

"So good," he tells me then scampers out the door.

Irvine and I walk out of our dorm room together, arms wrapped around one another. At the end of the hall Squall is waiting for us. He has a huge grin on his face.

"It's about time, Seifer," he chuckles.

I put my hands on either side of his face then kiss his lips harshly, "Yeah, I'm gonna miss you, too, Squally," I laugh and we continue to make our way to the quad.

In the front sits Selphie, she looks teary-eyed. Yeah, I think she'll miss it here. She says she's going to go to Timber to be with her boyfriend, Watts. I notice something sparkling on her hand. I guess, then now that means fiancee, Watts. I hope they're happy together. They were definitely made for each other.

Zell, Irvine and I take our seats. I look on stage and there is Quistis, her gown showing a little more leg than it should. She has a grin on her face as she's looking at her stomach. No, she hasn't had her baby yet but she's expecting it anytime now. Cid sits beside her rubbing her leg and whispering into her ear. It's a disgusting sight and most of the people look as if they're trying to avoid seeing it. I just sit there and laugh.

Squall makes his way on the stage with his father behind him. Yep, Laguna showed up. Squall makes his way to the podium and Laguna stops at Quistis and Cid. He talks to them then Cid and Laguna switch seats. I guess Laguna had a bit of a problem seeing them together like that, haha!

"Attention everyone, please quiet down. The ceremony is starting," Squall spoke into the microphone. "Thank you. Today we are here to honor those students who will be on their way to greater things. To honor those students who have fought to keep this Garden alive as well as struggled through the academics of the school."

As Squall continued to talk, the crowd remained silent. I heard Zell start to giggle. I looked to my side and Irvine was whispering something into Zell's ear. Zell nodded then was quiet again. Irvine turned to me.

"Don't worry, it's nothing we're doing to you, trust me," he whispered into my ear then playfully bit my earlobe before sitting straight in his seat again.

"Now, I am going to call those students who are graduating to the stage, as I call your name please come to the stage to receive your diploma," Squall stepped back from the podium for a second then started calling names.

Quistis stood and was handing out the diplomas. She really looked ready to burst.

Person after person was called up to the stage. Only Selphie, Nida, Zell, Irvine and myself weren't called. Squall then started talking again.

"There are five students presently here that I haven't called yet and there is a reason why. Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht, Nida ?, Irvine Kinneas and Seifer Almasy are all my comrades from the Sorceress Battle," Squall went on about how great we are and how much he loves us and blahdy-blahdy-blah.

Squall then called us up to the stage. We made our way up and Zell started giggling again. We stood next to Laguna who soon gave his own speech of how great we are. It was a long, boring, drawn-out lecture. I guess we ought to be glad he didn't talk for as long as he could have. I never knew a man could talk so much but I guess that's why Kiros loves him so much since Kiros himself is quiet.

We receive our diplomas and are dismissed from the stage. Zell stays back for a second. First I hear people laughing hysterically then I hear cries of "Ew!" from the junior students. I look up at the stage and there is Zell standing bent over, bare ass high in the air. I start laughing with the rest of the graduates. That's my Zell.

"OFF THE STAGE!!!" Quistis yells.

I run up the steps grab Zell and bring him back down. His face is cherry red. He pulls up his pants and we start heading out of the quad when Squall gives us the go ahead for dismissal. I kiss Zell's cheek as we walk out.

"Good job, Zelly-chan. So, that's what you were laughing at?!" I chuckle.

We head back to the dorm room not really wanting to go to the party. We don't really have the time since we leave for Dollet in 2 hours. Yep, we're heading out of here. Zell and Irvine went out to get an apartment before finals. They said it was my graduation present. I thank them for that. Now we have a place of our own where Zell doesn't need to worry about being quiet.

We start packing our things into boxes, clothes, souvenirs, and whatever else to remember this place by. We throw our gowns in with everything else and lay our caps on top of them. I look around the room to make sure I get everything I need and want.

"I'm gonna miss this place," Zell says to us.

"Yeah, me, too. We've known this place since we were kids," I wrap an arm around Zell.

Zell puts his head to my chest. Irvine wraps his arms around the both of us. We stand there looking around the room. Memories fill our heads. Even though I left this place and only came back for four months, this place always feels like a home. Now, we're on our own. It just feels different and right all at the same time.

"We better go now or we're going to miss the train," Irvine says.

Without any complaints we each grab two boxes and head out. We pass Squall and Nida on the way out.

"Later, man. Nida, Squall, you guys take care of each other," I yell as we go past, who knows how long it will be before we see them again.

We enter the parking lot and take one of the cars to Balamb with us. From there we board the train and head off to Dollet. The city is just perfect for us. It's small enough and big enough at the same time. It's also close enough to the Garden that we don't have to worry about stuff happening like it did before.

"Ok, here we go. Our home for who knows how long," Irvine announces and opens the door.

I throw down the two boxes I was carrying and the next thing I know I'm being attacked. Zell jumped onto me with his arms and legs wrapped around me. His lips assaulting mine. I nearly stumble over but catch myself before I fall over too far. His hands roam around in my hair. His tongue explores every crevice of my mouth. It's been way too long since I last had a kiss like this.

Zell breaks the kiss panting, "Go . . . that way." He points in the direction he wants me to go and I go.

Irvine follows behind. His coat is gone and so is his shirt. Turns out, Zell pointed me in the direction of the bedroom. To my surprise the bed is already made and ready to be messed up. I lay the small form of Zell's body on the bed, kiss his lips once then pull away from him. I turn my attention to Irvine who immediately starts to remove my clothing. His hands slide to the hem of my shirt then he pulls it over my head. Irvine's lips lock onto mine then trail down my body.

Irvine lowers himself to his knees before me. His hands unbuckle my belt and unfasten my pants then he pulls them off of me with my shoes and socks. He takes a hold on my cock and gently starts to rub it. He nuzzles his cheek against it showing much love toward it. I guess he missed me . . .

I watch Irvine touch me so intimately. My hands move their way into Irvine's honey colored locks. His mouth covers my cock as he takes it in. Irvine's hands reach around me and grab my ass causing me to thrust deeper into his mouth. Easily, Irvine takes me completely into his mouth sending me into complete oblivion. Zell is still on the bed, touching himself through the fabric of his shorts. I pull Irvine up, our lips meet. I grab him by his pants and pull him with me to Zell.

My hands automatically move themselves to Zell's pants, fiercely removing them from his body. I feel Irvine behind me. His fingers tease my entrance and a thought strikes me. "Zell, how would you like it if you took me this time?"

His eyes flashed with excitement, "Really?"

I nod to him. He pulls my head down and kisses my lips vigorously. I guess that's my thank you. I lay on the bed and Zell crawls in between my legs, the tube of lube in his hand. He settles in front of me with a small amount of lubrication on his fingers. He strokes my entrance then puts one finger inside of me. Irvine settles behind Zell, his pants finally gone. Irvine's lips touch the back of Zell's neck.

"Think you can handle giving and receiving pleasure at the same time?" Irvine whispered into the boy's ear.

Zell nodded and inserted another finger into me. He strokes my prostate when he gets the third finger inside of me. Irvine takes the lube and gets a little himself. Then he strokes Zell's cock with one lubed hand and prepares him with the other. Zell almost screams at the double pleasure. Then slowly, he pushes into me.

"That's a good boy," I moan as he goes deeper inside of me. I pull him down to me for a kiss and also to make it easier for Irvine to enter him.

Zell pulls out of me a little then thrusts forward when he feels Irvine thrust into him. In no time, Zell and Irvine have matched their thrusts perfectly. Zell seems to like being the seme. Irvine plays with Zell's nipples. Zell's hand strokes my cock swiftly sending me closer to the edge. My thrusts meet theirs. My lips lock onto Zell's, my hands are lost in his hair. Our tongues war as the pleasure intensifies.

Zell screams out as he is first to release himself. He leans back against Irvine as he screams his release. Irvine comes next followed by me. Zell laps up the remnants of my orgasm from my chest and stomach. Irvine takes in any that happened to fall onto Zell's body.

My blond lover lays his head on my chest, his cock softening inside me. Irvine pulls out of Zell and lays on his side beside us. He kisses both of us then settles down, closing his eyes.

"Thank you," I tell them, "It's been way to fucking long."

"You're welcome," Zell says in a cheery but exhausted voice. He pulls out of me but still lays on top of me.

"You like being the seme, Zell?" I ask him, kind of already knowing the answer.

"Yep, definitely . . . " his voice trails off. I look down at him and he's asleep. I guess it was a little too much for him. I hear a chuckle beside me.

"Long nights of no sleep will do that to you," Irvine's voice is a low monotone now.

"Stop teasing. At least I'm man enough to be able to go that long without sex or anything."

"So, you didn't do anything during that period? Not even masturbate?"


He laughs, "You're a good man, Seifer.(5) I love you," he sits up a little and kisses me again.

Those were his last actions and last words of the day. And thus, ends my rant of my story with a happy ending.


1. Yes, Final Fantasy 10 Rikku. No I don't believe that Raijin and Fujin are really the parents of Rikku although that would be cool.

2. Vectors... Geometry... Ahhhhhhh! Run Away!

3. 3rd grade teacher always checked those things especially when she taught us to write in cursive.

4. Didn't know what language to put cuz Final Fantasy comes in so many different languages.

5. I was thinking Charlie Brown, it's wrong, I know . . .

Ok, no real ending but you can deal considering there's probably a sequel to this with Irvine's point of view. Also, I wasn't expecting this to be this long... it's the longest fic I've written that's a one shot. I'm proud of this. Woot! Party time!

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