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Missing You

Chapter Two

By Purple Penguin

The salt water lapped at his feet as he sat at the end of the pier in Balamb. It was a beautiful night.

He sat hunched over, alone. He’d ruined his life. Before the war he had everything. Friends, a place to live, and the most beautiful guy in the world. Now he’d blown it. All his friends except Fujin had seen how pathetic he had been and Squall hated him. He could never go back to garden while Squall was there. He’d probably get murdered for his crimes.

Fujin stuck by him; she loved him although he couldn’t understand why. She knew he could never return her feelings, being gay and still in love with Squall. Raijin had left because his girlfriend didn’t like him hanging out with a known murderer but he still visited sometimes behind her back.

Fujin had insisted he should stay with her. Of course he argued but she could be very stubborn sometimes.

So this was life now, camped out on a couch in his best friend’s house making a burden of himself. He couldn’t go out in the daylight much for risk of being killed by someone he’d hurt during the war. He hung around in the shadows like a criminal; nobody noticed him that way.

Fujin was the only one who cared about him, but that just made him guilty. She loved him no matter what he did in the past or the future, he could never feel the same way and he was stopping her from moving on by staying with her.

He sighed and thought back to the events of that day. Raijin had been there, so the three of them had been fishing. Much to Seifer’s annoyance Raijin had caught a fish before he did. It was fun though especially when Fujin had kicked Raijin into the sea.

For a few minutes he was able to forget everything and just relax with his friends. Then Balamb garden had flown over them shattering his mood.

He remembered the battle between Galbadia and Balamb garden, he remembered his betrayal to his home, he remembered the D-district prison and he remembered Squall.

The Squall he loved more than life.

He managed a small, sad smile.

He still had his memories and no one could take them away from him.

At least the sorceress was dead so Squall was safe. He had Rinoa now and she’s make him happy. All he cared about was that Squall was safe, happy and loved by his friends, even if they could never be together again.

There was still an ache in his heart and he’d give anything to hold his brunette in his arms one last time and tell him how much he loved him. But he knew if he ever stepped back into garden again Squall would kill him.

The moonlight bounced off the gentle waves.

Seifer smiled remembering time that was nearly a year ago.


It was midnight and the town of Balamb had retired for the night.

A teenaged boy stood at the edge of the harbour a smile played on his lips and his eyes shone. The moon was full, the stars were out, and the night was perfect.

Another boy of a slightly older age walked across the dock heading straight for the other.

The tall, blonde pulled his lover away from the edge and into his arms. Squall squeaked in alarm and glared at his lover. Seifer just chuckled.

The brunette’s glare softened and when the blonde kissed him he melted, eagerly kissing back.

It was their anniversary; they’d been together for a year now although nobody knew except Fujin. In public they were rivals who always had to better each other. They were competitive anyway, but they never said they hated each other everyone just assumed.

Seifer broke the kiss and looked over his lover’s shoulder at the sea.

“Nice night for swimming.”

Squall giggled thinking Seifer was kidding.

The blonde gently pushed his lover away and began to remove his boots and trenchcoat.

Squall’s smile turned into a look of horror.

“Please tell me you’re kidding. Anyone could come here and see us.”

“Squall, it’s midnight and everyone’s asleep.”

Squall still looked hesitant.

“Will you join me or not?”

“The water’s cold.” He pouted.

Seifer smirked and walked over to his lover wearing only a T-shirt and his boxers.

“I’m sure I could warm you up.” He slid the leather jacket from Squall’s shoulders.

“Do you want help with the rest of your clothes?”

The brunette scowled. “I’m not a baby.”

Seifer slid into the sea slowly. “Fuck it’s cold.”

Squall hovered around the outside afraid of the icy water.

“Come on Squall it’s not that cold when you get used to it.”

Squall paused and looked back at the town. He gasped in shock when Seifer’s wet arms snaked around his waist and he was pulled into the water.

He shrieked in alarm when he found himself up to his chest in freezing cold water.

He glared at his lover who swam up to him grinning insanely.

“Shh or you’ll get us caught.”

The glare remained as Squall shivered.

“Cold?” Seifer asked innocently.

The glare deepened.

Seifer wrapped his arms around his lover’s shoulders and his legs around Squall’s waist, clinging to him.

“Forgive me?” He asked as he trailed his tongue along Squall throat. Seifer looked up to give Squall the puppy dogs eyes look.

“Fine. I forgive you.”

~End Flashback~

Seifer angrily wiped his eyes. There was no way Squall would forgive him now.

He put his hand up to where his silver collar should have been. He smiled hoping it was being taken care of.

After the training accident that had resulted in scars, Seifer had gone to Squall’s dorm but the brunette wouldn’t speak to him so he had put his collar in a small envelope and posted it under the door.

The blonde looked up at the full moon and dug in his pocket. The object in his hand glistened in the moonlight. He lifted it so he could see it clearly; he ran a finger over all the lines in the Griever pendant.

He smiled sadly as he lifted it over his head to hang around his neck, one hand still clutching it tightly. He wondered if Squall still wore the silver collar somehow he doubted it. Rinoa was his girlfriend now and he wouldn’t want anyone to know he was anything but a rival to the sorceress’ knight.

He hoped his beloved collar was safe just as he hoped his beloved boy who had the collar was safe.

He stood and wandered back through the dark streets.

He knocked on his best friend’s door. Fujin answered quickly looking sheepish.

“ I’m sorry but could you go for a half an hour walk or something?”

He smirked. “Why? Got company have you?”

He took her nervousness as a yes.

“Is he anyone I know?”

“Maybe.” She blushed slightly

“Okay I’m going. I’ll stay at the hotel so I’ll see you tomorrow.” He winked at her.

As he was about to walk out of sight he saw a short, blonde guy step up beside Fujin. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

ZELL? He thought Fujin would have better taste.

He was glad she had someone though.

His smile faded as he saw the look of shock on Zell’s face as the short, blonde stared straight at him.

Seifer ran before he got the shit beaten out of him.


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