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Meant To Be

Chapter 3

By Purple Penguin

The clock on the wall seemed to be going slower just to spite me. I hated maths it was horribly boring. This was my last lesson, after this I was going home with my new girlfriend to meet her family. I was going to go straight there and not wait to see if that pretty, little brunette showed up again. It was going to be a fresh start, new girlfriend, first girlfriend, never been attracted to a girl before. She’s different from other girls I’ve met, it was a gradual thing I’ve known her for a while, he knows I’m Bi. Maybe I like her because she’s four years older than me, although I normally go for people younger than me. She’s cute, I always thought she was pretty but... This will sound harsh, I preferred that beautiful brunette boy I meet today.

I hope I never see Squall again, he’ll be a distraction. It’s just my luck, just when I get my life sorted out something has to get in my way. I shouldn’t had collided with him, I shouldn’t have had lunch with him. In the first split second I saw him, he was clearly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

My eyes burned, I barely managed to hold back the tears. As soon as I reached my room I slammed the door and locked it. I didn’t want to see anyone, no doubt someone would come to see if I was okay probably Ellone. For once my sister was the last person I wanted to see.

My body collapsed against the door and hot tears spilled down my cheeks. I slid to the floor, leaning on the door. I was shaking slightly; my vision was hazy with tears. I pulled my knees up to my chest, curling up into a ball rocking back and forth.

Why did this have to happen now?

Why didn’t he tell me he had a girlfriend when we first meet?

I snorted to myself. Of course he wouldn’t do that. Why should he? What would he have said? Hi I’m Seifer and I have a girlfriend. That would be silly.

He had no reason to tell me. I shouldn’t blame him, it’s not his fault, he’s done nothing wrong. He was only being helpful when he showed me to class. I shouldn’t have assumed he was gay just because everyone else was. I shouldn’t have assumed he liked me, I shouldn’t feel like this. It’s impossible to feel this strongly for a near stranger.

I sighed, resting my head on the door; my eyes sliding closed causing fresh tears to fall. My energy drained out of me, I felt tired, upset and all I wanted to do was sleep but I needed a shower.

With some effort I pushed off the ground, trudging tiredly to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror above the sink. I stared at my red, puffy eyes, my scruffy tousled hair and the tears that still fell down my tear stained cheeks.

“You’re pathetic.” I whispered to my own refection.

Look what you’ve turned into, one little thing happens and you burst into tears. “No wonder he doesn’t want you.”

I busied myself with removing my belts, trousers, socks and boots. I turned on the water testing it with my fingertips. My stomach growled loudly. I hadn’t eaten since lunchtime and that hadn’t been a lot, I was more interested in Seifer than I was the food. The others were probably having dinner by now but there was no way I could go back down there. I’d sneak down later when Seifer had left and the others had gone to bed.

As I stepped under the warm water I had a terrifying thought. Seifer was going home tonight right? I don’t think I could bear it if he and Ellone spent the night together. I know they haven’t before because Ellone’s been here every night and she would probably tell me. We did share everything. We’re both virgins, we had a game to see who got there first, it wasn’t a competition because there was no rush.

I stood under the spray until the water ran cold and even then I was reluctant to leave, the water felt good on my skin it was soothing.

Finally I switched off the taps, grabbing a towel. I walked in to the bedroom; I paused looking at the door hesitantly I walked to it and unlocked it. I peeked out, hearing my father mention something about monopoly. I nearly smiled. I closed the door again, there was no point getting dressed so I just dried myself and threw on a pair of boxers. I crawled under the covers of the bed, switching off the light. I didn’t fall asleep though, I couldn’t I just lay there thinking and trying not to cry. I was too tired to sleep.

“What’s with him?”

Seifer looked at the floor as Ellone stood at the foot of the stairs wondering if she should go after her brother.

“No, leave him.” Her mother told her. “He’ll come down when he’s ready. You can’t force him to tell you what’s wrong.”

The blonde kept quiet, he felt guilty and torn. He wasn’t supposed to know Squall but he desperately wanted to go after him, maybe Squall would listen to him. No, he hates me now. Seifer thought. Somehow that hurt.

Ellone turned back to Seifer. “Sorry about that, he’s not usually like that.”

The blonde just nodded. It’s my fault not Squall’s. He felt sorry for a brunette, he didn’t do anything wrong, I shouldn’t have led him on.

They sat down together for dinner. Seifer felt like his appetite had left him but he had to be polite to Squall’s mother. He forced himself to eat all his food; he even managed to join in with the friendly, casual chatter at the dinner table.

After dinner Laguna suggested a game. Seifer would have laughed if he weren’t so concerned for Squall when Laguna brought out the monopoly board. He wished his father liked to play games.

Seifer father was strict, he only just accepted that Seifer was Bi sexual, and he definitely wouldn’t have liked a gay son. His father was very happy when his son told him he had a girlfriend. Seifer knew his dad wished he would find a nice girl, settle down and forget all this Bi sexual nonsense. His mother was different, she didn’t mind whom Seifer was with as long as he was happy and she could meet him/her. Seifer had brought his last boyfriend home to meet her when his dad was out at work. She had fussed and cooed over him. She was the best mum ever.

Laguna happily unpacked the monopoly board and set up all the money and the cards. They only agreed the play to keep him happy.

After half an hour of game play, Seifer had only the green properties and loads of money, Ellone had the cheap side of the board and not a lot of money, Her mother had all the other properties and lots of money. Poor Laguna had only two stations and nearly no money; he had been in jail five times. Raine was quite a businesswoman, she reminded Seifer of Squall. They had the same beautiful eyes and hair. She could look totally innocent then go and do something devilish like win monopoly.

“You always lose!” Ellone laughed at her dad.

“Why do you love to play if you always lose?” Seifer asked as they all watched Raine’s happy celebration dance.

Laguna leaned in close to the blonde whispering. “She’s cute when she wins.”

He had to smile at that.

It was getting pretty late and he had to leave soon. He went upstairs to look for the toilet. He wandered around looking in all the open doors, there was one door that was closed, he knew it was Squall’s room. He sadly looked at it at a moment before pasting it to get to the toilet.

On the way back he pressed his palm to the door and lean on it, like he could feel Squall through the wood. Slowly he turned the handle, he knew he shouldn’t be doing it, Squall could shout at him and his parent s would come up to see what was wrong. Then what would he do? He just had to see if Squall were okay, as soon as he had seen the brunette he would leave.

Seifer opened the door and looked in. The room was dark and silent, once his eyes had adjusted to the darkness he could make out a shape of a figure lying under blankets in bed. It looked like he was asleep. Slowly Seifer entered the room and shut the door behind him. The figure didn’t stir. Quietly he walked to the bed; the sight took his breath away. Squall lay on his side in bed; his arms were curled up in each other. The blankets only covered him from the waist downwards. His naked chest was clearly in view. Seifer just hoped he wasn’t drooling, Squall was by far the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, he was perfect.

Carefully so as not to wake the sleeping beauty Seifer kneel down beside the bed. He knew he shouldn’t be here. He had promised himself that he would leave as soon as he had seen the brunette but now he didn’t want to. He reached out a hand to brush the brunette’s bangs, gently touching the other’s forehead. Squall twitched in his sleep. The blonde pulled his arm back, lightly running his fingertips over Squall’s arm from elbow to palm. As his hand reached the other’s he hadn’t expected Squall’s hand to close around his own. Their fingers were linked, their palms were pressed together, Seifer stared in shock as the brunette’s fingers stroked the back of his hand lightly. It felt warm and comforting, he didn’t want to pull away but he heard Ellone call him from downstairs so reluctantly he broke the link of their fingers and curled Squall’s hand into a fist. Hesitantly he bent and kissed one of Squall’s knuckles, before he stood and left.

After the door had shut behind the blonde, Squall opened his eyes.

What the hell was all that about?!



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