Love Bug

Chapter 1 - from Irvine’s pov

By Purple Penguin

I stared in disbelief at the headmaster. I had been studying for the seed exam for months I thought I was doing well but now the headmaster wanted me to have a tutor.

I sneered at the older man. Do they think I’m stupid or something? All the others passed with flying colours, except Rinoa cause she left and Seifer who was supposed to take it at the same time as me.

Cid smiled in a friendly way. “It’s just to help you, you may grow to like your tutor.”

I snorted. Yeah, right. How was I going to tell the others? My best friend Selphie passed with ease and she had to move to another garden. My friends were considered the best, I was supposed to be a hero, do heroes need help? Of course not.

“What if I said I didn’t want this tutor?”

The headmaster frowned. “Irvine you don’t have to be so stubborn, it’s for your own good. With out this tutor you may fail.”

I sat back in my seat trying to look mean. I wasn’t very good at the deadly glare that Squall had mastered, I was to laid back.

“When?” I asked.

Cid smiled. “Tonight at 6:00 in your dorm and every week day after that.”

“Every weekday? What about my social life? I wasn’t a mad old hermit like the headmaster, I did have friends.

I sighed. “Who is he then? Male or female?”

Cid chuckled. “Do you really think I’d trust you with a woman?”

He really was trying to stop me having any fun, though lucky for me Cid didn’t know my secret. I like guys too, in fact they’re better easier to get into bed.

“Who is he?”

“A SeeD who graduated with your friends.”

I frowned. “Isn’t he the pilot?”

“Yes, but he is still a SeeD.”

I snorted. Great. It gets better and better. I stood and headed for the door.

“And Irvine?”

I looked back at the headmaster.

“Be ready in your dorm in two hours.”

“Does anyone know about this?” That sounded really pathetic but I didn’t want my friends especially Selphie knowing about this.

“Nobody has to know except you, me and Nida.”

I nodded and left the office.

I sat on my bed reluctantly sorting out my books and old notes. The covers were covered to paper, books and of course my body. I stretched out among everything, lounging around for my last few minutes of freedom. Why me? It wasn’t fair, I was seriously glad that Rinoa had left. It would have been a lot worse if we took the exam together and I was the one that needed the tutor. I would hate to look stupider than Rinoa, I don’t think there is anyone worse than her.

She followed Squall around for a few months, expecting him to fall for her ‘charms’ before he finally told her he wasn’t interested. She made such a scene when he told her, calling him a faggot and worse. I know for a fact that Squall is very popular with the guys but I didn’t think he’s gay. I’ve never seen him in the local bi-sexual club and you would be surprised at the amount of familiar faces I’d seen in there.

Zell, Quistis with some red-headed girl and even Selphie. I’ve seen Seifer hanging around outside it although I don’t think he would have ever gone in, imagine that Seifer Almasy afraid of a little club. I almost sure he’s gay, sometimes I guess who he’s got a thing for, I know he likes someone he hangs around me and the rest of the Orphanage gang sometimes. Maybe Squall, everyone male and female have all thought of the ice prince at one time, I know I have and Zell’s always trying to get the brunette’s attention. It’s pathetic really, the way he following Squall around like a lost puppy. I often see Seifer watching them, maybe he likes Zell, that would explain a few things, Zell was cute in a dopey sort of way.

All my friends like someone, I haven’t got my eye on anyone at the moment.

I sighed as at the knock on the door and grudgingly got up to answer it.

I opened the door wide and stared at the guy on my doorstep.

Scratch that last thought about me not haven’t my eye on anyone. That’s my tutor?

I cocked my head and ran my eyes drop his lean body, oh hyne he was hot.

I think I scared him because he fidgeted nervously. “Um… Hi.” He managed a small-rehearsed smile. It was obvious he didn’t want this so much as I did, we had something in common.

He didn’t have to be nervous I was sure I could make him more comfort. Of course I had heard about Nida, Zell said he was boring, that boy has no taste.

I grinned at the SeeD who still stood on the doorstep. “Hey, come in.” I held back the lecherous grin that scared the ladies away. These sessions would be much more fun now that I have a pretty thing like that to play with.

I was Irvine Kinneas when I saw something I wanted I usually got it.

Nida gingerly sat on the bed, he was nervous to be around Irvine for one reason that headmaster had said that he was happy with this and he may be hostile. The other reason was that he knew the cowboy’s reputation, he knew it wasn’t only ladies that got attention from Irvine, anyone pretty caught his eye.

The pilot picked up the various paper that lay on the bed, purposely avoiding Irvine’s gaze.

The brunette was beautiful, Nida had noticed, he had been single for too long now. It was silly to wait for someone he would never have, he knew he wasn’t the only one knew lusted after the ice prince, Squall probably wasn’t even gay.

The cowboy lounged on his bed.

“So where do we start?

The SeeD cleared his throat nervously. “Which species did you pick?”

Some stupid garden rule said that each cadet had to pick a monster to study.



The cowboy grinned. “Did you know that they are the only breed of monster that have sex for pleasure?”

Nida shook his head. “Trust you to find that out.”

Irvine smiled slightly. Oh, he’d heard of him? Everyone believed he was a slut first the only ladies ran from him, until some people learned his secret, then they knew that no one was safe from the forever horny cowboy.

“Do you think I’m a slut?”

“I never said that.”

Irvine’s smile never faltered. “Do you want to know how many people I’ve slept with?”

“I’m sure you’ve lost count.”

The cowboy held up his fingers. “Two, one of each sex.”

The SeeD looked away embarrassed. “Anyway, Behemoths.”




Good? Bad? Tell me please.

May have lemon in later, how can you not with Irvine around?

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