Love Bug

Chapter 5

By Purple Penguin

The paper work seemed to breed on my desk, I had stayed up late last night and done a ton but now more had spawned. I held my head in my hands. This was ridiculous, the words were starting to blur together and my head was pounding. I really needed a break. I headed for the door; Xu stood on my doorstep with a guy I had never seen before. I guess he was a cadet.

“...And this is Headmaster Squall Leonhart.” She smiled and pointed at me.

The other guy smiled, his dark green eyes lit up, and he held out his hand to me.

Xu was about to warn the poor guy that I don’t shake hands, but my arm acted on it’s own accord.

I was as shocked as she was. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

He smirked slightly. “Lark.”

I tore my eyes off him to look at Xu. “I’m going on a break, the words don’t made sense anymore.”

She nodded with an amused look.

I walk past them to the elevator. My life was just so annoying, my friends, my job. They were all so brainless; they fawned over each other with no clue to how anyone else feels. Zell practically drooled on my shoes, it was pathetic. He so wants me to open up to him but if I did I know he wouldn’t listen. Not meaning to brag but I know he’s not the only one, I’m not blind I do see them. Just because I don’t react doesn’t mean I don’t see.

I’m not interested in them, I’m not straight, I’m Bi but I’ve never been with a guy all the ones I’ve ever liked didn’t want me.

Irvine flirts with everyone, I don’t think he’s fussy although he does bug Nida a lot. Selphie loves him but he don’t see and he treats her like she means nothing more than a friend, he flirts right in front of her and brags about it to her, and he doesn’t see how much it hurts her.

I feel sorry for her. As unlikely as it is she’s the closest thing I have to a best friend. She gives a damn without wanting something in return. Yes she can be a little annoying when she bugs me for hours to help with her festivals, but I guess she cared about her work as much as I do. I want to tell her about Irvine but I know he wants to do that himself. He should hurry up before she gets her heart broken.

I walked into the cafeteria in a trance. I like Selphie but I don’t think I could ever date her, maybe it would be best if she stayed a good friend, besides I don’t think she’ll get over Irvine anytime soon.

I looked up to see Xu and the new guy come into the cafeteria. She gestured around to the counters and the vending machines; it was obvious that this was still part of their tour. They queued up for food and he turned and looked me straight in the eyes. I guess he felt me looking at him. He smiled a small amused smile.

He said something to Xu and she too turned and smiled at me. I frowned at them and looked away to find something more interesting to look at. My eyes glanced back at them a few times but only to check if they were still looking at me.

When they got their food Xu moved over to the table where Quistis sat, she introduced Lark and he looked ready to join them, but h glanced over at me again. My eyes widened as he picked up his tray and walked in my direction. I didn’t know weather to pretend I hadn’t seen him which was obvious that I had or to invite him to sit with me. He flicked his long black hair over his shoulder and put his tray on my table.

“Mind if I sit here?”

I shook my head a little too quickly. He smiled and sat opposite me.

“Felt like I was interrupting over there.” He gestured to Quistis and Xu.

“Yeah they’re always like that.”

He took a mouthful of his hotdog. “So Commander...”



“You don’t have to call me Commander, it’s just Squall.”

He looked pleased. “It must be so cool to be the commander of the most famous garden.”

I snorted. “You’d be surprised.”

You cocked his head, silently asking me.

“When the paperwork is piled high on my desk like today I’d gladly swoop with you.”

“But that’s the good things right?”

“Like what?”

“You’re famous; everyone looks up to you.”

“I guess.” I decided not to mention the lack of sleep, the meetings and the responsibility.

“How long you a cadet for?”

He smiled, noticed I was starting a conversion.

“This is my last year; I take the SeeD exam this year.” He spoke between mouthfuls.

I looked over his shoulder to see Selphie mouth ‘Who’s that?’

I gestured for her to come over.

“Hi.” She shook hands with the new guy.

“Hey, I’m Lark.”

“Selphie Tilmitt.”

“I know my best friend is obsessed with you guys, she has loads of newspaper clippings.”

That caught her attention. “Really?!” I saw her eyes lit up. “Cool! I’d love to meet her! Can I join you two?”

Lark smiled but Xu called him over to leave. “Sorry I have to go” I picked up he rest of his hotdog and waved at me before he left.

Selphie sat in his chair. “Ooh, he’s cute.”

“I know- er- I mean... I haven’t noticed.”

She smirked at m evilly. “You like him?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.” She giggled. “I’m glad to see you liking people.”


“Because you’re you and you never do that.”

I just shook my head.

“Although I’m sure you’ll break a few hearts and Lark’s probably got a few admirers of his own looking like that.”

I ever so slightly smiled. “Yeah I guess.”

“So are you going to ask him out?”

“What?! No, no, no, no.”

“Why not?”

“Because... just because, okay?”

“No, not okay. You can’t let someone that sexy slip through your fingers just because you’re afraid!”

Ouch, that hurt. My pride suffered then. “I am not afraid.”

“Prove it.” She smirked, knowing I never gave up a challenge.

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