Love Bug

Chapter 2

By Purple Penguin

I swung my legs back and forth impatiently and glanced at my watch. He had to come soon, he was Squall Leonhart he was never late, and he did everything by a schedule.

People buzzed around, it was lunchtime so the halls were busy and I chose to sit on the wall by the directory near the lifts, the busiest place.

Finally I saw him leave the training centre and head my way, I jumped off the wall but stopped where I was. What do I say to him? I had wanted to ask him to this party that’s coming up in a few months, but I couldn’t do that, could I?

We were friends, sort of. We talking sometimes or rather I spoke to him and he listened. I fiddled with my gloves nervously as he got closer. Okay keep it simple, just friendly conversion, don’t seem clingy or annoying or... Oh hyne he’s beautiful. Remember the number one rule, do not do anything Rinoa would do. Everyone knows Squall hated her, I felt a bit sorry for her at first, it wasn’t her fault she was a lesbian but she could have told him not just left with some girl one day.

I narrowed my eyes when Selphie jogged up behind Squall and he stopped to talk to her. Silly girl, can’t she see how annoying she is, Squall probably wants to run away and hide. I’d never make that mistake, I know when to back off.

I stood there staring at them, now what? Do I go and interrupt?

I’m sure Squall would like me more if I saved him from Selphie. I finally plucked up the courage with a deep breath and casually bounced towards Squall and Selphie.

“Hey guys.”

Selphie smiled sweetly. “Hi Zell.”

Squall glared at me. Why? What had I done?

“Have you heard about Irvine? He has to have a tutor.” She giggled.

“Really? Oh that’s going to be so much fun teasing him.”

“He didn’t seem was annoyed as I thought he’d be, don’t know why.”

I smirked. “Knowing Irvine he’ll probably try to get his tutor into bed.”

“No, he’s male.”

I held back a grin. “Selphie didn’t know Irvine was Bi-sexual, only me, Quistis and Squall knew. I don’t know why he didn’t tell her, she wouldn’t mind. I almost felt sorry for the poor tutor, trapped in the lion’s den.

“Who is it? Anyone I know?”

“Yeah Nida. The guy we graduated with.”

“Yeah, I know him.”

Squall’s glare on me hadn’t lessened; I was surprised he was still there.

Selphie checked her watch. “Ooh, I’ve got to go.” She waved. “See you later Zell, Squall are you coming?”

I bit my lip to stop the laughter. There was no way Squall would want to hang out with Selphie. I wanted her to leave so I could talk to Squall. My jaw dropped when the brunette nodded and followed the bouncy girl down the corridor. I watched in amazement as Selphie beamed and the corners of Squall’s mouth twitched, that was the closest he ever got to a smile. Although I heard he smiled for Rinoa, I shuddered her name makes my skin crawl.

I knew Selphie loved Irvine so she was no threat to me, she didn’t want Squall, but if she learned that her cowboy was chasing the boys as well, would she give up and turn to Squall? I couldn’t let that happen! What could I do? Selphie and Irvine were supposed to be together, as were me and Squall. It was perfect.

“Zell?” A soft whispered voice said my name.

I turned around and gaped at Seifer who stood behind me. I’d seen him around garden since he’d been back. He was different; he didn’t tease me, or anyone in fact he was the victim now. He didn’t have his trench coat anymore, I wanted to ask where it was but I didn’t want it to seem like I cared. I’d forgiven him for the war but I wasn’t about to tell him that.

Raijin and Fujin hadn’t come back to garden, I don’t think he has any friends now, he’s always on his own and spends a lot of time in the library. It’s a very un-Seifer-ish thing to do.

“Seifer.” I said in greeting. I didn’t know what to say to him, so I just waited to see what he wanted.

He smiled a small nervous smile.

Seifer Almasy was nervous?

“Hi Zell... um... er....”

I frowned at the blonde. What was the matter with everyone today?

“I wondered if... are you going with anyone... to that party?” His voice was soft, almost affectionate.

Did Seifer Almasy just ask me out?! Me? Zell Dincht? It had to be a joke, right? What was going on?

“A-A-A Actually I already have s-s-someone else in mind.”

“Oh.” He tried the little strange smile again but it didn’t reach him eyes. He looked like he was expecting rejection. That soft, sad look never faltered, I almost expected him to get angry and call me Chicken Wuss or threaten me.

“Okay, sorry.” He almost whispered it. Seifer turned away quickly and shuffled away like a whipped dog.

I felt a little guilty and more than a little sorry for him, he got a lot of shit from people these days. I stood in the hallway stuck in indecision. I really should find Squall and ask him before I completely lost my confidence but...

My stomach rumbled loudly and I looked around sheepishly, hoping no one heard that. It had been two hours since my last hotdog. I hesitated before I ran up to the blonde.

“Seifer! Wait up!”

He turned looking puzzled as I ran up beside him. “Are you doing anything now? I hate to have lunch by myself.”

He smiled a real genuine smile. I had never seen he smile like that before, at anyone, it lit up his eyes.

I fell into step with him and chatted away mindlessly. I only stopped rambling as we entered the cafeteria. I was surprised he hadn’t told me to shut up by now, but he stayed silent just listening to me, at least I think he was listening to me, maybe he just drowned me out like Squall does. He queued up with me when I brought my hotdogs even though, even though he didn’t buy anything.

I was too busy eating my hotdogs to say much, I was so used to trying not to eat with my mouth full when the others were around that I did it now without thinking. Quistis would give me a motherly look, Selphie would hit me and Squall would just look disgusted.

I thought Seifer would be bored with the lack of conversion, but he just sat there with a half smile and a strange look in his eyes that I didn’t recognize.

Now if only I could get Squall to do that, to at least act like he was happy just being with me.

Someone walked past and ruffled my hair; messing up my spikes and making my hair fall in my face.

“Hey watch it cowboy!”

Irvine grinned at him before he walked away.

I looked back at Seifer who bit his lip like he was holding back a chuckle, usually he would just laugh in my face, maybe he really had changed.

I parted my bangs like a curtain and pushed them back from my face, but they fell forward again.

Seifer clenched his fists on the table. Was he angry with me? Why? What had I done?

“Are you okay?” I asked.

He just smiled and nodded. What was with the silence? Had he forgotten how to speak?

“Zell, 10 minutes!” Someone yelled.

“Shit!” I jumped up so quickly that my chair fell back and hit the floor with bang.

“I’ve got to show these junior classmen around!” I ran to the door, screeched to a halt, ran back to Seifer said goodbye and then ran out the door again.




Squall might be straight, shock, horror!

For one reason I ran out of guys to put him with, and secondly in my stories Selphie an Irvine are either not in them at all or they are single so I’m being nice to them in this fic.

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