Love Bug

Chapter 21

By Purple Penguin

The results weren’t getting announced until later. Zell looked at the queue for the infirmary and thought better of it. Quistis and Xu had said something about the mist affecting people. The little blonde ran the back of his hand over his hot forehead maybe he should be glad he hadn’t thrown up. Half the cadets on the rag had thrown up he was glad to be a seed so he could go up on the bridge away from the smell.

Quistis stood by the directory she offered him a smile. “Are you okay now?”

“No not really.”

“Squall said he’d announce the results tomorrow morning because of the high level of illness”

“Uh huh.”

“Get some rest for a while and if you still feel bad you can always go to the infirmary when the queue has gone.”

He smiled. “Yeah thanks Quisty. I’ll see you later.”

She smiled back and patted him on the shoulder.

Zell opened the door to his dorm room; surprised to see the light was on in his bedroom. He crept up and peered through the jarred door. Seifer stood looking at the photos of the orphanage that stood on his drawers.

“Having fun?”

The other man jumped. “I-err- didn’t know you had these.” He cocked his had at Zell’s red cheeks.

“Results aren’t going to be announced until tomorrow.”

“I know, are you okay?”

“Think I have what the others have.”

“Shouldn’t you be in the infirmary then?”

“Too big a queue I’ll live.”

“You should get some sleep you’ll feel better when you wake up. Can I get you anything?”

“No I’m fine thanks.”

“Sure? I make a good nurse.”

Zell smiled. “Shall we get you a uniform then?”

The taller man sniggered. “I’ll let myself out so you can sleep.”

“No wait.” He shuffled to the far side of the mattress. “Could you just- stay with me for a moment?”

The blonde moved to the bed and lay on his side to speak to his lover. “I could do that.”

Zell cuddled up to him. “You make a good pillow too.”

“See? I have my many uses.” He smiled and wrapped his arms around the smaller man. Seifer turned to look into the face of his lover who was resting his head on his chest. The bright blue eyes were closed and hair drooped in his face. He held a hand to the other’s forehead.

“Your hands are cold.”

“No you’re too hot.”

“Hmmm, feels good.” He nuzzled into the hand that was on his hot head.

“You can put me down now.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

Irvine carried Nida through the halls of garden, he was gratefully for it outside but he wasn’t an invalid he could walk around garden on his own.

“I can manage on my own now I think.”


“Irvine? Hello?”

When they got to the directory Xu and Quistis smiled. “Awww aren’t you two cute.”

“Are you okay now?”

“Yes I’m fine and I can walk on my own Irvine.”

The cowboy was avoiding looking him in the eye.

“Where are you headed?”

“Cafeteria.” Irvine said.

“My dorm.” Nida said at the same time.

“I’m the one doing the walking here and I’m hungry, you should be too.”

“Well put me down then.”

Irvine nodded to the girls and headed for the cafeteria.

“Irvine I need a shower and a change of clothes.”

“Eat with me first then we can both go shower together to -you know- save water.”

Yeah like that was the only reason.

The cowboy put Nida down in a chair at a table, he went to get up but his lover gave him a look of warning. “Now what do you want to eat?”

“I can get it myself.”

“Tell me or I’ll get whatever.”


Irvine put a plate of food in front of his lover and started to tuck into his own food.

“You remember what the doctor said don’t you? Lots of rest.”

“Yes rest not no walking, moving at all.”

“You’re the one that said you feel dizzy to stand earlier.”

“Wish I’d said nothing now.”

Selphie hobbled past Xu on her new crutches.

“Selphie I didn’t know you’re leg was that bad.”

“It’s not but the doctor’s got lots to do so to get rid of me for a while I get crutches, they’re great fun. You want a go?”

The redhead held up a hand. “No thanks.”

“Have you seen Nida? I heard he left the infirmary too.”

“Yeah Irvine’s carrying him around like a new puppy they went to the cafeteria.”

“Aww I bet he loves the attention really. Bye, bye.” She hobbled off to see her two favourite boys.

Someone slammed into her at the doorway. “Careful.” She wobbled on her crutches.

“Sorry Selphie.”

“Nida? Where are you going in such a hurry?”

The seed glanced anxiously back into the cafeteria. “Just-away.”

“Are you sure you should be rushing around so soon? That’s stuff probably still in your system.”

“Don’t, just don’t.” He looked up at her again. “Selphie why are there two of you?”

She frowned. “Two of me? You feel dizzy?”

“Little bit.”

“Here have a crutch.” She gave him one but Irvine snuck up behind his lover and quickly picked him up again.

“This is all your fault.” He told Selphie. “My one chance to escape.”

She giggled. “I think it’s sweet.”

The cowboy smirked. “Bye bye Selphie we’re off to have a shower.”

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