~ Song lyrics from Kate winslit’s What if.~

Missing You

Chapter One

By Purple Penguin

A solitary figure stood on the balcony of Balamb garden, his hair flapping in the wind slightly. Everyone else was at the party having fun celebrating their victory over the sorceress and her knight.

Nobody bothered him; that he was glad of. He was a hero, he had friends, a great job and a beautiful girl willing to be with him. Why should he be upset? He had everything.

They didn’t understand.


~Here I stand alone with this weigh upon my heart and it will not go away~


Squall Leonhart, before the war everyone thought he was emotionless and unfriendly but they just didn’t know him and no one bothered to talk to him. One person did bother to try and bring him out of his shell and people thought they hated each other. The brunette smiled sadly as he thought back.


~In my head I keep on looking back right back to the start~

~Wondering what it was that made you change~



Squall had snuck out after curfew, his gunblade slathered to his side. Anyone that saw him would have figured he was putting in a bit of late night training.

The brunette walked to the training centre but instead of going into the jungle part he wandered into the secret area.


~And still this question keeps on spinning in my mind~

~What if I had never let you go?~

~Would you be that man I used to know?~


Squall turned the locked the heavy doors behind him and leaned over the balcony. The night was warm and the sky was clear. The rays from the moon shone down on the brunette as he folded his arms on the wall and rested his head there.


~If I’d stayed, if you tried, if we could only turn back time~

~But I guess we’ll never know~


A lazy smile appeared on his lips as arms snaked round his waist. The arms pulled him back so he was leaning on a strong body. He embraced the figure and nuzzled into him.


~Many roads to take some to joy, some to heart-ache~

~Anyone can lose their way~


The figure chuckled and stroked Squall’s hair with his fingers.

“You missed me then?”

“Of course I did. I.... had this thought that you might not come back.”

The blonde cupped Squall’s chin, pulling his face up so he could meet the eyes of his lover.

“I’d never leave you.”


~If I said we could turn it back, right back to the start would you take a chance and make a change~


The blonde ran his finger tips along Squall’s jaw and down his throat.

“You’re beautiful you know that? I can’t believe you’re mine.”

Squall blushed.


~Do you think how it would have been sometimes?~

~Do you pray that I never left your side?~


Seifer pulled his lover up so that their lips met. The brunette grinned around the kiss and happily opened his mouth to Seifer.

~End Flashback~

Squall wiped at his eyes angrily as a few tears fell down his cheeks.

He stared down at the courtyard below that was lit with lanterns for the special occasion.

Everyone shared horror stories about the attack from Galbadia garden and how Seifer how betrayed them. It angered him. they all knew the sorceress was controlling him, Seifer would never hurt garden of his own free will. They forgive Edea but they would never forgive Seifer.


~What if I had never let you go?~

~Would you be that man I used to know?~


Seifer was thought to be dead.

Squall prayed he wasn’t even if they could never be together again. He just wanted to know if he was safe and happy.

He friends were so busy trying to set him up with Rinoa that they didn’t notice his heart-ache, his pining for Seifer.


~If I stayed if you tried if we could only turn back time~

~But I guess we’ll never know~


What would his friends and the other SeeDs think if he left them all behind tonight in search of his ex-lover? They’d probably laugh. Seifer had become his rival and his enemy but Squall never stopped loving him.


~If only we could turn the hands of time~

~If we take it back would you still be mine?~

~And this question keeping on spinning in my mind~


Raijin and Fujin had been spotted at Balamb harbour maybe Seifer was with them or least they might know where he was.

The brunette looked up at the stars and smiled sadly.

“I wish you were here with me.”

He sighed.

“I love you.”


~What if I had never let you go?~

~Would you be that man I used to know?~

~What if I had never walked away?~

~Cause I still love you more than I can say.~



The brunette turned to see a girl with black hair standing behind him in the doorway. She looked concerned about him.

He forced a smile for her sake and followed her inside.


~If I stayed if you tried if we could only turn back time~

~But I guess we’ll never know~

~We’ll never know~


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