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Meant To Be

Chapter 1

By Purple Penguin

Squall Leonhart lived with his parents and his sister Ellone in Winhill. He’d had a rough life. At 15 he discovered he was gay, nobody knew excepted his sister. He trusted her with his life; she was everything to him. Now at 17 he still hadn’t told anyone for fear of what they would say.

He was forced to leave his last school where some guys figured out he was gay. His so-called friends abandoned him. Irvine his best friend of five years was disgusted with him. His friend was a ladies man, he would talk about girls constantly and Squall joined in to cover up. When Irvine first found out he didn’t believe it, in fact he defended Squall against the bullies, but squall had to admit it to stop his friend from being dragged down with him. That’s when Irvine started to avoid him, Squall kept trying to find out why and to stay friends with him. Until he caught his friend with the guys who bullied him, and Irvine started to join in with them when they teased the brunette.

Squall was due to start his new school in three days and he was dreading it. What if the rumours had already made it to this new school? What if they also figured it out? What if he couldn’t make any friends? So many what ifs.

He had talked to Ellone about it. She assured him it would be fine, she didn’t think the students there could be as narrow minded as the others at his old school. Their conversion quickly turned into about boys. Ellone excitedly told her brother about a new boyfriend she had, whom she was going to bring home one day. She said maybe Squall would meet someone nice at school, then they could have boyfriends together. Ellone liked having a gay brother. They would sit in front of the TV watching a movie, marking the guys out of ten.

Ellone was 22; she helped her parents out in the pub downstairs. Squall was told he could also help out when he was 18. He had already worked behind the bar but only behind his mother’s back. Twice now, his dad had gone out and left Squall in charge. His mother would ground them both if she knew she wore the trousers in their house and everyone knew it.

Squall got on with their neighbours, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zacbak had been friends with his father since they were teenagers. He could never come out; it would ruin the reputation of their quiet little town. Everything here was normal and old-fashioned; kids lived with their parents, until they got married. What was he going to do? He couldn’t get married. He wasn’t normal; he didn’t want to disgrace his parents.

The dreaded day arrived all too quickly. Squall walked through the school gates. He looked around at the flocks of students flowing around the parking lot and into various doors in the building. The place looked huge, one large building stood in the middle of the compound and lots of other smaller buildings were scattered around the grounds also.

The brunette shouldered his bag and made his way to the headmaster’s office. He sat in a seat outside a wooden door that had a name plate which read. ‘Headmaster Cid’s office.’ He sat nervously, hugging his bag.

Lots of people walked pass him, most of them ignored him but a few students of both sexes smiled appreciatively at him. Squall just stared at the floor confused and embarrassed.

Finally he was called into the headmaster’s office. The man looked to be in his forties, his brown hair was parted in the center, he wore round glasses that perched on the bridge of his nose. He held out a hand to Squall.

“You must be Squall. I’m Headmaster Kramer but everyone calls me Cid.”

Squall frowned. His students call him by his first name?

“I’ve made you a timetable. It shows your classes and the room numbers. I’ve arranged for someone to show you around?”

“Um... Sir I’d rather find my own way around.” Squall had decided it would be better to stay away from everyone in his classes so that no one could find out he was gay.

“Nonsense. We’ll make sure you’re well looked after here.”

Squall sighed and agreed.

The Headmaster smiled as someone knocked on the door. He ushered in a young man with long black straight hair that was tied back in a ponytail.

“Ah Dom, good you made it.”

The boy looked shocked when he saw Squall, he looked him over from head-to-toe then smiled in appreciation.

“This is Squall.”

The boys shook hands. “I want you to show him around and look after him.”

Dom slung an arm around Squall’s shoulders as they existed the office.

“Don’t worry, I’ll definitely look after you.” The boy’s lips brushed Squall’s ear. The brunette pulled away, feeling uncomfortable.

Was this guy teasing him? Surely he didn’t know Squall was gay already. When they got to their first class Dom was still giving Squall that weird look. The teacher introduced him to the rest of the class. Squall hoped to sit as far away from Dom as possible, but to his dismay the only seat empty was next to Dom.

“Squall, take the free seat.” The teacher said.

Reluctantly the brunette sat beside the strange boy. Dom hadn’t done anything 15 minutes into the lesson and Squall started to think he was being paranoid. When the teacher gave them a worksheet to do and the room went fairly quiet. Squall began to answer the questions when he felt a hand on his thigh, he froze. Squall turned to look at his classmate. Dom was grinning lecherously at him, the brunette glared back but tried to ignore it, not wanting to disturb the class. He want back to his work, gritting his teeth as the hand moved higher, when the intrusive fingers brushed his groin, he moved his own hand under the desk and wrenched the other hand from his leg. He glared at the other boy.

When the bell rang at the end of lesson, Squall practically ran from the room, clutching his books that the teacher had given him. As he walked down the corridor he speeded up with every wink or wolf-whistle he received from both sexes.

This was ridiculous. It had gone from one extreme to the next; he didn’t know which one he preferred. Either everyone teased and hated him or everyone liked him too much and he kept getting groped and stared at.

He ran down the corridor, avoiding everyone’s eyes. His eyes looked at the floor instead of where he was going. He collided with someone going in the other direction. All of Squall’s notes and books fell to the floor.

“Sorry.” They both said in unison. Both guys bent down to pick up Squall’s books.

The brunette only wanted to grab his stuff and run away as fast as he could. It was silly but he felt close to tears. Why couldn’t he find a nice normal school? Were there any nice people?

He took the notes that the stranger passed to him.

“Thanks.” He muttered.

When their fingers brushed, he looked up for the first time. He wanted to run but his limbs couldn’t move, he was frozen to the spot. He stared for what seemed like an eternity at the most gorgeous guy he had ever seen. The guy had short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, he wore black jeans, a blue T-shirt and a long silver trench coat. The other guy seemed as shocked as Squall but he recovered quicker. He held out a hand to help Squall up.

“Hi, I’m Seifer.”

It took Squall a while to find his vocal cords as he stared at the blonde.


The other guy smiled. “You new here?”


“Thought so. I would have noticed you sooner otherwise. Don’t you have someone showing you around?”

Squall winced. “I did but....” He trailed off, wondering if Seifer would approve.

“But?” The blonde prompted.

“But he kept molesting me so I ran away.”

The blonde chuckled. “You better get used to it. There are a lot of guys here that will chase any pretty thing.”

Squall’s eyes widened at the word ‘pretty’. He had never been called that before.

“What class have you got next?”

Squall looked through his notes to find his timetable. “English.”

Seifer nodded. “I haven’t got that, but I’ll show you the room if you want?”

Squall smiled. “That would be brilliant, thank you.”

Seifer steered him in the right direction. “Kurt’s in that class, he’ll help ya. He and his boyfriend are alright guys.”

Boyfriend? Was everyone here gay?

“They friends of yours?”

Seifer made the ‘Sort of’ gesture with his hand. “I tease Zell, but in a friendly way. I get on with Kurt more.”

“Why? What wrong with the other guy?”

“He’s a little... How can I put this in a nice way? ... Childish.”

They arrived outside Squall’s classroom. “Maybe I’ll see you around.” Seifer said as he left.

Squall waited outside the classroom, watching Seifer until he was out of sight. He smiled slightly, feeling happier than he had all day.

He entered the room. He was glad there was no sign of Dom. At the front of class there was a line of four desks, two boys sat at the farthest end and the other two desks were empty. The boy at the farthest end had blonde spiky hair and a black but bold tribal tattoo. The other boy had short red hair and bright green eyes. They were chatting away happily. Squall wasn’t sure if he should disturb them but the only other seat was near a scary looking guy. He walked over and sat near to the red head. It was scary how they both stopped talking to stare at him.

“You new?” The blonde asked.

Squall nodded. He had to smile when they both stuck their hands out to him at the same time.

The red head spoke first. “I’m Kurt, this is Zell.”

The blonde pouted. “You don’t have to introduce me! I can do it myself!”

Squall shook both their hands. They suddenly started to have an argument about something unimportant; it seemed like an argument of affection. They were strange but at least they were friendly.

At lunch Squall met Seifer again. They talked all through lunch about everything. Squall told his new friend about his first day and his meeting with Zell and Kurt.

The brunette hoped to see more of Seifer, he was really starting to like the blonde.




Notes: Kurt & Dom are my characters and I may make more characters later on. Kurt was in my other fic, ‘Just best friends’. And can anyone think of a better title?

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