Author's Notes: Zell Sleeps A lot. I didn't realized that until after the fic was done but it was the only thing I could think of to get things to be able to change.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

By Malfoy

I can't remember the last time I saw him. I mean, I know it was after the defeat of Ultimecia but I can't remember if he was happy or not.

'I hope he's happy now, hope he's got the life he wanted,' Why the hell I'm thinking about Seifer, I don't know.

All I know is that I miss him, even though he called me Chicken wuss all the time, but I even miss that. I want to see him again and know for sure that he's okay.

"Zell! Zell! Snap out of it," Quistis Trepe stands in front of my desk. She points an accusing finger at me, "No sleeping in class."

Irvine Kinneas sits beside me and chuckles. I sit up and nudge him in his side.

"Shut up," I tell him when Mrs. Trepe goes back to the front of the room.

Yes, *Mrs.* Trepe. She married Cid after the last battle. Everybody was squicked by the idea when it happened and we still are. Edea and General Caraway also got married which for some reason boosted Rinoa's ego to an incredibly high level. I guess she thought that being closer to Edea would bring her closer to Squall, but he still gives her the cold shoulder. It's really amusing to see them together. Rinoa is always trying so hard to crawl into Squall's lap but he just pushes her off and ignores her. He hasn't told her he doesn't swing her way. Squall has been seeing Nida. Who knew they'd hook up?!

Selphie and Irvine finally worked out their differences. So Irvine's single from what I hear and Selphie hooked up with Watts only because her Sir Laguna was too old for her. Raijin and Fujin married, (like that was a big surprise) but the fact that they had a kid, a little girl, scared everybody. But they seem to be handling it well. Their little girl goes around saying one word sentences then adds Raijin's 'ya know?' to the end. I always thought that would happen but no one believed me.

Me? I'm single, too. No one looks appealing, well no girls. Yeah that's right. I'm on the wrong side of the tracks but I don't care, that's who I am. Of course, my mother still doesn't know but that's besides the point. And that's why I want to see Seifer so badly, because he's what I want. The bully and all.

The bell rings to notify us of the end of class for the weekend. Irvine and I get up and head down to the first floor. Cid is standing outside the classroom door. I shudder at the fact that Quistis and Cid will be fucking each other's brains out when everyone has left the room and are out of sight.

"Hey Irvine? Ya wanna go get some hot dogs with me in the cafeteria?" I ask him in the elevator.

"Nah., I gotta go meet someone in Balamb. You're welcome to come if you like," he answers me.

"Fine but I gotta grab some hot dogs first, what for me ok?" I tell him and head to the cafeteria quickly.

I go into the cafeteria only to see the dreaded sign : 'NO HOT DOGS LEFT. COME BACK LATER.'

"Aww man not again. That's the fourth time in two days," I complain to myself and leave.

Irvine is standing against the walkway mini wall, waiting.

"Let's go," I tell him in an annoyed voice.

We start to walk off and go to the front gate. Just outside the Garden, there's Squall and Nida getting a little fresh with each other. They pause when they see us, but as soon as we go past them we hear moans on top of moans.

"Couldn't they get kicked out for that?" I ask Irvine.

"Yeah they could. If Squall wasn't the head master," Irvine replies with a chuckle.

He puts his arm around my shoulders as we continue to walk. He traces a finger along my collar bone sending shivers up my spine. Irvine is a very beautiful man and yes, I'm attracted to him but not as attracted as I am to Seifer.

"Do you know who we're meeting?" Irvine whispers into my ear.

I shake my head. We near the entrance of Balamb and Irvine points. I look up expecting to see some stripper woman that would do anything and everything you wanted without having to ask. After all, it is Irvine, the "ladies' man." But no, it's Seifer Almasy.

I wanted to run up to him and hug him, but don't because I don't know what he'd think or say. So, instead, I play it cool and try to act normal. As we approach Seifer, Irvine takes his arm off of my shoulders and gets closer to Seifer. They quickly kiss with a gentle embrace.

"What the hell is going on? Irvine? Seifer?" I ask probably with a very puzzled look on my face.

"Ah, Chicken wuss," Seifer says in a content tone.

"Wha . . . wha . . . um . . . help," I stutter. I thought that Irvine and Seifer were as straight as a 2'x4'. Well, that theory surely goes out the window now.

Irvine chuckles and grabs Seifer's hand, "Coming Zell?" he asks. Then without waiting for an answer, the two walk into the small town. I follow behind them, hoping not to see my mother.

We go into the town and to the hotel, then straight up to a room. Seifer sits on one of the beds and Irvine in one of the chairs. I stand at the doorway looking back and forth between the two.

"Can somebody explain? Pleeease?" I beg to them.

"Why certainly," Seifer replies, "You didn't honestly think we were straight, did you?"

I nod my head with my mouth hanging wide open. Seifer laughs.

"We just used the 'ladies' man' act and 'tough guy' act to hide it from everyone else." Irvine continues to explain and stands up. "Come here, Zell," Irvine tells me and my body moves toward him.

Irvine also moves. We close the gap between us. My breathing has changed from surprised to nervous. Irvine places a hand on my cheek. He traces my tattoo with his index finger.

"You like his touch, don't you?!" Seifer remarks with a smirk on his face.

I nod and motion Seifer over to us. He gets up and moves in. I turn away from Irvine and wrap my arms around Seifer's neck. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist. I kiss his lips deeply. He holds on to my waist and returns the kiss.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you," I tell him and hold on to him tighter. He does the same.

I feel him lower me onto the bed. "So," Seifer says to me, "You walk the wrong side of the tracks, too?"

I simply nod with a smile on my face.

"Good. 'Cause it'd be too bad other wise," Irvine speaks up and sits on the bed beside me.

"I've missed you too, Chicken wuss," Seifer snickers then kisses my lips again.

I push him playfully but accept the kiss. Irvine sits beside me, rubbing a single finger along my collar bone. It seems as if every nerve ending has rushed to where they're touching me. Seifer straddles my legs. He sits up on his knees and removes his trench coat. Gods his arms look good, muscular but not too much so. He then leans over me and begins to kiss my neck tenderly. There is a soft knock on the door.

"Zell? Are you in there? Well, I know you are, I saw you come here. Why don't you spend the weekend at home?" a woman's voice calls through the door.

"Sounds like mommy wants you, Chicken wuss," Seifer says barely pulling his lips away from my skin.

"Not as badly as we want you, though," Irvine whispers into my ear. His warm breath sending shivers down my back.

"Zell?" my mother calls again.

"Coming, mother," I answer her.

Seifer unstraddles me and attacks Irvine. I get off the bed and they both wave me away. I hang my head and leave the room. Ma greets me on the other side. She wraps an arm around mine and we head home.

We enter the small house and I go up to my room. I punch the punching bag in the corner.

"Dammit! Why the hell? Shit! When I get to see Seifer, I get taken away from him. That's how it was last time I saw him and when we were kids," I sit on my bed and put my hand behind my head.

I lie back on the bed and start to think. I think of how Seifer and I always end up apart, how he and Irvine are fucking like overly horny bunnies. Dammit, I can almost hear their moans of pleasure echoing through the town.

"What would it have been like if I had stayed? If Ma hadn't shown up? I could be over there losing my virginity to the two sexiest men on Earth right now. But nooo . . . ah well," I close my eyes and start to drift off to sleep.

Sadly enough, Ma doesn't allow me to leave the house the whole weekend. When Monday rolls around again, I awake early and dress quickly. I'm hoping to see Seifer once again. And I do. He and Irvine are making out at the entrance. They don't seem to notice me so I keep walking.

'Dammit. Just what I need to finish off the best weekend in my life,' I sarcastically think to myself.

I then feel strong arms wrap around my waist. "We missed you," Seifer's voice says to me.

I turn around and he is in front of me. Irvine walks past us and starts heading for the Garden. Seifer waves him off then leans into me. He kisses my lips so seductively. He puts a hand on either side of my waist. He opens his mouth and licks my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I gladly reply and open my mouth slightly. Slowly, he slides his tongue in my mouth and I let out a moan into his mouth. I can't help it, this kiss feels so right. So good.

He pulls away from me and turns around and starts walking back into the town. I stand there shocked and surprised that a kiss could feel like that.

"I'll see you again, won't I? Perhaps next weekend?" I call after him.

He turns around and shakes his head, "Not next weekend. I've got to go to Galbadia. But yes, you'll see me again. And no mother then, k?" he turns and starts to walk away again.

I turn around and begin to walk toward the Garden again. All-the-while, I reflect on that kiss and what happened the other day with Seifer and Irvine. Nothing in my life have I wanted more than those moments to last forever. Two weekends until oblivion strikes once again.

I hear the bell sound for morning classes to begin as I enter the Garden; Irvine greets me at the front gate. We head up to the second floor together and go to the class room. Quistis isn't there, instead it's Xu.

"You two are late," she looked at her watch, "Five minutes? See me after class. Have a seat for now." Xu points at our seats.

We hang our heads and make our way to our desks. We sit down and turn on the computers. I look around the room, Raijin sits in the back of the room laughing and pointing at us. I give him the finger and turn back around. Xu continues a lecture on GF's and the new technology Dr. Odine is coming up with that will allow us to keep our memory when we use them.

I lay my head on the desk and stare at the computer screen. The same purple and green chocobo running across the screen. Slowly, I drift off to sleep and hope the bell wakes me up.

Instead, I feel a soft tap on my shoulder. I turn my head a bit and Irvine is beside me.

"Class is over, the bell just rang," he tells me.

"Dammit," I exclaim and stand up.

Both of us meet Xu in the front of the classroom. She hands us both detentions and follows us out of the classroom.

"Man, a detention? For being five minutes late to class? That's fucking stupid," I exclaim as we enter the quad.

There's a guy playing a guitar and one of the cafeteria ladies selling hotdogs. Good thing, too 'cause I'm hungry. I get five hotdogs from the lady and sit down with Irvine in a quiet space on the ground.

"Want one?" I ask him.

"No that's ok. I'm good," he replies.

I shrug and put one in my mouth. Irvine sits across from me, watching attentively. He licks his lips and continues watching me. It takes me a second but I finally understand after a while why he's watching me so closely. I put a second in my mouth.

"Ya know?! Seifer would really like this. He'd absolutely be swooning over you, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I nod to him. Seifer swooning over me would be the best thing in the world. I can just picture Seifer in Irvine's place.

"Would you mind settling for me, for now?" he asks and I shake my head.

He gets up on his knees and moves over to me quickly. He takes my face in his hands and kisses my lips so hungrily. I return the kiss with the same vigor. He puts his hands between us and begins to feel my chest through the fabric of my shirt. My nipples are starting to become little nubs. He brushes against them and I moan. I pull away and motion to the dormitories. He nods. We stand up quickly and leave the quad.

Although, I would prefer losing my virginity to Seifer, I don't mind losing it to Irvine. I'll get my chance with Seifer. Hopefully soon.

We go to Irvine's dorm since it's kind of secluded from the others. The door is unlocked so we slip in easily. I sit on the bed and take off my shoes. He stands before me then he leans his head down and kisses my lips while removing my over shirt. He then untucks my tank top from my pants and allows his hands to roam under the shirt. I remove his leather jacket and let it fall to the floor.

He pulls away from my lips and pushes me gently back on the bed. He takes off his boots and his shirt then straddles me on the bed. He's got a nicely toned body. A little feminine for a man but that makes him so sexy. His nipples have become hard little nubs and he's got a huge bulge in his pants.

He lifts my chin a little with his index finger and leans down to kiss my neck and along my shoulder. I reach behind his head and pull the tie out of his hair. His long, honey-colored hair falls loose and spreads onto my chest. He lifts his hips off of mine and moves his hands down my body and onto my belt. He undoes it quickly. Then undoes my pants. I guess being with a sharp shooter has its advantages.

He moves down my body, his hands pulling my shorts off of me. I raise my hips up so it's easier for him. He moves back up my body and touches my arousal through the fabric of my boxers. I can't help but raise my hips slightly and close my eyes to wrap myself in the feeling.

He unbuttons his pants and pushes them down below his knees. He straddles my hips again and thrusts his bulge into mine. I gasp at the feeling and tilt my head back. Gods it feels so good. He places a finger in my mouth, I'm a little confused by this but I think back to the hotdogs earlier and I gently suck on his finger and twirl my tongue around it. He closes his eyes, an evil smirk on his lips. He takes back his hand and turns us over so that I'm on top of him.

I realize why he did it after a second and kiss his lips while my hands pull down his underwear. I wrap my left hand around his erection and he moans softly. I move away from his lips and brush my lips against his skin down to his arousal. Not wanting to put myself in too deep, I lick the tip. He tastes sweet and bitter at the same time. Quite unique and unusual but I like it.

Irvine is pretty well endowed. I mean, I think anyone would be happy to have or receive that. I'm not too bad off, normal, I guess.

I lick his arousal from base to tip, gradually touching him less and less. He grabs the sheets under him. I put the head of his length in my mouth then more. He moans loudly and holds back a scream. I start to lightly suck on his member, my tongue twirling around it every-so-often. I then slowly start pulling away and allow my tongue to play with the opening. Liquid beading at the tip, it tastes almost as good as he does.

"No... don't... stop... ," I hear him stutter, but I continue on.

He tastes too good to stop.

"Too ... good ... stop ... ," Irvine pulls my head up and brings me to his lips.

He kisses me greedily then pushes me aside. He takes his pants all the way off and I take off my tank top. Irvine gets off the bed and goes over to the desk. He opens the bottom most drawer and takes out a tube of something. It's the lubrication. I get on my hands and knees to prepare for him.

He gets on the bed behind me and takes off the cap of the tube. Next think I feel is a finger inside of me. I squeal and my body tenses up. It's not really comfortable at all. He wiggles his finger around a bit until I don't really feel it any more then he puts a second with the first and does the same thing. While he's doing that, he brushes against something deep inside me that makes me want him to take me soon.

He removes his fingers and I close my eyes. He puts his knees between my legs and spreads them farther apart. Then, I feel his arousal at my entrance. I've been told that it hurts when you're taken for the first time, so I keep my eyes tightly shut.

Irvine presses into me and I gasp. It hurts a bit but the feeling of being filled out weighs it. It's a good feeling, too. He waits a few seconds then pushes it again. He lightly brushes against the spot again then pulls most of the way out of me. He goes in again, harder this time. As we keep doing it, he touches the spot more, gods it feels good.

He keeps a hand at my hips to keep me steady and his other hand rubbing against my back. He moves that hand to my chest, then my stomach, then my length. He strokes it as he continues to thrust into me.

Irvine hits that spot again, hard. My torso and head jerk up against Irvine's body. He wraps his arms around my waist. I lay my head back on his shoulder. I bite my bottom lip to keep the moans and whimpers from escaping.

He throws his head back and I feel him release himself inside me. I gasp and drop back to my hands and knees. As he comes he continues to thrust into me. I squeal and grab the sheets tightly in my hands. My seed spreads over the bed. Never before had I felt something like this. It feels so good.

I collapse to the bed, lying on my side and he lays behind me in the spooning position. He slowly pulls out of me and I turn to face him. His long hair clings to his face, shoulders, back and chest. He kisses my lips and looks at me lovingly.

We hear the bell to go to class but don't really pay attention. Gradually, we get up. He hands me a handkerchief to clean myself off with. Then we dress and rush up to class. The bell rings just as we enter the room.

Xu looks at us impassively. We go to our seats and listen yet again to a long lecture. This time it's about our different weapons and their history. Exhausted, I nod off to sleep.

The week passes with its strange odds and ends. Selphie's running out of recruits for the Garden Committee again since everyone is "finding something better to do." We find out that Xu is now our permanent teacher since Cid got Quistis pregnant so she's bothering with that.

The cafeteria ladies did not run out of hotdogs this week. Irvine and I continue to get closer but I'm still itching to be with Seifer.

Today is Friday, detention day. Irvine and I go to the Headmaster's office for our duties to be assigned. Irvine knocks on the door and opens the door. When we walk in, we see Nida on the desk, legs spread but Squall isn't seen.

"Ahem," Irvine gestures and Squall brings his head up from Nida's lap.

Nida quickly gets off the desk and buttons his pants up. I laugh inwardly. Punks never thought they'd get caught. Ha, that'll teach 'em, then again probably not.

"Oh . . . detention . . . right. Um . . . ," Squall starts off. "Well, how about I wave the detention? I mean neither of us has the time, right?" he glaces over at Nida.

"Yeah, right. Ok later, Squall," I start walking for the door.

"Oh wait a sec. Someone said for you to meet them at the front gate. They've been waiting for three hours now," Squall calls after me.

"Yeah so what?! Probably just a delivery guy. I'm getting new gloves. They can wait a little longer." I say to him.

"Right . . . You two are dismissed," Squall says and Irvine and I leave.

I start walking to the dormitories and Irvine heads to the front gate. I guess he's going to Balamb again. I don't want to go 'cause I don't want to spend another weekend with my mother. I get to my dorm room and go in and lay on my bed. I bury my face in my pillow.

"I miss you, Seifer," I whisper into the air of the room then start to drift off to dream world again.

I awoke to a small, cool breeze hitting my ear. I open my eyes, a wall. I turn over and Seifer is there. I quickly get up and wrap my arms around his neck. I kiss his lips repeatedly. Our tongues meeting here and there.

I force myself to separate us. "I . . .I . . .thought you had to go to Galbadia this weekend," I say sort of puzzled.

"Yes, I did but I got stuff taken care of earlier," he says and smiles.

He runs a hand through my hair, his touch feels so good. He sits me down on the bed and lays me back. He lays beside me and moves his hand down my pants. I gasp loudly at the feeling of his touch.

Seifer's kisses my neck and starts to remove my clothes until I lay nude on my bed. He sits back and looks me over. He has a hungry glare in his yes. I want to fulfill that, satisfy it.

He removes his trench coat and leans down to tease my right nipple with his mouth. His right hand strokes my arousal slowly, caressing it so gently. My fists hold on to the sheets and my hips thrust upward into his touch.

Seifer circles my nipple with his tongue and gently, oh so gently, bites it. I gasp loudly and I raise myself off of the bed and run my fingers though his soft hair. He raises his head and kisses my lips once then moves down my body.

Seifer kneels before me and strokes my length. I whimper a the great sensation that courses through my body. He spreads my legs apart slightly then takes my manhood into his mouth. I watch him as he pleasures me. He looks up at me and our eyes meet. Then he runs his tongue along the underside of my arousal. I close my eyes and jerk my head back. I bite my bottom lip to keep me from screaming in pleasure but it's not enough.

I try hard to keep my hips from thrusting toward him. He bobs his head as he pulls me in and out of his mouth. I try to watch him but it's just too much pleasure. I hold back as much as I can but he doesn't let me.

Seifer inserts one finger into me and brushes against that spot. After that, I yelp and come into his mouth. He engorges my seed, every bit of it. Gods, I've been waiting for so long to come with Seifer with me, waited so long to find out what it feels like when he's in me. Finally, I'm getting what I've wanted.

He turns me over and I watch him as he unzips his pants and lowers his boxers to reveal his arousal. He's very appealing to the eyes. 'Why is he here with me?' I ask myself, not believing what's happening is real but it is, sure enough.

He gets behind me and touches my ass. He trails a lubed finger down the center and finds my entrance. He puts two fingers in at once and I bury my head in the sheets. My body is almost flat against the bed, my ass is raised in the air. My legs are spread for him.

I then feel his length press into me. I lift up my head and gasp. My eyes tightly shut. He kisses my back gently and holds my hands in place as I grasp the sheets tightly. My hair falls around my face. (1)

He groans behind me with each thrust. He places a hand on my shoulder and keeps me still. I lay my head on the bed an he begins to stroke my length again. In no time, he sends me over the edge. I scream his name as the orgasm takes over my body and explodes. Seifer shortly follows suit. He lets out a long low-pitched moan and clutches my hips tightly.

He pulls out of me and collapses on the bed beside me. I lay my head on his chest and curl up next to him.

"So, does absence really make the heart grow fonder?" he asks me.

"I think so," I reply.

I look up from the bed at the door and there is a knock. The door opens and Irvine steps inside.

"Hey! Come on in," Seifer says.

I grin at that. Irvine comes on over to us and slides his jacket off his shoulders. "I could hear you guys down the hall. You're lucky we're the only three in the dormitories." Irvine smiles and lays on the bed with us. The three of us curl up together.

"We were really that loud?" I ask.

"Well, not so much Seifer, but you. Quite the vocal one you are," Irvine chuckled.

Seifer plays with my hair, brushing it out of my eyes. I close my eyes in the feeling of comfort and feeling safe. I've never really felt that before except when we were with Matron. I hear Seifer chuckle behind me and see Irvine nod in front of me.

"Zell?" Seifer starts off, "I know this is your first alternate relationship but you don't mind it being the three of us, do you?"

Relationship? Wow! I like the sound of that. With both of them? The three of us? That sounds even better.

"Of course not," I reply confidently.

"Good. We start now," Irvine says as if concluding a job interview.

Seifer and I laugh. Irvine turns over and faces us. I kiss him then Seifer kisses him. I think this is starting out to be a beautiful relationship.


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