Love Bug

Chapter 4

By Purple Penguin

Nida’s pov.


A knock at the door woke me; the clock read 2:30 in the morning. Who could be up at this time of night?

I pulled back the covers and rubbed my eyes before walking to the door, opening it a little way and peering round it.


I couldn’t believe it, what was he doing here?

“Can I come in?”

“O-of course you can.” I stepped back to let him inside. “Squall, what are you doing here?”

He stopped in front of me and glanced around the dark room. “W-well, I-I-“ He trailed off and leaned into kiss me instead. I was too shunned to move, I just stood there and let him kiss me.

“What was that for?” I asked once he had pulled away.

He didn’t seem to know what to say, I didn’t really care so I leaned in again and kissed him.

The kiss became passionate and familiar. He tasted sweet, I got the feeling I’d tasted him before.

The next time I opened my eyes, we were in my bed kissing.

Squall pulled away but he wasn’t Squall anymore.

“Irvine?” I whispered.

“Yes love?”

I shook me head, not knowing why I had said his name. “Nothing.”

I ran my fingers through his hair, I love that hair, I’m almost jealous of it. He started to trail kisses down my neck and I held him against me tightly.

He stopped, smirking at me before heading south; I suddenly realized I was naked. I watched as he poised above my crotch, about to take my erection into his mouth.

I jumped awake, realizing my alarm clock was screeching at me. I angrily hit it off the table for interrupting my nice dream. But then it hit me.

“Oh god, not Irvine!” What the hell was all that about? How dare he intrude on my nice dreams I usually share with Squall… or that mechanic in Balamb, he’s guest starred a few times.

What is he trying to do? Drive me mad?

Yes, I did want to stop thinking about Squall, I wanted to move on and stop pining over him, but I didn’t want to move on to Irvine.

That’s even worse than wanting Squall, even though the cowboy seems very willing but for how long? Until I let him fuck me? All Irvine thinks about is sex, everyone knows that. I have this habit of falling for the wrong people and Irvine would definitely be wrong, he’s a player they don’t love people they think with their dicks, I’m not making that mistake again.

I sat up and peered through the curtains, the sun was setting. I had to have an afternoon nap (Stop laughing!) not because I’m old and crusty but because someone in my hallway decided to play music all night.

It wouldn’t do to fall asleep in Irvine’s tutoring session; the bastard would probably take advance of me in my sleep.

I really needed a shower; I quickly ran out of my nice warm bed and hopped around from foot to foot on the cold bathroom floor. I dived under the spray desperate to get warm, leaning back on the tiled wall, closing my eyes.

I only had two hours until I had to tutor Irvine; I was not looking forward to it. On the bright side, he was coming here so I’d be in my own territory. I relaxed in the shower, the water running rivers down my body.

My hand reached down to my sex and slowly started to stroke myself. Instantly Irvine’s image come into my head but I pushed it away. My body stopped listening to my brain and before I knew what I was doing I envisioned that I wasn’t alone in the shower and it was Irvine’s hand stroking me not my own. I pumped faster until I came whispering his name. I washed away the evidence, feeling guilty like I’d betrayed myself.

I wasn’t going to let myself get too attached to the damned cowboy.

I wrapped a towel around myself and rummaged through my drawers for some clothes. I glanced up at the door when someone knocked.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Irvine.”

I froze. But there was still an hour until then.

“You’re early.”

“Only a little. Can I come in?”

I glanced down at the towel I was wearing. “In a minute.” I collected up my clothing and threw it in the bathroom then went to the door.

“Hey-“ He barely finished the word before he saw what I was wearing or rather what I wasn’t wearing. The shock on his face quickly turned into the damned lecherous grin. He reached out but I stepped back before he could touch me.

“C-come in, I have to get changed, stay here and behave.” I ran away and locked myself in the bathroom.

I grinned. He really trusted me enough to leave me alone in his bedroom?

I glanced around; I’ve never been in here before. It’s not really what I had expected, it’s quite dull, dark walls, dark curtains. I usually think your room reflects you but not in this case. How can someone so beautiful have a dull room like this?

I wonder what he has in his drawers? I knelt down beside the bedside table and opened the top drawer.

Usual stuff, tissues, a book, condoms. I paused. Condoms? Nida’s getting laid? By who? He’s mine now or at least he soon will be. I made a mental note to ask him when I saw him.

I moved on to the next drawer, picking up yet another book, this time a photo fell out of it. I frowned at the guy in the photo. He had long dark brown hair and green eyes, he grinned at the camera.

I instantly decided I didn’t like the guy, either he was in the way of me getting what I want or he hurt the one I wanted. I needed to find out which it was. Time to use that thing I don’t use often; tact.

When the bathroom door opened I shut the drawer and placed the photo on top, I sat on the bed watching him.

He smiled at me as he towelled his hair. “Okay, pick a subject to start us off then?”

His eyes travelled to the photo and the smiled vanished. “Where did you get that? Have you been through my drawers?!”

“Who is he?”

“None of our business!”

Okay, so he was pissed, I guess he had the right to be.

“I haven’t seen him around here before, he an ex?”

He hesitated, wondering weather to tell me to go to hell or not. “…Yes… I don’t want to talk about him.”

“Bad break up?”

“What part of ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ don’t you understand?!”

I held my hands up as a sign of peace. “O-okay.”

He sat on the bed and picked up a book, avoiding my eyes. “Just for that we’re doing history.”

I groaned. “My worst subject.”

“I know.”

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